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Naith of Lorien
You stand riverside, in Dwimordene, amidst the grey bowls of the mallyrn and the conceiling underbrush on the eastern banks of the river Celebrant. It is here in these golden woods where the rolling foothills of the Misties come to an end and in the Elven realm of Lothlorien, often called Dwimordene or Dreamland by men, begins. It's summertime, and the mallyrn's leaves and branches form a light canopy of green to match the scattered undergrowth below. Presently, the late afternoon sun casts lengthening shadows across the Wood as it begins its descent.

The slanting rays of the late afternoon sun set the foliage of the great mellyrn ablaze as the whole Naith seems suspended in a hazy breath of time. Guards mill about, keeping watch and polishing weapons, but nothing seems to be of great import on this warm summer day. The Knight-Commander stands in the shade of a riverside mallorn, arms folded and gaze focused somewhere on the distant horizon.

With a subtle movement the tree branches sway open to let pass a slender Elf maiden in simple green dress. As she steps out of the shadows, the sun plays in the flowers braided into her hair. A small bird leaves its tree perch and dives in, turning away only at the last moment. The wind raised by its wings shuffles Tuonoorwen's hair, and she pushes a strand away from her eyes, then smiles briefly and glances at the bird as it flies away.

As the bird darts down and then up again, Talia's eyes move towards the familiar maiden. The Commander does not seem surprised to see the other, but tenses slightly. With practiced politeness, she inclines her head in greeting.

Esfaloth is standing by the water looking at every ripple and is extremely intrigued by its every move.He does not see the other elves but just keeps staring at the water,in somewhat of a trance

Tuonoorwen quetly crosses the grassy plain which separates her wrom the wary Commander. She returns the greeting with a nod, just as slight. She looks Talia up, from head to toe, as if sizing her up, gauging her readiness for something.

Talia draws herself up taller and levels her gaze on Tuonoorwen, "Afternoon, Ivonwen." Talia pauses, strangely unsure of herself, before continuing, "What brings you so far from the Heart of the Lady's Garden?"

Tuonoorwen takes a moment to reply, and if she enjoys making the calm Commander suddenly uneasy, there is no sign of it to be read in her features, "The wood does not sing with its heart alone"

"But one cannot hear the song so close to the chaos of the world beyond," Talia retorts. She looks beyond the maiden before her to the river and farther.

Esfaloth hears the maidens voices and turns seeing the maidens he walks over saying"Mae Govannen,Mellyn"there is a twinkle in his eyes

You hear a slight chuckle from off in a small cops of trees.

Tuonoorwen takes the briefest of the moments to acnowlege Esfaloth's presence with a quick nod. She follows Talia's gaze, at the far bank of Celebrant and the white patchy fog which slowly raises from the river. "There are many voices in the song, and it is their joining which brings harmony. Do not be afraid to hear what they are to tell you"

Bleddyn allows the crow to fly off his arm.

A slight soiund of movement comes from the small cops of trees again.

Bleddyn calls to the raven and she lands on his arm.

Talia's gaze quickly returns to Tuonoorwen, "I am not afraid." The Commander unfolds her arms and rests one hand upon the hilt of her longsword, "But there are more pressing matters in this world than song."

Esfaloth says"I happen to think song as a way to escape the troubles of Arda,and that is why i treasure it"He glances at both maidens.

Someone stands and leans against a tree. their features are obscurred by the hooded cloak that they are wearing.

Tuonoorwen's eyes follow Talia's hand. She shakes her head, "The sing will endure where the steel does not."

Fog raises now heavilly from the river, and the fresh breeze carries it toward the trees. Tuonoorwen arches her brow, momentarily, and shots an approving look to Esfaloth.

Talia's stance tenses as the fog obscures her view of the world beyond her home and her finger curl around the hilt of her weapon. Her steely blue eyes focus now on Tuonoorwen with a new recognition.

The mist envelops the Naith, hiding the siluettes of the trees. The sound of Celebrant waters rushing over the stones is no more than a distant whisper now. Tuonoorwen stands in a circle of light which seem to chase the mist away. She holds her hand out to Talia, "Where the might of arms alone will not avail you, a better sight may"

The sun sinks in the sky and falls below the horizon. Nighttime takes over.

Esfaloth steps back in surprise and mutters something in Elvish to himself he thinks about running away for help but his curiousity overcomes him and he says to the fading females"Um..Are you guys ok what is happeneing?

Talia bows her head, knowingly, and exhales a shaky breath. The tall commander takes half a humble step towards the lighter area around Tuonoorwen, and then another. Her calloused hand relaxes its grip on the worn hilt of her steel and hangs at her side.

Bleddyn watches, seemingly amused but now wondering.

Across the Celebrant, A dark and distorted figure moves about the shadows in a menacing stance. His frame is rather large yet lengthy. He stops, and for a brief moment his red eyes glance at the figures across the way. "Easy fodder," he thinks. Swiftly, and silently, he moves closer to the gourp, yet still keeping out of even an elves earshot.

From the flowing mist a disembodied voice comes out, "There is nothing to be afraid of in the dream, Esfaloth, only what you bring with you".

Inside the circle of light, Tuonoorwen's features are slowly transformed, for those who have the wisdom to see. Her plain cloak is now trimmed with a radiant halo, and the flowers in her hair are glowing red. She takes Talia's hand, and guides her into the light.

Across the Celebrant, The mysterios figure continues to stare at the elves, all the while keeping himself protected by the fog and deep growth around him. An evil grin passes over his face. "Perhaps it would be best if I practiced my longbow skills," he thinks to himself. Grabbing the bow from his back, he creeps even closer to the group, but will wait a long time if needed to get the perfect shot.

Across the Celebrant, Mysterious_Orc unstraps a studded leather buckler from his left arm.

Across the Celebrant, Mysterious_Orc wields Longbow.

Esfaloth tries to enter the "dream" but he feels as he doesnt belong he feels a bit sick and quesy with fear and winder

Talia follows, though her form is not like to Tuonoorwen's, emitting almost no light at all. She does not look to one side or the other, keepign her eyes focused on the form of the maiden. The Commander struggles to mask something with an unreadable visage.

The wall of mist trembles and distorts. Someone else is coming in... Closer and closer she is now, the mist flowing around her. Her hand is on the hilt of the sword, on her head is the proud helm of a noble Elven house. But with her other hand she is feeling her way ahead, as if her eyes refuse to guide her in the fog.

Esfaloth gains his courage and tries to enter again and is found is reaching for Talia

Talia recoils from the approaching figure, her face twisting up as if in pain. The proud Commander seems to shrink inside of her cloak and she turns her face away.

Tuonoorwen lets go of Talia's hand, gently motioning her to join hands with the noble warrior. Her light struggles agains the mist to guide Commander's way.

Esfaloth looks extremely worried but tries to gain hold of himself and feels a light calm relaxation.he still tries to grab talia

Tuonoorwen's words sound as a whisper in the mist, "She is also alone..."

Across the Celebrant, Not totally sure exactly what is going on, the mysterious orc can only make out one figure in the mist. He is glowing, and bright light eminating from around the lengthy body. "Easy shot if I can make it through this bush," he says in a low tone. Nocking an arrow, he takes aim, pulling the string back. Holding, holding, holding, he waits until just the right moment.

As her hand is released, Talia looks again at Tuonoorwen and her eyes can no longer hide her fear and anger at being brought back to this place. Taking a deep breath, the soldier at last looks fully upon the warrior and relents to the urging of the other maiden. Gently, she reaches out to take the grasping hand of the apparition.

Esfaloth grabs talias hand and squeeezzes, finding it form of losing his fear,he looks at Talia and finds a troubled soul within he frowns slightly

The light around Tuonoorwen suddenly flashes red, then fades away, the last glimmers of it run away from her and are swallowed by the mist.

The last rays of sun slide along the grass covering the Naith and color red the waters of Celebrant. The evening air is quiet and clear, as if the wood has drawn in its breath. Near the waters, Tuonoorwen slowly crumples to the ground.

Across the Celebrant, Mysterious_Orc moves back form the fray. "No need to stick aorund here," he says. "Missed my chance, bound to be more elves around here anyways." He continues his retreat satisfied that at least he messed up the filthy creatures evening.

Before the dissipation of the fog, the elf-stones on Talia's forehead blaze once and her body shudders, the form of the warrior wavering beside her, then is blown away. When the fog has cleared, Talia also lays on the ground, her eyes closed as if in slumber.

Tuonoorwen struggles to lift her head and peer into the world which just a moment ago was within her grasp. Her breath comes in hoarse gasps, and the red on her lips is dark, "Talia..." Her hands give way, and she falls into the grass.

Bleddyn comes to his senses and shakes his head. He steps away from the tree and looks about.

Esfaloth bounces back into reality rather roughly and is laying on the ground when he awakes seeing Tuo on the floor with the arrow in her he says"Oh Tuonoorwen what happened"He feels helpless and sits next ot her and cries

Bleddyn approaches the elves on the ground and looks furtively across the river form where the shot was fired.

Tuonoorwen struggles to reach Talia's hand. Her bloodied fingers touch the cold skin of the slumbering elf, and the dread distorts her features, stronger than pain. "Not here..." the whisper freezes on her lips, and a string of blood drops escapes them, falling on the ground like red beads.

Bleddyn says "What the..." He then draws his sword and moves down to the river momentarily to look and then moves back to the three where he takes out a flagon of water.

Her green dress is stained with red as she lays motionless before you, with a cruel black arrow biting thriumfantly in her side. Her eyes are almost closed, and with blue lips she struggles to speak, perhaps call a name.

Murmurs and furtive whispering closes in on Tuonoorwen and Talia as the guards in the area converge upon them, no one quite sure what to do with their sleeping Commander or her bloodied companion.

Bleddyn holds out the flagon and in Sindarin says "water if you need it. It is clean and pure from your own fountains."

Tuonoorwen's green dress is stained with red as she lays motionless before you, with a cruel black arrow biting thriumfantly in her side. Her eyes are almost closed, and with blue lips she struggles to speak, perhaps call a name.

Esfaloth sobs still trying to pull out the arrow who hurt his friend he yells"Please anyone helpp us please"He is oblivios to anyone around him except vTUo

Bleddyn stops the elf from removing the arrow and says "She will most assuredly bleed to death if you do that!"

Tuonoorwen licks few drops of water from her lips, and half-open her eyes. "Call her back..." she whispers, then recognises the figure who stands above her as an Adan, "No, you cannot..." as her eyes close again.

Bleddyn looks to the guards and yells "<Sindarin> Stand you there just gawking? Run! Catch the foul beast or slay it. Whatever! . . . "

Glaring, at the human, the guards do not budge. However, at last, a black-cowled elf shouts a few orders. A small patrol head towards the river and across while others disappear into the forest. The remaining draw closer to the elleths that lay upon the ground.

Esfaloth growls "Go get help she is hurt I have to get the arrow from her"he continues to claw at the arrow but somehow he gains some sense and says"Help we need to get her to the healing talan"he no stop going at the arrow but gets up and begins to tug on Tuors arm he says to the adan"You get Talia"He motions to the other elf>Seeing that dragging her will not do he calls a few guards over.With the needed help he begins to carry Tour slowly

The gray-feathered arrows have already whistled away across the river, and a clamor of voices fades into distance as the elves give chase, but successfull or not, no news comes from the other side. From the talan above, a medicinal pouch is dropped. Basic things for the first aid are in it.

Bleddyn shrugs and picks up the other elf who lies on the ground and throws her over his shoulder.

Bleddyn says in Sindarin, "lead on."

Esfaloth nods

The guards that disappeared into the trees only moments before reemerge, two stretchers carried between them. Hurried and silent, they gesture Esfaloth to move back so that one may gauge the severity of Tuonoorwen's wound. Others nudge Talia, trying to awaken her, as they can see no visible harm.

From the downstream, a splashing sound announces a hurried arrival of a boat. Someone have come from the City.

Bleddyn steps back when someone finally seems to be in control of the situation.

One of the guards gestures to the river, "The boat! It is here, this is the quickest way"

Esfaloth and the others drop Tuo gentle giving her into the care of the guards he turns seeing the boat he is overjoyed

Bleddyn shakes his head and moves off to lean against a tree.

A young wiry guard presses gauze to Tuonoorwen's wound, careful not to bother the arrow and then gently she is eased onto the stretcher. They worry over the sleeping Talia for a few moments more before putting her onto a stretcher as well, mumbling amongst themselves.

Esfaloth paces back and forth very eagerly hoping tio get them to the city asap

The guards carry the two bodies downstream along the river, almost running toward the boats.

OOC: The whole party takes the boat and then goes into the City and ends up in the Hospital.

Healing Talan
This hushed talan is a quiet place of healing for those Galadhrim injured in battle. White robed Quendi, one wearing a bracelet, easily walk about, tending to visitors, offering refreshments, and various other small jobs. Meanwhile patients lie on comfortable, sparkling pads, gazing out at a sweeping view of the wood. Sunlight streams though the leaves of the mellyrn, casting dancing shadows on the wooden floor. The air has a fresh, clean feeling. You feel better just resting here for a moment.
Book of Finrim
Book of Herbs

Talia has arrived.

Esfaloth has arrived.

Bleddyn has arrived.

Bleddyn climbs up into the talan staying back yet close enough to see what is going on.

The guards, short of breath after carrying the two elves up the stairs, are joined by the healers. Tuonoorwen's would, while serious, prompts only calm determination on their part, while Talia's slumbering dream leaves them perplexed.

Esfaloth climbs up to the talan sobbing extensivly only stopping to inhale and exhale air

Tuonoorwen rests silently on a cot while healers cut the cloak around the would, and prepare to extract the arrow. The guards have stepped aside, but are reluctant to leave without a word about their commander.

Esfaloth lies downon an empty trying to gain some compusure he keeps murmuring"Its all my fault If i didnt enter the dumb dream thing and watched for any evildoers Tuornoorwen would ne ok talia too"

Esfaloth lies down on an vacant bed trying to gain some composure he keeps murmuring"Its all my gault If I had kept more attentive I would have been able to save Tuonoorwen and all would be fine"

One of the guards puts his hand on Esfaloth's shoulder, but the two maidens are clearly in the center of the effort.

The guards murmur amongst themselves, hovering near Talia. "Someone should tell the Protector," says one of the voices, and all nod in agreement. A couple guards drop out of the talan, though a few still remain looking to Talia, and then Tuonoorwen, and back.

Bleddyn shakes his head after watching for a short bit and then leaves.
Bleddyn has left.