Healing Talan
This hushed talan is a quiet place of healing for those Galadhrim injured in battle. White robed Quendi, one wearing a bracelet, easily walk about, tending to visitors, offering refreshments, and various other small jobs. Meanwhile patients lie on comfortable, sparkling pads, gazing out at a sweeping view of the wood. Sunlight streams though the leaves of the mellyrn, casting dancing shadows on the wooden floor. The air has a fresh, clean feeling. You feel better just resting here for a moment.
Book of Finrim
Book of Herbs

Terridan arrives from the south.
Terridan has arrived.

Riathiena wanders in and spots terri "what are ye in for terri?"

Riathiena says, "what happend to Talia?"

Kathalis sits next to talia silently, unresponsive to anyone around him, fully focused on her, softly singing and calling on Yavanna.. lightly holding her hand in both of his.

Terridan looks back to Talia, then walks over to Riathiena, keeping his voice soft, "We do not know... she was being led in meditation by Tuonoorwen.. when an orc shot an arrow at them. Tuonoorwen was hit, and Talia remained unconscious..."

Riathiena looks at terri questioningly " how'd an orc get pass the sentries?"

Terridan shrugs, "They were at the naith... the orc got into bow range... I know not how."

Esfaloth sits on a vacant bed and keeps muttering something to himself he slowly looks up his eyes puffy and red slowly looking at everyone slowly then turns staring down to the ground

Riathiena looks over at esf and blows him a kiss and then frowns " the sentries should have gotten them before they were in bow range."

Terridan shrugs, "Perhaps... but there is little we can do about that now..."

Riathiena nods grimly at terri " True, saddly that is all to true. they could highten the watch but little good that

Riathiena says, "will do"

Riathiena me looks at esf worry etched on her face. " dear one what is wrong?"

Esfaloth just looks up at Riathiena and mumbles then looks done again

Terridan sighs softly, then shrugs his shoulders, "I know not what troubles him..."

Riathiena nods to terri "pardon me a minute brother of mine." walks to esf and lays her hand on his leg.

Esfaloth does not look up as he feels Riathienas touch,but instead keeps his head down.He tries to remember the night but it is to painful.

Riathiena looks up at him as she sqats on her heels "what night esf?"

Riathiena looks up at esf questioninly "what is wrong?"

Terridan looks over to Esfaloth and his twin curiously, waiting for the answer.

Esfaloth looks at Riathiena and he says softly"Its all my fault"he looks away a tears in his eyes

Bleddyn arrives from the south.
Bleddyn has arrived.

Terridan raises an eyebrow curiously, then begins to walk towards the young elf slowly, "How was it your fault, mellon?"

Bleddyn pokes his head momentarily into the talan.

Riathiena says, "what is all your fault ?"

Kathalis sits next to talia silently, unresponsive to anyone around him, fully focused on her, softly singing and calling on Yavanna.. lightly holding her hand in both of his.

Esfaloth says avoiding everyones eyes"If I had not tried to enter the thing and paid attention I would have seen the orc and ben able it help,it would have never happenened"

Terridan frowns deeply, then shakes his head, as he does he catches sight of Bleddyn, then smiles again, motioning for the human to enter as he turns back to Esfaloth, "What would you have done, mellon?"

Bleddyn climbs up into the talan and stands off to the side.

Esfaloth says"I could have done something,I could have helped"he glances slightly at Bleddyn but looks down again.

Tuonoorwen lays stretched on the cot, her wound somewhat mended by healers, in preparation for the Herbmaster to extract the arrow.

Terridan shakes his head, "With what, mellon? Did you have a bow to fire at the yrch? A sword? No, there was nothing you could have done to stop the arrow that hit Tuonoorwen... with Talia," he looks back to his cousin, and sighs heavily, "We know not what ails her... so there could have been nothing you did there either... but you are not to blame..."

Bleddyn clears his throat as if wanting to say something.

Terridan turns towards Bleddyn, then inclines his head slightly, "You wish to say something, mellon?"

Bleddyn nods his head and says "I was present when the attack occured. There was naught that any could do. It was dark and the goblin on the other side of the river."

Tuonoorwen slowly opens her eyes. The skill of elven healers and their ointments apparently have restored her strength to some degree.

Esfalothsays"yes we could have known there were yrch around, and now Tuonoorwen is hurt and talia.. we do not know what happened to her"he glances at Bleddyn with a flash of anger then he glances at the floor again

Bleddyn stands stock still as he says "Blame your guards then. It was they who should have been watching the far bank." he then looks to Esfaloth and says "Unless I am mistaken you have not the look of a warrior about you..." He then stands quiet.

Terridan opens his mouth to speak, but quickly turns towards Tuonoorwen, moving towards her quickly, but keeping his voice low, "Mellon..."

In quiet whispers, breathing carefully so as not to disturb her wound, Tuonoorwen says word after word, "Talia ... is ... ".

Esfaloth temper flares and he says hotly"i did not see you helping you stand far away till you see it is safe to come out of hiding"he quickly glances to Tuo listening to her words

Terridan leans down further to Tuonoorwen, trying to catch her words. He turns back quickly to Esfaloth, "Quiet! Both of you, she's saying something," he turns back quickly, "What is it mellon... Talia is what?"

Bleddyn's temper flares as he says "It is not my position to guard *your* people although I have in the past. If your guards would have been attending to their duties this may not have happened. My question is why *you* were so foolish as to allow the women to be in such a dangerous place to begin with? Eh? Can you answer that?" He then stands quiet after the command for it.

Esfaloth remains quite only because Terridan asked for it he shall comment after Tuo is done

Eerie silence falls as even the wind is hushed, not a leaf trembles in the boughs of mellyrn, while Tuonoorwen struggles to sound out the words, " ... cannot come back ..."

Kathalis who seemed to be distant and not listening slumps noticiably at tuonoorwens words closing his eyes tightly...

Terridan blinks once, taking in Tuonoorwen's words before standing up slowly, closing his eyes tightly before speaking quietly, "Why?"

Esfaloth temper flares like never before he says hotly but in a whisper"How dare you as a guest of The lord and ladys dare to critize the Order.And just so you know Talia was acommander in the Order,She could protect herself more then anyone could protect her."he is extremely disturbed and uneasy

Tuonoorwen gathers her strengths to respond, and when she speaks again, her voice is clear, although just a touch louder than a whisper, "Wandering in her dreams is she... Cannot see her way back..."

Terridan turns again to Esfaloth, his own eyes flaring, "I said quiet!" he turns back to Tuonoorwen, "Is there hope?"

Bleddyn steals a look at Terridan as if to say come find me and then leaves the talan.

Bleddyn mutters "confusticate and bebother some Elves." as he climbs down.
Bleddyn quietly steps down the stairs to the south.
Bleddyn has left.
Terridan nods slowly to Bleddyn's motions, then turns back to Tuonoorwen, listening for an answer.

Tuonoorwen nods her head, slowly, "Unharmed she is, but with little sight among the dreams. Find ... " her strength is waning again, Tuonoorwen whispers, " ... herself there she must ..." before falling back into slumber.

Terridan closes his eyes slowly as Tuonoorwen falls to sleep, then sighs heavily as he stands, turning back to Esfaloth, "Mellon... can we speak?"

Esfaloth sighs his temper going down"Yes"

Kathalis reopens his eyes giving talias hand a light squeeze as he continues returns to softly singing to her..

Terridan looks over to Kathalis slowly, a pained look crossing his eyes before turning back to Esfaloth, "Mellon... I can understand your anger... but you need to control it, here of all places..." he gestures to the two maidens, "Painful emotions will do neither of them any good mellon..."

Esfaloth says trying to hold his anger"But He urghhh He just is critizing his hosts"he looks down once again you see a greatly pained soul when you glance upon his face

Terridan frowns deeply, "No... he is not, he states good points which have to be answered later though... Bleddyn may be a bit coarse with his words, but I know his heart and his intentions, and he means no one harm, and cares for the well being of Talia and Tuonoorwen a great deal."

Esfaloth snorts "He shows it in a weird way"he clearly cares for both maidens

Terridan nods slowly, "He does indeed... but I owe him my life and that of my wife's... so I know what he truely thinks,"