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Healing Talan
This hushed talan is a quiet place of healing for those Galadhrim injured in battle. White robed Quendi, one wearing a bracelet, easily walk about, tending to visitors, offering refreshments, and various other small jobs. Meanwhile patients lie on comfortable, sparkling pads, gazing out at a sweeping view of the wood. Sunlight streams though the leaves of the mellyrn, casting dancing shadows on the wooden floor. The air has a fresh, clean feeling. You feel better just resting here for a moment.
Book of Finrim
Book of Herbs

Eledhel watches the Commander in silence a few moments. "Do you know what they're doing? Giving her any herbs or any such thing?"

Charmat arrives as a quiet shadowy creature, lurking deep within the darkness that lingers about the perimeter. She says nothing, but rather listens to the conversation and the breatihng of the sleeping Commander.

Gailfin shrugs, "I have not seen them treat her since I have been her." He sighs with exasperation, "But I don't know...why don't you ask one?"

Tuonoorwen lies on the cot next to Talia, half-awake. Small moan escapes her lips as she opens her eyes.

As Tuonoorwen opens her eyes, Charmat comes alive, slipping silently from the shadows to make her way over. Dropping gently to a knee, she whispers, "Mellon, ... "

Talia lies, still asleep, ever unchanging in expression or posture.

Tuonoorwen struggles to lift her head, and her lips move, but no sound is head, not even a whisper.

Eledhel looks a moment to the Squire, "Because I don't want to bother them from their duties." is his answer, oh so simple. At the sound of a moan, the Bachelor's gaze flits over toward Tuonoorwen, and he frowns a little bit, turning to face the Master.

You paged Charmat with 'We had it pulled already, could not hold up the TP any longer. It was in the right side.'.

Gailfin stands suddenly from his spot and peers at the other maiden, his breath caught in his throat as he waits. After a moment he whispers, "Maybe she needs something to drink."

Charmat scans what is visible of the Master, her fingers remaining curled at the edge of the bed. To a healer standing off to the side, she calls, "Has anyone taken care of her yet?" The small maiden replies, "Yes, Herbmaster, she has been tended to." Charmat nods and turns back to regard the maiden before her. Lifting her hands, she places them delicately on the bandaged area that she can now see, her fingers dabbling gently against the wound, examining the damage beneath the bandages.

Tuonoorwen abandons her effort to raise, and lies motionless as Charmat's fingers run over her side. As she relaxes and her breath becomes quieter, she can manage the words, "She should not be here..."

Charmat allows her gaze to flick absently toward Talia, knowing that is the "she" that Tuo is remarking about, but the maiden wrongly brushes the words away and hushes the Master. "Quiet now, you must heal. There will be time for explanations later." The longer her fingers remain there, the more they become vivid; a light, white in color, begins to grow about her fingers, highlighting them until those present might see nothing else but.

Gailfin looks from Tuonoorwen and Charmat, then to Talia and back. His stance shifts constantly, uncomfortable in the heavy silence of the healing talan.

Eledhel remains silent as Tuonoorwen speaks, but at Charmat's words, he murmurs, "Herbmaster... might it not be best if we try to find out if she knows what is wrong with the Commander?"

Tuonoorwen does not heed the advice of the Healer, and, as a reflection of the struggle of wills, Charmat's light flickers around the wounded elf, struggling and unable to envelop her, "She is afraid ... will run ... "

Gailfin looks at Tuonoorwen skeptically before taking his seat again. He mumbles under his breath to no one in particular, "But she is asleep...how can she run..."

Eledhel extends a hand toward the Squire, raising one finger, in a motion of silence. Still, he listens attentively to the Master, should she continue.

Charmat no longer listens to those within the room, her mind focused on the event of healing. In frustration, she comes back, exhasperated. "Tuonoorwen," she says in a stern tone, "Stop fighting so I can help you, then you can help her by telling us what in the blazes of Mordor you are talking about." She closes in and focuses, trying once again.

Tuonoorwen finally gives up, if not because she agrees than for the lack of strength.

The light envelopes Tunoorwen, spreading from Charmat's fingers like a wildfire in a hot August day.

Gailfin slumps down in his chair, watching, or trying to hide, it's hard to tell.

Tuonoorwen's body is now completely hidden from view, but perhaps it was premature to suggest that she gave up her struggle to speak: the radiance about her suddenly distorts, and a darker shadow outlines what condenses into a brighter figure.

Eledhel simply stands there, folding his hands neatly behind his back, utterly silent. The interest, however, is obvious in his facial expressions... a look of awe.

Charmat remains oblivious, or so it might seem, her eyes closed tight. If one were to pay close attention though, they'd see her begin to shiver, her body starting to vibrate from the shared presence.

Gailfin reaches a hand up to pull his cowl over his head and over his eyes so that from his slouched posture, his expression is hidden. He clasps his hands tightly in his lap.

The figure in light gains substance, and another one steps out of the halo to stand next to her. The first one of a tall warrior in glowing armor, elfstones shining brightly on her brow. The second one, slender and fragile, in a flowing robe of greens and flowers. They join hands, and both float through the light, as if about to break free of it and step out, into the world.

Eledhel, blinking slowly, simply watches, and nothing more.

Charmat remains as solid as a statue, her eyes held firmly tightly. The shaking has settled, and she merely stays quiet on her knees, her hands wrapped about the wound.

Gailfin recoils from the apparitions, hiding in the folds of his cloak. His head turns to watch the Commander for a moment.

Just as the two creations of light seem to become being of flesh, the light swirls around them and, filling with red, swipes the cloaked figure away. Wainly she tries to grasp the other one, and, with her arms still stretched toward the warrior, she disappears in the light. The remaining one, despite her appearance of might and great power, looks lost. She stumbles blindly for a few steps, before darkess swallows her, and again there is only the even light of Charmat's healing.

Tuonoorwen breathes evenly, color slowly returning to her face. As the visions fade, you realise that you have heard her voice, now also fading away. Wordless and quiet melody did it bring, the Elven song which has the power to bring its visions to life.

Charmat shivers to the core of her being and lets go, lifting her hands away as her eyes open to peer at the maiden before her. "Tuonoorwen," she prods.

Talia stirs once in her sleep. Her hand clutches once as if trying to hold on to something and an eyelid flutters, but never opens. Then, as quickly as it happened, she is perfectly calm again.

Eledhel blinks several times, looking between the two figures in the cots, though he remains silent. Not a word, not a sound, comes from the Bachelor... he simply watches, and nothing more.

Tuonoorwen opens her eyes and looks at Charmat, tries to look her into the eyes.

Charmat allows her gaze to be diverted, feeling the pull of Tuonoorwen's eyes on her. "Yes... " is all she mutters as she falls into a faint trance.

Tuonoorwen struggles to keep her eyes locked with Charmat's, and her face distorts in a silent plea.

Gailfin at last leans forward in his seat, looking between all three of the elves before him. He barely dares to breath as he waits for someone to say somehting.

Charmat blinks, but seems to be peering into a void, her mind drifting as she looks intently into the eyes of Tuonoorwen.

Tuonoorwen is unable to hold her stare for much longer, and her eyes close. She looks peaceful now, the color have returned to her face, and all about her is the feeling that she just laid down for a moment, perhaps to meditate.

Charmat breaks her gaze and turns to peer at Talia, her lips pursed thoughtfully. Finally she pushes herself to a stand and nods toward Gailfin, "Help me? We need to carry Talia."

Gailfin stands up so quickly that his chair nearly falls over, "Where are we going to carry her to?"

"The Sacred Grove," Charmat murmurs, moving to Talia's side, her gaze upon the elf sternly thoughtful.

Gailfin follows Charmat, but takes a place on the opposite side of Talia. He does not question the orders of the Herbmaster, but only watches on with subdued curiousity.

Charmat gestures for Gailfin to lift the Commander, "Easy now... I'm not sure how she would be effected by outside stimulation."

Gailfin bends over and easy scoops the Commander into his arms, though from behind his cowl it is apparent that he is blushing fiercely. Cradling the golden-haired warrior carefully he mumbles shyly, "Lead on..."

Charmat's pale lips twitch with the faintest hint of a smile at the appearance of the blush. "This way..." she murmurs, and heads toward the door with nary a glance toward Tuonoorwen.

Tuonoorwen does not move, but a slight smile comes on her face.

Gailfin quietly steps down the stairs to the south.
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Charmat quietly steps down the stairs to the south.
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