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Sacred Grove
You stand now at the bottom of a low hill. Standing atop the hill are two magnificent trees, both resembling the mellyrn all around you, but each distinctly different. The first is completely silver in color, glowing bark and leaves both. Its twin, likewise, is entirely a golden color, including its shimmering bark. In the light of the sun, this golden tree reflects the light in such a way as to illuminate the entire grove with its golden light.
The air here is more tranquil than you have ever felt elsewhere. As you enter the grove, it becomes impossible to harbor even the slightest feelings of anger, violence, or hatred as the peace here overwhelms your senses. In your relaxed state, you see a bracelet resting below one of the tapestries here

Galadriel steps quietly in to the grove, her presence so in tune to the earth that she seemingly floats upon it's surface. The Lady takes in her surroundings in a quick glance and focuses her attention and steps on Tuonoorwen.

Tuonoorwen sits under a tall tree, in a silent and deep meditation. Upon a closer look you might notice that it does not appear that she has taken this position with care or planning. Her body is just thrown against the tree, with her forehead pressed into the bark. She looks overtaken by a desperation rather than peace.

Terridan stirs in his sleap and suddenly wakes up, still a bit dazed from his dreams.
Terridan has arrived.

Terridan sits near Talia, his eyes closed, and he seems completely unaware of his surroundings. After a moment though, his eyes open slowly, and he looks down to Talia, sighing heavily.

Galadriel reaches the recling Tuonoorwen in quick strides but doesn't immediately interrupt the other's meditation. A quick glance and nod toward Terridan appraises him she knows he's there, but her attention returns immediately to the prone form before her. Galadriel bows her head for a moment then focuses on Tuonoorwen once more and she reaches out a hand placing it gently on the maids shoulder.

Terridan looks back over towards Galadriel, then inclines his head slowly, "My lady..." he stands up, then walks towards her slowly.

A shudder comes over Tuonoorwen's body, and she opens her eyes. Slowly, she raises from the grass and stands, leaning on the tree, holding her right arm stiffly at her side. She does not bother to straighten her dress, perhaps does not even notice the leaves and grass stuck in the fabric. The Iwonwen looks up at Galadriel, momentarily, then lowers her eyes. "Lady...", her voice caries just a touch louder than a whisper.

Sorrow fills Galadriel's face and she gathers the Ivonwen closely to her in a tight embrace carefully avoiding the injured arm. "Peace upon you now, Tuonoorwen. Do not fret any longer," she says with soothing words. She releases the maid keeping on hand on her healthy shoulder however, "Can you tell me about it?"

Tuonoorwen lowers her head in a shallow nod, "Yes, yes, my lady..." She bites her lower lip, gathering her thoughts. For a while she says nothing. Then, with sudden resolve she pushes herself away from the tree and stands straight, "The pride was mine, Lady. The presumption was mine. I have endeavored to take Talia into the light before she was ready."

Terridan looks over to Tuonoorwen slowly, then raises an eyebrow slightly, "Your words are ill placed, mellon..." he walks over to the pair, "Even if you did try to take Talia too far... the reason for her condition right now is not your fault, but that," he gestures to the arrow wound, "Guilt and self-doubt will not help my cousin now."

The already heightened atmosphere of the grove takes on an eerie atmosphere as Galadriel's focus on the injured healer begins to emanate from her into the surroundings. She waits patiently for Tuonooorwen to gather strength to continue the tale.

If Tuonoorwen even did notice Terridan's words, she shows no sign of it as her attention is focused on Galadriel, "I wanted her to see, to meet herself..." Her words start ti rush each other, like waters of a quick rapid, "to be one with her fea. I thought I was helping her to hear the song. But the darkness separated us, and robbed her of my guidance, before her eyes were open. Blind she is now, in the world of our dreams, and alone even among many."

A soft sigh escapes Galadriels lips, but her face shows no recrimination. "Your intentions were honourable, mellon. Do not waste time on thoughts of guilt. We must endeavor to help Talia now to find her way." She glances toward Terridan now seeking his support in that special way elves have of sharing energies for a single purpose.

Terridan looks over towards Galadriel slowly, then closes his eyes for a moment, sending any energy he can spare to aid the Lady in her task, "Galadriel speaks true... for we cannot leave Talia where she is... there must be a way to find her..."

Tuonoorwen slowly waves her left hand around, "There is a way. I have chosen this place of all for this is where the dreams and the day merge, for the echoes of the light of the trees can still be percieved in these shadows." She closes her eyes, and draws in a deep breath. More than the air, she takes in the energy of her people, shares their power. "Find her we will. But she must want to return, and be ready for it. I fear she is not. By my folly, or the greater destiny, the quest is before her, and when she finds her own light will she return."

Terridan nods his head slowly, then looks back towards Talia, "Then find her we will... and we shall help her where we can... but it is not for her that I am concerned for now... it is her husband..."

Galadriel nods, looking fondly at the two near her. "It fear you are right, Tuonoorwen. We must try to transmit to her the way back. This will help both of them in the long run." She turns toward Terridan, "Where is Kathalis now?"

Tuonoorwen frowns slightly at the mentioning of that name, but says nothing.

Terridan looks over to Talia, then her husband next to her, "He does not leave her side, and sorrow consumes him. He says this is the same thing that happened to Silrosse, who passed into the west. I fear he will sacrifice himself to try to pull Talia from her state."

Galadriel shakes her head, "I do not think any sacrifices of that magnitude will be necessary. Talia is very strong and is not ready to leave us yet...she will find her way." She looks around the grove, "Especially with all this support."

Terridan nods slowly, "I realize this, my Lady... but I do not think that Kathalis does... he has done nothing to restore his own energy."

Galadriel looks sharply at Terridan then, "Has no one seen to him then?" she demands bringing herself to full height. "The poor soul needs almost as much attention as Talia right now."

Terridan sighs, then lowers his head, "He refuses anyone to see him... rather he states that anyone who tries go to Talia."

Tuonoorwen remarks quietly, but with an audible disaproval in her voice, bordering on disdain, "That sacrifice would be in wane. His own power will be lost among the visons Talia must face, and not even I alone can bring her back now, were I fully recovered. She would probably think of me, or him, as yet anotehr appartition to pursue her among the dreams."

Terridan looks over towards Tuonoorwen slowly, "Mellon... what if Talia were to face a nightmare?"

Tuonoorwen grins, bitterly, "She would fight it".

Galadriel listens to their words with a calm, masklike expression. "When he's alert I will speak to him. I think perhaps I can persuade him to take sustenance at least." Her words drift off as she focuses on Talia across the way. "I can not see a clear path yet to guide her...Perhaps if I sit nearby for a while, a plan will emerge," she adds hopefully, looking at the others.

Terridan looks over to Galadriel, a smile crossing his face, "Would you, my Lady? If anyone can help her in this... certainly it is you."

Tuonoorwen nods, slightly, "She may not respond to you, probably will not, but she is not at fault, she does not have the sight in the other world. But perhaps you could clear the path for her"

Galadriel nods, her expression still unreadable. "Please excuse me for now. Ask the others to leave us alone too, if you will." The Lady then walks over to the prone figure of Talia and seats herself close by taking the guards near hand in both hers.

Terridan nods her head slowly, "I will make sure that you are left in peace my lady..."

Tuonoorwen also sits down, at a respectable distance, and closes her eyes.