May 15, 1997

Middle-earth time is:
Nighttime on Hevensday, Day 5 of July, 3011
Real time is: 15:35:08 MST on Thu May 15 1997

Lanaewen sits in the hall, drawing something on a piece of parchment.

Arehir walks quietly in from the porch, and looks about. His face shows remembrance of this place, though he is not of Imladris.

Lanaewen looks up, and smiles.

Lanaewen says in Sindarin, " Mae govannen, mellon."

Few Elves in tattered gray cloaks enter the hall. They keep close together, and look around. They look weary and tired, even though they seem to travel light, carrying almost no bags or packs.

Lanaewen stands, looking curious.

Arehir turns at the voice, and smiles then. He nods ceremoniously, "Mae govennen, lady. I wonder if you might be able to assist our small party?"

Lanaewen cocks her head to one side, and says quietly. "If I am able, surely I shall. Who are you, and what do you require?"

Glendor steps away from the group, and bows his head to the elf-maid. "Mae govannen, Lady. We are travellers from Lothlorien. We come with messages from the Lady to Hir Elrond, and in need of his councel."

Lanaewen puts her hand to her mouth hiding her surprised expression.."Please, follow me..."
Lanaewen walks through the doorway to the north.
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Arehir turns and nods to other elf that steps forward as he speaks. He turns back then to see the response.

You walk through the large door to the north and find yourself in the Hall of Fire.

Hall of Fire
This large hall has no furnishings other than many comfortable chairs. At the northern end is the major source of light, a great hearth that is always burning. On either side of the hearth stands a single carved pillar. The room is decorated gaily with garlands of flowers and greens, both carven and real, adorning the walls and scenting the air.
An especially large and comfortable chair seems to be reserved for Elrond.
Service Cart

Arehir comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Arehir has arrived.

Lanaewen gestures to comfortable places to sit and the trays of food and drink. "Please..sit and make yourselves comfortable, mellyn."

Glendor, Arehir, and the rest of the Elves follow through the halls. Among them is a tall copper-haired elf-maid, and a seasoned warrior in shining helm, but with only one hand.

Lanaewen says, "Is there anything more I can do for your comfort...I shall see what can be done as quickly as possible for your other equest..."

Arehir drops his small pack by one of the chairs, then turns to see if the others need assistance. He smiles again, face warm but slightly haggard, and shakes his head, "I do not think so, lady. Our most gracious thanks for your hosp

Glendor takes a moment to quickly glance around the hall, then turns his face to Lanaewen and replies with a calm smile, "Comfort, kind lady?... Perhaps so. We did not set out of Lorien so foolishly unequipped, but most of our belongings were left to the packs of yrch who ambushed us few days ago on the slopes of Hithaeglir. I'm afraid we have not even a spare cloak, and some of us", he winks at the elf-maid in the group, "take it harder than other"

Lanaewen steps close to the door of the hall, leaning out, and saying something softly in Sindarin to someone on the outside. She steps back in and nods friendily. "I see...Oh my, you must excuse my poor manners, I am unaccustomed to formality."

Aara comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Aara has arrived.

Arehir grimaces slightly as he answers before the other, and turns away to assist the other soldiers with their equipment.

Aara comes in, leading a small group of other elves..."MAe govannen...You called, lady?"

Glendor laughs softly and shakes his head, "Formality? No, no, lady. We can get buy without it." He quickly turns to Aara and greets her with a small bow, "Mae govallen, nellon"

Aara smiles broadly.."I're from the Golden Wood?" she curtsies.

Arehir turns also and nods to the other woman, "Mae govennen."

Glendor nods, "Aye, we are. Have you been there before, or just met our travellers earlier?"

Lanaewen nods. "Aye...Aara, I must go seek help for these travellers..Aye they are." she brushes some red hair from her face. "Sires, I am Ganneldan Lanaewen..I will go seek help for your request...If you need anything, ask of Aara, and she will see to your needs."

Aara smiles most broadly looking over the group as if for faces she will recognize. "I dwelled there for sometime.."

Arehir takes off his tattered and dusty cloak, laying in a small pile under a chair. Dully gleaming armor is revealed, as well as a long blade. He nods as the first lady speaks, and smiles, "Many thanks, lady."

Lanaewen nods, and curtsies, gracefully curtsying and retiring from the hall hurriedly.

Lanaewen walks through the large door to the south.
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Arehir slowly pulls his cowl from his head revealing his streaming silver-purple hair and his sparkling eyes.

Glendor also takes off the dusty travel-beaten cloak. His long golden hair fall in waves on his shoulders. He looks over the party, searching if one of his friends is in more urgent need of some help.

Aara smiles. "Welcome to the House of Elrond, mellyn."

Finishing with his equipment, Arehir turns toward Aara and cocks his head, "Did you indeed dwell in our fair home, lady? I do not think that I recall you," he frowns slightly, "Though my mind is weary."

Glendor bows his head again, "I thank you, lady. It is good to come here at last. Not to mention, we can use a night of rest without having to worry about sudden attack"

Aara smiles. "For a time, aye...but it does not surprise me that I am not rememebered. " She smiles at the other comment. "I can imagine...plese feel at home long as you are here you are safe."

Arehir grimaces slightly at Glendor's comment, but smiles at the lady's reassurance.

Aara looks over the group. "Let me look a bit rough 'round the edges, aye? Should any of you need your health seen to, Our infirmary is not far from this room."

Glendor takes in a full breath of pleasantly chill night air, and again looks around. The words of elven lady make him smile slightly, "I am a healer, mellon." He slaps his forehead, "Arehir, mellon! I don't suppose we cared to tell our names to our hosts! I am Glendor, the Herbmaster of Lorien"

Aara gives a quiet order to a few of the others who came in with her. They scramble about seeing how they are able to help.

Aara smiles. "I am Aara...only a humble house-maid but no less glad that you are here, and no less pleased to meet you.

Arehir nods thanks to the lady, and then begins to walk about until Glendor's outburst. He laughs merrily then and adds, "Aye mellon! We have lost our manners! I am Knight-Corporal Arehir, lady."

Aara laughs. "Please, make yourselves at home...over there on our service cart is food and wine, and shaould you require any more of anything to that effect, I shall fetch it."

Aara says, "Never mind manners when you speak with me."

Lanaewen comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Lanaewen has arrived.

The mood of the Lorien Elves seems to have relaxed, few laughters can be heard in the room.

Arehir bows low, still grinning, "Pleased to have met you, Aara."

Lanaewen reenters. She curtsies again. "I have sent word to the Hir of your arrival."

Aara says, "And you sire."

Aara looks back to the music-smith.

Glendor nods to Lanaewen, "Thank you, Lady. I look forward to meeting him, although I do not know if he will find what I have to say a welcome news."

Arehir nods more solemnly to Lanaewen, "Our thanks." He sighs at Glendor's statement, but walks over toward the table of foods, and looks about.

Lanaewen nods. "These are darkening times...but he will I'm sure be glad at any word from thy lord and Lady.

The one-handed soldier stands then, and with a nod to the ladies, walks slowly over toward Arehir. They talk quietly while sampling some of the foods.

Aara takes up a tray of wines and walks among the group, pouring goblets and such.

Glendor nods to Lanaewen's words, "Aye, they are... but let us not speak of it today. Today at least we are under the stars of your valley"

Arehir and the other soldier, who apparently is his superior, nod thankfully to Aara, and accept glasses of wine.

Lanaewen smiles. "Indeed you are."

Aara smiles, and busies herself around the hall.

Glendor also moves over to the food tables, and picks few grapes from the tray. He savers the taste.

Mirwen comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Mirwen has arrived.

Lanaewen smiles. "Mae govannen Mirwen."

Passing the entrance, Mirwen notices the noise from the Hall and peeks in the see who's there. Spotting her friends Lanaewen and Aara, a smile plays across her face and she lips in. "Mae govannen, mellyn..."

Aara says, "I- Might I ask of you soemthing...Do you know of Laupilin?"

Glendor turns away from the tables with food, which is surrounded by a small band of weatehr-beaten weary Elves, and bows to Mirwen as she enters, "Mae govannen, lady" He turns to Aara, and raises a brow, "You know him? Aye, I meet him often. I heard he might be going to Amon Thanduil for a while, to follow his wife, she is now an ambassador there"

Aara says, "Ah! Aye I know him..a fine fellow."

Eyes flickering from traveller to traveller, Mirwen shuffles close to Lanaewen and Aara. Curiosity settles on her expressive face as she waits patiently for the identity of the visitors to be revealed.

Lanaewen looks to Mirwen, smiling. 'Mirwen, these travellers come from far lorien..."

Aara says, "They were married then? How lovely!"

Glendor steps away from the table, and from his party. "Aye, lady, we come from Lorien with messages for Hir Elrond. I am Glendor, the Herbmaster, and also the historian of the Golden Wood. My friends here are Petra, who is the diplomat, and our warriors, Saren, Arehir, and Taomes." At the mentioning of name Saren a tall elf in shining helm and with only one hand bows slightly.

Mirwen's eyes widen slightly and she greets the gathering with a respectful nod. "Hail to thee, travellers. Welcome to our Home," she says softly, blushing slightly at Saren's bow.

Lanaewen smiles absently, thinking in something just said and of another, not present.

Glendor nods to Aara with a smile, "Aye, Gallia and Laupillin are married now. She did alot better than him on promotions, though" He grins.

Aara laughs. "I am happy for them...will you tell them so when next you see them?"

Glendor nods, and keeps smiling himself, "Aye, I will. I am not sure how long is Gallia's appointment in Mirkwwod, but I will see her in due time"

Lanaewen smile, and pours herself a glass of wine fromt he cart.

Lanaewen fills her crystal glass with a red wine.

Quickly and discreetly, one group of servants arranges pillowed chairs by the fire, while a second group offers to take the visitor's bedewed cloaks and other belongings to the guest chambers. One servant, with quick smile to Lanewen, checks the service cart, and orders some more wine and fruit to be brought up from the cellar.

Lanaewen smiles, and gestures for the others to sit at their pleasure.

Aara says, "Its has been a pleasure meeting you, mellyn. " she says, viloet eyes twinkling. "I must see to the guest chambers as soon as possible, so you may all sleep comfortably..please excuse me.""

The Lorien Elves again return their attention to the food and wine. Glendor poors himself a glass, and tastes it, taking a small sip. A smile of appreciation curves his lips.

Aara cutsies, and taking up a few soiled things for washing and such, she curtsies, and goes from the hall.

Aara walks through the large door to the south.
Aara has left.

A glass still in his hand, Glendor turns and bows to Aara, "You hospitality and kindness are much appreciated, lady. I hope we can pay you back with the same one day"

Somewhat insecure what is expected of her, Mirwen intercepts a young man and takes over the pile of fire wood he was carrying. She kneels down at the Great Fire, blinking against heat of the flickering flames. She carefully places the wood in the hearth, half of her attention still on the guests.

Lanaewen smiles at Mirwen's efforts, and draws out her lute, and after a quick tuning scale, she begins to play.

All assembled, including those servants busy lighting the candles, silence themselves as another fine melody drifts from the lute of the Ganneldan.

Glendor slowly walks toward the fire, and stands before it, looking at the tongues of flame, or, rather, through them. An absent expression takes over his face as if his mind is travelling in places far away, or may be long gone. He tilts his head slightly as teh music starts, at just lets its sounds flow and weave with his thoughts.

Lanaewen does not sing, not a single note issues forth from her throat, but the music from her lute makes up for it. She plays swiftly and weaves note upon note.

Lanaewen continues to play softly for a moment, and finally the note spiral downward into silence.

The sun peeks over the Misty Mountains and illumines the valley again.

Lanaewen shivers.

Mirwen looks up at the tall, fair-haired Elf as he steps up to the fire. Feeling that her presence would only disturb his important thoughts, she wipes the dust off her hands and rises quickly. She approaches Lanaewen, a grateful smile on her face - gratitude for a song well played.

Lanaewen smiles at her friend equally glad, but glad of the companionship.

Cullas comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Cullas has arrived.

Cullas enters quietly, and nods to those gathered. "mae govannen..."

The Elves of the Lorien party applaud, their glasses and plates forgotten for now, and so are their hurts and worries. All swept away by the flow of music. Glendor seemingly awakes from his dreamlike state, and turns to Lanaewen, "Thank you, lady"

After a brief applause, hushed coversations continue as Lanaewen's music dies, the voices never sounding louder than the eternal crackling of the Fire.

Lanaewen says, "Ah! Galthor Cullas, Mae govannen...Thank you sir."

Lanaewen stands and curtsies to the gardener.

Cullas bows in return, and bows also to the others. "how do you all do?"

Mirwen arranges some pillows on a chair and sits down next to Lanaewen. Her gaze drifts back towards the Fire and the tall Sinda elf in front of it, when she hears Cullas voice.

Glendor smiles, and nods a greeting to Cullas, "Mae govannen, mellon. We're better with every minute passing"

Lanaewen says, "Cullas, you know Mirwen..these travellers are from Lorien...This is Herbmaster Glendor.""

Cullas smiles, and nods. "that is good to hear...ah! lorien..." He smiles, if remembering something long ago. "well, i hope we can be of service to you," he winks, "usually our house is one of mirth for travelers."

Glendor nods, "Aye, I can feel it already"

Cullas chuckles, and takes a vacant seat. "tell me, sir glendor, how was your journey?"

Glendor sighs, "As might be expected from a journey through yrch-infested mountains"

Lanaewen winces remembering.

Cullas sighs as well, and shakes his head. "hm...Glendor, do you know of my cousin Laupilin? he is a guard, I believe, in Lothlorien..."

Mirwen frowns slightly, and she studies the travellers with renewed respect.

Glendor looks at Cullas with slight surprise, "Aye, I do. You are the second Elf to ask me about him since I came. I guess I did not give him due respect, I had no idea his nake is known throughout the Middle-Earth"

Cullas chuckles a bit. "i should hope not! he is merely my cousin...though another traveler, paleran, is that his name?, had given me some news of him...he is my only cousin, so he stays dear to my heart."

Glendor quickly looks at Cullas with renewed attention, "Paleran? Then he is still here? What about his companion, Galenaldar?"

Cullas shakes his head. "no, i believe he was here a few short months ago...i sincerely doubt he remained. was he a good friend of yours?" Cullas looks to Glendor.

Glendor nods, "Aye, Galenaldar was a good friend. I knew Paleran less well, but would be glad to see him again all the same"

Unable to help herself, Mirwen's eyes narrow as she relaxes in a lazy, dreamy mood - being in the Hall of Fire, surrouned by the warmth of the Fire and her friends, contentedness sets in and her mind begins to wander.

Smoke pours from Mt. Doom as the Dark One's evil sorcery lags the game.

The smoke clears as good triumphs and the database saves.

Cullas nods, listening. "then i am truly sorry to tell you that they have mithlond, i believe. but i am not sure, i only spoke with paleran briefly."

Glendor nods, and sighs slightly, "Aye, that was their destination. Paleran succumbed to sea-lust in the end, and Galenaldar..." He sighs again, "Galenaldar grew weary of this world. There's a white ship waiting for him in the Havens"

Cullas nods, saddened. "aye...i know the burden of that. my love, isiloteriel, almost succumbed...she was growing weary, until we had found each other again..." He sighs, and trails off.

A lost sparrow flies swiftly into the comfort of the Hall, flitting low under the high ceiling and taking a rest on one of the wooden beams.

Lanaewen smiles listening to the story quietly, as she tunes her lute quietly.

Glendor opens his mouth to reply, but does not speak. Instead, he turns his head to Lanaewen and just waits quietly.

Cullas clears his throat, and stands. "mm...if you shall excuse me, sir glendor, i just remembered that milady had cared for my presence." He bows, and smiles. "please, enjoy your stay...look for me - or aara, the serving maid- if you need anything." He bows once more, and turns to leave.

Lanaewen smile to the gardener. "Namarie."

Mirwen rouses herself a little. "Namarie, Randir."

Glendor quickly glances at Cullas, "Namarie, mellon. Until we meet again" and returns his attention to Lanaewen and the lute in her hands.

Cullas smiles at the mention of Randir, and nods, leaving.
Cullas walks through the large door to the south.
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Lanaewen plays only softly to allow conversation over it. "Tell me, have you instrument crafters..other ganneldain in Lorien"

Mirwen rests her tilted head on her hand, focusing on Glendor as he answers.

Glendor nods slightly, "Aye, we do. Most of them are also bards, though. I know one who is a smith, too. He finds harp and bow strings to be not that unsimilar"

Lanaewen smiles brightly. "How lovely..I have never met another besides my father and myself.

An expressive face does not hide surprise well - Mirwen frowns visibly at Glendor's remark about the smith.

Glendor notices Morwen's reaction and nods, with a smile, "I find that of all his crafts his harps make the most terrible weapons"

Lanaewen laughs.

Mirwen takes that remarks perhaps a bit more serious than Glendor probably had intended, but she smiles and averts her eyes, gazing to the Fire once more.

Glendor still chuckles slightly as he notes to Lanaewen, "Perhaps, you should travel to the Golden wood one day." He shakes his head, "Although, the very best bard I knew now seldom takes a harp in his hands. He was called to be Lady's herald. And the other very good bard, and my close friend, turned a phylosopher, and spends most of his time in quiet meditations"

Lanaewen nods. "I should someday...I remember little of it from my travelling childhood.."

Lanaewen brushes some hair from her eyes.

Glendor smiles, "You will be welcome to. But enlist a heavy guard if you go"

Lanaewen shudders. "I have no wish to go until at least..." she stops.."Is it true about the constant attacks?"

Mirwen rises from her chair, and blushes as she sees some of the other guests rise as well. She turns to Glendor. "I will take my leave now, Glendor of Lorien. Let me know if you need fresh provisions when you leave again - I have permission to hunt here in the Valley. Also..." She hesitates slightly. "I make arrows that are used for more than just hunting, should you need those as well..."

Lanaewen says, "Namarie, mellon."

Glendor nods, and sighs sadly. "She shadow is growing stronger. Our plan was at first to follow the pass near Caradrhas, but a large army was camped in our way, gathering for an assault on the Northern borders of Lorien. We evaded their scouts, and followed the river north all the way to the land of edain. There too we found no peace: one of their villages was recently overrun by the yrch, and even the help of Thranduil Elves was no match for their numbers, and the fear their captain wields. We were followed by yrch all the time we crossed the mountain passes. They dared a daylight attack when they saw that we're about to escape from their reach. Our borders are constantly probedm but no yrch which enters the Wood comes back alive, thanks to the power of the great ones who still dwell there" He bows to Mirwen, "Namarie, Lady."

Lanaewen says, "Well, we are glad you are safe now."

Cyndrial comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Cyndrial has arrived.

Mirwen nods in sympathy and turns, walking quickly for not wanting to hear any more grim tales. She slips past Cyndrial with a quiet greeting.

Mirwen walks through the large door to the south.
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Cyndrial walks slowly from the hall with shining face, carrying her harp along

Lanaewen looks up and stands. "Mae govannen Cyndrial!"

Glendor wheels on the heels to face the newcommer, "Mae govannen, mellon."

Cyndrial says, "Mae govannen Lanaewen!""

Lanaewen smiles. "Herbmaster Glendor of Lorien...this is Cyndrial, and excellent soldier of our Tirith, and a wonderful harpist as well."

Glendor glances at Lanaewen with a slight grin, "Bows and harps?"

Cyndrial throws Lanaewen a mean glance as she speak too well of her and turns to Glendor with a huge smile "Mae govannen Herbmaster!"

Lanaewen nods. "And..I believe, of Lorien..are you not Cyndrial?"

Cyndrial throws another glance at Lanaewen , a little nervous as she introduces her

Lanaewen looks at her friend reassuringly.

Glendor arches his brow and directs an attentive stare at Cyndrial, "Cyndrial..? Tha daughter of Gilanthus?"

Cyndrial bows her head slightly to Glendor to show her respect while taking a quick look at him
Cyndrial's eyes twinkle "Aye!, indeed I am, I am honored you recall my name"

Glendor smiles broadly, "Who does not know your father in Lorien?! He still trains young squires in the arts of markmanship, although less often than he used to"

Cyndrial seems very happy at this news "Ohh I am so glad to hear this, not long ago I spoke to Paleran and he told me he stopped, I am glad he does, even if not much"

Glendor nods, "Aye... but he's grown to enjoy quiet solitude lately. I cannot say that I don't understand him. I too was far less harmless in my younger years"

Cyndrial says, "Aye I have heared he looks for more peace now, have you heared maybe some news of Caelestis the pethril, his wife?, I heared that he han't been seen with her for a few years now""
Cyndrial seems very anxious

Glendor shakes his head, "Nay, I did not. We never were too close"

Cyndrial nods with understanding "Aye forgive me, tis just my will to know that asks, I should count much on Paleran's words for he was close to my father"

Lanaewen listens quietly.

Cyndrial seems happy and sad at the same time

Glendor nods again, "I would imagine he was. He's an old warrior." He suddenly glances at his companions, and speps closer to Cyndrial. He almost whispers in her ear, "Ask Saren, too" He points to the one-handed Elf, "He was in the guard as long as I remember"

Cyndrial lowers her gaze to her harp for a short while and then looks back at Glendor
Cyndrial nods and whispers "I will"

Lanaewen plays her lute quietly.

Cyndrial says, "What are your errands here in Imladris Herbmaster?""

Glendor quickly glances at the travellers again, but does not see that anyone noticed his words, or reacted to them, and returns his attention to Cyndrial, "I missed it when you left Lorien. It was like, one day you are there, and then you're gone. Did you find what you were looking for?..." He pauses, "My errands? We bring messages from the Lady to Hir Elrond. I also have my own mission, which is known to few, at least for now, before I can hear his councel"

Cyndrial nods, a slight smile appears on her lips at the mention of the lady
Cyndrial says, "Aye, my leaving of Lorien was not so asserted, and was made rather all of a sudden, so I guess it took even more time for the nobles to hear of it, and as for what I was looking for... I have found more than that""
Cyndrial embraces her harp "Much more"

Lanaewen smiles.

Glendor nods, then winks, and asks quetly, "How much more?" He's smiling openly

Cyndrial says, "You would really like to know Herbmaster?""

Glendor laughs softly, and shakes his head, "Not if it is something you would rather keep secret"

Cyndrial says, "I mind not speak of it. I have nothing needs to be hidden from you!"
Cyndrial giggles as she says the last word

Glendor arches his brows, but does not say anything, waiting for Cyndrial to continue.

Lanaewen walks to the window, and looks out at the training grounds, where her pupil is watching.

Cyndrial says, "For start, I have found that travelling is not as bad as it seems from within Lorien, I have learnt alot from that as my father was right dispite my thought then""
Cyndrial says, "also...""
Cyndrial says, "Would you mind if I sing?"
Cyndrial asks almost catuiously.

Glendor chuckles, "Travelling? Bad? Aye, you were born in Lorien, weren't you. It's common belief, but few of us still remember better days, when there were more places in Middle-Earth where the Elves could feel themselves safe, and welcome. Sing? Aye, please, do!"

Cyndrial grins "Aye, it took my father long time to convince me, I was very frightened to leave the golden woods, and sing I shall"

Lanaewen looks to Cyndrial, awaiting her song.

Glendor half-closes his eyes, and waits.

Cyndrial plucks the harp gently, the fingers barely touch the strings, the melody is soft and soothing except a sharp high note every once in a while, Cyndrial sing in a blissful clear voice

A whistle in the forest
echos all around
a whistle in the forest
shall cheer a lass that frowns

A whistle in the forest
now the lass will find
a whistle in the forest
shall overcome her mind

A whistle in the forest
shall dwell now in her heart
a whistle in the forest
shall hit like well aimed dart

A whistle in the forest
will shine like star so bright
a whistle in the forest
to most of ears - DELIGHT

Cyndrial stills the strings of the harp as the melody fades away and silence fills the air

Lanaewen claps appreciatively. "Well sung."

Cyndrial smiles softly, and wipes a single tear of her eye
Cyndrial says, "thanks mellen""

Glendor nods to Lanaewen's words, "Aye, well indeed"

Lanaewen says, "You take good care of that harp, mellon..note one sharp.."

Cyndrial says, "That is more or less that I have found, that is my answer to the question""

Glendor watches Cyndrial with a smile, "I see..."

Cyndrial smiles at Lanaewen
Cyndrial grins mirthfully "Tis all I found to be exact"
Cyndrial says, "and glad I am I did!""

Glendor nods, and is still smiling at the exuberant elf-maid, "I wish you luck"

Cyndrial says, "Thank thee""

Lanaewen goes to the hall door. and curtsies. 'Namaries mellon."

Cyndrial says, "Namarie mellen""
Cyndrial calls after Lanaewen

Lanaewen smiles, and slips through the door.
Lanaewen walks through the large door to the south.
Lanaewen has left.

Glendor still smiles, but suddenly it looks like the weariness of the long travel caught up with him, "Namarie... I should also find some rest. Perhaps, walking across your fair valley will restore my strengths"

Cyndrial whispers to Glendor "The ganneldan who now left, is the one who made me this beautiful harp"
Cyndrial motiones at her harp
Cyndrial says, "Namarie""

Glendor throws one quick last glance at the harp, "I do hope to have the luck of hearing its sound again. Namarie"