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Elven Dreams
This could easily be the most desolate place you have ever seen. Broken rocks, of various size, some with sharp jagged edges, some appear already weathered by time, are scattered around. Under your feet the dirt, which have not seen a tricle of water or a drop of rain for ages, is itself as hard as a rock, and a web of deep cracks cut through it. It appears to be a bottom of a canyon: two walls raise almost vertically as far as your eye can follow them and beyond, lost in the dusk. Nothing grows here, nothing moves, not even a touch of wind disturbs the perfect silence.

The canyon floor is still beneath the weight of the silence, the air almost choking for lack of a breeze. Across the rocky terrain, there is no movement and the only break in the monotony of the landscape,the rocks - save perhaps...The hazy light that just barely filters down from above makes apparent one splash of color, or perhaps it is a trick of tired eyes: A dim-haired maiden in a blue gown, her bare feet cut and dusty from the harsh ground. She sits alone, hugging her knees to her chest, her eyes closed.

Terridan moves through the mists quickly, gazing about the canyon with a peircing gaze. As his eyes fall onto the maiden, he slows his gait, and moves forward towards her slowly, "Talia?" he speaks the question softly, as if daring to hope.

Silently a white clade figure makes his ways threw the desolet land scape searhing sporring the maiden, he moves quickly towards her, "TALIA!!" he calls out."

Far beyond the canyon, a soft shimmering glow of silver flickers barely amongst the tall boulders. For a brief moment, the sky parts to allow a tall blazing column of light to reach the darkened heavens, but then it closes again and the silvery flames are just as far away.

Esfaloth walks alone through this place. Slowly his gaze turns towards the canyon he sees what seems to be a figure he mutters"Talia?"

A slight sound breaks the silence: few rocks tumble and fall at a distance, pebbles roll, sand squeaks under someone's wary step. From behind a turn strides out a tall shining figure. Ignoring the few which have managed to find the maiden in this vast and barren world, she walks straight to her. "Talia... I did not expect to find you here! What are you waiting for?" The voice is that of Tuonoorwen.

The cries and whispers of the gathered few bounce off the canyon walls, and echo for some time, become harsh and mocking. The elleth raises her head quickly, fearful, and covers her ears with her hands until the sounds are gone. She looks at each elf in turn, impassively, until at last her eyes come to rest upon Tuonoorwen. "Waiting? For judgement I suppose. It was not my own doing that brought me here." Her voice is resigned and her visage one of surrender. "Were I awake, I would've claimed I could make the jump in my sleep," she jests with bitter sarcasm.

Charmat appears among the dreams, condensing from a barely perceptible presence into her real self.
Charmat has arrived.

Terridan blinks once, his eyes glistening as he hears Talia speak. Shaking his head once, he then looks over towards Talia, "Why do you wait for judgement, cousin?"

Charmat steps timidly, her eyes wandering the baren landscape of the dream.

Esfaloth nods to Terridan's voice, his own echoing"Why.".

Kathalis moves towards Talia as fast as he legs can carry him towards, "Why my love, what must you be judged for..."

Tuonoorwen slowly sits down on the rock next to Talia, and a circle of light forms around the two, in stark contrast with the dusk which blankets the canyon, "You journey here is complete. The new one begins. You have the destiny."

On in the distance, the brief flickering fire approaches closer at a rapid pace... as if a forest-fire burning through dry brush or peat. As it grows closer,it is easy to notice where there would be sound, there isn't... and what would be scorched is whole and unmarked.

Talia jumps away from Tuonoorwen, though she seems to take some of the light with her, for she is haloed in a dimly burning blue fire. "How dare you speak to me in your riddles." The elleth's eyes are cold and accusing, "Twas you who lead me here and left me abandoned. Twas you who made things worse and caused me to fall to my death in this colorless land." She pauses in her fury and her voice becomes dangerously silent, "Nay, Ivonwen, no more will I listen to your calculated and twisted words. I have no more journey." The would be Commander breathes heavily now with rage, her gaze fixed on the other maiden.

Kathalis moves quickly to talias side shooting almost a hatefully look toward tounoorwen.

Talia seems oblivious to everything as she watches Tuonoorwen, wary.

Esfaloth moves closer oalso watching with a quizzical eye.

Terridan sighs heavily, then walks forward towards Talia slowly, "Cousin... Cousin," he tries his best to gain her attention, "if you will not listen to Tuonoorwen, then listen to me. Terridan, whome you have known since I was a babe. You must go on... or you will be forever trapped here. Were I able to take your place here, to let you leave... then I would, without hesitation," he sighs heavily, his shoulders slumping, "But... I cannot... you must do this."

Kathalis places a hand on talia's shoulder lighlty "Talia Please for me, do what must be done..."

Quickly, the firey torrent sped down upon the group of elves, no sound and no roar. Quietly, as well, it smoldered about half a head taller than the rest behind the elves -- watching the proceedings, if silver fire can watch, and listening to the words conveyed.

Tuonoorwen remains seated on the rock, but her voice is louder, and her light brighter, "No, not me. A doom is laid upon you, and I has merely opened a door for you. You have the power, the power which made the Enemy fear. That is why you were assaulted before your strength waxed, and had to come here. But now the wait is over. Return to Lorien, and stand forth for your kin!"

Tuonoorwen appears to ignore everyone else around her, even the imposing fiery torrent.

Talia trembles with anger and fear, "I have always stood forth for my kin, beneath the weight of the Doom that I know is coming." The maid's posture straightens and she motions to the flaming elfstones on her brow. "It is all I have lived these uncounted centuries for. Is this my prize? Is this what I have earned?" She waves at the yellowed landscape and snarls, "To wallow here until the end of the world, while my body weakens on the forest floor?" She waves her hand again and this time produces a flaming sword,"At the hands of the Enemy, I would have gladly perished, but at the hand of my own brethren...." She steps back then, glancing at the rest of the gathered...and shrinking from the fire.

From behind the small group, the torrent watches. And then, a deep booming voice thunders out from its innards, like magma from a volcano. "Talia... remember, that these are YOUR dreams! Not a creation of another, not a will imposed upon you. Remember your DOOM, forseen by the Valar... not by your own fears. Remember..." The voice fades and watches.

Terridan steps forward once more, yet it is like a great weight is on his shoulders, and his own light dims slowly, "Talia... please, listen to me... I've little strength left to remain here..." he gazes deeply into her eyes, and a pleading light shines in them, "For yourself, you must do this, not for anyone else... but we need you back..." he takes in a deep breath, as if his own runs short on him, and perspiration crosses his brow, "I will not let anything harm you... your brethern will not raise a hand against you... listen... please..." with that, Terridan's form shimmers once, then fades away, going back to the waking world as his reserves of energy run dry.

Kathalis says softly, "Talia, here there words please." taking another step towards his beloved...

Esfaloth just stands there watching not doing anything.

Tuonoorwen shakes her head, "You still refuse to believe in yourself. You do not have to stay here, and you do not need me to return. Look!", she gestures along the canyon, where, at a distance and throuh the mist begin to stand out pale silouettes of tall trees. "Your anger already made you stronger. Step back into your world. Your might as a warrior will multiply manyfold, and fear will be your enemies, not yours!"

Carefully, if it can be called that, the flaming tower turns its attention towards the speaking Tuonoorwen. For a brief moment, the silvery fire flashes red, but it does not reprimand nor commend. It reserves any words it has for the one that still dreams.

Arhuine appears among the dreams, condensing from a barely perceptible presence into her real self.
Arhuine has arrived.

Talia's enlivened eyes travel slowly around the small semicircle of elves that has surrounded her and if it is possible, stands a bit taller, defiant and audacious.However, when she speaks again her voice is quiet, resigned, "Do you think that I do not want to return to my home, to feel the touch of each of you again truly?" she looks between Terridan and Kathalis. "I would that I could return this very moment, if only to be buried there, beneath my own trees." She looks to the Ivonwen, "But I know that you are wrong, lady, for it is not my lack of self-confidence that has trapped me here, but an over abudance of it. I lay myself now at the feet of Humility now, for it is only your own faith now that keeps me from fading completely." She looks to, or into, the torrent of flame and murmurs, "I have always been a humble servant, but I have never truly known the meaning."

The powerful words drown out all other sound in the canyon, including that of light footsteps. A maiden on a plain cloak walks into sight, from the direction opposite to where the trees begin to form. Quietly, she sits on a another rock, to be on the opposite side from Tuonoorwen, and carefully avoiding her light. "Enticing words, but wrong song", quietly notes she, and her voice sound just like Tuonoorwen's, only softer. Her hood slips back, and indeed, it is Tuonoorwen, as she could be seen around Lorien, in her plain green dress and flowers woven into her hair. Compared to her mighty counterpart, she seems week and unremarkable.

Elven Dreams
This could easily be the most desolate place you have ever seen. Broken rocks, of various size, some with sharp jagged edges, some appear already weathered by time, are scattered around. Under your feet the dirt, which have not seen a tricle of water or a drop of rain for ages, is itself as hard as a rock, and a web of deep cracks cut through it. It appears to be a bottom of a canyon: two walls raise almost vertically as far as your eye can follow them and beyond, lost in the dusk. Nothing grows here, nothing moves, not even a touch of wind disturbs the perfect silence.

The shining figure scoffs at her plain double, but when she speaks to Talia her voice is soft and friendly, "And what better way would it be to serve than to stretch forth your might against those who threaten your realm?" She stands up and takes a step closer, "Now, give me your hand, and let us return together, to service and glory."

Carefully, the firey silver glowered towards the second form of Tuonoorwen. "You speak so strongly, Tuonoorwen, for one who had the lack of wisdom to draw the Commander in like this firstly. I will not challenge this at this time, but be warned... so far, you have done very little to prove your wisdom to any of us."

Esfaloth nods to the silver thingy.

Kathalis says softly, "Talia I know you have to power and strengh to get threw this to return the the waking relm...

Talia backpeddles a step as another Tuonoorwen appears and looks with ill-hidden confusion between the two. Upon considering the outstretched hand, she meets the eyes of the brilliant Ivonwen. With the silence of her thoughts, the flaming sword in her hands disappears and at last she replies quietly, "My might is naught without that of my kin and those who stand beside me in battle. Never would I have lived this long if my service was in solitude." She glance around again, unable to mask her uncertainty. "I am aonly the Knight-Commander, not the Army."

Tuonoorwen, the one in green dress, also stands up, "Many truth she spoke, your fear is still strong. Before you it stands in the shape of might and glory. Only fool knows not the fear, but gather the courage to reject it, and remain Talia." Having said that, she steps back into she shadows, "I have guided you on this journey, even if it started not the way I would have fancied. I have been with you in the gloom, and darkness, and battle. But now I cannot help you. This choice you will make alone." The shadows obscure her form as she speaks, until only a hint of her presence remains.

Talia's eyes follow the retreat of the second figure and she stands quietly, her head bowed, considering the figure's words.

Smoke pours from Mt. Doom as the Dark One's evil sorcery lags the game.

The smoke clears as good triumphs and the database saves.

Tuonoorwen, the one which remains, lifts her head and her posture and expression suggest that she's about to say something haughty or prideful, but instead, she remains silent, watching Talia from a distance of a few steps.

Kathalis stands silently focusing on talia, remaining silently for a long time his expression hidden by his hood..

Talia lowers herself silenty to sit again upon a rock and looks slowly around at those still surrounding her. "Fear and I know each other well. I have felt fear each time I have approached the mother of a guard that has perished under my command. I have beated fear when I have not flinched at the face of the enemy. Yes, I believe truly in fear, but never has it ruled such as it has here. My flaw was to believe that I was not myself here when truly my nature shines brighter here than anywhere else." She pauses and exhales a slow shaky breath.

Turning about once, allowing a swirl of flame to burn upwards, the Silver flame utters, "Only the dead do not fear, Commander."

Esfaloth nmods and says"The flame is right."

Kathalis says softly, "Aye love, only the dead fear not, and you have not to face it alone..."

Tuonoorwen shakes her head, "Then you will reject all which you could become, and everything which could be yours, and having seen and learned so much on your quest you will return to your life as it were? Will you shun your destiny?"

A figure is revealed in gloom, drawing near to the white figure of Celeborn. The shadow looming large behind her back, twisting and writhing, at times amorphous, at times taking the shape of a great black wyrm, Arhuines pale glowing form dimunitive before it. She turns, regarding the lord of the Lorien. A faint smile plies upon her lips and it almost seems as if she draws the menace about her like a protective cloak.

Her words low, yet not without dire and dark. Even to a wry hint of humor within them. "... ..., ... own ... ... now gone ... ... ... ... ... a friend ... ... in ... ... times ... lingering days."

She turns her head, regarding the others yet still murmuring to Celeborn. "Walk ... ... ... halls ... ... ... ... ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... waking ... that stands ... ... is ... what ... desire ... ...."

Talia looks very much as if she wants to believe Tuonoorwen, to answer yes to her promises, but she sighs. "I do not know how to be something I am not. And what I know that I am right now if fortunate. Fortunate to have lived this long with my arrogance and hubris, and nevertheless have those i have taken for granted asking, pleading, for my return." She looks up to where a sky would be and then closes her eyes, "Would that I could return now, even with all my imperfections."

"NOW you can", steps Tuonoorwen out of the shadows, even as her shining reflection fades.

Talia opens her eyes again, blue and weary, and looks upon the newly revealed Tuonoorwen

Turning about, the flame barely notices the words of Arhuine in physical form. No face forms to address the lady next to him, nor does the column shift to gaze upon Arhuine. It does, though, whisper -- low and rumbling, "... ... ... ... ..., .... ... ... not ... ... beleagured ... halls, but a flame ... .... And ... ... ... ... me, I ... but ... some ... ... ... to my ..., even ... ... ... ... that seek ... ... ... ...."

The smile remains as Arhuine nods gravely to the form of flame, murmuring, "Thy hand is gracious lord. Thy guidance ever a boon and blessing." As she speaks an arm is raised. The shdow about her fleeing as her own semblance to the waking world is released. Her attention returns to the others.

Tuonoorwen steps over a rock, walking closer, "There is nothing more to hold you here. There never was anyone to hold you here. Your fear has blinded you, but it does so no more." She looks at everyone gathered around, then turns back to Talia, "You will awake now, to see the light on the leaves of the mellyrn. You can return to walk among your memories when they becon you, if you are not afraid." She looks at the sun light growing at the distance between the walls, "Your fear will come back to try and keep you out just as it now tried to keep you in. Do not be afraid to return!" She starts walking toward the light, and the shapes of the trees which stand in it.

Talia stands as Tuonoorwen speaks, appearing suspicious at first, and wary of her words, but at the last she nods her assent, the solidity of her figure already wavering. Looking to Kathalis, then, she takes a step towards him, then motions towards the trees, beckoning him to follow. But she does not make it very far before a hazy silver-blue fire begins at her feet and slowly consumes her shade until at last it has rid the craggy land of her presence and she is returned to her home with little pomp or display.

Kathalis moves quickly to follow talia as she motions to him movinv quickly along beside her.

Tuonoorwen half-turns to look at Talia, and watches until she disappears. Then she bows her head, slightly, to the towering flame, and turns away to keep walking along he canyon toward the trees. Her steps fall quieter and quieter and soon fade away in the distance.

As Talia leaves, the bright fire that is Celeborn flares up and turns briefly to another flame next to him. Letting the tiptop of the candle bend briefly in aknowledgement to the other, he murmers, "... ... ... ... ... ... ..., Arhuine. ... ... ... ... a ... here."

Talia suddenly vanishes as she wakes up and returns to the world of Lorien.
Talia has left.

Strangely, a long tenticle of flame arches out like an arm being offered to the other. Celeborn waits.

Esfaloth suddenly vanishes as he wakes up and returns to the world of Lorien.
Esfaloth has left.

The pull of the dream is strong, but, with some effort, you wake up to find yourself under the tall trees of the Sacred Grove.

Sacred Grove
You stand now at the bottom of a low hill. Standing atop the hill are two magnificent trees, both resembling the mellyrn all around you, but each distinctly different. The first is completely silver in color, glowing bark and leaves both. Its twin, likewise, is entirely a golden color, including its shimmering bark. In the light of the sun, this golden tree reflects the light in such a way as to illuminate the entire grove with its golden light.
The air here is more tranquil than you have ever felt elsewhere. As you enter the grove, it becomes impossible to harbor even the slightest feelings of anger, violence, or hatred as the peace here overwhelms your senses. In your relaxed state, you see a bracelet resting below one of the tapestries here.

Kathalis stirs in his sleap and suddenly wakes up, still a bit dazed from his dreams.
Kathalis has arrived.

Celeborn stirs in his sleap and suddenly wakes up, still a bit dazed from his dreams.
Celeborn has arrived.

Arhuine stirs in her sleap and suddenly wakes up, still a bit dazed from her dreams.
Arhuine has arrived.

Arhuine quietly heads south back to the Main Courtyard.
Arhuine has left.

Talia's eyelids flutter but do not open right away. She raises a hand to her face to block out the sunlight that her closed eyes have become unadjusted to. With her other hand, she reaches out to feel the grass beneath her, testing to see if it is real.

Kathalis suts up quickly seeing talia move, his eyes mist over instantly in tear moving to embrace her quickly he says, "Talia!!!!?"

Talia starts as she is suddenly embraced by Kathalis, but quickly relaxes against him and hugs him in return, shutting her eyes again and sighing deeply, "Are you real, Kathalis?"

Kathalis whispers softly to talia holding her near to him with a smile, "... ... my ... ... ... ......" he reaching down to lightly scoop her up in his arms conitinuie softly, "... ... ... ... ... ... ...." tears rolling down his face.

Talia nods to her husband, resting comfortably against him. "Yes, I have returned...well-rested at that." She cannot help but hide her smile now, though as she looks around, her face drops a bit. "How long was I asleep?"

Kathalis says softly, "alittle over 3 months love."

Talia's face contorts in pain, "Three? How goes with the forest?"

Kathalis shakes his head slwoly and says, "Things are well love.." he looks Talia in the eyes as he slowly stands, lifting her with him, "Lets go home my love."

Talia nods. Still weak from lack of movement, she does not object to being carried, "Home sounds good..."

Kathalis carries slowly out of the grove and to there talan....