May 08, 1997

Note: This is the log of one of the of encounters the Lorien Elves travelling to Imladris with Beornings. The Elven party is camped on the Western bank of Anduin, right across from Beornings villages on the East bank. During our few days stay we met Beornings few times. Most of those meetings were disrupted by MUSH crashes or other OOC surprises. This one ended rather abruptly as well.

Middle-earth time is:
Mid Morning on Sterday, Day 20 of June, 3011
Real time is: 20:29:33 MST on Thu May 08 1997

Anduin East Bank
The roaring river passes by to the west, though it is somewhat narrow here, compared to the mighty maelstrom it becomes as it travels further south in the distance. It is shallow enough that the waters could be forded. In the middle of the river there is a huge, flat topped rock approximately sixty feet high which breaks the current. The startings of a village begins along the road that leads from the ford to the east. The road is scored with the marks of feet and hooves. To the north and south the village rises into a thriving community.
Daylight shines down on the west-east road, warming the road and land with the light it sheds. People can be heard milling about in the village to the north and south.

Gathering Force
Large Bear Statue
Communal Woodpile

Taigan is talking with a small group of men who look as though they have just risen for the day. There is a general bustle in the area.

A very tall man in a gray cloak with hood drawn over his head wades across the river, and approaches you along the road. His steps are slow and wary, but his movements are light and graceful.

Men and women are cooking over open fires while others rise for the day. Some men are fitted out in cloaks of green and look as though they have just returned from a journey. They speak with some other men of some importance.

Ulot reaches the other woodmen grabbing a peace of meat and says,"<UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH>" and laughes. A few of the other woodsmen laugh as Ulot glances back towards Taigan taking a bite out of the meat.

A head or two turns, "Whom did we send to the Outpost? Was it Talbeorn? Maybe this is him now."

Taigan looks to the Woodmen with a look of scorn and says her companions, "Aye, it was Talbeorn, but yonder man is not of his build."

Ulot grins and shakes his head taking another bite out of the meat. He glances at the newcomer.

Tomas says, "Aye, tis too tall and thin for Talbeorn." He steps forward, speaking in a commanding tone, "Declare yourself, friend or foe!" Others stop what they are doing and turn to the imposing figure.

Taigan turns with the others, regarding the figure who has come seemingly from the morning mists of the river.

A few of the woodsmen stand as they look towards the tall figure warily.

Ulot frowns and says,"Tis no orc by the looks of him if I have ever seen an orc and I have!" he raises his voice from the group of men and says,"What be your name tall one and what be your business here?"

The man halts shortly before he reaches the crowd, and remains still, leaning slightly on his staff. His cloak shimmers in the light of low morning sun, seemingly changing its hue. The impression created is as if he's not altogether here in front of you. Other than the staff, no weapons are obvious on this man.

Tomas approaches, his hands flat and open, but his axe loose on his belt, "What say you? Friend or Foe?"

Ulot raises his voice again and looks towards Tomas and says,"Have you lost your manners Tomas if you ever had any? Can't you see he is alone and unarmed?" He turns towards the tall one and says,"Do you have a tongue to speak with?"

Tomas waits, but Taigan walk to his side, regarding the stranger as well, leaning on her short staff.

With one hand, the tall man casts his hood behind his back, and the waves of long golden haif fall free on his shoulders. His deep gray eyes study the man before him with an intense penetrating stare, then he speaks, slowly and with a strong accent, "I am not an enemy to you"

Taigan looks to Tomas, and he nods, and she continues, "<Sindarin> ********** ***** friend, and welcome."

Ulot steps forward towards the tall man and regards him with his one eye and says,"What is your business stranger. As you can see most of my brethen are not in a hospitable mood and I myself have reached my end. What is your name and where do you comefrom?

The man speaks with an even melodical voice, his words flow like a song, even when he speaks in your tongue, which is clearly not his native. His eyes quickly dark to the woman, and he replies quickly, "<Sindarin> You know the tongue of Eldar?"

Taigan casts a baleful eye at Ulot and nods to the stranger, "<Sindarin> Aye, but a little, and I have little chance to use ***"

Taigan looks to Ulot, and continues, now in the common tongue, "But my people do not. What brings you across the river, since I guess you not to be of Mirkwood."

The look of surprise on the fair face of the man is evident. He turns to face the men, 'I am called Glendor, one of those whom you call Elves. I came to find ...' he shakes his head, and stumbles, looking for the righ word, then turns to Taigan, "<Sindarin> we are looking for recent information about the mountain passes. We came here evading the fell vermin of yrch, who followed us to the very borders of your land"

Taigan listens, but it is clear she discerns the meaning, though not all the words she hears, "I fear we have had troubles of our own to the East and have only our Outpost to the West to defend us. They can, perhaps, give you information about the pass and the movements of the Goblins."

Taigan holds her staff and gazes up at the figure who towers above her. Tomas remains silent, but he eyes Taigan with uncertainly, perhaps suspicious of her use of the stranger's tongue.

Taigan nods and says more slowly, "Aye." She raises her hand in a wide motion, indicating the number of people camped about, "We are gathering to assail the cursed servants of darkness and rout them from our Eastern villages. We hope to enlist the help of your cousins in the forest. Could you not tarry on your path and aid us?"

Taigan stands proudly, hands resting on her staff, he presence beyond the limits of her stature. Some of the people have gone back to their tasks, but others listen, and a few gawk at the spectacle of the tall bright stranger and the small dark Beorning.

Glendor shakes his head, and appears to be pondering on your words, although may be not the most recent ones. He mutters under his breath, "<Sindarin> Than it is true..."

Taigan cocks her head, "I am sorry, friend, but I did not understand your words."

Petra arrives, sopping wet, having just finished fording the Anduin.
Petra has arrived.

Glendor sighs, and a slight smile curves his lips, although it's a smile of quiet sorrow. "Memories, foresights... many things open to our eyes, and most of them make us sad."

Petra walks in without a sound, her eyes taking in every detail of her surroundings.

Glendor is facing a small group of men and women. He appears to be talking mainly to one of them, and a Sindarin word occasionally can be heard in their conversation.

Taigan spies another stranger approaching, looking past Glendor. She nods, saying, "Aye. I, too, look to the past and the future, and too often find a mirror."

Petra sees Glendor talking with men, and stops, still moving in utter silence.
Petra smiles courteously upon being spotted, and walks -- or floats? -- over. In fine alto voice with a fairly thick accent she says, "Greetings, friend."

Taigan nods to the newcomer, "<Sindarin> Greetings, ******* and welcome."

Petra looks pleasantly surprised. "<Sindarin> Thank you!"

Glendor glances over his shoulder, and flashes a smile to the tall woman, "<Quenya> Aye, melisse. She is versed in the tongue of the firstborn"

Petra says in Quenya, "How delightful!"
Petra surveys the humans with an impenetrable, but friendly, smile.

Taigan smiles and nods, returning her focus to Glendor, "I must leave you, friend, and see to the provisioning of our men." She pauses at the speech and waits for Glendor to finish, "I fear all we can offer is some foodstuffs and the guidance The Bear can offer, for he watches over all the foes of darkness." She closes her eyes, murmuring a few short lines quietly.

Glendor looks back at Taigan, and nods, replying is his archaic Westron, "I thank thee"

Petra nods.

Tomas leans over to speak in her ear, and she nods and smiles, "It is told that the Eagles have renewed their viligent watch of the pass since so many of our people have withdrawn. If you do not aim your bows too high, they will watchover you."

Taigan bows her head, "The Bear watch over you and your people."

Petra bows. "And may Iluvatar guide you and keep you."

Glendor bows his head, "May the stars shine on your path"

Taigan turns away, moving to one of the encampments. Some men approach the strangers, showing a mix of fear and curiousity.

Petra looks at the men with a distant curiousity, then at Glendor.
Petra pulls her cloak about her, and all but vanishes. "<Quenya> Let us return to the caravan, mellon. I am uncomfortable here."

Glendor looks around, and nods, "We can... but I still have not found answers I was looking for"

Petra cocks her head. "<Quenya> What answers did you seek?"

You say in Quenya, "Yrch activity on the passes. We went quite far North trying to evade those yrch. We are now almost straight East from Imladris."

Petra says in Quenya, "If it is true that the Eagles guard the passes, we should not have as much to fear from the yrch."

Glendor frowns, "<Quenya> Since when do Eagles report to the Edain? Just because one of them saw an Eagle hunting does not mean they guard passes"

Petra takes a couple of steps back. "<Quenya> Ah, you do not trust their word. I suppose that is wise. I do wish to return to the Caravan, and discuss there."

Glendor nods, and starts to wade back across the river, probing hte sandy bottom aread hith his staff, "<Quenya> I trust them to say truly what they saw, or I trust my senses to realise when they are lying. But I do not trust their eyes to see things for what they really are"

Petra nods. "<Quenya> That is what I meant."
Petra follow Glendor across the river.

You step into the rushing waters of the river.

Ford of Carrock -- Anduin River
The Ford of Carrock passes from the west bank to the east bank on the northern side of the massive hill of stone. A quick current murmers over the stoney surface of the ford, though the water is not much more then three feet deep; still, crossing can be a tiring affair to struggle against the water. To the west the Misty Mountains can be seen asserting their presence over the area.
The light of day falls on the river, causing each wave and disturbance of the water to refract shimmering light. Stairs can be seen on one side of the Carrock leading upwards.

Anduin West Bank
The swirling waters of the Anduin River lie to the east. The current is strong, but the bed here is shallow enough that a natural ford exists for travellers to cross to the other side. In the center of the river, as water foams around it, sits a mighty rock some sixty feet high and more then one hundred feet in length and width. It offers shelter at the midway point of the ford. To the west the massive peaks of the Misty Mountains jump up, close enough to be clear in vision. Stationed near the fords is a small guardhouse, stone and wood in its structure, with lamps placed above the door and window. The light of day illuminates the area of the west bank as well as the small guardhouse.

The elves travelling with you signal you the location of the party.

Elven Party
You are among the fellow travellers, all in gray cloaks of Lorien. They move stealthily and silently.

Petra takes her place among elvish travellers.
Petra says, "It would seem that the yrch are on the move, so I don't know if they would be guarding the passes as closely as usual."

Glendor shakes his head, "She told me about yrch from the East. They may not know it, but those yrch are from the land of the shadows."