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Elven Dreams

This is the world of Elven Dreams. Other Elves appear to you here as their true selves, if you have the wisdom and heart to see in this place. Dreams and thoughts, yours and theirs, come to life here.


Esfaloth appears among the dreams, condensing from a barely perceptible presence into his real self.
Esfaloth has arrived.

Kathalis sits silently seraching threw the dreamscape, clad currently only in what appears to be a healers robe..

[Tuonoorwen] At a distance, if there is such thing in this dream world, the swirling gray mist which fills the space parts, and the opening is filled with flowers of all kinds and colors. They reach to the waist of a tall figure in green cloak with hood drawn over her head. She appears as a silouette framed by silvery radiance.

There is an elf maiden here, but not one that seems to have been born of flesh and blood; rather her form seems one of shadow and haze, constantly wavering before your eyes. From beneath a shining helm, flows long hair of dim silver, but her face is that of the Knight-Commander Talia Aglarwain, only very much different. Her eyes are dull and her entire countenance is fearful and timid. Though at times its weight seems almost too much for her to bear, her body is covered in the mighty armor of war and a greatsword hangs at her side. As she moves, she costantly reaches out a hand to steady herself and you realize by the painful glaze of her eyes, that she is blind.

Kathalis ignores all but his search not even noticing the tall figure in green in the distance, the area about his slightly turbulant..

Tathar appears among the dreams, condensing from a barely perceptible presence into his real self.
Tathar has arrived.

Kathalis sits silently seraching threw the dreamscape, clad currently only in what appears to be a healers robe the area surounding him slightly trublent...

Esfaloth feels happy as his troubles leave him and he enters the dream world, he not being able to see clearly becomes frightened and calls out at the many passing shapes and sounds"SOmeone anyone please help me"he voice quivers,

Tuonoorwen stretches her hand forward, and the flowers before her spread ahead like a rolling carpet. Behind her, the vision gradually fades back into the mist. The bright path takes her closer and closer to Kathalis.

Tathar feeling relaxed a restful because he is going asleep. He starts mumbling something or other before he goes off to sleep. When he goes into his dream state he appears discomforited and he screams "No,You can't do that, you CAN'T DO THAT TO MEE,AHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

[Tuonoorwen] A dark ghostly figure, robed in black, raises from the mist near Esfaloth. It is black against the darkness, and the eye glides off of it without being able to latch onto a single detail. A hoarse gutteral voice screeches in the silence, "Help you, little one?"

Esfaloth looks upon the dark figure and yells "Please leave me alone,stop dont touch them what did they do"he clearly is shaken up and falls to his knees crying

The white robed figure of Kathalis stands slowly begining to move further into the dream scape ignoring all around him as he calls out into the grey mist for talia....

Arhuine appears among the dreams, condensing from a barely perceptible presence into her real self.
Arhuine has arrived.

The flowers around Tuonoorwen bend and tremble, ruffled by a sudden gust of warm breeze. The wind carries her voice through the mist and across the emptyness, "There is nothing to fear here, Tathar, only what you bring with you".

Tathar responds to the speech and says "I must brought my fears and insecurities with me."

Dimly seen in the mists Arhuine takes a few steps forwards, her boots ringing upon stone. Behind her a dark rock escarpment may be dimly seem.

[Tuonoorwen] The black appartition hovers before Esfaloth. It raises from the darkness, and vague and unsettling aura of menace surrounds it. No mouth is seen on the dark face, but a voice it has nonetheless, "It was you who came here".

In the distance, if there is distance here, there comes a figure. A maid warrior tired and bent beneath her armor, sword heavy in her hand. The landscape around her seems to be that of the plains, but the grass is bent and trampled, stained with the blood of battle. As she draws closer, at an achingly slow pace as each step is measured carefully, it can be seen that the warrior's armor is smeared in blood as well.

Esfaloth scrambles back away from the figure yelling"Why did you do that why did you hurt them,why!?"he weeps bitterly on what seems like cold black marble

The figure in white move quickly as he spote the maid warrior calling out to her..."Talia!!!!!"

Tathar after what he just went throguh, he breaks out in a cold sweat and starts shivering.

Tuonoorwen stands in the middle of her flowery dream, uncertain for a while as she considers the plight of Esfaloth and Tathar. The flowers around her fade and appear again, changing colors, reflecting her indecision. This all changes as she notices the warrior, and a whirl of wind carries her away. The flowers out of the swirling light all around her and slowly fade into the mist. As she approaches Talia, fast, her radiance gaines in brighness.

Talia halts in her march as she senses the approach of someone or someones. The plains around her blink out and she is left in grey space, neither emitting nor reflecting any light. She takes half a step back and brings her sword up defensively, staring intently into the void of her subconscious. With the back of her free hand, she wipes a smear of blood off her cheek.

Tathar suddenly vanishes as he wakes up and returns to the world of Lorien.
Tathar has left.

Kathalis continues towards Talia heedless of her defencive posture her moves towards her at a frantic pace calling out to her, "Talia....."

Esfaloth wimpers but something happensand he stands up tall and proud, he turns to the figure saying"I'am Esfaloth of lorien, now begone and leave me in peace for you shall trouble me no longer", his voice is commanding and startles himself he is now clothed in bright light.

[Tuonoorwen] The black visage fades into the darkness, and, just when the eye can no longer see its robes from the black emptiness around it, a disembodied chilling laughter comes from the vastness of space, "For now...".

Arhuine moves forward again, the cold stone echoing hollowly beneath her tread. The wall behind her becomes more visible, the stone below spreading out in all directions. A damp chill breeze arises, whispering in a leafless stunted tree dimly seen to her right. The rocky ground continues to spread and other similar trees become visible. The landscape forming slowly into a bleak and forbidding plateau.

The swirling winds which carry Tuonoorwen in a misty cloud suddenly leave her, and she is now standing on the bloody trampled grass. Around her, the dreamscape waves, and flowers spring to life again, but unsurely and less vividly as before, as she struggles againt the nigtmare.

From afar the howl of what might be a wolf is heard yet as the wail fades the timbre changes into low sordid mockery.

Talia's tall form quivers once and from her countenance, it seems she fights now only to keep her sword poised. Her lips are cracked and dry, but slowly they begin to form words. "Who's there?" Her voice comes hoarse and her words halting. Absently the fingers of her free hand rub together, feeling the blood between them and with that simple motion, figures begin to form and disappear. They are the shapes of elf soldiers, and though faceless, they all have visible fatal wounnds. They linger around Talia, hissing and sighing, and her form quakes again. "Who's there," she insists.

Esfaloth shivers at the wolf's howl but says"Ah Im waiting whenever you want"he seems to be able to see a bit clearer but not much

Kathalis moves as quickly as he can to attemping to bring himself up along side talia, his voice frantic, as he attmepts to reach out for her,,, "TALIA!!!!!"

Tuonoorwen glances briefly over her shoulder, as yet another dream is brought into this realm of Elven visions. She does notice Arhuine, that much is clear since her eyes pause on the other Elf for a moment, but her attention returns to Talia just as fast.

Arhuine ceases her movement, scowling. Her lip wrinkles in almost a snarl then with effort she calms. Her eyes close and her head droops. Some moments pass before she looks upon again and begins to intone a littany. A slow soft almost dirgelike murmur in the high elven tongue as she endeavors to call upon the powers to cleanse the place.

"Careful, Kathalis", cautions Tuonoorwen, and takes a step closer. "Talia, calm your mind. We are light, we come from light. They are gray, they call from the years past," she waves her hand over the army of fallen warriors.

Kathalis does not heed tuonoorwen moving quickly over to talia, "Talia....Please........."

The sound of Kathalis' call echoes off the walls of Talia's scape and briefly all the ghosts of battle lost disappear. Her head moves slowly, looking from side to the other as she tries to discern its source before she feels Kathalis' nearness and turns towards him. Her blind gaze rests on where she percieves him to be and with the combined effect of Tuonoorwen's voice, familiar in this world, the elleth slowly lowers her greatsword. Her form still quivers however, cold or frightened.

Kathalis moves quickly towards talia, reaching out trying to grasp her.....to pull her to him..."Talia..." he almost cries, "Come back to me....."

Esfaloth wanders amilessly among the plane hearing distant calls of those he knows and loves

Tuonoorwen tilts her head and leans forward slightly, trying to look in Talia's face. Then she pulls back, and quietly calls to Kathalis, "She will not come with you now, mellon. She is not ready." She wipes few glittering rain drops from her forehead, and again glances over her shoulder.

Far across a bleak desolate plain more lighting forks through the air and distant crashes of thunder follow. As the wind increases to a muffled roar the mists are torn aside. A great black wall of rain is revealed from the many fingered lightning flashes. It pondorously moves across the plain towards the small group. Heavy fat raindrops fall thicker, splashing upon rock and soaking into the parched soil.

There seems to be no grip for Kathalis to find on Talia's armor and she slips backward at the attempt. Her lips move again and she whispers Kathalis' name, though as she brings her a hand up to reach out to him, the lightning in the sky rips into Talia's sky and a rift opens in the ground between them. Talia gasps and falls to one knee as she is knocked off balance. As suddenly as it happened, however, the earth is still again and Talia cautiously feels before her where the ground is not. Her visage is frightened, but not surprised and she raises her head to look at the faces she cannot see.

At missing the grasp kathalis falls to his knees, his face a mask of pain and fear, though not physcial pain he looks up to talia longingly....

The spoken littany alters, the words come harher and louder. At no great distance the storm parts as if to walk to either side of the assembled group. The rain falls steadily now but the winds lessen. Lightning flashes sporadically reveal a wall of impenetrable gloom accompanied by the crashes of the thunder.

Tuonoorwen stands at the edge of the abyss, with Talia on the other side. She does not make any visible efforts to cross, or be carried on the other side. Rather, she looks away, at the approaching thunderstorm. Her voice rings raises against the wail of the wind, "She cannot be taken yet!"

Looks up as his fears begin to get the better of him, the area around him darking as he nightmares begin to seep in....his loosing sight on the true talia as another verision of her appears in the distance begin struck down......he screams....and....

Kathalis suddenly vanishes as he wakes up and returns to the world of Lorien.
Kathalis has left.

Talia continues to kneel where she is for the moment. The rain runs off her helm and her cuirass, raising a hazy dim cloud around her form, though it does not wash the blood off her armor or her face. She watches blankly the place where Kathalis had been. At last, she finds her voice again, "Is there anyone there?" though from her tone, it seems she is afraid of an answer.

The grassy plains distort and glimmer around Tuonoorwen, and unfold again, taking the painstakingly familliar and realistic shapes... the Naith of Lorien. Across the tall grass a bead of tracks stretches from one side to the other, slight imprints in the grass left by quick elven feet. The grass has not yet settled around them, and it appears that someone has just ran across before vanishing in the wood, "I have seen her path, Istiara. She will be back". Tuonoorwen's voice is calm and even, and carries acros the chasm to the other side.

Arhuine raises her eyes. A questioning look within them. "Is this wishful thinking or foresight? Yet I feel you are right. There are songs yet to be sung of which I hear dim echos."

Apparently content with that answer, Tuonoorwen turns to face the chasm, and raises her hand forward, "Come to the light, Talia."

The rain falls steadily, the boom of the thunder growing distant. The low mournful sound of the wind gives a desolate feeling about.

Talia's rift does not disappear even with the words of Tuonoorwen, but as the rain passes, it leaves in its wake the sticky haze like that left behind after a summer storm. It shimmers and coalesces near Talia until a gentle breeze blows enough of it away to reveal the bowel of a great mallorn, the top still covered in the mists. Talia finds its bark with her hands and slumps down next to it, shaking her head. It is uncertain whether or not she heard the Ivonwen, but she says simply, "There is no path."

Tuonoorwen leans forward, almost like pressing with her hand against the grey mist raising from the abyss. The emptyness resists her push, and the light she sends forward scatters before reaching the other side. At last, she steps back, now surrounded by mist herself, with only her radiant halo framing her against the shapeless background.

Arhuine suddenly vanishes as she wakes up and returns to the world of Lorien.
Arhuine has left.

The pull of the dream is strong, but, with some effort, you wake up to find yourself under the tall trees of the Sacred Grove.

Sacred Grove

You stand now at the bottom of a low hill. Standing atop the hill are two magnificent trees, both resembling the mellyrn all around you, but each distinctly different. The first is completely silver in color, glowing bark and leaves both. Its twin, likewise, is entirely a golden color, including its shimmering bark. In the light of the sun, this golden tree reflects the light in such a way as to illuminate the entire grove with its golden light.
The air here is more tranquil than you have ever felt elsewhere. As you enter the grove, it becomes impossible to harbor even the slightest feelings of anger, violence, or hatred as the peace here overwhelms your senses. In your relaxed state, you see a bracelet resting below one of the tapestries here.

Obvious exits:
South leads to Courtyard.
You feel a presence hear, the shadows of the world of Elven Dreams are almost tangible around you. Perhaps, if you were to `dream' yourself, you could join them?