June 8, 1997

Note: This log covers the departure of the Lorien party from Imladris. Three Imladhrim, Imal, Cyndrial, and Sil-Galen, join the party to travel to Lorien.

Middle-earth time is:
Nighttime on Highday, Day 17 of September, 3011
Real time is: 16:03:07 MST on Sun Jun 08 1997

Entrance Hall, West

The Entry Hall is quite broad, and broadens out further to the east into a great open space. A stairway going up can be seen in that direction. The great doors lie propped against the inner walls here, and there are many carvings and decorations on both these and the walls themselves. Lanterns glowing with a steady light hang near the ceiling, but they don't seem to produce any smoke. There are many other things hanging on the walls, including tapestries depicting ancient heroes and ancient but functional weapons. Two large doorways lead into great halls here. One to the north and one to the south.


Celebbilin makes his way into the hall, carrying himself at a leisurely pace.
Celebbilin looks upon the other elf for, with an appraising, but nonetheless friendly, eye.

Glendor stands in the doorway, looking out at the fron yard, where the Elves in gray cloaks are preparing for a long trip ahead.

Celebbilin absently takes in the bustle of traveling preparations being created behind him, before greeting the Galadhrim elf with a smile, "Mae govanen, mellon.... I see things are busy, you are soon to travel?"

Glendor nods, and replies with a touch of sadness in his voice, "Aye, mellon. We will leave this day"


Celebbilin nods, "have you decided upon your travel route? There are rumors that the High pass is more dangerous than is the norm...."

Glendor sighs, deeply and loudly, "Aye, so I heard too. I wanted to take this road, but perhaps the plans must be changed now. We will dare Caradhras"

The sun peeks over the Misty Mountains and illumines the valley again.

Celebbilin nods again, pausing from his stroll to speak with the other elf, "But, then the Redhorn bares troubles of its own... I do not envy your travels, mellon..." his voice pauses for a quick moment before continuing on, "the scouts of your order, are quite cautious and able, as well as the few escorting members of our Tirith - all should go well, I would hope."

Glendor glances at the gathering party, and grins bitterly, "Hope is all we have, mellon." He turns to face the other Elf, "You came to see the party leaving? Do you have messages you would like to send with us? The mountains stand between our homes, and the word is not ofted to get to sundered brethen"

Celebbilin smiles shaking his head, "Oh, nay, I thank you for your genrous offer, however. I just came in passing to see my brethren off with a proper farewell. It has been a pleasure, having friends visit the valley, despite the ominous reason making the visit necessary.

Glendor nods, and also smiles, if only slightly, "It has been a pleasant visit. and, not all of our reasons were ominous, or so I hope. I do not really know the business of the diplomats of the Wood, but they did send messages with us."

Elindriel comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Elindriel has arrived.

Celebbilin runs his fingers through his pale locks. With a nod of his head, he speaks, "That is well, indeed then. It is good to hear that your stay was pleasant."

Celebbilin stands speaking with Glendor, as several cloaked elves can be seen bustling back and forth, upon the front lawn, as they prepare for travel.

Glendor suddenly turns to the front yard, and his brows furrow. He frowns and is about to say something, but in responce to his gesture there's a slight commotion among the Galadhrim Elves, and apparently the problem is resolved, because Glendor exhales and turns back to face Celebbilin. "How else could it be, mellon? The haven of Elrond is one of the few places where the firstborn are still safe, and welcome"

Elindriel walks up to Celebbilin and Glendor

Celebbilin chuckles lightly, making no mention of the recent commotion, "I would hope it could be no other way, mellon." He catches sight of Elindriel out fo the corner of his eye, he turns, to greet the elf with a smile, "Mae govannen."

Glendor also notices Elindriel, "Mae govannen, lady. I am Glendor, Herbmaster of Lorien"

Elindriel smiles back and also grets Glendor

A smile returns to Glendor's lips, "It is a pleasure to meet you, lady, if only at the last moment before our deparure"

Elindriel says, "My gentlemen, I am Elindriel. I am indeed happy to meet you too. Where are you going?"

Sil-Galen comes into the house from the front door.
Sil-Galen has arrived.
Sil-Galen walks in from the porch "Ah, Mae Govannen, mellyn..."

Celebbilin chuckles, "Well, the herb master, is preparing to travel back to his home in the golden wood.... I shall be staying in the valley of course..."

Elindriel smiles, "Im glad to hear!

Petra comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Petra has arrived.

Celebbilin stands in the center of the entry way, speaking with Glendor and Elindriel. His gaze turns away from the other two for but a moment, to gauge the travel preparations upon the front yard. He catches sight of Sil-Galen, at the sound of the Rithron's voice, "Ahh, mae govanne, Rithron, Have you come to see our friends off?"

Glendor smiles to Sil-Galen. His recent worries appear to be almost forgotten, or, at least, therer is no sign of them on his face. He still shoots occasional quick glances at the yard, but the preparations go smoothly and he returns his attention to the conversation. "Mae govannen, Sil-Galen"

Petra walks briskly into the hall, shouldering a bag. She smiles. "Mae Govannen, mellyn!"

Sil-Galen smiles "Nay, Hirvaethor... I am joining them... I am travelling to Lorien as well."

Sil-Galen turns as he hears the called greeting "Ah, mae govannen mellon"

As Petra walks past, she runs her hand through Glendor's hair, causing his golden locks to spill around his face. "I am so sorry to leave this place." She keeps walking. "Let me unload this burden, and I will return."

Celebbilin strikes the palm of his hand against his forehead, "but of course, Rithron, I had forgotten..."

Petra walks out the front door to the west.
Petra has left.

Glendor shakes his head, sending his hair flying around as a golden halo, "Well, yes, you are just in time, Sil-Galen. In a few hours, we'll leave the safety and comfort of teh Valley behind us, and embark on the journey. Are you ready?"

Sil-Galen nods slightly "Indeed... I was hoping to find Cyndrial here, ready to go... I last spoke to her yesterday, and she said that she would be relaxing and resting until we departed... I can be ready within mere moments"

Glendor shrugs slightly, "She was so eager to go... She is probably gathering her belongings"

Sil-Galen nods "I'm sure she is... I know she wouldn't be late for the departure in any event..."

Celebbilin nods, "I spoke with her earlier today in passing, she will be here soon, I would imagine."

Glendor chuckles, "I would hope so" He again peeks through the doors, "The party is almost ready to leave..."

Sil-Galen smiles "If you will excuse me for a few moments, I will be right back."

Celebbilin nods, "of course, mellon."

Sil-Galen inclines his head as he turns to exit the hall
Sil-Galen heads east down the hall.
Sil-Galen has left.

Glendor's expression again changes from a careless smile to a worried frown, "Say, Celebbilin, what else can you tell me about the movements of the Enemy's minions around? May be you have any new reports come in?"

Laurarien comes into the house from the front door.
Laurarien has arrived.

Glendor and Celebbilin are talking quietly, standing in hte doorway to the porch. Outside, a group of Galadhrim Elves are finishing their preparations for travel.

Celebbilin raises a hand to his chin, as he takes a quick moment before answering, "well, as of last I heard, the way to the edge of the High pass is clear. Once inside its bounds, however, the pass, it is rumored that yrch abound in a multitude that is more than the norm.

Laurarien comes from within the house (really), and pauses as she sees the gathering. "Mae govannen" she greets everyone. "I'd heard there were preparations being made for you to depart" she tells Glendor. "I thought I'd come to see you off." she quiets as she realizes Celebbilin is briefing GLendor on the High Pass.

Sil-Galen comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Sil-Galen has arrived.

Sil-Galen steps lightly back into the hall, looking better prepared for a journey "Well... I seem to be ready, then..."

Celebbilin pauses his explanation to flash Laurarien a wry grin. He says in greeting , "mae govannen, Hiril."

Laurarien rolls her eyes in Celebbilin's direction but doesn't getinto it otherwise

Sil-Galen notices Laurarien "Ah... Mae Govannen, Tauril..." he says with a half bow

Elindriel greets Laurarien

Glendor nods thoughtfully to Celebbilin, then takes a moment to greet Laurarien before replying, "Mae govannen, Laurarien. I thank you for coming to see us at the last moment and say goodbyes" He then returns his attention to the guard, "What do you know about the Caradhras? I am wary to take the High Pass. The Dunadan said that there is a large force there, let by a dark wraith of the Enemy, and I am not eager to meet it again"

Celebbilin's grin broadens at Laurarien's reaction as he turns back to Glendor, "As for the paths of Caradhras, well, the way is most likely as safe, as is its norm. That is not very confidence boosting, but the ways to the south, seem clear enough."

Glendor nods, "This only reenforces my resolve. We shall take the path to the South."

Celebbilin nods sagely, "The redhorn may be the safest path."

Laurarien blinks at what Glendor says. "A large force...with a wraith???"

Glendor nods to Laurarien, sadly, "Aye, that

Laurarien pales and murmurs under her breath, "A ... And one ... Fornost. ... this ... same? ... ... ... ... there? ... ... still ..." She sounds gravely worried.

Caladaniel comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Caladaniel has arrived.

Elindriel smiles and greets Caladaniel

Glendor nods to Laurarien, sadly, "Aye, that is what the Dunadan said, and I find it not at all unlikely. There was a large commotion in Anduin Valley when we passed on our way here, and the rumors of the Wraiths of fear were abound." He pauses for a moment, then nods again, "May be not the same one, but one of his kin. Seeing one was enough for me. I was there too, Laurarien"

Passing through the hallway, Hiril Caladaniel notices the group in the entrance hall, and changes course. "Mae Govannen..."

Sil-Galen turns from where he was standing against the wall "Ah, Mae Govannen, Hiril."

Celebbilin stands speaking with Glendor, Laurarien, Elindriel, and Sil-Galen. Outside the frontyard is bustling with activity as many Galadhrim elves are completeing final preparations for travel.

Caladaniel smiles to all, stopping at Glendor. "Ah, I see the news are widely known, then."

Glendor arches his brow, "What news? The one I was just mentioning hardly deserves a smile..."

Celebbilin , in the interest of not interrupting Caladaniel's remark, does not speak a verbal greeting, but instead offers a respectful bow of us head and a smile.

Caladaniel lets her right eyebrow construct a distinctive arc, "Indeed no smile? I was greeting my folk. Solely that. Your news, are, quite frankly not new to me."

Sil-Galen frowns "It is new to me, and I am quite glad we will be taking other paths..."

Glendor nods, but then looks straight at Caladaniel, "If so, why would you not send them to me?"

Caladaniel crosses her hands in front of her body, eyes drifting to the preparing Galadhrim. "If you could, Sil-Galen, keep an eye on Lethelindriel's protege. Imaliniel has seen nothing of the world...." Her voice trails, as her body fully turns to the Galadhrim who brought the tablet drawings. "Well, that is simple--what need do you have of it, once you have seen the 'news' yourself in your paths?"

Celebbilin turns his head to quietly whisper a few words to Sil-Galen, "... ... ... ... ... to ... though, my ... all ... ... the Golden wood ... perilous, ... ... ... ... inhabit ... ... that ... our ... ..."

Sil-Galen nods "Indeed... I will endeavor to steer her clear of danger... "

Caladaniel nods almost imperceptibly to Sil-Galen's kind words.

Sil-Galen inclines his head to murmer a few words to Celebbilin "... ... ... consider ... wraith combined with those yrch ... ... ... ... am ... we ... ... ... ... ..."

Celebbilin nods, "... ... ... ..."

Glendor shakes his head, "I have only heard of the Nine being in the path from the Dunadan here. And have I seen them in my path I would not likely be here with you. "

Caladaniel looks puzzled. "Whyfore? They are enough to contend indeed, but so have been countless armies that your Wood withstood, Glendor."

Laurarien comes out of her dark reverie to smile absently at Caladaniel in belated greeting.

Glendor adds, "I only heard of them leading the armies of the Enemy from the East, encroaching on the villages of Edain and havens of Thranduil's Elves. Not until recently did I learn that at least one of them is also a captain of the force which blocks the path..." He sighs, "In the Wood, their strengh fails them. In the open, the frozen wild lands... I have seen it once."

Celebbilin's eyes shift from the Galadhrim herb master to the hot-blooded Noldor Silnethril. His brows arch slightly, and he appears as if to say something, but thinking better of it he remains quiet, watching the conversation.

Smoke pours from Mt. Doom as the Dark One's evil sorcery lags the game.

The smoke clears as good triumphs and the database saves.

Caladaniel scrutinizes Glendor carefully, before speaking again. "No need to discuss now what has come to pass in such manner. The moment at hand requires thought, as your safety is at stake."

Elindriel says, "I am very sorry my friends, but I have to leave you now."

Laurarien speaks out. "Glendor" she says, "When I was in Fornost with Radagast and a party of the Naugrim, we ran afoul of one of the Nine." Her tones are grave as she says this. "It is possible this is the same one. Be wary..."

Celebbilin waves in silent good bye to Elindriel.

Caladaniel for the first time observers the elf unknown to her, and smiles.

Sil-Galen's eyes widen slightly at the mention of the ringwraith, but nods in farewell to Elindriel "Namarie, mellon..."

Elindriel waves to all and says, "Do be careful on your journey!"
Elindriel walks out the front door to the west.
Elindriel has left.

Glendor nods to Laurarien and grins slightly, "I am aware of the danger, and have a strong motifation to avoid it. Between the certain danger of the High pass blocked by the army of yrch and their black captain, and the unknown perils of Caradhras, I have chosen the latter. With luck we may find that the strength which came into the high Pass was drawn from the other side of the mountains"

Caladaniel mutters the named of the passage just for herself, remaining focused on the preparations...

"So I heard you decide" Laurarien says to Glendor. "I pray your choice works out. Who says" she adds, "Valor has faded? The wilds press in more and more and still our folk brave them."

Celebbilin nods in agreement, "aye, a sound choice. While it is probably premature to say that the high pass is blocked, and that one of the blackland is there as well, I myself would choose to brave the wilds and then the slopes upon Caradhras."

Glendor shakes his head, "Nay, lady, the valor has not faded. Just the need for it becomes more common"

Laurarien smiles faintly, "That is then good and bad, in turn."

Caladaniel eyes Laurarien as if about to speak, but checks herself. Her attention moves to Celebbilin. "Who of the Tirith moves forth with the Galadhrim?"

Cyndrial comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Cyndrial has arrived.
Cyndrial walks in from the eastern enterance hall

Celebbilin answers Caladaniel in turn, "Ethir Tirarien... he is very capable and shall serve as aide to Glendor's party upon it's way to the golden wood and then shall serve in escort upon the way back."

Sil-Galen turns as he hears someone enter the hall, and smiles broadly as he sees Cyndrial "Ah, meltha! You are in good time" he says as he walks toward her

A Galadhrim guard approaches from the front yard, and calls for Glendor, "The party is ready to leave."

Cyndrial smiles warmly "Time for what?" she nods to the rest of the gathered elves

Sil-Galen smiles "To leave, of course"

Celebbilin smiles, "mae govannen, Cyndrial."

Caladaniel looks around....

Glendor also smiles to Cyndrial, "Mae govannen... Aye, just in time, for it is only by the valor and might of Sil-Galen that the party is held until you arrive..." He smirks.

Cyndrial gasps "Ohhh we are leaving now?"

Cyndrial says, "Forgive me then!""

Cyndrial hugs Sil-Galen

Glendor watches Cyndrial and Sil-Galen with a smile, then turns to the guard, "Aye, we will leave now. He looks past teh other Galadhrim, into the yard, "Is Imal there with you?"

Sil-Galen smiles as he returns Cyndrial's embrace "You are prepared to leave?"

Cyndrial says, "Will you just let me go change clothes quickly and fetch my backpack?""

Caladaniel notices some movement on the porch. "If you excuse me...." the noldo does not wait for a reply, moving out of the house.
Caladaniel walks out the front door to the west.
Caladaniel has left.

Sil-Galen squeezes Cyndrial's hand gently as he says softly "You'd better hurry, then, Cyndrial..."

Laurarien smiles a little at Sil Galen and Cyndrial. "Ready for your adventure?"

Cyndrial turns around and holds her gown up to allow better movement as she runs as swiftly as she can to her quarters, almost knocking two elves she passes by on her way

Cyndrial heads east down the hall.
Cyndrial has left.

Sil-Galen turns back as he hears Laurarien's words "For myself, I think it is long since time that I saw the other side of those mountains... I have travelled the west, now I will see the east..."

Celebbilin eye's trail off after Caladaniel's quick departure, curiously. He shakes his heads and turns to other things.

Cyndrial comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Cyndrial has arrived.

Glendor watches Cyndrial leave, then smiles, "I know this story... Petra paid a great deal of attention to her choice of clothes before departure. Last we saw it, her store was scattered on the snow for yrch to trample"

Sil-Galen laughs softly as he sees Cyndrial re-enter the hall "My, that didn't take long... Someone's excited!"

your hear the sound of quick loud footsteps before Cyndrial appears running in with her backpack on her back and her longbow hanging on her shoulder

Sil-Galen turns to Glendor and chuckles "Hush, she'll hear you!"

Cyndrial says, "Aye, I am, hear what mellon?""

Cyndrial asks as she catches her breath

Glendor slaps his hand over his mouth.

Sil-Galen smiles "He was... complimenting on your clothing, isn't that so, Herbmaster?" he asks, turning to Glendor

Cyndrial looks at Glendor with a wide smile on her face

Celebbilin smiles as Cyndrial comes back, "do not tire yourself out, Thandis, you have much travel ahead of you."

Glendor nods, "Aye, aye, what Sil-Galen said"

Cyndrial giggles at Celebbilin's remark "Aye, thou art correct Hirvaethor, I will watch my actions better"

Cyndrial smiles "Ohh you need not block your mouth than Herbmaster, I like it when someone think I dress well"

Cyndrial says, "And thank you for your compliment as well""

Sil-Galen shakes slightly with contained laughter

Glendor grins slightly as he exchanges quick looks with Sil-Galen, then back to Cyndrial, "You are welcome, lady"

Cyndrial nods , stasfied with Glendor's words

Cyndrial walks to Sil-Galen's side and hugs him

Sil-Galen wraps his arms about Cyndrial, murmering "As ... ... ... ... ... ..."

Cyndrial smiles as she feels Sil-Galen's arm around her

Celebbilin stands quietly, watching over events. His eyes fall upon Laurarien, who seems to be unusually silent as well.

Glendor steps slightly away from Cyndrial and Sil-Galen, and closer to the other two Elves, "The time to say farewell is approaching..."

Celebbilin speaks up, in an audible voice, "Aye, that it is, the day is growing late. While it brings sorrow to see you leave, the time grows near... "

Sil-Galen says in a soft voice to Cyndrial "Aye, Cyndrial... It is time to depart... Hast thou bidden farewell to those here who you would?"

Galdacil comes into the house from the front door.
Galdacil has arrived.

Caladaniel comes into the house from the front door.
Caladaniel has arrived.

Galdacil arches an eyebrow as he walks into the hallway.

Cyndrial says, "Aye, all but one I couldn't find""

Caladaniel returns, visage looking rather tense. She pauses, just listening.

Glendor , Laurarien, and Celebbilin are talking quietly, standing near the doorway to the porch.

Celebbilin stands with cyndrial, Sil-Galen, Glendor, and Laurarien; it seems the Galadhrim maybe preparing their exit.

Sil-Galen and Cyndrial are a little apart from the others, standing very close

Celebbilin smiles, as Galdacil, and then CAladaniel enter, "Mae govannen, mellyn."

Sil-Galen nods "There were one or two who I couldn't find either, but I spoke to most..."

Cyndrial says, "They will hear about it worry not""

Galdacil says, "Good day to you...what commotion is afoot here?"

Cyndrial bows her head to Galdacil "Mae govannen Captain Galdacil"

Glendor interrupts his conversation to greet Galdacil, "Mae govannen. Commotion? Nay, jsut a small party of travellers leaving this haven to challenge the wrath of the mountains"

Sil-Galen nods, smiling "I have no doubt..." He turns slightly as he hears a hearty voice "Ah, mae govannen, Gweithir"

Sil-Galen frowns slightly "Speak not words of ill omen, mellon... If we are fortunate, we shall not even have rumour of his presence..."

Celebbilin smiles, asking Caladaniel, politely, "What brings you to leave and come back so quickly, Silnethril?"

excitment can be seen all over Cyndrial's body

Sil-Galen turns back to Cyndrial "Didst thou bid farewell to Ainessandil?" he says, his eyes twinkling

Glendor watches as those who are about to leave wind themselves up with excitement, while those to stay behind are getting more worried, and quietly smiles to himself.

Cyndrial shakes her head "I couldn't find him, not even in the library"

Galdacil lowers his head, and says "Please excuse me. I have some things to look after. Namarie, and have a safe trip back."
Galdacil heads east down the hall.
Galdacil has left.

Cyndrial says, "Namarie""

Glendor raises his brow, "Not /even/ in the Library?" He calls after Galdacil, "Namarie"

Sil-Galen smiles "Well, I found him there a couple days past... I bid him farewell, so he knows we leave today..."

Sil-Galen raises his voice slightly to call "Namarie" after Galdacil

Cyndrial nods "Ah," she turns to Glendor "He spends most of his time there"

Caladaniel passes silently, shaking her head.
Caladaniel walks through the doorway to the north.
Caladaniel has left.

Glendor turns his head to follow Caladaniel and watches as she passes by, the expression of surprise growing on his face, "What is troubling her?"

Cyndrial shrugs "I know not"

Celebbilin leaves his quiet state, to answer Glendor, "I am not sure..." he pauses for a short breathe before continuing, this time addressing everyone present, "well, it is getting late and I have much to attend to, so I had best be on my way. But, I wish you all a safe journey, and joy!"

Lanaewen comes out of the large doorway to the north.
Lanaewen has arrived.

Sil-Galen's brow furrows "I am not sure... Something in regard to the journey, most likely..."

Cyndrial says, "Namarie Hirvaethor and thank you""

Lanaewen walks from the hall, and sees the group. "Mae govannen, mellyn.."

Sil-Galen says, "Farewell, then, Hirvaethor..."

Glendor nods, and sighs. "Aye, it is so. Time to bid farewell. Thank you for your help, Hirvaethor. Namarie."

Cyndrial says, "Mae govannen melisse!""

Sil-Galen turns "Mae Govannen, Ganneldan..."

Aara comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Aara has arrived.

Cyndrial walks to Lanaewen and hugs her

Celebbilin smiles waving, as he makes his exit, "Namarie, my friends, and a Good journey!"

Lanaewen smiles and embraces her friend. "OH, I'm going to miss you!

Celebbilin makes his way down the hall, pausing only to give Lanaewen a smile in greeting.

Laurarien curtsies to the travellers. "Namarie, friends. Travel safely and swiftly."

Cyndrial says, "Me as well""

Celebbilin heads east down the hall.
Celebbilin has left.

Lanaewen curtsies to the Hirvaethor as he goes and turns back to the conversation...and sees Aara. "Aara...I see you are well now?

Cyndrial moves to hug Aara as well "And to you as well mighty one"

Aara hugs Cyndrial tightly. "Remember what I said."

Aara rounds on Sil-Galen, "You watch out for her, or when you come back, Lana will let me tune that instrument of yours!"

Cyndrial says, "I shall melisse you have my word!""

+MAIL: You have new mail from Dwalin. (#25)

Glendor nods to the Elves who just came, "Mae govannen, mellyn. If you came to bid farewell to your friends who will leave with us, You came in the nick of time. Make your goodbyes swift"

Lanaewen laughs. "Nay Aara, that would be cruel! Glendor..it was a pleasure meeting you...bear yourselves safely."

Sil-Galen smiles "I will, mellon, I vow it... for more reasons than you know..." Sil-Galen winks slightly to Cyndrial

Sil-Galen walks toward Lanaewen "Until we return, mellon... Mayhap then I can give thee a performance on my beautiful viol you made...

Aara smiles happily, and gives both Cyndrial and sil_galen another hug. "Namarie...not forever."

Laurarien turns away, not one for long good byes, and makes her way out.
Laurarien walks out the front door to the west.
Laurarien has left.

Lanaewen says, "I can only hope!"

Cyndrial cries to her friends "Namarie!"

Sil-Galen hugs Aara warmly, "Of course... we will return in the spring..."

Lanaewen waves.

Glendor stands at the side, quietly, watching the Elves say their last words of goodbye.

Sil-Galen smiles "Namarie, mellyn... Until the spring..."

Aara nods and then waves also going down the hall.
Aara heads east down the hall.
Aara has left.

Cyndrial turns to Glendor "I am ready hebmaster"

Lanaewen says, "Fare you well."
Lanaewen goes outside.
Lanaewen walks out the front door to the west.
Lanaewen has left.

Sil-Galen nods slowly "Indeed... I am ready to go as well..."

Cyndrial nods and turns her eyes around the house

Glendor smiles, "Let us join the party, then"

You say, "gestures for the Elves to go out, where the group of Galadhrim is ready to leave."

Cyndrial nods

Glendor gestures for the Elves to go out, where the group of Galadhrim is ready to leave.

Sil-Galen traces his hands over the woodwork of the wall, before moving to Cyndrial "Let's go, meltha..."

Cyndrial quickly walks outside the house to the porch

Cyndrial walks out the front door to the west.
Cyndrial has left.

Sil-Galen walks out the front door to the west.
Sil-Galen has left.

You walk westward out the front door and find yourself on the front porch.

Front Porch

The porch runs the whole breadth of the house and is a good 20 feet wide. The roof is supported by large white columns that may be marble, and the floor of the porch seems to be large slabs of marble also. The walls of the house itself seem to be more ordinary granite. Guardrails about three feet high run between the columns, except where a broad stair leads down to the front yard. There are a few chairs and benches scattered about, though they have no cushions. The light from the hearth in the Hall of Fire plays on the windows from within, and is even reflected through the open front door. The great double doors remain open in all but the worst weather. Many echos of conversations and even songs in the fair voices of Elves come through them.




Obvious exits:

Yard leads to Front Yard.

House leads to Entrance Hall, West.

Sil-Galen steps off the porch to the west.
Sil-Galen has left.

You step off the front porch of the house onto the path.

Front Yard
A few trees stand here, just in front of the Last Homely House. Their leaves are just beginning to change color. A pleasant meadow stretches off to the north and west. A few grasses are showing seed heads already, and a few colorful leaves from the nearby forests blow across them. Not far behind the house the trees close in to form a pleasant wood. The grass here is not so high and thick as the wild grasses further out in the valley, perhaps because of being trodden on so often. Two paths lead away from the house, one southwest and one north. Down the steep bank to the south is the shore of the Bruinen.
Elven Party

Cyndrial steps off the porch.
Cyndrial has arrived.

Imal points to Laurarien, "Hiril?"

Falandar glances at Imal then peers around him as the crowd grows

Laurarien nods as the Eagle speaks his request. "Hir elrond is not about, or I would summon him for you. Perhaps I'll do, however. I'm the Forester of the Valley, and a scout in the guard...and of high lineage. What did you see?'

Imal greets Glendor, "Mae Govannen, herbmaster."

Cyndrial stands behind Glendor

Glendor walks down the steps, following closely behind Sil-Galen and Cyndrial. His attentive stare travels over the party of Galadhrim Elves, all ready to go, until he turns to see Imal, and the Eagle. "Mae govannen, Imal. Are you ready? And greeting to you..." He bows slightly to the Eagle.

Falandar looks at Laurarien hard then says, "I have not seen anything, I have been sent to collect all of the important news of Rivendell to report back to the windlord. Can you tell me anything happening in this land that would be worthy of the windlord hearing?"

Cyndrial sudden;y sees the mighty eagle and stares at it

Imal nods, shifting her weight from leg to leg. "Aye, Glendor. Pray tell, how long will it take us? I hear that you have chosen an indirect route?"

Sil-Galen nods "Mae govennen, Lady Imal..." Sil-Galen notes the Eagle, and bows.

Imal smiles gently at Sil-Galen, and Cyndrial. "I was most happy to learn I shall not go forth alone..."

Falandar looks only at Laurarien, ignoring the others

Laurarien shakes her head, "In the valley itself? Nay. However, we've heard rumours of many things, and have surer knowledge of other things. The rumours that concern us the most are of a host of orcs in the High Pass, led by one of the Nine."

Cyndrial smiles at Imal finally taking her gaze of the eagle

Sil-Galen nods his head slightly "Indeed... Two more Imladhrim to accompany you... It will be a pleasure."

Glendor shakes his head, "Nay, Imal, the path to the south is no less direct than thae high pass, but between the certain and great danger and the danger only possible I choose the latter one"

Falandar bobs his head slightly in acknowledgement, "Yes, that is news I am searching for. Can you tell me any more?"

Cyndrial wraps her hand around Sil-Galen

Falandar's keen ear catches bits and pieces of the other's conversations and he looks to Laurarien for a response before he speaks again

Sil-Galen smiles, and lets an arm drift around Cyndrial "Remember to stay near, meltha, for two reasons...

Imal looks at Cyndrial's gesture slightly puzzled, but keeps mum. Her attention shifts to Falandar.

Laurarien shakes her head, "Sadly no. We've no sure news, only rumor. I can tell you that one of the Nine was seen not long ago in Fornost...and was driven off by the wizard Radagast. I can also tell you that a dragon was felled in Fornost at that time, falling into the lake there."

Sil-Galen says, "One, I have been charged to protect you at all costs by your friends, there..."

Glendor frowns to himself, "I wish the wraith was felled instead"

Sil-Galen speaks up at that "Or both"

Cyndrial holds herself even closer to Sil-Galen "Aye, I know meltha.."

Sil-Galen smiles "And Two..."

Laurarien glances aside at Glendor, "I wish both had fallen that day." She turns her attention back to the Eagle. "We've a party of elves" she indicates Glendor and his company, "Travelling south toward the Caradhras pass. Could you watch for them we would be grateful."

Sil-Galen +whispers to Cyndrial, "I ... ... you ..."

Glendor's attention is obviously peeked by Laurarien's words, and he looks at the Eagel, waiting for his answer

Falandar ruffles his feathers then lets them fall back down before saying, "I am most grateful then for what you have told me." As Laurarien tells him of the journey he looks around at all of the elves, "How many are going?"

Imal frowns, a deep, upset frown. "What? And who designates you my mother-in-tow?"

Laurarien gestures at Glendor. "He is in charge of those going...he can tell you best."

Imal gather her less than 300 years around like a ruffled porcupine, looking at Sil-Galen.

Falandar bobs his head once more then says, "Thank you once more for what you have told me. I shall watch over the party as well will my brothers of the sky."

Sil-Galen looks up in surprise "I was speaking to Cyndrial, Lady Imal... Forgive me for the misunderstanding... Though in truth, I was bidden to lend a friendly eye for your sake as well, as all must do on a journey"

Sil-Galen says "I hold no doubt that you will do the same for all of us" with a slight bow

Cyndrial remains silent as she glances at the eagle occasingly

Laurarien curtsies in reply to Falandar. "We're grateful for your watch. And we'd be glad to hear of any confirmation, or disproof, of our rumours."

Glendor steps forward slightly, standing abreast with Laurarien, and gestures over to the small group of Galadhrim Elves, all in gray cloaks, "This is our party. And three Quendi from this fair valley join us on our way"

Falandar looks the party of elves over then back to Glendor, "When do you leave"

Falandar says, "?"

Glendor smiles slightly, "Right now. What you see before you is a last farewell."

You say, "The Imladhrim saying goodbye to those about to leave. They will not see each other again until spring comes"

Sil-Galen glances down at Cyndrial, smiling

Falandar squawks slightly, "I shall wait then until you are done bidding farewell to those you are leaving behind. Notify me as soon as you begin to move. I shall wait here."

Falandar steps backward awkwardly a few steps to give the elves some room and wait

Imal approaches Laurarien, "Please, bid my farewell to Hiril Lethelindriel. I shall not fail her trust."

Cyndrial walks to Laurarien "Namarie Laurarien!, thank you and I shall fulfil your request as well"

Glendor nods to Falandar, and steps closer to his party. His own farewells all bidden, he waits for those who must now part with their friends.

Imal stands behind Glendor, waiting. A degree of nervousness perspires from her dark eyes.

Sil-Galen smiles, and steps toward Laurarien "Until the spring, Tauril... I will endeavor to bring back that special item for the meadow with the saplings..."

From Front Porch Falnor comes out of the house.

Laurarien says, "Namarie, Cyndrial. Glendor. Travel safely."

Laurarien smiles at Sil-Galen, "Do that."

Cyndrial nods and waves "Fare thee well, I shall miss thee"

Cyndrial turns around and walks up to Glendor, she nods to him

Sil-Galen smiles, and bows slightly "Namarie, then..."

From Front Porch Falnor steps off the porch to the west.

Falnor steps off the porch.
Falnor has arrived.

Sil-Galen follows Cyndrial, smiling to Glendor

Glendor looks over the small group, "Are you all ready?"

Falnor says, "Mae govannen."

Cyndrial turns to Falnor "Namarie would suit better for now mellon"

Falnor says, "Namarie then."

Cyndrial turns back to Glendor "Aye!" she says full heartedliy

Imal nods silently.

Falnor heads down the stairs and towards the bridge.
Falnor has left.

Sil-Galen smiles "Namarie indeed, mellon..."

Glendor smiles slightly to the Elf who just came, "Aye, this is right. You came in time to see the party kick some dust as it climbs out of the valley." Then, in slightly louder voice, to the Elves on the lawn, "Take your places among the party. mellyn!"

Imal has left.

Sil-Galen squeezes Cyndrial's hand, walking forward to the party
Sil-Galen has left.

Cyndrial has left.

Laurarien waves one last time, and turns to go back into the House. "Namarie" she says softly as she turns.
Laurarien steps up onto the front porch.
Laurarien has left.

You take your place among elvish travellers.

Elven Party
You are among the fellow travellers, all in gray cloaks of Lorien. They move stealthily and silently.