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Healing Talan
This hushed talan is a quiet place of healing for those Galadhrim injured in battle. White robed Quendi, one wearing a bracelet, easily walk about, tending to visitors, offering refreshments, and various other small jobs. Meanwhile patients lie on comfortable, sparkling pads, gazing out at a sweeping view of the wood. Sunlight streams though the leaves of the mellyrn, casting dancing shadows on the wooden floor. The air has a fresh, clean feeling. You feel better just resting here for a moment.
Book of Finrim
Book of Herbs
Talia sleeps

Kathalis sits silently next to talia who seem to be sleeping, her left hand in her seeming to be in some kind of trance himself...tounoorwen lays on a near by cot out as weel but injured by a single arrow

Tuonoorwen shifts sliglty in her uneasy slumber on the cot. Her pale lips move as she whispers in her sleep. The wound in her side have been mended, and with the skill of Elven healers she will no doubt recover in her time.

Esfaloth looks at Talia feeling helpless

The sun sinks in the sky and falls below the horizon. Nighttime takes over.

A noise cuts into the hushed silence of the hospital, light footfalls upon the flet. A figure, cloaked and cowled too, all her, (a woman, by her size and bearing) clothing marked as if by long travel. Loose clots of mud, dried from her ascent of the stairs below, beyond the gardens fall loose from her boots to the floor. A bow is aat her shoulders, a quiver concealed 'neath the cloak at her belt. She stands then, relieving herself of her cowl that she might shake loose her hair, looking about all the while, ere her eyes settle on the sleeping pair.

Tuonoorwen again shifts in her sleep, then slowly opens her eyes. The art of healers and the natural resillience of a Firstborn combined to replenish her strength quickly. She manages to raise her head from the pillow, enough to steal a look at Talia before falling back, "She should not be here".

Esfaloth says slowly"Tuonoorwen were should Talia be"

Gasping a breath, upon sight of her stricken sister, then walking to her side and stopping there. "She lives?" She questions noone in particular, before leaning closer, an ear to her sibling's mouth, then leaning back upon hearing Talia's slow, measured breathing. A nod, "She lives... and yet, does not wake." She looks to the master, laying injured on her crib. "You had a part in this, I heard... what is it that you did?"

Despite the commotion and familiar voices around, Talia does not stir even an eyelash. Her breathing is steady and her countenance peaceful for the time being.

Kathalis also doesn't mover or seem to be effected by the voice around him being in a almost dreamlike trance state..

Tuonoorwen struggles to respond to Gillhach, "I wanted her to see..." Her voice is clear, but week, and words do not come easily to her, "Now she must find her path back..."

Quick steps are heard from the ladder below, as if someone climbed with haste. He, the one who quickly walks into the shrouded talan, his chest pounding as if he had run great lengths to get to this point. Elrandir push his cowl back as he approach the gathering around two hospital beds...

Gillhach's eyes widen somewhat, as she ponders those words. "Foolishness... showing her such things. And she's still no more than a child..." Absently she strokes a hand o'er her sister's brow, smoothing her hair from her face with a soft, almost... motherly... look in her eyes. "She asked it of you?" Shaking her head, she mutters, "Foolishness..."

Tuonoorwen whispers back, "She needed to see...". She slowly reaches out with her hand acros the narrow space separating the cots, and touches Talia's hand with her fingers. Her eyes close again as she whispers, "Not here."

Gailfin has arrived.


Tall and lanky, yet undeniably handsome. This young elf carries himself with an air of daring and invincibility, yet the naivete in his grey eyes betray his true nature. He wears the typical garb of a Galadhrim guard, completed by the grey cowl atop his shoulders and longbow in his hand.

A young, wide-eyed squire clambers into the talan, only slightly out of breath. Once inside, he peers around at all present until his eyes fall at last upon the slumbering Commander. He seems stricken, and not quite sure what to say, but he quickly regains his composure and takes a deep breath. Looking to the rest of the room, he utters a single, "Ahem."

Elrandir turn his gaze to the squire from where he stands, a bit behind the others, and nods as a greeting but he does not say anything. He runs a hand through his hair, then his eyes turn towards the others...

"She need see nothing... not yet," Says Gillhach, voice hushed despite herself, "It's not her time, and now she's lost... you think she has the strength, then?" Whilst with her hand she yet strokes her sister's brow, she looks to the master, gaze intent. "Do you?"

Tuonoorwen squeezes Talia's hand slightly, and her fingers turn pale, "Not alone..."

Gailfin clears his throat and repeats again, "Ahem." Tilting his chin back slightly, he looks impassively between the chatter of the two maidens, "The Protector Haldir has sent -me- to bring him report of the condition of his Commander."

Elrandir raise one eyebrow as he glance at the squire. The he says "squi..." but he pauses to clear his throat, that ends in a cough. "Squire" Elrandir says when he recovers "just look and i guess that you can see the condition of Commander Talia" As he say this his gaze fixes with the squires, not an angry look but somewhat irritaded...

"And you..." Gillhach bespeaks Tuonoorwen, afore she is interrupted, and fails to complete the sentance. Looking to the squire, a frown creasing her brow, she says in a somewhat irate tone, "Haldir sent -you-, eh? Well tell him that my sister sleeps, and does not wake... tell him that." She waves him off with a motion of her hand, looking back to the master, "You... can you show her still?"

Tuonoorwen tries to shake her head, a natural gesture which under the circumstances sends a jolt of pain through her side, and she grimaces, tryng to hold back a moan.

Gailfin sniffs indignantly at Gillhach and turns on his heel back towards the way he came in, muttering to himself, "This is not going to make the Protector happy."
Gailfin has left.

Elrandir follows the squire with his gaze and at the mentioning of the Protector not being happy he sniffs loudly. Well, not that loud but loud enough for everybody to hear it. He shakes his head briefly and looks upon Tuonoorwen and Gillhach to get their attention, then he does a 'salute' and strawls out from the talan...

Tuonoorwen closes her wyes and falls back into slumber.

Dismissing the Bachelor with a nod, and seeing Tuonoorwen beyond conversation once more. Then with a sigh, and a shake of her head, Gillhach pulls her cloak up about her person, looks to the ladder, and makes to leave.