Submitted by: Orophin on 19 March 1997
Date of RP: 11 March 1997

This session was a little bit of spontaneous RP that developed quite nicely. Lot's of people came and went and some fun TP type topics were discussed.

The following people play a part in this log (in no particular order):
and, of course...myself.

Let the fun begin.

Middle-earth time is:
Before Dawn on Monday, Day 29 of December, 3010
Real time is: 21:17:48 MST on Tue Mar 11 1997

Common Room(#13538Rnto)
You stand in what appears to be the common room of the Half Way House. Several exquisitely carved wooden chairs and a large wooden table are set neatly about the room. The ground is covered by a thick, wonderfully woven carpet. On the walls several brass lamps hang, gleaming with light. On the west side of the room, a large window is set in the wall, providing much daylight during the morning hours. On the eastern side of the room, a large hearth is built into the wall. To the North, there is a doorway. Over in the Northeastern corner of the room, some stairs climb upwards. The walls are panelled in a deek brown oak, giving off a comfortable, but regal look to the room. Over in the corner of the room stands a large liquer cabinet.
Obvious exits:
Up leads to Guest Quarters.
North leads to Observation Talan.
Down leads to A Meadow in the Forest with a Stream.

Pausing at the doorway, Wolfe holds the door open for the approaching Glendor.

Glendor nods to Wolfe, "Thank you, mellon", and peeks through the door, "I heard the voices here... hope I'm not intruding?"

Orophin is sitting in a chair near the hearth, in which a healthy flame burns in the predawn chill.

Closing the door, Wolfe walks in, pulling his hood down on his cloak. He strides towards the hearth, saluting the Captain and greeting Vardedhel with a nod.

Vardedhel says, "Mae govannen, Wolfe. How goes the watch?"

Orophin looks up at the enterances and returns Wolfe's salute in an 'unofficial' sort of way, "Mae govannen Wolfe." He then nods to Glendor, "...Glendor. How goes the morning mellyn?"

Orophin casts Vardedhel a smile as their questions echo each other.

Arching his brow, Wolfe replies, "The winter seems to bring the strangest things to the Wood." He holds his hands out, palms up towards the hearth as he speaks.

Vardedhel unconsiously pulls his cloak closer to himslef and says, "Really? Such as?"

Orophin listens with interest

Glendor follows closely behind Wolfe, he smiles and nods to Orophin and Vardedhel, "Mae govannen, mellyn... The morning is good, Orophin, I was walking through the wood... And I have not met any strange things"

Rubbing his hands together, Wolfe says, "The eagle and the old man to start with ..." He then begins speaking in a soft mumble, barely audible, "How that old man simply appeared at the naith with not a warning from the treetops ..."

Vardedhel leans forward, "Old man....?"

Glendor arches his brow, "A *man*?"

Vardedhel questions, "An old man much like our dear friends Mithrandir and Radagast..but strange unto himself?"

Orophin nods to Wolfe and says quietly, "Aye, he /is/ a peculiar one...but please continue..."

Orophin looks to Vard with a nod, "Aye, Radagast it was if I anticipate Wolfe's tale properly."

Wolfe continues to mumble to himself for a moment, then finally hears Vard's questions. "Aye, he called himself Radagast and Althea, who happened to be at the naith at his arrival, said it was indeed him."

Glendor smiles, and shakes his head, "Aye... I remember him"

Vardedhel sits back, "Ah then, I know of him, radagast. he is one of The Wise, and known to Mithrandir."

Vardedhel says, "Aiwendil, he isalso known as; Bird-lover."

Orophin nods, "Aye, that is the name he used when /I/ met him many moons ago."

Wolfe seems interested in this, saying, "The eagle certainly warmed up to quickly ..."

Glendor chuckles, "I would not single out birds... Animals, trees, plants..."

Vardedhel nods to Glendor. "Yes, his concern is with the olvar and kelvar of Ivonwain; the plants and animals of the world. He devotes his energies to them.

Vardedhel sits back, "He is of no danger to The Wood, still, he's an odd duck to be sure.. *I* would be on my guard if I were guarding the borders and he litterally poped in on me.

Glendor looks somewhat disturbed, or interested at least, "Why would his presence alert you, other than the fact that he probably comes here for a reason, and with a councel?"

Nodding, Wolfe says, "Odd duck, indeed. How such an old man who speaks so freely with eagles and who knows what else could walk amongst such dark places as he speaks of is a wonder to me ..."

Orophin chuckles, "Indeed, he can be startling at times. But he is benevolent to be sure."

Vardedhel winks. "Just don't be rude to an Eagle in his presence."

Glendor frowns, "Speaking about Eagles and being rude..."

Orophin groans good naturedly as if remembering something in his own past.

Lendalas arrives from the lookout talan.
Lendalas has arrived.

Vardedhel waves, "Aiya Lendalas! Enomentalme!. Hail Lendalas! We meet again."

Lendalas slips in from the North. A small bottle of wine strapped to his hip. He smiles and nods to those gathered.

Vardedhel smakes his lips as he eyes the elf's wine.

Orophin looks up at Lend's appearance and calls out with a smile, "Ah, Lendalas, welcome to our little gathering."

Wolfe nods in greeting to Lendalas and then looks to Orophin, "Captain, have you any idea of how the Lady will react to his news?"

The sun rises over the trees, flashing on the golden leaves of the Mallyrn.

Glendor waves his hand to Lendalas, "Lendalas, mae govannen. I did not expect to see you this far from the City... I don't think I did, since you became the Lady's Herald"

Aylandi enters after climbing up from the forest floor below.
Aylandi has arrived.

Wolfe sits down in a wooden chair, near Orophin, awaiting the Captain's response.

Lendalas smiles brightly and makes his way around the group of elves towards the Liquer Cabinet. To Glendor he nods and says, "Aye... well, I must visit the Naith once in a while to pick up reports, and I decided to drop off a bottle of wine for the Talan here..."

Orophin looks back to Wolfe and shakes his head, "Nay, I know not. And it worries me to be sure. Yet perhaps there is other news she shall recieve on the matter." He pauses for dramatic effect, "Another eagle visited but two days hence with what appeared to be urgent news. From what I hear, he would only speak to the Lady."

Aylandi climbs up the ladder. As her eyes appear over the edge of the door, you see them widen, and she appears to slip momentarily on the rope, out of surprise. Steadying herself, she pulls up onto the floor of the talan.

Vardedhel's brighten as he greets Aylandi. "Aiya!"

Orophin looks to the newest arrival and the worriesome thoughts momentarily leave his mind, "Mae govannen minister!"

Aylandi looks up, and smiles. "Mae govannen," she ventures. "I did not expect to find such a crowd here."

Lendalas opens the cabinet revealing a pair of wine bottles within it already. He places the bottle at his side on to one of the racks and slowly closes the doors. He turns and waves to Ayl from behind the group of chatting elves.

Glendor grins at Vardedhel, after watching Lendalas close teh cabinet door.

Arching his brow, Wolfe ponders the Captain's words. He does not notice Aylandi's entrance, instead replying to Orophin, "I fear this news conflicts with earlier reports, supposedly from the very same source."

Wolfe turns his head and casts a greeting smile towards Aylandi, but peers back at Orophin.

Orophin looks back to Wolfe, "Conflicting? How so mellon?"

Glendor also smiles to Aylandi, but is listening carefully to the dialog of the officers.

Aylandi continues to sit on the floor, letting her legs dangle through the door, and merely watching the others.

Before he gets the cabinet door closed all the way, Lendalas stops, and peers in again at one of the older bottles. Finally he turns and asks, "Would anybody care for a glass of wine? We have enough in here I'm thinking..."

Wolfe quickly answers, "Regarding the force that has - by the old man's words - been mounted. First, we heard it could be headed to the Wood and now, the old man thinks it will stay away from our forest."

Vardedhel calls, "Well, if you are ofering, Lendalas, I'll sample a bottle."

Lendalas smiles slightly and begins to remove drinking glasses from the lower cabinet area.

Orophin nods as he listens, "Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, after his first report I think we were all quite worried. Now though it looks as though they have other intentions. They may indeed pass us by now, but to what ill end in the future, we can only wait and see."

Glendor nods quietly to Wolfe's words, then turns his head to the sound of the rattling glasses, "Ah, Lendalas.. you decided not to deprive Vardedhel of a sip of wine he was longing for?" He chuckles

Orophin follows Vard's call to Lend and calls out himself, "Aye mellon, if you wouldn't mind, I would partake as well."

Vardedhel gives Glendor the evil eye, but chuckles in spite of himself.

Frowning, Wolfe seems to stammer with his words, thinking outloud, "Not if the old man has his way ... which I have little concern for ..."

Vardedhel pipes up, "What are you stammering about, Wolfe?"

Orophin looks to Wolfe, as though he was about to ask a similar question.

Glendor also holds his hand out, "Well, I was never the one to pass up on a good wine.. You have another glass there, Lendalas? After you give one to the lady, of course"

Small tinkling noises come from the cabinet area as Lendalas gathers up several glasses behind everyone and away from view. After a few moments he appears in view as he sets the glasses and a bottle of wine down at the table.

Peering at Vardedhel, Wolfe says, "The old man wants us to join some force to help recapture the stolen eagle eggs, which he believes the enemy will take full advantage of if they can transport them safely to their dark lands."

Aylandi watches the conversation quietly.

Vardedhel looks shocked. " Those.. stolen eggs?"

Lendalas pours a few glasses of wine. Carrying a pair, he brings one over to Glendor and Vardedhel. He returns to the table to pour some more.

Orophin frowns in consideration, but doesn't seem surprised at the news

Vardedhel rubs his chin. " For orcs to dare an Eagles eyie to snatch eggs.." he looks up. "Something dark is afoot."

Glendor shakes his head slightly, "Stolen eggs? I heard the rumors... Anybody knows the full story here?"

Wolfe nods at Vardedhel's question, "Aye."

Orophin looks darkly to Vard, "I fear, it was not just orcs involved. Some of the nine have been seen afoot and in Moria...they are behind this I would almost guarantee."

Lendalas almost spills the wine he is pouring and pipes up, "The Nine? Near here?"

Glendor leans forward to Orophin, and asks in almost a whisper, "The Nine? did anyone see them?"

Answering Glendor, Wolfe says, "I fear this old man, who calls himself a friend of the Lady's, weaves his words to gain our forces, but alas, the situation is indeed dire."

Vardedhel shushes! "Speak not of them!"

Aylandi looks with some vague interest to Orophin, and says, "Although the light of our Lady quenches the darkness of your words, I would fain you speak them anymore."

Wolfe opens his mouth to speak of the Nine, but decides not to after Vard's outburst.

Glendor just shakes his head

Vardedhel has quite clearly forgotten about his wine.

Lendalas balances two more glasses, his hands shaking a little bit. He hands one to Orophin and moves over to where Aylandi is sitting to offer her one.

Aylandi takes the glass of wine, thanking Lendalas with a warm smile, and sips a bit before looking back to Orophin.

Orophin frowns at everyone's queasy stomachs, "We may deny that they exist by not speaking of them, but they shant dissapear without us scrutinizing and attempting to understand their methods."

Wolfe quickly looks at Orophin, wanting to say something, but again keeps quiet and peers towards the hearth.

Orophin looks to Wolfe, "Speak mellon. The news is important."

Glendor nods to Orophin's words, and looks between Vard and Aylandi, watching for their reaction

Lendalas returns to the table and makes sure to pour himself a glass. He then walks over to the group and pulls up a chair to listen fully now.

Vardedhel nods to procede.

Aylandi shakes her head, ever so slightly, and looks down at her feet, sipping her wine, so that you cannot perceive what she is thinking,

His head still lowered, Wolfe says, "I wish not to disturb such a gathering ...." Raising his glance, he continues, ".. but the old man's news is not something to cast off." Pausing, he continues, "Radagast says he has walked inside the dark gates and seen different types of yrch assembled, as well as hearing rumored about several of the Nine gathered in Moria." He finally adds, "Up to five ....."

Vardedhel gasps, "Ah Elbereth!"

Glendor looks down, on the floor between his feet.

Lendalas stifles a groan and dips his head into his wine.

Aylandi sets her glass down on the floor of the talan, and continues to stare at her feet.

Vardedhel takes a breath. "Well, fear not. The Lady's power is strong, and have we not a force of arms? Remeber the licking we gave them when they dared to invade our Wood last time...

Glendor's frown deepens, "Not if you ask Glynnis"

Orophin frowns to Vard, "But remember more readily the grave losses we suffered. We cannot hope to confront or infiltrate such a horde without great numbers....and we are not equiped for that sort of battle on such short notice."

Aylandi mumbles something in response to Vardedhel's speech, but it is so lowly spoken you cannot make any matter of it, and by the way she turns her head to stare at the wall, and sips her wine with arms crossed, you know she doesn't wish to repeat it.

Averting the gaze of the others, Wolfe looks up to Orophin, saying, "The old man says despite the massive force, he believes the dark ones will seek to transport these eggs as quietly as possible, avoiding any skirmishes."

Lendalas turns to Wolfe, "Did... ah... the old man speak of others that will be attempting to rescue the eggs? Or of when or where the... dark forces might be, other than near?"

Orophin looks back to Wolfe and nods, "I would imagine so. If they've gone through the trouble of collecting these eggs, then they must be vitally important to His plans."

Airiavas enters after climbing up from the forest floor below.
Airiavas has arrived.

Looking up to Lendalas, Wolfe shakes his head, his frown unchanged.

A tangible tension hangs in the air of the talan and those gather bear mostly concerned expressions upon their faces. Several untouched glasses of wine sit on the table amidst the company.

Glendor stands, and drops darkly, "Whatever their plans are, I better inspect my facilities one more time... I havea feeling we may need them soon"

Aylandi moves over to a chair, and curls herself up in it, so that Airiavas has an easier time crawling up.

Lendalas nods to Glendor, "Aye... they may be needed. Namarie Glendor."

Orophin looks to Glendor as he stands, "Aye mellon...let us hope your services will not be needed."

Airiavas climbs up the ladder and pauses halfway as he spots the brooding gathering of elves. He lifts his brows and nods hello to Glendor before asking, "Am I disturbing anything?"

Glendor climbs down the ladder to the ground below.
Glendor has left.

Airiavas quickly dodges out of Glendor's way, vaulting up into the talan.

Wolfe nods farewell to Glendor, and with a slight nod, greets Airiavas.

Orophin looks to Airiavas with a nod of greeting, "Nay mellon, come join us if you will"

Aylandi smiles and nods to Airiavas, although she doesn't seem to recognize him.

Airiavas stands back a little from the table and folds his arms, his brow furrowed. He nods to Orophin, "Thank you, sir. Dare I ask what the topic of discussion is?"

Orophin looks to the gathered company, "Well, I don't believe we shall stumble upon a solution this morning with our banter. Let us instead, leave the matter to appropriate council and instead spend this time as a morning should be spent...with joy for our pleasant company." He finally reaches for his glass on the table and takes his first sip.

Rising from his chair, Wolfe says, "I came here only to share the news, not damper the party." He tries to muster a smile, "Besides, I must get back to the naith." Nodding to the others, he says, "Namarie."

Orophin stands as Wolfe does and claps him on the shoulder, "Thank you for the news mellon. If anything stirs upon the borders, do feel free to send for me here."

Airiavas smiles dryly as the discussion dissipates before his very eyes. "Ah well. You're all very wise to speak of nothing serious when Airiavas the Herder is present." He winks.

Airiavas nods an amiable farewell to Wolfe.

Lendalas nods to Wolfe, "Namarie, Mellon. Be well."

Nodding at Orophin, Wolfe then departs swiftly.

Wolfe climbs down the ladder to the ground below.
Wolfe has left.

Orophin sits back down as Wolfe leaves and turns his attention to Airiavas with a smile, "We wouldn't want you spreading nasty rumors to the beautiful beasts of the Wood, now would we?"

"And all the wine is left for me, I gather?" Airiavas says playfully, eyeing the glasses on the table. He laughs lightly at Orophin's inquiry and shakes his head. "Nay, I hear the cows are restless."

Lendalas chuckles softly to Airiavas and shakes his head, "Have ye any news that you wish to share, Ser Herder?"

Airiavas lifts his eyes from the wine and glances at Lendalas, his mouth drooping in a slight frown. "Actually, good Herald, I do, but it's unhappy news, and I'd hate to watch the clouds settle upon this room again after you chased them away so victoriously."

Lendalas furrows his brow, "Unhappy news..."

Airiavas nods solemnly, stepping forward a bit, as the floorboards creak ever-so-faintly beneath his feet. "Aye, you recall the malnourished squirrel you discovered, which the healers could not help? An ewe at the pasture has suffered the same fate, I am sad to say."

Lendalas looks startled and rubs his forehead, "Another one? How odd... did a healer get a chance to look at it?"

Orophin furrows his brow, "Now this is news I've heard nothing about..."

Airiavas shakes his head. "Nay, mellon. The forester Alenaldar and I attempted to feed her, but anything she ate, she simply regurgitated. I believe she died of starvation." He heaves a sigh.

Lendalas turns to Orophin and frowns slightly. He attempts to tell what little he knows, "About a month ago, I had found a starving squirrel on the White Road." He pauses, "When I showed it to some of the other healers, they attempted to feed it some Lembas, but it couldn't hold it down. Later, after leaving it their care, I was told that the squirrel had died for some reason..."

Lendalas says, "And now we have this..."

Aylandi stands, suddenly, saying, "Oh dear... I've forgotten my class at the Hall... if you'll all excuse me, I must return to the city promptly."

Lendalas nods to Aylandi, "Namarie, Minister. Please be well."

Vardedhel silently waves to Aylandi, deep in thought.

Airiavas nods to Lendalas and looks questioningly to the rest of you. "Have any of you seen anything of the sort, in your travels among the Wood?" He nods in farewell to Aylandi as she departs.

Orophin frowns to Lendalas, "Strange indeed....I wish I was educated in such matters as to perhaps be of some help."

Aylandi smiles and nods to everyone about before disappearing, quick as lightning, down the ladder.

Aylandi climbs down the ladder to the ground below.
Aylandi has left.

Orophin looks to Ayl, "Namarie minister..." but she's already gone.

Althea enters after climbing up from the forest floor below.
Althea has arrived.

Petra enters after climbing up from the forest floor below.
Petra has arrived.

Althea looks around "is Radagast avaible?

Airiavas blinks at Althea as she arrives, and steps backward to let her speak. "Radagast?" he whispers to himself, in shock.

Lendalas rubs his forehead as he speaks to Orophin, "I myself had not seen such a thing either. A sick animal in th' wood? It's unheard of!" He turns to Airiavas, "Was there any... strange fluids coming out of... the ewe?"

Lendalas turns to Althea and blinks, "Radagast... that would be... that old man that Wolfe was speaking about."

Petra looks at Althea curiously.

Vardedhel looks up, "Ah, Althea. You come across a grim company."

Orophin tears his gaze away from Lend as Athea suddenly speaks. He shakes his head, "nay, he is not here nor anywhere that I know of."

Althea takes in the grim faces "what is going on? And yes the old man is Radagast..he was stayinghere

Lendalas suddenly stands and gestures to some empty glasses and a wine bottle resting on the table, "Ah... wine for any of you?"

Althea hardly glances at the wine "no thanks

Petra puts two and two together. "Are you speaking of the ewe that was dead in the meadow? I stumbled across it when I was walking."

Airiavas steps back even further as the room gets downright crowded. He leans against the wall, his arms folded, his staff in the crook of his right arm. "Aye, that's the one," he says to Petra over the slight commotion.

Petra looks down. "Poor thing looked starved."

Althea looks puzzled "I saw no ewe"

Airiavas nods soberly. "Aye... he died of starvation."

Lendalas stands and drags a few more chairs over to the table for people to sit.

Airiavas lifts a hand to Lendalas and smiles. "I'll have some of that wine you're proffering, Herald."

Petra walks over and pours a glass of wine and brings ti to Airiavas.

Althea sits down looking puzzled "why would a ewe starve in the woods?

Vardedhel says, "Such a thing is unheard of."

Petra stands up, ready to assist.

Orophin sits back and takes a drink off his glass of wine as he gets lost in his own thoughts.

Airiavas nearly bumps into Petra as he was making his way to the table and looks surprisedly at the glass of wine she hands him. "Why, thank you, dear lady!" He smiles warmly and pulls out a chair for her. "Won't you have a seat?"

(taking a look at Petra as I've never seen her before)
Petra is a tall, slender and perfectly sculpted elven woman. Her milk-white skin is smooth as cream and clear as daylight. Her thick, straight, copper hair tumbles luxuriously down her back, occasionally revealing a delicately sculped ear. It seems to glow of its own accord in light. Her large, limpid mahogany eyes are all innocent joy, and a lovely smile untarnished by time or sadness sets her regally beautiful face aglow. She wears a knee-length hunter green sundress, sleeveless but with a modest neckline. A pair of open-toed sandals elaborately woven into a rose pattern coddle her feet.

Petra shakes her head. "Nay, sir. I shall remain here in case anyone else desires wine."

Airiavas raises a brow at Petra and opens his mouth as if to ask a question, but then shuts it again, and takes his own seat at the table, leaning his staff against his chair. He takes a slow sip of his wine and surveys the expressions of everyone in the room.

Althea says, "but still why does this cause such grim faces>? one sheep is dead we have others"

Lendalas nods, "Aye... disease has not been seen in the wood for... Now that I think on it, I don't think I've EVER seen it in the wood. Nor has it ever been recorded." He smiles briefly over towards Petra, "Oh... please do sit down, Petra. At the rate that we are going, it is unlikely we'll be needing more wine for a while."

Airiavas glances up at Althea. "Aye, we have others, but they too could fall ill. We have no idea what has caused this. Eventually the entire herd could go, and then where would we be for food and leather?"

Petra nods, and sits down delicately at the chair Airiavas offered her.

Althea blinks "err disease? I thought you said it died of starvation

Althea looks confused

Airiavas nods, "Yes, it died of starvation because it could not keep its food down. Some disease was at work, I fear."

Petra winces.

Vardedhel says, "Well, have the other sheep been separated? We can't let this illness spread."

Understanding dawns in Althea's eyes "I see..

Airiavas takes another sip of his wine, savoring it thoughtfully, and looks to Lendalas. "You asked about strange fluids, mellon... the grass which the ewe had regurgitated did contain some bile, I think. It smelled very odd to me."

Orophin winces slightly at the description and doesn't take another sip of his wine for several minutes.

Lendalas nods slightly and tips the tip of his finger against his chin. "Hmm..." He looks over to Airiavas, "Did you bury this ewe yet?"

Airiavas nods to Vardedhel. "My cousins and I are monitoring the herd and have split them into groups for grazing. And the dead ewe has been burned, so as not to cause any further contamination."

Airiavas frowns to Lendalas, setting his wine on the table. "I did not want to risk anything, Herald, by burying the ewe. That is why I burned her remains."

Petra is struggling visibly to maintain her composure.

Airiavas adds, "Although now I see that might have not been the best course of action, for we cannot study a pile of ashes to learn more about this mysterious illness."

Lendalas sighs softly and nods, "Aye... I understand. Prudent." He think softly, "Perhaps I can find out what happened exactly to the squirrel. I will make some inquiries."

Tentatively, Petra asks, "Did anyone save any of the .... bile?"

Althea nods

Althea says, "what squirrel?"

Airiavas shakes his head at Petra with a faint sigh. "No, I burned the contaminated grass as well."

Petra nods, scowling and looking rather uncomfortable.

Airiavas stares into his wine a moment, then clears his throat. "But we can discuss this at a later time, perhaps with some healers present, Lendalas." He smiles at the Herald, then looks around at the rest of the group. "Anyone else have something *cheerful* to share?"

Althea says, "I think the Masqurade went well"

Petra says, "I definitely had a lot of fun."

Lendalas ahems and says, "Aye... well... ah... may I advise everyone to keep a look out for... um... other animals of this nature? And... if so, please send for Glendor?" He nods to Airiavas, "Aye... perhaps something else." He grins, "Yes it did, Althea... in my opinion. Rather fun seeing all the colorful costumes."

Erinstar enters after climbing up from the forest floor below.
Erinstar has arrived.

Airiavas smiles faintly to himself, turning a little red. "Aye, indeed it did!"

Vardedhel says gfloomily, "I missed it."

Erinstar says, "Hmm, I think I found the party."

Petra looks at Airiavas mischievously. "It looks like you did." She turns to Erinstar. "Mae Govannen. Have some wine!"

Althea turns around and smiles happly "Erinstar!

Erinstar glances over and salutes to Orophin, his face darkening briefly as if some unpleasant memory returned for a moment.

Lendalas smiles and waves, "Mae govannen, Herald..."

Across Middle-earth, Lukthil shouts, "Elendor is now going offline for approximately 10 minutes for a reboot. All data will be saved. Please stop typing commands and do NOT disconnect right now. Just wait for the game to boot you off. Thank you."

Going down - Bye

And here we have the untimely end of a nice RP session.