March 28, 1997

Middle-earth time is:
Nighttime on Trewsday, Day 17 of February, 3011
Real time is: 22:38:24 MST on Fri Mar 28 1997

Dimrill Dale
Not more than a mile to the west, and up, is the grey side of the Silvertine. An aged path travels up to what looks to be a shallow cave at the mountain's base. Northward the dale runs up into a glen of shadows between two great arms of the mountains, above which three white peaks are visible: Celebdil, Fanuidhol, and Caradhras. At the head of the glen a torrent flows like white lace over an endless ladder of short falls, and a mist of foam hangs in the air about the mountains' feet. To the south the Misty Mountains recede endlessly, as far as sight can reach. At your feet is a great pool of water. At the water's side is a single stone column broken at the top.

Elvish War Party
Stone Column

Elvish war party
A large party of elven archers and swordsmen at least 50 strong. All are armed and armored to the teeth. The tips of their swords and spears glint silver in the starlight. Among their numbers, you can see several standard bearers carrying the crests of four different leaders. This group is always weary here in these mountainous lands and a watch is always posted.

Laupilin arrives from up the southern road.
Laupilin has arrived.

Orophin looks to Vardedhel and nods, "Aye mellon fire on site...but be sure to identify your target first. We don't know what shape our Protector may be in should we see her."

Laupilin sneaks in silently, after Arehir.

Erinstar is just kind of following along with the party unnnoticed.

Laupilin salutes, and looks around.

Glendor moves closer to the group and mingles with the guards.

Vardedhel finds a spot where he can fire his bow above your heads.

Arehir nods to the Captain's orders, and then turns to watch for unfriendlies...

Laupilin readies his feet, gaining balance.
Laupilin walks down for a glimpse into the Mirromere.
Laupilin looks up and around constantly.

Wolfe walks down to the edge of the water to study the stone column.

Glendor walks down to the edge of the water to study the stone column.

Stone Column
A stone pillar, broken at the top, and very old.
You see that the stone is cracked and weather-worn. There are faint runes upon its side, which might be readable to any scholar of Khuzdul with a little Study.

Erinstar just stands there in the shadows, bow in hand.

Glendor walks down for a glimpse into the Mirromere.

The mere is long and oval, shaped like a great spear-head thrust deep into the northern glen. Its waters are dark: a deep blue like clear evening sky seen from a lamp-lit room. Its face is still and unruffled. This is Kheled Za~ram.
You stoop over the dark water...
At first you see nothing. Then slowly you see the forms of the encircling mountains mirrored in a profound blue, and the peaks are like plumes of white flame above them... beyond there is a space of sky. There, like jewels sunk in the deep shine glinting stars. Of your own stooping form, no shadow can be seen.

After closely examining the ruins, Wolfe wants back towards Orophin, and whispers, "Are we to stay here or do we advance?"

Orophin looks to the party and begins organizing warriors into squads, "I want all archers to take to the high ground," He motions to the ridge around the dale, "Corporal Arehir, gather your men and take position by that outcropping over there," He motions to another rock formation, "Wolfe, gather your men and join me by the waters." He continues distributing the warriors as he himself takes up a position where he can see the gates.

Laupilin follows Arehir, bow in hand.

Vardedhel takes to the high ground with the others.

Glendor returns from the short walk to the stone column, and, seing the preparations, grips his staff tightter, holding it diagonally across his body, and steps closer to Wolfe and Orophin

Arehir salutes to Oro, and waves his squad around to the outcropping, arranging the bowmen for maximum fire efficiency.

Airawende has arrived.
Airawende trots up.

Orophin calls over to a squire, "Squire! Keep that horse under restraint and ready."

The Horse bucks a little.

After whistling softly, Wolfe watches two others, each carrying longsword, follow in behind him, near Orophin. The Banneret lays down the large backpack he was carrying and draws an arrow from his quiver.

Laupilin readies an arrow, unblinking.

Wolfe unwields Thenind.

Wolfe quickly and confidently unsheathes his longsword. Light dances on the blade as it clears its scabbard.

Glendor paces the rugged ground restlessly

The sun sinks in the sky and falls below the horizon. Nighttime takes over.

Up on the stony outcropping, Arehir motions the bowmen to stay down until enemies are visible. He paces their line giving orders and encouragement...

Laupilin kneels, bow still ready.

As the light fails Erinstar is almost lost from sight completely, now only a faint shimmering outline to even a watchful eye.

Nervously clutching at his sword's scabbard, Wolfe's golden eyes peer over the darkness.

Vardedhel says, "all I recall is find the central stair, go up half way, then east."

Wolfe walks down for a glimpse into the Mirromere.

Moving silently back towards Orophin after examining the pool, Wolfe crouches against a rockface and shivers slightly.

After pacing the fire-line of the archers, Arehir crouches boack down, eyes transfixed upon the dale.

Orophin looks to Wolfe as he returns, then scans the shadows surrounding the Dale. Even his keen elven vision has trouble spotting his warriors spread around the dale. After a moment, Orophin leans in close to Wolfe and whispers something...

Orophin +whispers to Wolfe, "It ... ... ... ... here..."

Erinstar crouches lower against the earth.

His face mostly hidden from his cloak's hood, Wolfe nods slowly to Orophin. He then whispers back, in a strained, nervous voice, "Shall we send a scout ahead?"

Erinstar catches Wolfe's comment and moves forward on his own, a shadow in the night.
Erinstar travels west up the rough and winding path towards the base of the Silvertine, and the shallow cave visible there.
Erinstar has left.

A runner flits from Orophin's position in the van toward the outcropping the archers have taken. In moments she sprints up to Arehir, and whispers something... he replies, and she bolts back toward the swordsmen.

Glendor moves closer to Orophin, and speaks quickly and quetly, "If she manages to reach us... there is no telling what she endured... She will be running with the last of her strengths... I may have to tend to her even before we reach home"

Orophin looks to Glendor and nods as he whispers back, "Indeed, that is why I brought that horse. If she arrives, I want you to take her upon that horse and ride with all speed to safety."

Glendor nods to Orophin, "I know... I will have to leave all of you here, and run away."

Orophin says, "Be sure that we will not be far behind mellon. I am not here to do battle with all of Moria."

Leaning again towards Orophin, Wolfe whispers just loud enough for him to hear, "Shall we assign one of the guard to protect the healer (he motions towards Glendor)?"

Orophin looks to Glendor then back to Wolfe and nods, "Aye, assign him a guard"

Vardedhel says in Sindarin, "I'll stand by him."

Glendor shakes his head, a barely visible motion, "You'll need all you have."

Wolfe peers towards Vardedhel and nods promptly. His gaze then returns to the darkness in front of him.

Arehir sends one of his veterans around the embancment to scout their flank. The bowman nods, and quickly fades into the night.

Glynnis arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
Glynnis has arrived.

Marlazch arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
Marlazch has arrived.

Ashgar arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
Ashgar has arrived.

Garumph arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
Garumph has arrived.

Vardedhel calls out, " Glynnis!"

Ammon arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
Ammon has arrived.

Grosknabr arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
Grosknabr has arrived.

Glynnis runs down the track, catching herself as she stumbles, pushing up, and running again, chains around her wrists rattling.

Ashgar runs after the escaping prisoner in hot persuit.

Vardedhel readies his bow. " Run! Here! To us! Glynniiiiiiis!"

Goblin_Warrior arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
Goblin_Warrior has arrived.

Marlazch chases in a mad frenzy to kill.

Garumph chases after the elf, roaring horribly.

Grosknabr runs far to the back of the pursuing orcs, somewhat unsteady, and not running at top speed for some reason. He moans from time to time

Ammon runs, his black skinned body leaned forward wolf like teeth exposed.."Blasted tree lovers...kill em all for the BAlROG" the hobgoblin raises his hammer orcish cries rip from his lips

Glynnis' head jerks up, and towards the cry. She abruptly changes course, hissing through clenched teeth as she makes for the sound of the voice.

Arehir stands, bow at the ready, and motions for the squad of archers to take aim, but hold their volley.

Vardedhel rises, arrow at ready and his string pulled back to his ear.

Grosknabr raises his pick and screams a half-hearted war cry, looking for direction

Glendor sees the Elf running toward them, and, gripping his staff tihghter, springs on his legs, ready to leap forward

Orophin quickly strings his bow and knocks and arrow.

Glynnis keeps running, almost into the midst of the elves before suddenly dropping to her stomach as if shot in the back.

Glynnis says in Sindarin, "SHOOT!!"

OOC: Contents of the room at this point:

Name             Gender Species   Who Combat        Type
---------------- ------ --------- --- ------------- ----------------------
Goblin_Warrior   Male   Uruk-Hai  IC  ARMED         PLAYER (24s idle) 
Grosknabr        Male   Uruk ...  IC  ARMED         PLAYER (10s idle)
Ammon            Male   Uruk-Hai  IC  ARMED         PLAYER (13s idle)
Garumph          Male   Uruk ...  IC  ARMED         PLAYER (2m idle)
Ashgar           Male   Uruk ...  IC  unarmed       PLAYER (9s idle)
Marlazch         Female Uruk ...  IC  ARMED         PLAYER (6s idle)
Glynnis          Female Quendi .. IC  unarmed       PLAYER (1s idle)
Glendor          Male   Quendi .. IC  ARMED         PLAYER (0s idle)
Airawende        Female Equine .. IC  non-combatant Object 
Laupilin         Male   Quendi .. IC  ARMED         PLAYER (29m idle)
Arehir           Male   Quendi .. IC  ARMED         PLAYER (57s idle)
Wolfe            Male   Quendi .. IC  ARMED         PLAYER (2m idle) 
Vardedhel        Male   Quendi .. IC  ARMED         PLAYER (1m idle)
Elvish War Party ???                  non-combatant Object 
Orophin          Male   Quendi .. IC  ARMED         PLAYER (37s idle)
Mirrormere       ???                  non-combatant Object 
Stone Column     ???                  non-combatant Object 
---------------- ------ --------- --- ------------- ----------------------
A hooded figure crouches against a rockface, hidden with several others who hold arrows to taut longbow strings. They lie in the shadows of the rocks, awaiting the signal.

Orophin calls out, "Archers! She's clear!"

Arehir drops his hand fiercely, and a thick hail of grey fletched death hisses toward the yrchish persuers.

Ashgar +wear shield

Ammon snarls as he hears the word archers "UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH" the hobgoblin rasies his shield and points towars the shapes "UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH"

Orophin raises his bow and looses the arrow nocked there. It flies in a high arc at the lead of the chasing orcs.

Vardedhel quickly readies a second arrow.

Ashgar binds his shield to his arm and crouches into a defensive posture.

Garumph hears the sound of an arrow hissing past him too close and dives

for the ground. "Elvsies are no good I always say"

Suddenly, to your extreme suprise, arrows come flying from the other dirction as well.

Orophin then knocks another arrow and runs to Glynnis's now prone form.

The hooded figure - his golden eyes blazing - lets out a high-pitched whisle and watches several grey-feathered arrows rain on the approachign yrch. Wolfe then emerges from the rockface and fires his own arrow, before quickly ducking beneath the rocks.

Goblin_Warrior raises his shield and lowers his stance,"UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH" he yells to the Uruks around him,"UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH" The Warrior raises his scimitar over hiead,"UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH"....

Grosknabr looks to find the largest body he can hide behind as his lack of a hand prevents him from wielding a shield. He finds none, so begins a heated charge towards the elves, hsi pick twirling, resigned to his fate

Arehir fires off his first shaft, then turns and signals for the second volley. Another storm of arrows arcs toward the yrch.

Garumph rolls agoin as several more bolts come flying from the other direction. He grunts as onw knicks his side.

Vardedhel curses, " Wide!'

Erinstar arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
Erinstar has arrived.

In the shadows near the rim of the dale, several archers suddenly let loose their arrows and suddenly the western edge of the dale is showered in missle fire as the volley completes it's flight.

Zoom has arrived.

Erinstar suddenly appears from the direction of the gates and begins pounding at the orcs from behind.

Glynnis struggles to her knees, forehead still on the ground, breathing quick and heavy.

Garumph growls and roars, getting to his feet and charging towards the elves.

Glendor floolws closely behind Orophin, running toward Glynnis. He is about to overtake the knight, so lightning-fast is his dash forward.

Marlazch hears an arrow hissing past her ear. She ducks behind a dead corpse and fends off an ugly, yet tasty looking elf.

Glynnis says in Sindarin, "No...ther are more...coming. Run."

Ashgar reaches for his blade as he screams, "UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH" He ducks beneath his shield as an arrow *pings* into it.

Ashgar pulls SLICER The Goblin Defender free from its sheath with a hiss of metal on ice...the blade glistens as it is revealed in the reflective light.

Wolfe's whistle echoes over the dale again a mere moment before another hail of arrows arc towards the approaching yrch. He then nocks his own and seeing the one-handed orc quickly descending on his troops, releases the arrow towards the orch.

Grosknabr trips on a log as he charges, and falls flat on his face. He lays down on the ground moaning at his continued misfortune. He attempts to get up, but stays down, for fear of the arrows whizzing by.

Orophin reaches Glynnis after a short run across the open ground. Without checking on her, he fires his arrow at the orcs then quickly slings the bow across his back and prepares to pick her up in a 'fire-man's' carry.

Zoom crouches to avoid the arrows and draws her black blade from its sheath. A feral growl issues from her dark throat

Marlazch craws along the ground like an animal staying low as possible...

Garumph begins to swing his Maul in dizzying circles. " Kill the elfies. Drink their blood!"

After only seconds, another salvo of arrows arcs toward the persuers from the high outcropping.

Glynnis says, " Tell them...fall back..Go. Run!"

Marlazch manages to catch an elf slighty offgaurd..

Glendor leaps forward, covering the distance which separated him from Glynnis, and kneels besides her, shouting to Orophin, " I'll carry her!"

Glynnis looks up at Orophin, eyes glassy, almost unseeing.

Vardedhel raises his bow indefence.

Slinging his bow over his shoulder, the hooded figure emerges in front of a rock cropping. Moonlight dances across his blade. He quickly waves the sword towards the yrch descending upon his party.

Ammon snarls and goes low loping along almost on all fours hammer gripped tightly in his hands "UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH" the hobgoblin shouts into the air "UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH" the hobgoblin laughs savagly spittle runs from his moputh as battle lust takes him.

Marlazch approaches vardedhel and raises her scimitar. "Die you light dwelling filth...

Marlazch attacks Vardedhel with her Scimitar, but she misses by a hair.

Erinstar frowns as the elves have no chance to retreat...they need time. Just enough to get them away safely. A diversion.

Vardedhel leaps back.
Vardedhel cries out...

              O Elbereth Gilthoniel    Oh Elbereth who lit the stars
               o menel palandiriel,    from the heavens gazing afar,
         le nallon si di-nguruthos!    to thee I cry from under death-horror!
              A tiro nin, Fanuilos!    Watch over me, Fanuilos!
Glendor begins to pull Glynnis onto his shoulders.

Zoom lumbers in behind Ammonswining her black blade.

Grosknabr finally gets up, as an orc passes in front of him, his body shielded from the arrows. Unfortunately, the uruk before him is quickly slain by an arrow, and falls back onto grosknabr's pick. He goes down again as he attempts to dislodge his pick from the dead uruk. At last suceeding, but far behind most of the pursuers, he charges, this time more confident, since the arrows are falling short of him

Marlazch grits her teeth at the loss of fresh orc meat "They quicker than I thought" she thinks to herself.

Garumph roars as he follow the Uruks to the attack, then...

The Goblin Warrior quickly stops his advance as the hail of arrows block him from continueing his persuit of the TreeSwinger..He holds his shield high as the arrows pepper the ground around him, and one bounces off his last, one finds its mark, and sinks into the Goblins right thigh with a resounding*THUD*..THe warrior drops to one knee and snarls and growls at the pain...

As the yrch continue on and get closer to the main elvish host, the archers on the outcropping cease their volleying. Harsh orders ring out, and blades or fell spears are readied, and the squad rapidly descends into the frey.

Vardedhel beans the orc with his bow, but the yew just boucnes off her skull.

Glynnis gasps in pain as Glendor manuevers her over his shoulders. " No! There are too!"

Arehir leads the charge of the flank squad at the side of the orcs' line of charge. He cries out as he runs, " Forward! For the Lady, and Our Protector!"

Marlazch stumbles but regains her stance after the blow of an arrow. She moves away slightly..

Ashgar chants from behind the line of skirmish,
The host gathers both power and might to meet in battle,
The speckled swords of the enemy resound
Against the graven shields of the Thrakburzum
My tribe will lose many of their brothers on this night.
Heads and severed limbs will litter the battleground.
Though the enemy will be cut down
Like grass on the plains
Their death will be the harvest of keeness and valor.

The enemy will be vanquished.
In death they will lie
Beside their broken blades and split shields.
I will fear the Balrog
As long as life remains.

I am Ashgar!
Victory has uncoiled the springs of my song
For death will sever the history of my enemy.
I will yeild up my body to the battle-fate.

Orophin looks to Glendor as he lifts Gynnis's body, " Go! Go! Do not wait for us...get to the horse!"

Grosknabr stops, too far behind to be a factor any more. He looks around warily, and hoping to regain some honour, brains a dead uruk, saving some skull and blood to pass off as elvish. At last satisfied he has enough of his "enemies" blood on him, he begins a slow jog towards the sounds of battle.

Garumph charges into the fray, charged by the shaman's chant, screaming of blood.

Glendor stands up with Glynnis lying on his shoulders, forcing himself to ignore her moans, no time to be gentle, " I will run, but not without you!" He turns around to run back toward the rows of archers.

Ammon frowns amidst the battle and looks back towards the gate "UNINTELLIGIBLE SPEECH" the hobgolin raises his hammer into the night air, his black hair pulled loose from its tail whips around the hobgolins face his crimson orbs glow with hatred.

Erinstar picks off an unsuspecting orc from behind as he lands an arrow between its shoulders.

Ashgar raises his grim blade hiagh overhead and charges forward, seeking an opening in the fray.

Goblin_Warrior quickly jum: leaps to his feet, and ignoring the pain of the arrow sticking from his leg, runs towards the two Tree huggers trying to rescue the prisoner...

Stepping into the chaos around the fallen Protector, Wolfe swings his blade wildly in a large arc, clearing the way for Glendor to run through. A sudden jolt of pain seizes his right shoulder and he spins deftly away ...

As Glendor moves for the horse, Orophin draws his ancient blade, the runes lighting instantly in a dark blue glow.

Orophin quickly draws his longsword.

Zoom follows in close behind the Goblin-Warrior intent on some pointy ears. She is oblivious to the arrow lodged deep into her left shoulder, swinging the blade held in her right claw vigirously.

Ammon sees the prisoner and a grins crosses the hobgoblins face, he begins to run in a sprint towards his captive, desperation plays in his eyes as he brings up his black hafted weapon...drool clings to his jaw and a low growl builds in his chest

Marlazch raises her scimitar and chases after the escaping prisoner in agony from the pain of her last blow. "They must not escape!!!!!!!!"

the squad of archers now reachs Orophin and Wolfe, and fall into a ragged line with them, swords and spears at the ready.

Erinstar reloads his bow and targets Goblin Warrior as he assaults the rescue team. Taking a second to aim, he lets the arrow fly through the night with a fwish.

Glendor runs back, toward other Elves, and straight for the horse waiting for them behind elven lines, but his run is alot slower than his rapid dash forward was, wit hthe weight he's carrying

Garumph eyes fall upon the prisoner and her rescuers who he charges, swinging his maul.

Goblin_Warrior slices an elf in twain with one blow of his scimitar as he charges towards the Staff wielding TreeHugger trying to escape with the prisoner...THe Warrior is quickly gaining ground and will reach them before they reach the back row of archers....

Wolfe quickly and confidently unsheathes his longsword. Light dances on the blade as it clears its scabbard.

Elendir steps away from the party.
Elendir has arrived.

Zoom stops by the elf stalin by the Goblin Warrior and deftly slices his pointy ears from his unseeing head holding them high and howling triumphantly.

Garumph brings his maul up into the light, ready to fight.

Arehir draws his gleaming blade and stands aline with Orophin, ready for the assault.

Vardedhel says in Sindarin, "Someone let me borrow a sword"

Glendor is almost half-way between Orophin and Arehir, who are falling behind to cover the escape, and the lines of archers.

Grosknabr is hit by the most brilliant insight of his life, that being the concept that fetching reinforcements will not lose him face. He grins as he runs from danger, and to moria, to perhaps get some miners and beat the war drums. Having the interests of moria at heart, he decides to actually run fast this time
Grosknabr travels west up the rough and winding path towards the base of the Silvertine, and the shallow cave visible there.
Grosknabr has left.

Erinstar stands forbiddingly in Gros' path, blocking the way to the gates as he holds position behind the orcs.

Vardedhel picks up a Longsword.
Vardedhel flips his cloak aside and draws bright Gaileg from his scabbard with a metallic hiss.

Grosknabr arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
Grosknabr has arrived.

Goblin_Warrior tugs a crescent blade with a hiss from the sheath on his hip.

Erinstar stands forbiddingly in Gros' path, blocking the way to the gates as he holds position behind the orcs.

From the south near where the silverload comes from, a tall shadow comes.

Vardedhel tosses his bow of yew aside and takes a readies stance.

Garumph wields Goblin Maul.

Marlazch brings her scimitar out from her belt with vibration swiftness

Ammon roars as he closes with the elves, the Hobgoblin seems intent on one elf and his eyes like those of a hunting dog seem focused on but one thing..

Ammon pulls the hammer loose from the harness across his shoulders and holds it in a loose grip in his hands the runes on the weapon seem to shine for a moment.

Erinstar lets an arrow fly at Gros as he runs towards him.

Vardedhel makes a feint to the left.

Grosknabr's face blanches in shock at resistance. Already running quickly, he spins his pick rapidly, hoping for a brain-n-run without resistance, so he can continue with his self appointed task

Arehir turns quickly, and sees Vardedhel coming to the line. Without a word, he hands him his own blade, then hurries back from the line to order the archers.
Arehir unshoulders Cunaur and deftly strings it for use.

Erinstar launches an arrow...
Erinstar's bowshot hits Grosknabr, moderately wounding him.

Orophin plants himself in a defensive stance to stop the oncoming yrch and allow the Protector to escape.

Vardedhel tries to slip in under the Goblin's sheild and sab his belly.
Vardedhel attacks Goblin_Warrior with his Longsword, but he misses by a mile.

Arehir falls back to the side of the hand-to-hand melee, and orders the archers to intercept any yrch passing through. He stands at the ready with his own bow.

Marlazch brings her scimitar towards the the tree hugger protecting the prisoner.

Grosknabr grins and laughs as erinstars arrow thunks in to the shoulder of his unusable arm. He begins to froth, and his damaged ear twitches with unatural battle glee. He continues his charge towards moria, and prepares to hit erinstar in the head, all the while leaving his entire body exposed

Marlazch attacks Orophin with her Scimitar, but she misses by a handspan.

Glendor runs up the slope of a small hill. The ground is rugged and peppered with rocks, forcing him to run slower. His long golden hair skick to his forehead, and he is gasping for air. But the distance between him and the horce is getting shorter wit hevery step

Erinstar *must* hold his position if the elves are to survive...the orcs must not bring reinforcements...

Orophin calls out as the yrch approach, " Archers...Keep an eye on that cave!"

Wolfe's eyes widen as he sneers at the approaching orch, whose fangs sicken him. The moonlight dances off his blade as he quickly readies for the attack.

Ammon runs towards the elf his hammer held chest high, as he nears his foe the hobgoblins face lights with evil glee skin pulled back from his lips fangs exposed, he brings his hammer up in a short hard arc for the elves gut.

Vardedhel skips back out of the reach ofthe Goblin warrior...

Ammon attacks Wolfe with his War Hammer and moderately wounds him!

Grosknabr attacks Erinstar with his War Hammer and severely wounds him!

Erinstar's bow is knocked out of his hand!

Goblin_Warrior watches as the treehugger swings a wild blow, the Goblin Stands back and squares off with the attacker and waves his scimitar in the air looking for an opening, seeing what he needs, the Warrior Charges forward and thrusts his blade at the Elf.

Orophin quickly dances to the side of Marlazch's clumsy swing. With little effort, he twists his own blade and swings in towards her shoulder. The glowing runes on the blade cut an arc of brightening blue light through the night air.

Goblin_Warrior attacks Vardedhel with his Scimitar, but he misses by a mile.

Garumph roars towards the tall elf blocking the way and rushes his hammer down.

Orophin attacks Marlazch with his Longsword and badly wounds her!

Garumph attacks Orophin with his War Hammer, but he misses by a long shot.

Arehir immediately sends a detachment of archers toward the cave entrance.

Ashgar runs toward the tall elf with the Mithril helm (Oro) his blade held to the side ready to slash as he sprints in keeping a warry eye on the longsword in the warrior's hands

Ashgar attacks Orophin with his Scimitar, but he misses by an arm's length.

Erinstar's outstretched arm gets pounded by the blow, sending his bow flying. He cries out in pain.

Vardedhel parries and cuts to get the Goblin with a backhand slash...
Vardedhel attacks Goblin_Warrior with his Longsword, but he misses by a mile.

A short cry of pain comes from Wolfe as the war hammer smashes against his armor. He immediately draws up his blade and arcs it towards the golbin.

Garumph swing is easily avoided and he grunts as he rushes to the side, preparing to bring the hammer down again.

Wolfe attacks Ammon with his Longsword, but he misses by a mile.

Marlazch falls to the ground trying to hold back the hot green blood spewing from her shoulder. She begins to howl out in agony..

Seeing his brother across the din of battle, Arehir begins sprinting back around to the outcropping, trying to provide bow support.

Orophin follows through on his swing by twisting to the side and evading the other two strikes against him. Quickly recovering his balance, his blade swings out viciously, cutting ever brighter arcs through the night as the magic glow increases to a blinding white light.
Orophin attacks Garumph with his Longsword and badly wounds him!

Vardedhel circles.

Glendor reaches the row of Elven archers, which let him pass and quickly move closer again behind him. He stands near the horse, breathing heavilly, " Can you climb the horse from my shoulders?"

Marlazch regains her strength through firey anger and raises her scimitar to the elf again.
Marlazch attacks Orophin with her Scimitar, but she misses by an arm's length.

Ammon steps inside the elves swing, and drops his grip on his hammer allowing the head to slide down to his fist, with a savage grin the hobgoblin brings his hammer forward top first like a battering ram, aimed for the elves midsection.
Ammon attacks Wolfe with his War Hammer and badly wounds him!

Garumph screams out in a sound both of rage and agony. His eyes are glowing a deadly, sickly yellow as he swings his maul again.

Ralindyl arrives from the skies above.
Ralindyl has arrived.

Erinstar's cry of pain turns into a cry of anger as he picks up his bow with his uninjured arm and somehow manages to launch another arrow!

Garumph attacks Orophin with his War Hammer, but he misses by a mile.

Without pausing for even an instant, Orophin continues in his deadly dance, withdrawing his blade and spinning to attack the third orc. The ancient steel whistles as it's arc bites into the beast's shoulder.

Glynnis reaches out, grasping the pommel with her good hand. She throws her other arm over the back of the horse. " Tell them to run...we must retreat.."

The young squire which was holding the horse helps Glynnis up onto horseback

Ralindyl drops lower, still high above the valley. Slowly he circles watching the fray with his brown eyes.

Goblin_Warrior swirls around to remain facing the skinny elf before him, he ignores his safety, and dives forward slashing with his scimitar, his feet gtwist and grind on the ground with the force of his attack....

Erinstar lets loose his arrow at the orc as it passes him, heading toward the cave.
Erinstar picks up a Longbow.
Erinstar wields Erinstar's longbow.

Goblin_Warrior attacks Vardedhel with his Scimitar and lightly wounds him!

Erinstar launches an arrow...
Erinstar's arrow flies wide, doing no harm.

Glynnis manages to swing a leg over and rests against the neck of the horse, still muttering, " Run.."

Ashgar steps aside as the elf advances on Garumph. Now standing to his enemy's side, he turns his blade flat toward bony elbow, and steps forward to strike a deep thrust into the elf's lower abdomen.
Ashgar attacks Orophin with his Scimitar, but he misses by an arm's length.

Vardedhel sucks in air as the blade cuts his thigh.

Garumph swing is once again too clumsy and is easily avoided. Garumph frowns as he hears an arrow fly past his head.

Orophin attacks Ashgar with his Longsword and moderately wounds him!

Arehir finally comes to position along the outcropping,and looses an arrow at the orc running for the gate!

Glynnis climbs on Airawende's back.
Glynnis has left.

Vardedhel breaks to one side then pivots, bringing the sword down with two hands.
Vardedhel attacks Goblin_Warrior with his Longsword and mildly wounds him!

Arehir launches an arrow...
Arehir's arrow flies wide, doing no harm.

Grosknabr stops, as the arrow whizzes past him, confused by the blocked cave entrance, now that battle has overtaken him. The weakened elf erinstar looks too easy to kill, so he charges, frothing, and dripping a trail of blood towards the main battle

Glendor jumps up into the saddle, and lets out a yell, " She is safe! Retreat!"

Wolfe falls to the forest floor after trying to spin away from the goblin's attack. Blood lines the left of side of his cloak as he hurriedly drags himself up and steps back several paces. His counterattack is a simple thrust towards the goblin's sickening fangs.
Wolfe attacks Ammon with his Longsword, but he misses by a long shot.

Garumph growls, spittle foaming on his chin, and brings his Maul around for another swing.
Garumph attacks Orophin with his War Hammer, but he misses by a long shot.

As the orc changes his direction, and heads back into the frey, Arehir looses another shaft from the outcropping above.

Goblin_Warrior laughs as the Elves scream in Sindarin," THats right run Cowards!..." he returns in broken speah...Just then the Warrior is struck with the Elves blow, he snarls as the blade slashes across his armor, leaving a black streak...the Warrior hisses andswings again for the Elf, this time aiming for the legs of his opponent...
Goblin_Warrior attacks Vardedhel with his Scimitar and lightly wounds him!

Ammon growls and leaps forward, his black skinned face ethched with runes is the essence of evil, he brings his hammer into a overhead swing aimed for the elves legs, the weapon whistles driven by the orcs powerful arms
Ammon attacks Wolfe with his War Hammer and badly wounds him!

Grosknabr pauses again, completely confused by the arrows. Determening arehir to be the source, he charges, but falters, having run out of energy. Then, he recovers after being exposed for a while and continues the frenzied charge

Ashgar leaps back as Orophin's long glowing sword slices into his shoulder, leaveing a nasty gouge along his hairy neck. Black blood seeps from the wound as he crouches into a defensive posture, watching to see where the elf's next move will take him.

Glendor has left.
Glendor climbs on Airawende's back.
You mount Airawende.
You are atop the great Elven steed Airawende, standing in Dimrill Dale.

From Below: Erinstar ignores his extreme pain and fires an arrow towards the orcs attacking the retreating elves.
From Below: Erinstar launches an arrow...
From Below: Erinstar's arrow flies wide, doing no harm.

From Below: Vardedhel gets cut across the calf. His leg buckles as he gasps and dark blood flows from his sliced saphenous vein.

Glendor turns his face away from the battle, and calls out loudly, "Noro lim! Noro lim!" The horse leaps forward, and, jumping over low bushes, runs away faster than wind.

ride south
You take the road south, and descend quickly, running out from between the arms of the dale.

OOC: From now on, the events in the Dimrill Dale are prefixed by In the Dale: because I'm not there and logging 2 RPs at once.

In the Dale: Orophin dances about quickly and acurately. Miraculously avoiding the blows aimed for him, he again sweeps out with his blade toward Marlazch in an attempt to finish what he started with his first blow. This strike aimed for her other shoulder, however.

The Silverlode Source
Here to the side of the abandoned road you follow is a deep well of water, clear as crystal, from which a freshet falls over a stone lip and runs glistening and gurgling down a steep rocky channel to the south. The road seems to parallel the stream for some distance... as your eyes follow the streams path down and to the south, you see that it is gathering waters to itself from many other mountain streams, and becomes a swift river.
The faint track of a long abandoned road contiunes up to the north and down to the south.

In the Dale: Vardedhel switches stance to favor the other leg, then lunges forward with a riposte.
In the Dale: Vardedhel attacks Goblin_Warrior with his Longsword and lightly wounds him!

In the Dale: Arehir launches an arrow...
In the Dale: Arehir's arrow flies wide, doing no harm.

ride south
You continue to follow the faint track south, the Silverlode on your left. The altitude continues to drop, and the Silverlode continues to grow as it gathers mountain streams to itself.

Wooded Vale
In this small level clearing, a large brook plunges over a fall of green-hued stone to the immediate north, and foams down into a small dell at your feet, before continuing its hurried way south. About the pool are fir-trees, short and bent, keeping the company of harts-tounge and shrubs of whortle-berry which cloth the area. To the west, the high promontories of the Misty Mountains range, their peaks shrouded in snow, block any travel in that direction. To the east, the foothills of the mountains blend into a wide hazy plain.

In the Dale: Garumph arcs his Maul around, "Goblins don like dem elfies!" he shouts as he swings the the wounded elf, wondering when he will get hit.

Glynnis murmurs, "They must run..."

In the Dale: Grosknabr screams another cry and bares down on arehir, hoping to hit him in the head as he did erinstar. Unfortunately, this time he lacks the strength to hit the bowman as hard in the head

In the Dale: Marlazch manages to move out of the way with his blade only grazing her.

ride east
You turn to the east, and step, hop, and wade your way across the icy cold Silverlode. You are forced to step into the water for a few feet near the middle of your crossing, but... You reach the far bank without mishap.

Plains aside the Silverlode
To the immediate west, interupted by the icy flow of the river Silverlode, which rushes down from the high valleys of the Misty Mountains to the west and north, you can spy a faint road leading off into a wooded vale. Springing up beyond that vale are the majestic slopes of the Misty Mountains, their grey and red faces turning a stern face towards the east. The peaks are lightly clothed in snow and cloud. The range marches both to the north and south as far as the eye can discern.
The river blocking your further travel westward looks to be easily crossable by using the large boulders situated across the width of the river's path. To the east, an unmaintained road dwindles into the plains. To the north, the plains rise up into the foothills of the mountains, while to the southwest, a path continues along the riverbanks.

In the Dale: Orophin attacks Marlazch with his Longsword and terribly wounds her!

In the Dale: Marlazch attacks Orophin with her Scimitar, but Orophin parries the attack with his Longsword!

In the Dale: Grosknabr attacks Arehir with his War Hammer and lightly wounds him!

In the Dale: Arehir's bow is knocked out of his hand!

In the Dale: Garumph attacks Orophin with his War Hammer, but he misses by a mile.

Glendor rushes the horse forward, quickly replying, "Orophin promised not to wait long"

ride east
You head east down the track. You travel for many, many miles, across the undifferentiated grassy plains, the Misty Mountains slowly receding at your back. After many hours of travel, you top a small bluff, and gaze down into a very broad, very shallow river valley.

Northern Fences of Lorien
The rolling foothills of the northwest come to and end here in this river valley, nestled up against the wide Anduin river to your east, and the sprawling forest to your south. This region is called the Northern Fences of Lorien, for it forms the border to the legendary Golden Wood, whose boughs you could soon be travelling beneath, should you venture any further southward.As you look into the dense forest growth which begins only a few dozen yards into the woods, you recall the legends which bespoke of the fateful one-way journeys creatures of evil intent undertook when they chose to desecrate that realm...

In the Dale: Erinstar cries out in fury as Gros lands a blow on his brother. Raging, he launches an arrow at the orc.

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior growls as the Elfs blade finds its mark and sinks into his chest, returning with the tip covered in black blood...The Warrior seems crazed and enraged as he hacks wildly with his blade trying to chop the TreeSwinger into bits.."DIEZZZ" he yells in a dark and evil accent from under his helm...

OOC: The horse with Glynnis and Glendor crosses into Lorien and reaches the hospital. The descriptions of the rooms in between are edited out.

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior attacks Vardedhel with his Scimitar and moderately wounds him!

In the Dale: Erinstar launches an arrow...
In the Dale: Erinstar's arrow flies wide, doing no harm.

In the Dale: Vardedhel curses back, "Mata ne!"

In the Dale: Striving to step away from the oncoming blow, a loud cry emits from Wolfe as the goblin's blow crashes against his legs. He again falls, his blood-soaked cloak spreading across his figure. Dropping his sword, Wolfe quickly grabs inside a leather pouch exposed on his left pouch and with a surprisingly swift swing, brings a small dagger across the orch's legs. With what little strength he has left, he gathers himself up and rushes forward, away from the creature.

In the Dale: Erinstar's arrow goes wide as he fires in anger...he must calm down.

In the Dale: Vardedhel args as a weak spot in his armor gives way. He stumbles back.

In the Dale: Ralindyl drops quickly lower, keeping quite at he watches the battle, suddenly he swoops downwards, entering the fray with amazing speed as he swoops down, his large talons splayed out below him in a giant rake. His dive levels and heads upwards again, just as he passes above Ammon.

In the Dale: Grosknabr froths into moria, ignoring arrows and elves with no bows. Muttering to himself he disappears, hopefully coming back with reinforcements

In the Dale: Arehir spins with the momentum of the orc's strike, taking a glancing blow, but falling to the ground, bow arcing out of his hand.

In the Dale: Ralindyl attacks Ammon with his Eagle Claws, but he misses by a long shot.

In the Dale: Grosknabr travels west up the rough and winding path towards the base of the Silvertine, and the shallow cave visible there.
In the Dale: Grosknabr has left.

Glendor directs the horse straight into the green wall of dense growth, and she passes through some invisible path.

In the Dale: Marlazch falls to the ground half dead...her breaths ceasing to exist.

In the Dale: Vardedhel lunges forward without waiting to feel his wound, giving a high, wild slash.
In the Dale: Vardedhel attacks Goblin_Warrior with his Longsword, but he misses by a mile.

In the Dale: Ammon begins to chase the wounded elf as the great winged shape comes over head..just ducking under the mighty talons, a scream of terror comes from the shocked lips he throws his hammer upward hoping to strike the bird.
In the Dale: Ammon attacks Ralindyl with his War Hammer and lightly wounds him!

In the Dale: Erinstar shouts loudly to the other elves, " Get outta here! NOW!"

In the Dale: Arehir regains his wits, and craws quickly to his bow. He stands and sees the orc run into the gates.
In the Dale: Arehir picks up a Longbow.
In the Dale: Arehir unshoulders Cunaur and deftly strings it for use.

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior leaps forward ignoring the wild attack by the TreeLover, he snarls and growls from under his mettal helm, and plunges his curved cresent blade down hard at the Elf...
In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior attacks Vardedhel with his Scimitar and moderately wounds him!

In the Dale: Vardedhel drops to his knees!

In the Dale: Arehir runs wildly back along the line of fighting, crying, " Galadhrim! We must retreat! They have gained the gates and may bring reinforcements! We must fall back!"

In the Dale: Ralindyl skwaks loudly as the swung hammer connects his his extended right leg, banking sharply as he rises he dives back towards the orc that wounded him, a loud screach coming from his beak to echo through the dale.
In the Dale: Ralindyl attacks Ammon with his Eagle Claws and lightly wounds him!

In the Dale: Wolfe raises his hands towards the archery line, trying to will his way to safety as he feels the goblin's hot pursuit. His breathing is heavy and his cries of pain frequent as he continues onward.

In the Dale: Grosknabr arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
In the Dale: Grosknabr has arrived.

In the Dale: In an attempt to give the hard pressed elves in the melee some time to run he lights a bag of oil, creating a bright flare of light and tosses it into the middle of the orcs.

In the Dale: Vardedhel blows blood from his nose and stabs upwards trying to get under the sheild and into the belly...
In the Dale: Vardedhel attacks Goblin_Warrior with his Longsword, but he misses by a long shot.

Everywhere you look, the thickets surround you. You can barely see the sky and the treetops above. Even the usual forest noises are quieter here, as if the dense growth does not let the sound pass. The darkness lays heavy here, as even the brightest sun cannot reach through the layers and layers of leaves and branches. The air around you is moist and still, and you can almost feel it giving way as you move. A narrow path is cut through the thickets here, going nearly straight to the Southeast, in the direction of Cerin Amroth. This is just as well, because when you try to peek through the bushes on both sides of the path, you just cannot see any way at all. The sprawling of tangled shrubs makes any path equally difficult. You can try to leave the path and scramble through the thickets in any direction, perhaps, and just hope that one of them leads you to some place you can find your way from.
Your keen elven eyes spot a slight gap in the green walls of the thickets, the tangled branches look just a bit sparser there. As one of the Galadhrim, you remember that the 'Field Hospital' is set up somewhere here, and guess that this might be the entrance of the hidden path which leads there. The entrance is so well hidden that those not of the Galadhrim would have a hard time finding it, but you can 'show' it to them if you wish.

In the Dale: Hearing the drums calling for reinforcements, Ashgar rallys himself and striks at the elf again with fresh vigor. His blade no held high to the right traces a gleaming arc downward toward the elf's knees.
In the Dale: Ashgar furiously attacks Orophin with his Scimitar and mildly wounds him!

In the Dale: Away in the distant east a strong call can be heard. It is a signal for the elves of some sort.

You dismount Airawende.

In the Dale: Ammon attacks Ralindyl with his War Hammer and lightly wounds him!

In the Dale: Vardedhel scrambles up and begins a fighting withdrawl.

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior leaves no chance or room for mercy, he slashes hard at his foe, and trys to cut him down ," Youz earz willz lookz goodz aroundz miz necK!" he yells...

In the Dale: Far away in Moria, the drums are heard to be echoing ominously. The orcs get renewed confidence in some cases, but also can't help wonder whether or not grosknabr was coherent or smart enough to get more that 2 or 3 uruks as reinforcements

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior attacks Vardedhel with his Scimitar, but he misses by a mile.

Glynnis jumps down from Airawende's back.
Glynnis has arrived.

In the Dale: Erinstar gives a mighty cry as he tries to bring the orcs' attention back in his direction, he fires off another arrow.

In the Dale: Vardedhel slashes back quickly in return.
In the Dale: Vardedhel attacks Goblin_Warrior with his Longsword, but he misses by an arm's length.

You hear a faint gurgling sound, perhaps of the water flowing. The sound seems to be coming from somewhere in the Southeast.

Glendor lets Glynnis fall on his shoulders, and carries her away from the horse, vanishing in the dense thickets.

You push your way through the small gap in the thickets. Beyond the gap, a small stream is seen with only a single rope crossing it. Your keen eyes, though, easily spot the two camoflaged guide ropes crossing the stream above and on either side of the single rope. With the assistance of the guide ropes, you cross the small stream easily.

Field Hospital
You are in a small clearing cut into the thickets. All about you, the bushes and trees grow thick and unwavering, blocking out most of the sunlight and dimming the atmosphere. Dispite the lack of sunlight or moonlight, the clearing gives of a calm, quiet, secure feeling. Here is where the Cuigrithweg have made their Field Hospital. Several woven mats are laid about on the ground in neat rows and a pair of small chests rest at the north side of the Hospital. High above the mats, a large tarp is strung to provide some shelter on the off chance that it should rain. On the south side of the clearing, a small stream runs by the Hospital. It also serves as the only entrance and exit.

In the Dale: Erinstar launches an arrow...
In the Dale: Erinstar's arrow flies wide, doing no harm.

In the Dale: Arehir runs back into the line of archers, and tries to organize bow support as the elves try to disengage.

In the Dale: Orophin's blade darts quickly up to deflect Marl's weak attack as he dances under Garumph's swing. Unfortunately for him, Ashgar's strike is not completely avoided and glances off the lower edges of his armor taking a small bite in his leg. In retaliation, Orophin levels the ancient moon blade in a horizontal strike for the orc's midsection.
In the Dale: Orophin attacks Ashgar with his Longsword and lightly wounds him!

In the Dale: Ammon roars as the razor sharp talon digs a furrow into his cheek, pain and shock paint the hobgoblins face as blood begins to flow, with a desperate swing he attempts to drive the bird off.

Glendor quickly lays Glynnis on a low cot, but his movements are alot more gentle now than they were in the midst of the battle.

In the Dale: The Goblin seems enraged and hacks again this time ain=ming for the Elfs neck," I willz cut off youz head!' he barks and attacks again harder than before..
In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior attacks Vardedhel with his Scimitar and moderately wounds him!

In the Dale: The flames on the bag of oil finally leak through the coarse material and reach the oil, creating a rather large flaming explosion in the midst of the orcs.

In the Dale: Ralindyl screahes loudly as the hammer slams again into his leg, a cut appear on the scaley skin of his legs, blood running down onto the orc below as he passes by. Climbing he swings back, heading towards the orc with his raking patter once again.

Glynnis' eyes are half-closed, and she trembles uncontrollably, her breath coming in sharp gasps.

In the Dale: Ralindyl attacks Ammon with his Eagle Claws, but Ammon parries the attack with his shield!

In the Dale: You hear a and Vardedhel's shoulder droops. He cries out, and scrambles back towards the Elven line.

In the Dale: Orophin calls out to the fighting elves, " Fall back mellyn! The Protector's safe! Regroup and head south!"

In the Dale: Arehir rallies the archers in support of the elvin swordsmen.

In the Dale: Ammon raises his shield, and the talons ring off the metal..with a blood covered grin the orc leaps up trying to land a blow on the great birds leg.."Get away you flying worm..before I got to kill ye..!"

A beaten, bloodied figure. A tunic, frayed and mottled with dark stains (especially along the left side) covers a slender, bowed form. Torn leggings and scuffed boots with varied stains on them hide any leg wounds from your view. The tattered remains of a grey cloak cover the figure, making it hard to see unless it moves suddenly. The person's arms, which are bare, are a mass of welts and bruises, the wrists rubbed raw and horribly bruised yet still shackled together, the upper arms scraped deeply in long, thin lines. Long, tangled hair is matted with dried blood and snarls, hanging in thick ringlets in front of a greenish-yellow face. When it turns its head you realize that the creature is apparently not that color, for the other side is pale, meaning the left side must be covered with healing bruises. Though you cannot well make out the face, the two eyes that do burn from the curtain of hair that hides the rest of its features make you shudder. They are the eyes of a trapped animal, haunted and full of desperation. As it moves a hand to its head, you notice it is wrapped with a disgusting leather strap, soaked in blood.

In the Dale: Ammon attacks Ralindyl with his War Hammer and lightly wounds him!

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior prepares to hack the Elf to bits, when the oil explodes near him*BOOM!* the goblin is knocked aside in a flash of light...the Warrior rolls to the side and dosnt seem to move....

In the Dale: Vardedhel keeps his sword raised to parry any blow while he cradles his left arm.

In the Dale: Far away in Moria, war cries can be heard as the mines ready for war. At least part of the mines that is, because as the sounds come closer, it appears grosknabr could only manage to get one ore two crews battle ready. Unfortunately for the elves, the sounds are getting closer very quickly...

In the Dale: His weak run quickly turning into a desparation fast walk, Wolfe stumbles against a rock, causing his longsword to fly from his hands. Quickly picking up the blade and sheathing it, he peers back towards the fighting and looks with obvious envy at the eagle. He mumbles something under his breath as he gazes at the eagle and then continues his slow retreat to the south.

In the Dale: Vardedhel turns his head to avoid being blinded. Seeing his chance, he makes a dash for safety.

In the Dale: Wolfe takes the abandoned road south, down out of the dale.
In the Dale: Wolfe has left.

In the Dale: Ralindyl screeches as the hammer connects yet again. This time he climbs higher to look at the retreating elves, ensuring its progress. Banking back he eyes Ammon on the ground his beak snapping in anger.

In the Dale: Vardedhel tosses Arehir his sword and he runs by him.

In the Dale: Erinstar fires off an arrow to cover the retreat and makes a break for it himself, his diversion seemed to have worked.

In the Dale: Arehir picks up a Longsword.

In the Dale: Arehir flips his cloak aside and draws bright Gaileg from his scabbard with a metallic hiss.

In the Dale: Erinstar launches an arrow...
In the Dale: Erinstar's bowshot hits Marlazch, fatally wounding her.

In the Dale: Orophin looks about as he fights, risking quick glances to see where his men are.

In the Dale: Vardedhel dodges aside Goblin_Warrior, and manages to escape!
In the Dale: Vardedhel takes the abandoned road south, down out of the dale.
In the Dale: Vardedhel has left.

In the Dale: Garumph snarls as he brings the maul around for another swing. Suddenly he is sprayed with fiery oil. "curse the elfies!"

In the Dale: Feet can be heard pounding, as the miners in Moria scramble for elvish blood. it is only a matter of time before those near the exit are overwhelmed...unless they run away like the cowardish dogs they are

In the Dale: Erinstar tears down the road.

In the Dale: Arehir grabs the hilts of gaileg as Vard runs by. He turns then to face any yrch coming on, but slow continues his retreat.

In the Dale: Erinstar takes the abandoned road south, down out of the dale.
In the Dale: Erinstar has left.

In the Dale: Ashgar attacks Orophin with his Scimitar, but he misses by a long shot.

In the Dale: Ashgar is forces aside as the sword pounds into his side with a clash and a shower of sparks. He glances down at the tear in his mail, ignoring the pain, and hops forward again, his blade now turned backhand for another slice at the knees.

Glendor motions to the nearby apprentices, and in a few moments they come with few blankets, and a pot of warm water, evidently kept on the fire while the hospital staff waited

Telion crosses the stream assisted by the nearby apprentice.
Telion has arrived.

Glynnis lies on one of the pallets, shivering as apprentices cover her with blankets.

In the Dale: Yikes! An arrow!
In the Dale: Whew...the arrow flies wide, doing no harm.

Telion kneels beside her but out of the way of people's movement, "What has happened?"

In the Dale: Garumph is suddenly brought out of his daze by an arrow thunking into the ground near his face. He rises to attack once again.

In the Dale: The first of the advancing miners appears at the entrance to moria, led by a triumphant but pale Grosknabr, who is herding them to battle as a shepherd would sheep.

In the Dale: Orophin dances aside from Ash's swing and instead of retaliating, he rolls to the side and then leaps backwards out of the fray.

Glendor is kneeling at Glynnis's side, carefully washing the blood and dirt off her body. He drops quickly to Telion without looking away, "She ran from the black gate. We waited for her there."

In the Dale: Orophin stands now many feet away from his attackers and surveys the scene quickly looking for his men.

In the Dale: Ralindyl swoops downwards, his eyes studying the valley in looking for anyone in need.

Telion looks with sympathy down at her, "Will she be alright? May I attend her?"

In the Dale: Marlazch binks the blood dripping in her eyes as she stares faintly at a blurry uruk above her.

Glynnis flinches away with a small cry, arm raising to cover her face instinctively.

In the Dale: Grosknabr says something unintelligible.

In the Dale: Zoom crouches over the wounded she-orc sprinkling powders into her wounds in an attempt to staunch the steady flow of oc blood

In the Dale: Arehir continues to back off, but as the yrch press on, he comes to face a horrid looking warrior. With a cry, he arcs his blade toward the yrch's shoulder...

In the Dale: Garumph lowers his head, glaring at the surveying elf. A loud, low rumble issues forth as he begins approaching.

Telion closes his eyes to muster up his calm. he opens his eyes again, having returned to serenity, "She will need more help than we few, Glendor."

In the Dale: Arehir attacks Goblin_Warrior with his Longsword and lightly wounds him!

In the Dale: From South, Erinstar +shouts, "out! *He fires off another arrow to cover the remaining elves' retreat*"

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior stands from where the blast blew him back, he raises his scimitar, and seeing an elf not yet retreating, trys to slice him down," Diez intruer!" he yells still half dazed from the fexplosion.
In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior attacks Arehir with his Scimitar and moderately wounds him!

Glendor is slowly uncovering more and more bruises and wounds as he washes away the dry blood, "May be, but for now our skill will have to suffice"

In the Dale: Arehir recoils as the orc's ferocious attack rings off his mail. He staggars back a few steps, and readies for another thrust.

In the Dale: Grosknabr's miners, now revealed to be about 6 or 7, utter shrill war cries, and begins a fevered pursuit at the escaping elves. Grosknabr, this time is in the middle, since being in the back would hurt his image, but shielded by flesh nonetheless

Telion smiles softly at Glendor, "Tell me what to do. It has been a long time." The Loremaster returns to gaze at Glynnis, a shudder of emotion on his face.

In the Dale: Orophin calls out as he runs across the battle field to Arehir, " Mellon! Flee, reinforcments from the cave!"

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior growls as the blow from the Treelover hits him in the shoulder, glancing off his thick armor, and sinking into his shoulder, The warrior awaits the Quindi's second attack...

In the Dale: Ammon begins to run towards the elven warrior who slices down his folk, the hobgoblin now drenched with his own black blood laughs into the night air, hammer held overhead as he approaches, the silver runes etched into his face seem to glow briefly, his eyes are alight with madness

In the Dale: Ralindyl screaches loudly as he banks and makes a pass over the dale, seeing no elves in peril he swings wide and then drops towards the orc he had been attacking before. His claws splayed out, he dives lower than before and as he passes he trys to grasp the orc to lift him off the ground, rising upwards as he passes above the orc.
In the Dale: Ralindyl attacks Ammon with his Eagle Claws, but Ammon parries the attack with his shield!

In the Dale: Ashgar stands and surveys the burning scene around him. His eye glints in the firelight and he begins to sing in a frightful voice as the elves make their retreat.

In the Dale: Garumph chases after the shouting elf, roaring obscenities and swinging his maul.

In the Dale: The Goblin King of Khazad-dum
walked grimly from his royal room,
to lead his troops to elvish doom.
The Morian drums sound Boom-boom-boom,
to war we go, hey-ho!

Under the dark benighted sky,
the troops were led and elves did die,
the elves despair'd none heard their cry!
The Morian drums sound Boom-boom-boom,
to war we go, hey-ho!

The elves returned, with force full strong,
the Uruk horde fought hard and long,
In the end, few heard this song!
The Morian drums sound Boom-boom-boom,
to war we go, hey-ho!

We slunk back to deep dark lairs,
to grow in strength, forget our cares,
till once more we cast our snares!
The Morian drums sound Boom-boom-boom,
to war we go, Hey-ho!

In the Dale: One of Grosknabr's miners trips on a familiar looking log, and the rest of the miners fall with him. They all get up quickly, but several arguments break out in rapid succession as to who is to blame. Finally Grosknabr drives them to another charge, but the elves have run even farther away from them

Glynnis shudders violently, trying to twist away, then sits up with a gasp, eyes fearfully wide, staring. "Get away!"

In the Dale: Ammon spins in suprise the sound of rushing air all that saves him, throwing up his shield the hobgoblin manages to keep his feet as he is struck, as he staggers back, he howls and with fear in his crimson eyes he swings the iron hammer in a reckless crazed swing hoping to connect with the massive bird.

In the Dale: Ammon attacks Ralindyl with his War Hammer and moderately wounds him!

In the Dale: Yikes! An arrow!
In the Dale: Whew...the arrow flies wide, doing no harm.

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior raises his weapon over his head, and shakes it in the darkness," Runz cowardz!" he blurts out at the fleeing yet fast elves..." and Stayz out!@" he barks stomping his foot.

In the Dale: Arehir hold his blade up on the defensive, but looks briefly as Orophin races by and calls to him. He looks back at the orc for a moment, then turns and begins to run with Oro.

Telion says to Glynnis, "Peace be with you, Glynnis. You are home now." Telion angles his voice into calm soft tones.

In the Dale: Garumph is finally overcome by his burning body and collapses, rolling until the fire is extinguished. He doesn't even notice the arrow that nearly hit him.

In the Dale: From South, Erinstar keeps up his steady cover fire as he shouts again, "Run mellyn!"

In the Dale: Orophin is running at full tilt now, he and Arehir all that is left of the elven forces. Several arrows stream into the area to cover them as they run.

In the Dale: Ralindyl screaches loudly as the crack of splintering bone can be heard above the din of combat, climbing steadily upwards he heads southward, his left leg held tightly against his body.

Glynnis grabs Glendor's robes, twisting them in her fists, face twisting into a snarl.

In the Dale: Garumph stays low to the ground, trying to avoid getting shot.

In the Dale: Grosknabr's miners pause and bang their weapons against their shields when it is clear they have run the elves away. They silently grin to each other and begin a walk back to moria

Telion says to Glendor, "Get her something to sedate her with. She is in no condition to be awake while you minister to her."

Glendor finished his, very brief, examination of Glynnis, and shakes his head, "If she lives through the next day, she lives. Send for a smith to break her free from these filthy chains." He makes Glynnis lay back, then stands, and paces the room few times, before returning to the bed.

In the Dale: Orophin takes the abandoned road south, down out of the dale.
In the Dale: Orophin has left.

In the Dale: Elvish War Party takes the abandoned road south, down out of the dale.
In the Dale: Elvish War Party has left.

In the Dale: Arehir takes the abandoned road south, down out of the dale.
In the Dale: Arehir has left.

In the Dale: Ralindyl takes the abandoned road south, down out of the dale.
In the Dale: Ralindyl has left.

In the Dale: Garumph slowly picks himself up off the bloody ground and begins to check his wounds.

Telion Rises off the ground, "Where is the nearest smith from here? If one is not round, I shall bring his tools."

Glynnis lies back, sense slowly coming back into her face, leaving it pale. She blinks a few times in confusion.

In the Dale: Ammon stops as the elves fee and the great bird flies up into the night, he peers around at the warriors and raises his hammer high "Victory is ours.." the hobgoblin roars into the night and begins to trot back towards the mines "Take our wounded.."

Glendor's face is calm, and his expression grave. He shakes his head, "No, she will be awake. Her body was tormented, but not just body. I must now call on the powers of Yavanna to let my spirit touch hers." He sits near the cot again, "Send an apprentice to the city, for a smith"

In the Dale: Grosknabr nods at Ammon's words and grins broadly, walking proudly back towards Moria

In the Dale: Goblin_Warrior stands and watches, to make sure that the infidels do not return...

Glynnis shudders violently.

In the Dale: Garumph glares after the elves as he feels his hurts, then follows the others proudly carrrying his maul in both hands.

Telion nods to one of the elven lads, who's face looks pale and frightened. The boy scampers away in the direction of the city. Telion leans on his staff and begins to chant a soft lullaby ...

In the Dale: Grosknabr stops in the middle of the battlefield and picks up his prize, the chunk of elvish skull he removed from its rightful owner with his pick

In the Dale: Zoom tries helping the badly wounded she-orce to her feet

Rest, rest your head,
The day has newly ended
Rest, rest your head
In Mother's safe care
Rest, rest uor head
The world is slipping by.

In the Dale: Marlazch magically rises to her feet with the help of the orc. She mumbles incoherentlypressing most of her weight upon Zoom.

Glendor leans closer to Glynnis, and begins a slow quiet chant himself, his eyes closed, his face directed to the West. He sways slightly in tact with the melody only he hears.

In the Dale: Garumph shrugs as he watches the struggling Uruk.

Glynnis shudders again, closing her eyes. Slowly, tears begin to trickle from the corners of her eyes, making wet tracks to her temples.

In the Dale: Zoom's leather clothes become immediatly soaked in Marlazch's blood as the lumber arm in arm back towards Moria.

In the Dale: Grosknabr travels west up the rough and winding path towards the base of the Silvertine, and the shallow cave visible there.
In the Dale: Grosknabr has left.

Telion softly hums the melody, but sings no more of the words to he lullaby. His own tears flow down his face, though he keeps his visage calm.

In the Dale: Grosknabr arrives from down the path leading towards the west.
In the Dale: Grosknabr has arrived.
In the Dale: Grosknabr comes back a little while later with several litters
In the Dale: ...and orcs to carry the wounded to shelter

Glendor lays his hands on Glynnis's forehead. His face remains grave, and shows only extreme concentration.

A spark of golden flame flickers momentarily between Glendor's fingers.

Glynnis moans softly, once.

Middle-earth time is:
Nighttime on Trewsday, Day 17 of February, 3011
Real time is: 00:02:15 MST on Sat Mar 29 1997

Telion inclines his head to Glendor, and raises an eyebrow. He keeps his mouth closed.

Glendor's figure is now filled with light, but the shadows around Glynnis lay heavy.

Glendor makes an almost visible effort to send his light through the darkness which envelops Glynnis, the golden flicker arond his hands becomes stronger.

Glynnis moves her head slightly, brows knitting, and her teeth slowly grit.

Nansaidh crosses the stream assisted by the nearby apprentice.
Nansaidh has arrived.

Wolfe has arrived.

Nansaidh rushes in, looking quite distraught.

Telion is standing near Glynnis. Glendor is glowing while extending his hands ovber her. She is on the floor severly wounded.

Nansaidh immediately turns to Glendor, notices he is busy, and pauses, standing near him.

Glendor is kneeling near Glynnis, his hands lay on her head. He's filled with a pure wight light, but the air around him is a violent turmoil of golden flames and dark shadows.

His bloodied hands parting the thickets, Wolfe staggers towards the hospital. His breath is heavy and his pace is slow as he steps painfully slow. He mumbles "Protector .. protector ..." as he stumbles forward. His long cloak has several large dark stains and sticks to the Banneret's armor.

Nansaidh notices Wolfe and moves to help him in.

Extending a hand forward at the approaching Nansaidh, Wolfe's grim expression locks on Nansaidh. "Don't ...." He then mumbles very slowly, obviouly weary, "Where ... protector?"

Nansaidh stops in her tracks and speaks calmly. "Don't what? Who..?" She looks a bit confused.

His bloodied hand sweeping Nansaidh aside, Wolfe staggers forward until he's near Glendor's glowing form. He takes another step forward - nearly falling over while doing so - and gazes at the Protector.

The dance of light and fire around Glendor and Glynnis seems to reflect a struggle on some deeper level, the struggle of wills and spirits. The light in Glendor burns brighter, then almost dies, then flares up again. As he focuses all his remaining strenghts on one purpose, you see the light gathering in one powerful bright beam which pierces the shadows. Both Elves seem to be shrouded by a glowing mist, just for a moment, then it enters Glynnis's body and is absorbed in it. Shadows fall again, abut now they are the usual shadows on the night forest. Glendor has no light left in him to chase tehm away, and slumps heavilly near Glynnis, almost falling himself.

Glynnis sighs softly, face relaxing, then she just stops.

Nansaidh watches, seeming to grow more confused by the moment....and seeming not to know quite what to do...

Glendor, with a last ounce of his strengths, raises his head to look at Wolfe, but lets out a satisfied sigh, seeing the apprentices already taking a good care of him, washing and bandaging his wounds, and covering them with healing ointlents.

Nansaidh turns to Glenor, "What can I do to help?"

Telion gestures to Nansaidh to come stand by him. He offers her a smile. The wear of the ordeal is written on his face too.

Nansaidh notices Telion and moves toward him.

Glendor slowly slides down on the floor, and rolls on his back, his eyes wide open and staring at the sky.

His breathes becoming heavier, Wolfe peers into the Protector's eyes for several moments. Apparently satisfied, he lets the apprentice examine the wounds after staggering forward, and stumbling upon to a mat.

Telion puts an arm around Nansaidh, and gives her a comforting hug, as they watch.

Nansaidh says, "Telion, what were...I...are you allright?"

Telion says softly to her in reply, "I will be fine, Nansaidh. be comforted."

Glynnis lies silent and unmoving, eyes closed.

Nansaidh loosens her posture a bit, seeming relieved. "What were you...I don't want to know, as long as you are allright." She smiles warmly at him, then looks around the room as her smile fades.

Nansaidh looks at Glynnis, then turns to Telion and whispers, "Is she allright?"

Glendor lays motionless for a while, then slowly stirs, and wearily sits up. He looks at Glynnis, then around himself. He reaches for his staff which lies on the ground nearby, and slowly stands up, unsteadily.

Telion says to Nansaidh, "Trust Glendor and his skills."

Nansaidh nods and whispers. "Oh, of course, I do. Of course..."

Glendor makes few unsteady steps, "I cannot give her any more now. She must rest. The apprentices will keep her warm with blankets, and put the ointments on the wounds which are evident. Her spirit is strengthened, and will in time restore her body back to life, as is the way of the firstborn. Do you have a song for her, Telion? She will hear you, even if she appears to be asleep"

Nansaidh looks to telion.

Telion nods, and takes a breath, "Any song?"

Glendor still breathes heavilly, "And I must rest too. Under the golden leaves of mellyrn will I restore my strengths."

Glendor nods, "Any song. Sing of peace, and light" He slowly crosses the clearing, approaching the path cut through the thickets, which leads toward the tall mellyrn of Cerin Amroth.

You approach the river and quickly find the two hidden guide ropes. You cross easily and push your way through the thickets, back onto the path again.


OOC:Glendor's walk takes him eventually to
Beside the River Celebrant, which Men call the Silverlode.
Already wide and gathering into a swift current, the river takes a turn to the south and rolls through some rapids -- quite uncrossable here. Looking only a short way to the east you can make out the beginings of a large wood, it's trees filled with golden leaves, quite unlike the light fir grove you are in now. In the dark of night the river rushes on its way, lending an almost musical ambiance to an otherwise quiet place.

Elvish War Party
Large Elven Army

Galindrion steps away from the party.
Galindrion has arrived.

Gallia says, "Ah, Glendor! It is good to see you!"

Galindrion sees the danger subside and removes his protection to expose his fair hair.
Galindrion comes carefully from amidst the hidden camp. He walks silently, and prepared for whatever lurks in the night.

Glendor walks us along the stream, his steps are weary and unsteady.

Galindrion peers southwards along the Celebrant's path.

Orophin is passing among his troops, the battle worn and road weary elves are sprawled out amongst the trees.

Erinstar moves over to Orophin and says quietly, "Sorry for interfering sir...I know I'm not a member of the order any more but..." he sighs and trails off.

Orophin looks to Erinstar and rests a hand on his shoulder, "Go on mellon."

Glendor looks around, shaking his head, "So many wounds..." He notices Orophin and walks straight to him, "Orophin... We made it. Glynnis is in the hospital. I tended to her, as well as I could."

Erinstar says, " one ever noticed when I did anything right before. Especially Glynnis. That was my chance and I took it...I hope I didn't mess anything up too badly."

Glendor glances at Erinstar, "You were hard to notice today. But your arrows were not. Your guise served you well"

Orophin smiles and pats Erin's shoulder with a laugh, "On the contrary, you may have saved the day with your distraction..." He trails off and looks to Glendor as he approaches and speaks. At last he laughs again, "Indeed, then we are victorious. Tell me, how is she?"

Galindrion has left.
Galindrion takes his place amongst the elvish travellers.

Erinstar says, "I assume she sleeps for now?"
Erinstar says this to Glendor.

Glendor turns to Orophin, and lifts his pale face to him, his eyes, usually gray, are now almost black, "I gave her all I could. She is asleep."

Erinstar nods, "Well, if there is nothing else I can do here, I'd better get going and do what I came out here to do."

Orophin nods to Glendor, "Knowing you mellon, that was more than enough." He then looks to Erinstar, "...what you came to do? What's that mellon?"

Erinstar says, "Namarie, mellyn" he waves to his comrades and then salutes to Oro as well, "Goodbye sir.""
Erinstar says, "To escort Gallia to Amon Thranduil."

Orophin scratches his chin, "Indeed, I thought the Minister Aylandi had decided not to send anyone. Has she changed her mind then?"

Erinstar says, "Yes. And since none of the Order were available, they asked me."
Erinstar says, "But I'm afraid Gallia is probably mad at me already for stopping to join the battle. She is porbably anxious to be on our way."

Gallia shrugs. "I am not angry, Erinstar. I understand."

Orophin nods, "I see, then let me not detain you further. Go now with the speed and stealth of Orome."

Erinstar says, "Thank you sir. Luck be with you on your way home."

Glendor drops a small bag from his shoulder, "I took some of my potions with me from the Hospital. Erinstar, Orophin, did someone tend to your injuries already?

Erinstar says, "Yes, sort of. It still aches a bit..."

Glendor moves to Erinstar, "Let me see..."

Orophin can't help but laugh at Glendor's question, "mellon, I return with a mere two scratches....the first dealt me by a boar on the way /to/ the battle."

Erinstar has left.

Orophin follows the river southwards...
Orophin has left.