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You walk southward towards the lawn.

Here the stairway through the mallorns meets the top of a mighty hill. You stand in the middle of a great lawn filled with blue and yellow flowers. A sweet scent fills the air. In the middle of the lawn stands a great shimmering fountain which falls into a basin of silver. From the basin flows a white stream of water out into a small brook, which then trickles away down the hill. Further north stands a Mallorn tree of such magnificent height that it seems to reach even to the clouds.
Marble Fountain
Obvious exits:
East leads to Flat Lawn.
North leads to Near the Great Tree.
Down the Steps leads to Great Stairway.

From someone's kitchen, you detect the faint aroma of cooling lemon tarts.

Sairana comes up the stair.
Sairana has arrived.

A elf woman and her child saunter by, each clutching pots of honey to their chests.

Haldir comes walking across the lawn, a somber expression on his face. He's staring at the grass as he walks, and seems absorbed in his thoughts.

Sairana starts and looks chagrined. "Oh, apologies, Lord Captain. I.. I guess I didn't notice you there." She winces.

The stream that issues from the fountain bubbles merrily down the hill.

look sairana
Your first impression is of the colors of the dawn. Eyes the blue of the sky's vaulted heights sparkle at you with mischievous curiosity out of a strong, serene face. Her skin is golden, flushed with pink like the first fingers of morning light, and hair the color of lacy silver-white clouds flows down her back like strands of dew-touched spider silk. Her form is strong and supple, and she wears a loose silken tunic and pants in a soft muted golden color, the color of mallorn leaves in winter and mellow summer sunrises. Soft leather sandals adorn her feet.

Haldir looks up with start, as he nearly bumps into you, "Oh! My ... my apologies. I'm afraid I was not paying attention myself.

+time It is Hour 23 (before dawn) of Sunday, January 11, 3010 (Winter)

Haldir smiles gently, "And a good morning to you as well. The sun is about to show her face, it will be nice to see if from the lawn. You are vaguely familiar to me: I have seen you about before, but I cannot remember your name.

A glowing smile etches its way across Sairana's face. She bows slightly. "My favorite time of day, mellon. My name is Sairana. I am pleased to meet someone of such daring reputation!"

Haldir laughs suddenly, "Greetings Sairana! And I know not what you have heard of me, though obviously you know who I am, but I certainly hope I do not have a daring reputation! Though I thank you for the kind words. Nay though, I am but a humble guard, and claim nothing more.

Sairana smiles mischievously. "If you be a humble guard, m'Lord, it is the first of those I will have met!" She chuckles. "But no doubt the Captain is better-mannered than some of his charges."

Haldir snorts, "You have not seen me bandying words with the bards then, have you? And nay, call me not lord either, since the only thing I may be said to be lord of is the occasional bit of mischief. A simple Haldir will do nicely.

Sairana laughs out loud. "And, if you are brave enough to bandy words with bards, then such as I certainly has no business arguing the point. Haldir it is."

Haldir grins slightly, "Well, I bandy them, but I usually lose. Actually, I'm frustrated, I have not seen my favorite sport the past few days. Perhaps that's a blessing!"

Sairana cocks her head to one side and regards Haldir. "Perhaps.. with whom do you usually sport, mellon? If you are looking for a bard to trade words with, you will undoubtedly find me sadly deficient. Of course, I am not one, yet.." Her eyes flash merrily.

Haldir grins widely, "Yet? What, you are waiting for someone to show you how to pluck the strings on a flute? As to my favorite sport, it is a fellow named Telion. He is a mischievous fellow, when he is in a good mood. We trade barbs for sport.

Sairana gifts Haldir with a teasing smile. "Do not joke, mellon, you may see me stringing that flute yet. Or drumming on a harp, I am not sure which my inexperience with either makes the most offensive."

Her eyes sparkle. "As for Telion, I will have to learn from him, sooner or later."

The birds twitter sweetly about you as they dash from treetop to treetop.

Haldir laughs heartily now, the sound tinkling across the lawn, "Then we shall make a wonderful team, if I can only figure out which end of a harp to blow into. Actually, this past summer I was far south, in the land of Fangorn. I found a particularly fine type of reed which I keep planning on carving out to make a flute, but I have not yet done so."

Sairana cocks an eyebrow. "Then you are a man of many talents, my friend. Myself, I am good with a sketchbook, but have not the courage to attempt anything more musical than the exercise of my rather unredeeming voice in song." A smile flashes elusively across her face. "I am in admiration of your decision to try the flute, though. If I tried carving one, I would slice my finger and make a very *un*musical noise because of it."

Lairelin comes up the stair.
Lairelin has arrived.

Sairana glances sidelong. "Why, hello, mellon."

Gallia comes up the stair.
Gallia has arrived.

Lairelin waves as she crosses the lawn.
Lairelin walks northward.
Lairelin has left.

Sairana smiles and nods at Gallia.

Haldir wraps his arms around himself, chortling. "There's an image to fill my mind with! But as for making a flute, that should not be so hard. Hollow out the reed, carve a few holes in it, and I shall be nearly ready. When you sit in the branches of a tree staring at a river for weeks on end, you find time to practice things like that.

Gallia smiles as she passes through. "Mae Govannen, mellyn."
Gallia walks northward.
Gallia has left.

Haldir's gaze turns to follow the two elves passing by. His brow furrows faintly as he watches. He murmurs softly, "Hmm... that's odd."

At your feet, a cricket chirps quickly, then is still.

Sairana smiles wryly. "Indeed, I suppose so." Her gaze follows Haldir's. "What is odd?"

Haldir continues to stare at the backs of the retreating figures, before shaking his head with a start, glancing back to you, "Oh! One of those people was our ambassador Lairelin. I thought that she was far away, in Elrond's realm! I knew our party to Imladris had just returned, but I had not thought she would be with them. I wonder what news she might have."

Sairana bows elegantly from the waist. "Well, you have certainly spent enough time entertaining me this morn. If you feel you have business, mellon, please feel free to pursue it. I am honored to have made your acquaintance." She flashes you a fleeting smile.

Haldir smiles back, "Business this morning? Always business, I suppose. But no, if you refer to our ambassador there, I have no business. Curiousity yes. But if she had anything to relate to me, I am sure she would have stopped to speak."

Sairana's smile mirrors the dawn. "Well, then, let us sit and watch the sunrise, shall we?" She seats herself gracefully upon the soft green sward of the lawn.

You can smell that someone is cooking a meal of eggs and bacon...

Haldir nods, then smiles back brightly in return, "I'd be delighted." before stepping to your side and folding his legs beneath him. As he lowers to the ground he carefully, though obviously reflexively, pulls the bow on his back around to the side. He speaks softly, "Now, if only I had that pot of black currant tea I had left on my little cookfire."

Sairana smiles wistfully. "Ahh, for a pot of black currant tea. Surely kingdoms have been lost for lack of less...for that matter, I smell breakfast in the air. Someone is going to find me smack in the middle of their breakfast table if they don't stop letting that seductive bacon smell waft over here!"

Glendor comes up the stair.
Glendor has arrived.

Haldir grins, and replies softly, "Yes, that's a most tantalizing aroma. My own luck with pigs of recent has been a bit less, I fear!"

Sairana looks up and smiles, brightly as would the sun. "Glendor! Mae govannen!"

Haldir glances up from where he's sitting by Sairana and calls out, yelling across the lawn, "Glendor! A good morning to you! Come and sit with us, and watch the sunrise."

Glendor walks up the stair, looking at the marble tiles at his feet. At the sound of Sairana's voice he lifts his head, and nods, "Mae govannen, Mellyn"

Sairana chuckles softly. "Yes, I hear stories of the mad boar all the time now at the Mar...he has more fearsome reputation than do you, Captain!"

The birds twitter sweetly about you as they dash from treetop to treetop.

Glendor cannot help but chuckle, although his face remains grim, "After al, who held the victory?"

Haldir clamps a hand over his mouth, stifling a giggle. After several moments he finally moves his hand, and turns to regard you with a merry twinkle in his eye. "That boar is a wily one, aye. Beware the forest animals! Though I suppose I should most especially single out the ones who wear grey cloaks."

Sairana stops her merriment, noting the look on Glendor's face. "What cause such sorrow of this morning, Glendor?"

The large silver-gray cat slows his run and jumps around Glendor for a few seconds.

Forest Cat climbs down the steps.

Glendor raises his brow, "More conflicts with forest animals, Haldir?"

Sairana looks after the forest animal as it races down the stairs, and then looks at Haldir. "Aye, forest animals are fearsome. Stay away."

Haldir glances up at Glendor and smiles softly in return to the question, "No, nothing new. We were smelling the bacon, and I was lamenting that in my case the pigs seem more interested in having ME for their meal."

Glendor waves his hand and replies to Sairana, "Nay, no cause. I met Mithrandir few hours ago, and he was as cheerful as he usually is" He grins

Haldir glances back at Sairana, "That cat is an especially skilled hunter too. She has found the perfect hunting ground. Siniathweg's kitchen!"

Sairana stifles a shout of laughter. "So, do you resemble corn cobs and grubs, then, Haldir?? Is that right?? ..what *do* pigs eat, anyway??" She shakes her head at herself, ruefully.

Haldir laughs, "Boars? They eat mushrooms and truffles and grubs. And guards which pelt them with nuts."

Sairana tilts her head to look up at Glendor. "I have yet to speak to Mithrandir, although he seems all the news lately."

Sairana gives Haldir an appraising look. "I am trying to imagine you as a mushroom, Haldir...I admit, with a marked lack of success."

Glendor laughs, "Yes, she became of of the admirers of Sini's cooking, the cat." He nods to Haldir, "He seems to appear out of nowhere. There was something heavy on his mind, but he would not discuss it in the darkness of the night"

The silver lamps that hang in the boughs of trees sway gently in the breeze.

Haldir looks up again at Glendor, shielding his eyes from the rising sun. "Will you sit, mellon? Or just stand their brooding over us? Join us and be merry! This day has begun well, and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest. I have enough to be pensive about, but for this morning, I shall not consider them. Sit!"

Sairana gazes serenely out at the glowing pinks, russets and golds of the sunrise, the breeze ruffling her silvery hair lightly.

Glendor smiles, and sits near Haldir, "Yes, perhaps, you're right"

Sairana smiles serenely at Glendor. "Yes, mellon, come, sit with us. We will entertain you with word-jousts and tales of the Fearsome Boar of the Wood."

Forest Cat comes up the stair.

The cat sits next to Glendor and purrs loudly, looking at it.

Haldir returns his gaze to Sairana, beaming a broad smile. "Now, how are you going to make a proper linde, if you cannot exercise your imagination enough to envision a humble guard as a mushroom? Do you not know that we guards thrive by sitting on the forest floor, and doing nothing?"

Forest Cat carries a large chunk of red meat in her jaws

Sairana casts an admiring gaze at the forest cat. "What a beautiful she yours, Glendor? And I suppose she's bringing you breakfast, there." She grins.

Forest Cat
You see a large cat with thick smooth glossy coat, longer on the ruff, stomach and britches, shorter on the back. The tail is long and bushy. Her ears are heavily furred, her feet are big, round, and tufted, as if made for walking on the snow. Her green large eyes never fix long on any one object. The color of the fur cannot be easily described, it is silverly-gray at the tips of the hair, but probably light-gray deeper into the fur. She has few darker stripes around her paws, and one large along her back. Around her neck, a band of long fur forms a light-gray collar.

Glendor's lips curve in a wry smile, "Sitting and growing mushrum-like, Haldir? Well, this would be a perfect disguise." He chuckles, "Don't try to offer her to share the breakfast"

Sairana laughs gleefully. "Hah! You are more mobile than the average fungus, my friend."

Forest Cat lays in the shade of the fountain, and begins to devour the meat, growling slightly

Haldir grins, "Well, I suppose you have got me there, Sairana! Indeed, I think I've worn my boots out, these last few days. As to that cat - I don't want to even speculate where she's found her meal! For whither she goes, Siniathweg is likely not to be far off, and fuming." Haldir pauses, then adds, "Truly, that old elf is a good soul and his complaints are not in seriousness, I am sure. He probably feeds the cat things when we aren't looking. He's been known to do the same for this guard too!"

Sairana nods thoughtfully to herself. "And is that what guards do? Sit on the forest floor, doing nothing? Why, then I was a guard already, Glendor, I should not have asked you if I would make a Glirdain." She grins at Glendor.

From someone's kitchen, you detect the faint aroma of cooling lemon tarts.

Sairana sniffs wistfully after the Lemon tarts. "Hmm.. well, perhaps I should find myself some breakfast, taking a cue from the Lady Cat.. not that I would really savor a bloody chunk of meat, but, you never know. Maybe if I missed breakfast *again*.."

Glendor laughs, "You can ask her to bring you some, if you find the way"

Haldir's shoulders shake as he chortles, "I'll bring you something before then, Sairana. Just ask."

Glendor smiles to Sairana, "Well. you may sit on the floor, but as for becoming a Guard - it is too late, the letter to Lendalas is already sent"

Sairana raises a surprised eyebrow. "I will take you up on that, Captain!" She stands and brushes off her garments, shedding a few forlorn blades of grass. "To breakfast, then! I must conquer those lemon tarts!" With a bright smile of farewell, Sairana takes her leave of the lawn.

Sairana walks northward.
Sairana has left.

Haldir waves casually in return, "Farewell then, oh hungry one! Save a few for me when you find them!"

Glendor waves to Sairana as she walks away, "Namarie"

Glendor winks to Haldir, "You may have better luck asking the cat, especially since you give the impression that you would rather have something of her rations, berhaps after some cooking"

Gallia has arrived.
Gallia smiles and waves. "Mae Govanen, mellyn." She proceeds down the stairs.
Gallia climbs down the steps.
Gallia has left.

From a side path you hear the sound of hammering.

Haldir chuckles, "Well, I just recently finished off a pot of nice black currant tea, and a meager morning meal. I am sated for the moment. But there is always tomorrow!"

Haldir gives the cat a hard stare, "Speaking of tomorrow's fare ..."

Amarath comes up the stair.
Amarath has arrived.
Amarath waves

Glendor follows Haldir's stare, "You really want to ask her to share some food with you? Perhaps, being chased by a boar was not enough for you"

Haldir sits on the grass, with Glendor beside him, and a large feline spread out a few yards off. The cat is tearing at a morsel of food.

Haldir looks up at the newest arrival on the lawn and nods, "Good morning, mellon."

Forest Cat tears pieces from a large chunk of meat, and swallows them, slightly growling with pleasure

Amarath smiles "whos cat?

Haldir flips his gaze back to Glendor with a mischievous grin, "What makes you think I was referring to the cat's meal?"

Glendor smiles to Amarath, "Mae govannen. Adn, the cat is mine. If the cat can belong to anyone"

Haldir nods sagely, "Ask rather, whose elf? I think it more likely that Glendor belongs to the cat, than the other way around."

Amarath says, "how are you three this morning"

Glendor looks at Haldir with mock horror, "You would not think of eating a cat?!"

Amarath looks at Haldir with big eyes "surely you wouldnt

Haldir glances back at the cat. He holds his hands out before him, fingers spread, as if measuring the cat. "Hmm. Well ... maybe one meal's worth."

You smell the enticing aroma of crusty loaves of bread wafting by the Lawn.

Forest Cat interupts her meal, and yawns toward the Elves, showing her impressive oral cavity

Amarath his eyes wide with disgust "is that anyway to treat glendors friend

Glendor chuckles, "Look out, Haldir! She may be thinking the same about you"

Haldir grins, "I shall be on my guard, Glendor. Actually, I like animals. Occasionally I like them sauteed, with peppercorn seasoning, but I also like friendly ones just as they are."

Amarath grins and shakes his head

Forest Cat returns her attention to her meal

Paleran comes up the stair.
Paleran has arrived.

Haldir chuckles, "Well, I'd see if the beast liked to be scratched behind the ears, but one thing I know better than to do is to pester any feline while it eats.

Glendor grins at Haldir, "All cats are friendly. They are just very picky about who their friends are"

Paleran steps up the steps and stretches his arm against the morning sun, and smiles brightly.

Amarath smiles "a lot like women

Haldir snorts, "I don't know about that. At least cats usually figure that their friends are the ones holding the morsels of food. I haven't yet found that quite enough when attempting to entice the women!"

Amarath grins "try chocolate, they seem to like that"

Glendor laughs, "Well, they have at least one more thing in common: when cornered, both will use their claws"

Haldir glances up from his seat on the lawn as a silhoutte blocks his view of the sun. He smiles, and calls out, "Paleran! In the city no less! Come on over here!"

Paleran turns about at Haldir's call and smiles, "Mae Govannen, sir. I just came by from my duty on watch to see how the city was faring. You seem to be visiting it quite alot lately, sir." He says with a wink.

Forest Cat near the fountain finishes her meal, and startc cleaning her fur

The stream that issues from the fountain bubbles merrily down the hill.

Amarath pulls a loose string from his cloak and begins to play with the cat

Haldir nods, smile slipping slightly from his face, before he replies, "I await the continuation of the council with Mithrandir. But there is an important matter which I need to attend to, as far as the guards are concerned."

Glendor smiles to Paleran, "Mae govannen, mellon. Perhaps, you should come and keep us company more often yourself"

Forest Cat claws at the ground, chasing the string

Amarath looks up "mithrandir! is the news good or foul?

Paleran sighs and nods, "Aye, and I wish to be in attendance if so." He smiles to Glendor with an impish grin, "Perhaps I will, if my superiors did not have me guarding the border day and night."

Glendor chuckles, "They say that he seldom comes to bring a good news"

Glendor winks to Paleran, "But, surely, you have enough squires for that?"

Haldir chuckles, "That is hardly fair. The humans may say such things. But he has ever been a friend to us, and this is perhaps one of the few places he can come to forget his own worries for a time. Greet him gladly when you see him, and make him welcome, and do not be dour!

Amarath sighs "it depends on how you look at it, if the news never came...

Paleran chuckles softly, "Aye, but they do need guidance of some sort. Plus, their bows fare little against the scimitars of yrch. Tis better to have an experienced swordsman close at hand...Just in case."

Glendor waves his hand, "Oh, I know. It is always better to be prepared. Still, Mithrandir would not come, even if he needed a rest, unless he has some warning for us"

Amarath still plays with the cat, but listens intently

Forest Cat catches the string, bites at it, and tries to pull it out of Amarath's hand

Amarath looks confused "now what, the cat was never spose to get it!

Amarath tugs uslessly

Haldir shrugs, "Again I say, that is not entirely fair. Besides, when Mithrandir comes here, he comes often seeking knowledge, not just bringing news. And so it is this time around: he wants the Galadhrim to help in gathering, and spreading, of news.

Amarath lets the cat win "what news

From a side path you hear the sound of hammering.

Glendor laughs, "Trying to be faster than the cat, Amarath? Good luck." He nods to Haldir, "Yes, perhaps you're right, the knowledge of the Elves, especially the Lady and the Lord, may be of use even to Mithrandir"

Forest Cat quickly loses interest to the string once it stops moving, and disappears in the shadows

Miranda comes up the stair.
Miranda has arrived.

Haldir glances to Amaranth, "That's my point, Amaranth. It's not the news that he brings. It's news that he wants us to gather. And knowledge he wants us to teach.

Amarath nods "but gather from where

Miranda looks surprised, to see so many people here, she salutes to the officers and smiles to Glendor and Amarath

Amarath smiles

Glendor shakes his head, "Still, I don't understand his councels. Elves are no teachers for the mortal men, save the Dunedain, and we already gather all the news about the ... Shadow... which we can"

Haldir glances up from his seat on the grass, and nods to Miranda, "Greetings again, Miranda. Sit with us if you like; we are enjoying the sun."

Miranda nods, smiling back at Haldir. She takes a seat next to Glendor

Glendor looks up agains the sun, shielding his eyes with his palm, "Miranda? Come, sit with us"

Paleran looks about, "Well, if you all shall excuse me, I have some prior business to attend to. Namarie, mellyn." He smiles a greeting to Miranda, then heads to the stairway.

Amarath says, "narmie"

Paleran climbs down the steps.
Paleran has left.

Haldir glances sideways at Glendor, then nods slowly, "Which may ultimately be our answer, for all I know. It is not my place to make those decisions though. I was priviledged to sit in that council for a bit, but mostly because our Protectors could not be present, and someone from the Order should be present. Yet my significance there was quite limited."

Miranda sits quietly, listening to the conversation

Glendor smiles, "Your modesty does you an honor, Haldir. Still, you would not be called before the Lady for such a council unless they value your words"

Amarath looks to Glendor "our time is passing though, it is mans time. why not pass what we have learned on to others

Haldir shrugs, "Or just wanted a report of current news from the Order to relate to Mithrandir. Who can say? I can only say that for the moment, that the council is not concluded. We took a break to consider what we'd heard.

Somewhere beyond the lawn, someone begins playing a flute.

Glendor looks at Amarath with a slight frown, "Yes, perhaps, the days of the Elder kind wane. But when we go, the knowlege of many fair things will go with us. Nay, even the Dunedain mingled their blood with lesser men. They just won't understand us"

Haldir scowls slightly, "Regardless of that, the issue was not to teach the Men of elves.

Amarath frowns "it may be so..

You say, "It was to teach all the free peoples to trust each other a bit more, and most especially, to teach them of something of the workings of the Dark Lord, and how to recognize them, and to let each race and culture in turn know that it did not fare the peril alone."

Miranda looks around the circle, a puzzled look on her face, but does not interrupt the discussion

Amarath looks to Haldir "and what do you think about all this"

Amarath says, "what would you counsle"

Glendor nods, but his face still sceptical. He noticees Miranda's look, "We are just diccussing what could be the news that Mithrandir brought here, and other purposes of his visit"

Miranda leans over to Glendor and speaks in a low voice, "Is there anything new?"

Glendor shakes his head, "Nay, just guesses"

Miranda nods, "Aye, I see..."

Haldir sighs, then sags slightly, "I do not know. Men are foolish and dangerous, and fall easily prey to Sauron's schemes. They fear us, and regard us as witches and sorcerers - whatever that means exactly! And should we deal with the naugrim? They have proven treacherous in the past. Perhaps that is not a concern any more, for none live nearby. Suffice to say that I think it a noble idea, but I am dubious of its practicality or efficacy."

Althea has connected.

Althea smiles "mae govannen

Miranda smiles to Althea

Glendor waves to Althea, and smiles, "Mae govannen"

A bright green dragonfly dances over the fountain, its irridescent wings shimmering in the light.

Glendor nods few times, "You speak for me too, Haldir."

Amarath nods

Miranda studies Haldir, listening to his words but remains silent

Althea has disconnected.

Amarath says, "gotta go guys, ill try to be on more!"
Amarath has disconnected.

Glendor looks at Miranda's expression, then quickly and quietly drops few words, "Mithrandir wants us to be more open to others, apparently. Teach them something of the ways of the Enemy, or something like that"

Miranda raises a brow, "Teach who? What makes him think we know more than others?"

Glendor stiffles a laughter, "Now, this is an unusual objection. But surely we do! Who else is there to keep all the knowledge of ages?"

Haldir glances over to Miranda, "Do we not? At least we understand what the Enemy is. And part of what we could do is disseminate information about the movements and actions of the Enemy far and wide, so that all the free peoples began to see the patterns. But that's a very optimistic goal.

Miranda shrugs, "How can we know so much about the enemy, we hardly ever leave these woods?"

At your feet, a cricket chirps quickly, then is still.

Glendor looks at Haldir with a strange expression, "Do we really understand? And if so, how long ago did we learned the truth? And what price was paid? No, I would not deceive myself by being certain that we can always recognize the devices of the Enemy"

Haldir glances back and forth between Miranda and Glendor, "Bah! What have we learned over the ages? Think back on all the old lessons learned long and hard, and I'll tell you what one of the most important lessons is then."

Miranda looks at Haldir, as if waiting for him to continue

Althea has connected.

Haldir sighs, "Many times in the past have we gathered great armies. Many times have we fought with one enemy or another, all disciples of the first and greatest one, he whom I will not name. Sometimes we have won. Sometimes we have lost miserably. Yet have we ever truly one? Have our swords and our bows made us safe?"

Althea sits on the edges of the fountain trailing her hand in the water

Glendor nods to Haldir, "The lessons we have learned, perhaps. But the ways of the Enemy are changing, too. Ever his best weapon was a treachery, and on and on did we fail to recognize it"

Althea looks over at them "what do you speak about?

Miranda nods in agreement

Haldir thumps his hand on the ground, "Nay! We have not. The enemy always regrows. What Glendor just said is close to the heart of the matter: we will not win by force. We have not nearly the numbers we did in past ages, yet the Enemy is strong once again. Mithrandir too knows this. If we are to defeat the enemy, then it will not be by force of arms. No: we must expose the enemy to the one thing which it fears the most: the Light. the Light of Truth."

Glendor looks over his shoulder at Althea, "Just some thought, awaken by Mithrandior's arrival"

Althea looks interested "have you spoken with him?

Althea fishes out a note from her pouch "oh Haldir have you seen this?

A hawk spirals lazily overhead.

Glendor nods to Althea, "I had few words with him, but Haldir was in the council with him"

Forest Cat climbs down the steps.

Haldir glances up at the recently arrived elf, "Ah, hello Minister. I am just pondering the significance of Mithrandir's council, and deciding largely that I am glad that I am just a guard now, and need not be the one to decide how to respond to him. what is it that you have there?"

Althea says, "what was said in the counil?"

Althea hands him a brief note "I just though you might want to see this

+MAIL: You have new mail from Althea. (#42)

Haldir takes the note, replying, "Many things, of which I'm sure a report should have been delivered to your office already. Ask these fellows to repeat what I've just said, while I read this.". He glances down at the note and unrolls it. Althea shakes her head "I have seen no reports" She turns to the other two "what was said?

Althea waits for glendor or miranda to answer

Haldir frowns, and leans over and studies the paper he's got intently, murmuring under his breath, "... such penmanship. I can hardly read this ..."

FROM: Althea - Fri Nov 08 23:07:32 1996
TO: Haldir
MESSAGE: ---------------------------------------------------------------------

A small scroll, tied with a piece of string, has been left on your desk.



As Galenaldar and I were taking a walk the other day, we came upon an eagle on the Lawn. He introduced himself as Daenar, and spoke of unusually dangerous conditions in the Misties. It appeared that he was concerned with both warning us that the mountains had become nearly impassable and with gathering any information that we may have concering the problem.

Galenaldar informed Daenar of Arehir's dissapearance in the mountains, and he agreed that he would be watching for him, though it is unlikely he can be spotted.

Daenar's visit was brief, and there is not a lot to report on. However, if you have any questions, I am available to discuss the visit at any time. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do.

~~Gallia, Aide~~



Haldir works his way laboriously over the words in the hastily written note, then suddenly exclaims, "why, this is great news!"

Glendor thinks for a few moments before answering, "Well, it looks like Mithrandir's councel is to teach the free people about the ways in which the Enemy works"

A crow caws harshly overhead.

Althea nods frowing

Glendor was about to add something, but hears Haldir's exclamation, "Great news? Surely, we could welcome some, after al we've heard"

Althea says, "and what ways are those mellon?"

Haldir looks up, "What? Oh, sorry there. Good news to me, since it seems that the very thing I had hoped to do has already happened."

Glendor sighs, as he's about to answer Althea's question, "Deceit, for the most part. Deceit and treachery"

Haldir glances between Miranda and Glendor, as he rolls up the note again. "Oddly enough, you two might have a slight interest in this news."

Althea nods "he drives the free peoples apart

Glendor raises his brow, "We? Both of us? What is it, then?"

Haldir focuses his gaze on Miranda, "Especially you, given our discussion of late last night. That one where you wouldn't try my tea, I mean."

Althea looks puzzled

Miranda nods and smiles, but looks curious

Glendor grins, "Ah, I gathered this much... But what it it, then? Arehir is found?"

Haldir pushes himself off the ground, standing upright. He turns to face Miranda, addressing her most directly, "You expressed concern over Arehir, and whether we would send a patrol to find him. There is one thing I did not tell you at the time; a private hope of mine, but one of the reasons I have been hanging around the city hoping to again gain Mithrandir's ear..."

Haldir glances over at Glendor, and shakes his head, frowning slightly, "Nay. Unfortunately not nearly that good."

Miranda's eyes get slightly bigger, "What is it, Captain?"

Glendor looks down, and pulls on a patch of grass, "If not, then what else could be good about this?"

A child runs by, disturbing a small flock of sparrows scratching in the grass.

Haldir looks back and forth between the three of you. "This concerns one additional thing Mithrandir spoke of, indirectly. What I tell you now I tell in confidence. Do not repeat it! Is that understood?"

Glendor nods, silently

Glendor stands from the grass, and aproaches Haldir

Glendor whispers, "Eagles?"

Miranda nods

Haldir nods slightly to Glendor as Glen whispers something in his ear.

Glendor whispered something to Haldir, then steps back. A gleam of hope appears in his face as Haldir nods in response

Miranda looks at the two whispering, a puzzled expression on her face

Miranda stands up and approaches the two, but not too close, so not to disturb the two

Haldir holds up the scroll, then speaks, "Very well then. It is this additional thing. Mithrandir has apparently gained the favor of the great Eagles. If we in Lorien will be the spider in the web, watching and tugging on the strings of the world about us, then the Eagles will be our eyes and ears abroad, and our messengers. But how does this relate to you two? In this manner:"

Haldir catches his breath, then continues, "... my thought, after hearing about Arehir's fate, was that perhaps we could enlist the aid of one of the Eagles to fly over the mountain passes, using their keen eyesight and ideal vantage point, to see if Arehir might be spotted."

A smile appears on Miranda's face

The birds twitter sweetly about you as they dash from treetop to treetop.

Glendor nods, and smiles for a moment, then turns serious again, "But you said he was not... Is all lost, then?"

Haldir glances over at Glendor, "No! This note merely tells me that in fact one of these Eagles landed here on this very lawn a couple of days ago. And in fact has already been told of the fate of Arehir, and gone winging that way! It seems that my hopes have already been met."

Miranda looks quickly back and forth between the two men, obviously relieved about the news

Glendor nods again, but does not smile. He looks gravely at Haldir, as if about to say somethign, then just looks down

Miranda notices Glendor's look and moves forward, "What is wrong?" She looks worried

Glendor lifts his eyes again, and studies Haldir's expression, still saying nothing

Haldir sighs, "I wish the news could have been what you suggest, Glendor. But at least it is not bad news. Take comfort in that."

A bird flaps noisily off a branch to the fountain's edge.

Glendor speaks almost in whisper, "You said few days ago? By now, this eagle could probably reach Imladris"

Haldir nods to Glendor, "I know. And this report isn't dated, but I know if it had been in the last day, I would have seen the bird myself, so it has to be earlier than that. But perhaps that only means it is flying back and forth scanning the passes. And let's face it: if Arehir has managed to dig himself a hole, which he likely would, then the aerial view will not reveal him."

Miranda adds in a silent voice, "Which means, that the eagle couldn't find him anyway..."

Haldir frowns slightly, "Aye. But it also means that the bird didn't spot an elf's body lying at the bottom of a crevasse, doesn't it?"

Glendor shakes his head, "Unless you know what to look for, or the snow has buried his retreat. But even under rather thick layer of snow I could see a trace of it"

Haldir lets out a deep breath. "Of course, falling snow could hide that."

Haldir nods to Glendor, "yes, exactly as you say. We of course will still send out a patrol. But this means that the aid I had hoped to enlist is already here."

Miranda nods, but adds in a voice more silent than before, "this also means, that the eagles flight is no good and we still have to send a patrol

You say, "and you two forget one additional thing.""

Glendor shakes his head to Miranda's words, "No, the Eagle is good. At least, there are no Yrch on the passes"

Althea has disconnected.

Haldir nods, "Exactly! The eagle allows our patrol to avoid the obvoius dangers."

Miranda nods slowly

A swallow alights on a nearby banner pole to look at you. It then flies away.

Althea has connected.

Haldir smiles to the two of you, "Well now, if you will excuse me, I am going to see what else can be done to further this. Glendor: gather whatever herbs or agents you have, and your warmest cloaks, for if I have my say, you will aid in this.

Althea says, "are you going to look for arehir?"

Glendor smiles slightly to Miranda, "So, you see, dear, the need for protection is not as urgent now, if the patrol is sent out. But they will still need a healer, and someone who has a survival skill on the snow"

Miranda asks quickly, "When will you leave" Her voice is trembling

Glendor nods to Haldir, "I will be on my way, and ready as soon as you say"

Haldir shakes his head, "I don't know the answer to that Miranda. It may surprise you, but there are some things I need to seek permission on first. I cannot just leave the wood unbidden, our Lord and Lady might become quite vexed.

Haldir nods to Glendor, "Prepare your things. When next I see you, I hope I will have the final word I seek."

Miranda looks back and forth between Glendor and Haldir, deep sadness in her eyes

Althea stands and moves to confort Miranda "try not to worry, they will be back soon

Haldir nods, "And Arehir would have his cloak, which would keep him adequately warm."

Althea looks at haldir "where will you look for him?

Glendor ponders on Haldir's words then asks, "You are saying you will lead the party yourself?"

Haldir glances over to Althea, "That's one of the things I have to find out. If you see Galenaldar around, tell him I'm looking for him. Or even Lairelin for that matter; for she could tell me the path they took."

Althea nods "I shall..but be wary, the eagel said that the mountains are swarming with yrch

A number of birds swoop through the Lawn to search for discarded crumbs.

Haldir turns to Glendor, "Possibly. Or Galenaldar. Since he was in charge of the expedition to Imladris, I suspect his sense of responsibtlity will drive him to return to aid."

Glendor nods, "Well, then try to find it out - the time is short for us"

Haldir nods, "I know. As I said before, l shall leave you now, and see what I can do."

Haldir nods, then turns and strides off down the steps.

Miranda nods to Haldir, a weak but thankful smile crosses her face

You climb down the steps for a while.... log ends