June 2, 1997

Middle-earth time is:
Daytime on Trewsday, Day 30 of August, 3011
Real time is: 20:25:30 MST on Mon Jun 02 1997

Entrance Hall, West
The Entry Hall is quite broad, and broadens out further to the east into a great open space. A stairway going up can be seen in that direction. The great doors lie propped against the inner walls here, and there are many carvings and decorations on both these and the walls themselves. Lanterns glowing with a steady light hang near the ceiling, but they don't seem to produce any smoke. There are many other things hanging on the walls, including tapestries depicting ancient heroes and ancient but functional weapons. Two large doorways lead into great halls here. One to the north and one to the south.

Laurarien is just coing down the hall from the east. She pauses when she sees you peering at the artifacts. "Mae govannen" she says quietly.

Glendor quickly wheels about on his heels and appears to be a bit startled as your voice shakes his attention off the displayed weapons. He quickly regains his usual calm compusure and replies, "Mae govannen"

"Relax" Laurarien murmurs, "Are you enjoying your stay?"

Glendor smiles slightly, a barely noticeable movement of his lips, "I am... the air is light in your valley. Still, I can hardly relax, not while the weight of my mission is on my shoulders, and not until we have returned safely home, where the days are rich and the leaves golden"

Laurarien says, knowingly, "There is no replacement for one's home. Has your trip here been a success?"

Glendor shakes his head slightly, "There is no way of knowing, not yet. The best smith and artisans of the valley have offered their help, and some will go with us back to Lorien. Still, I am anctiously waiting for the last words of Hir Elrond"

Cyndrial comes out of the large doorway to the north.
Cyndrial has arrived.

"Mae govannen" Cyndrial says as she leaves the hall of fire and notice the two elves

Bilbo comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Bilbo has arrived.

Laurarien nods, "I've read...studied, the things you brought. They are mysterious, to say the least."

Glendor quietly talking to Laurarien, while glancing from time to tile at the swords displayed in the hall.

Bilbo comes padding down the hallway, holding an enormous red, leatherbound book in front of him. His eyes look strained, and his face worn and tired.

Laurarien turns at the sound of quiet feet and ahhs. "Mae govannen Master Bilbo." She bends forward a little, to peer more carefully at him. "You seem weary. Some great matter weighing on you?"

Glendor glances over his shoulder as he hears the greeting. A warm smile lights his face, and he replies, "Mae govannen, Cyndrial" As he notices Bilbo entering, his brows furrow slightly. Or so it seemed, because he quickly hides his forehead with his hand while pushing back a strand of his long golden hair.

Cyndrial turns at Bilbo as she hear Laurarien speaking

Bilbo looks up, taken quite surprised by the voice as he seems to be in his own little word. "Hmm? Oh! My..no, never the case...not at all. Burdens and such are certianly not for me...not at all!"

Bilbo smiles at Laurarien, still looking tired, though his smile makes his cheeks a little rosy, as is the habit with his kin.

Laurarien smiles back.

Cyndrial smiles "Mae govannen Master Bilbo" she greets as well

Bilbo notices now that there are several tall persons staring at him and greeting him. He blinks for a moment, and then seems to realize he is bing rude. In response, he places his heavy book on the ground and bows formally, one hand on his belly, one on his back. "Greetings to each of you!"

Glendor regards the hobbit with a barely hidden interest, perhaps even mild amusement. Seeing as the others show their respect, he also nods his head in a greeting, "<Sindarin> Mae govannen, Master Bilbo, if I may call you so. I am Glendor"

Laurarien curtsies gracefully in reply to the bow. When she straightens she smiles at Cyndrial "And mae govannen to you Cyndrial...I seem to have missed you."

Bilbo straightens and eyes the fellow speaking Sindarin carefully, though not suspiciously.

Laurarien hmms at Bilbo, thoughtful suddenly. "Master Bilbo...have you seen the things that Glendor and his folk have brought us?"

Cyndrial nods once to Bilbo and then again to Laurarien "It matters not mellen"

Glendor quickly glances at Laurarien, a worry is now obvious on his face.

Bilbo points at Glendor with a stubby, hairy little finger. "You're from Lorien, aren't you?"
Bilbo's tired face seems to liven up considerably at this.
Bilbo rushes on, in response to Laurarien's question. "And what have you brought us?"

Glendor's worry only deepens at these words, then gives way to something which might be described as a distressed frown, "Aye, I am. You know of my home?"

Cyndrial looks around the hall but mainly at Bilbo

Bilbo shakes his head in response to Glendor's question, "I don't suppose I know it especially well. I have only been there once, but it is not a place one is likely to forget....at least I don't suppose I will."

Bilbo smiles at Cyndrial as he speaks.

Cyndrial smiles back at Bilbo or maybe at his words?

Laurarien smiles a little at Glendor. "Master Bilbo is a...respected guest here, Glendor. And wiser than one might suspect in things scholarly. He might do well to look over those drawings."

Cyndrial nods as if agreeing with Laurarien

Glendor still looks a bit uneasy, but seems to have warmed up a bit hearing Bilbo's words about Lorien. He nods to Bilbo, "Aye, those whom the Wood have accepted will never forget its light." He turns to Laurarien, and makes a slight nod, combiuden with an even slighter shrug, "If you say so."

Bilbo blushes noticably at Laurarien's words and looks bashfully to Glendor. "I don't suppose it's as grand as all that."

Glendor sharply turns to Bilbo, and looks at him with doubt renewed in his eyes, "What is not grand, Master Bilbo?"

Bilbo fidgets with the floor using his toes. "All this nonsense about my scholarly nature. I suppose I have read a book or so, and I have a bit of facillity with languages and rhyme...but these people seem to insist on flattering me incessantly."

Laurarien smiles a little at Bilbo's humility.

Cyndrial giggles softly at Bilbo's words

Erda comes down the hall from the east entrance hall... ivory cane in hand.

Bilbo hears the giggling, and his face gorws even redder. He looks to Glendor, looking more than a bit imploring. "You see? They even laugh at jokes I have not made....If you let these elves of Imladris tell it, I am the sould of wit and the master of invention...They will fill my head with self-grandeur more quickly than they fill my belly with grand food!"

Glendor cannot help but chuckle at Bilbo's words, then suddenly a twingle sparkles in his eyes, and he asks playfully, "Do you find Lorien Elves much different?"

Cyndrial grins at Glendor's question and keep her silence for now

Bilbo laughs at Glendor's question. "Certainly, sir, you put me in a position I cannot diplomatically maneuver in...I suppose I found the elves of Lorien a good bit less solicitous than the folk here, but a good deal more friendly than your northern kin in Mirkwood."

Erda has arrived and seems to answer Glendor's question with a slight smile, "I think that the quendi of Lorien hold enough grandeur for the entire Shire..."

Cyndrial turns as she hears Erda speaks "Mae govannen" she greets

Laurarien chuckles softly at Bilbo's comparison of hospitality, having heard the stories several times.

Bilbo starts a bit at Erda's approach and smiles at the sentiment.

Glendor smiles broader as he hears Bilbo's reply, then, hearing Erda's voice, turns and his brows quickly form a high arch, "Erda? Well met indeed!"

Pooter comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Pooter has arrived.

Laurarien gestures at the Hall of Fire, "Perhaps you'd care to go in, and tell us one of your tales, Master Bilbo?"

Erda smiles to Glendor and Cyndrial, standing with mirth glittering in her pale-gray eyes, "Well met, Gwaith i Glirdain ..." she speaks to Glendor .. then a nod to Cyndrial and a warm smile to Laurarien, "Mae govannen, hiril..." She then looks down at Bilbo.

Bilbo looks rather tired. "If you will all excuse me, this book is awfully heavy." He refers to an enormous red book he is holding. "I would be delighted to continue this discussion, but I really must have a seat."

Pooter walks down the hallway slowly and smiles when he sees Laurarien, Glendor, and Erda. He nods to the rest he does not know and his eyes stop on the hobbit for a few but does not stare for long to be polite

Bilbo blushes and smiles as his sentiment is presaged by Laurarien.

Cyndrial says, "Aye, indeed t'would be better and more comfortable""

Glendor nods to Bilbo, and grins at the two Imladris Elves in the hall, "So, they provide you with support for the spirit, but not for the body, in form of a chair?"

Pooter hears the name Bilbo and memories and stories fill his mind told by the people of his town, his eyes look him over again and he tries to be as brief as he can as he keeps walking towards the group

Laurarien opens the door to the HoF. She nods to Erda as she holds the door open for the others. "Mae govannen, Erda."

Bilbo doesn't yet notice the man eyeing him.

Cyndrial laughs at first at Glendor's comment but suddenly stops, catching her manners

Erda does appear to follow; She stands there watching them enter the Hall of Fire.

Bilbo walks through the opened door without so much as a by-your-leave. He must be tired, indeed!
Bilbo walks through the doorway to the north.

Bilbo has left.

Pooter then looks at Erda and his eyes again are captured by her for second time. Pooter finally pushes out a few words, "MAe Govannen Mellyn."

Cyndrial says, "After you Herbmaster?""

Laurarien walks through the doorway to the north.
Laurarien has left.

Cyndrial smiles at Glendor "Try and be kind to that hobbit:"
Cyndrial smiles and walks in
Cyndrial walks through the doorway to the north.
Cyndrial has left.

Glendor looks after Bilbo as the hobbit walks along the hallway, a slight smile plays on his lips. He begins to move toward the Hall of Fire himself, but hearing the Sindaring greeting spoken by a man turns around, "<Sindarin> Mae govannen..." He quickly glances at the man, then follows after Bilbo and Laurarien.

You walk through the large door to the north and find yourself in the Hall of Fire.

Hall of Fire
This large hall has no furnishings other than many comfortable chairs. At the northern end is the major source of light, a great hearth that is always burning. On either side of the hearth stands a single carved pillar. The room is decorated gaily with garlands of flowers and greens, both carven and real, adorning the walls and scenting the air.
An especially large and comfortable chair seems to be reserved for Elrond.
Service Cart

Bilbo is climbing ungracefully into one of the many overly plush couches. He is half way up when he slips and falls face first into a cushion. "MMMRRMF!"

Laurarien follows the others in, and then goes to her usual seat, settling comfortably into the chair near the fire. "What story had you in mind to tell?"

Cyndrial giggles aloud, unable to control herself

Glendor still stands almost in the hallway, and the shadows hide his face. He does make a sound resembling a stiffled laughter, but you cannot be sure. The light from the dancing fire bounces off his gray cloak, making it shimmer.

Cyndrial walks further into the hall of fire and sits near Bilbo as to hear him well, she seems rather excited at hearing one of his stories

Bilbo's feet and legs stick out of the deeply cushioned couch.
Bilbo twists about where he is sitting, trying to right himself. One of the hall servants comes to his aid, giving him a hand in sitting up.

Sil-Galen comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Sil-Galen has arrived.

Pooter comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Pooter has arrived.
Pooter walks in the halls slowly and looks around the room with wide, bright, and happy eyes.

Sil-Galen strides into the room contently, smiling when he sees others already in the Hall.

With help, Bilbo manages to sit comfortably in the lush couch, blinking out at the rest of you, hair messed.

Glendor makes few steps into the center of the hall which is lit better. His hair gleam with colors of brass in the uneven light of the fireplace. He glances around, then slowly makes his way toward Cyndrial, and leans to her to whisper her something.

You +whisper to Cyndrial, "*He* is going to tell *us* stories?"

Pooter moves closer to everyone as he looks at Bilbo at the front of the room getting ready to tell his story

Cyndrial giggles loudly as she nods to Glendor after a while she controls herself and stopps giggling

Bilbo smiles at the servant and asks for a drink of wine.

Sil-Galen walks toward the service cart, where he pours himself a glass of Eldaril. Turning back to the others, he notes Cyndrial as Glendor speaks to her, and he smiles broadly.

Bilbo looks to Laurarien, "What kind of story would you like to hear?"

Pooter eyes glance at Cyndrial for a brief moment and then he moves somewhat closer to Laurarien for he knows her the best for they shared a battle together.

Cyndrial is sitting rather near to Bilbo and Glendor is standing next to her, she smiles warmly as she notices Sil-Galen

Sil-Galen overhears Bilbo's request, and calls "Shall I fetch you a glass, Master Hobbit?"

Laurarien spreads her hands. "Whatever story you care to tell, Master Bilbo. Ask these others..I'm content with any tale, really."

Glendor stands straight and shakes his head slightly at Cyndrial. Slowly he walks away from her and toward the cart. Facing away from the others, he pours himself a glass of wine.

Bilbo nods and thinks for a moment. He knits up his brow and ponders very hard. His eyes squuint as he thinks of a tale, and then they close as he ponders and tries to remember a tale.

Pooter eyes are on Bilbo now as he stands close to Laurarien. He stands tall but has a smile on his face not hiding his interest in Bilbo at all.

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Sil-Galen sits in a chair by the fireplace, listening to Bilbo recount a tale. Pooter sits nearby, listening as well.

Bilbo says, "He spoke of the princess' beauty, fairer than a misty morning on the dew capp'd grass. He spoke of her eyes which caught the glimmer of the starrs, and the beauty of the moon. Of her lips he spoke in words so soft, gentle and loving, that none could question his undying devotion. He gave quiet testament to his long-secret love for her...that many nights he sat alone, crafting poems to speak only of her voice, or her eyes, and finding even the most perfect words crashing and dull compared to their subject...""

From his place near the cart Glendor appears to be causally listening to the tale, while slowly sipping his wine.

Pooter smiles now with a thoughtful nod as he likes what he hears

Bilbo says, "The crowd did not know what to make of this...some even laughed, for this clever fellow did not seem so clever at all. He had asked for a challenge of insults to the princess, and the best he could muster were words of love....But the guards melted with affection for this man...the only fellow they had ever seen more loyal to their lady than they. And soon, all were silent to see the Champion's reaction. And in that silence, there was a curious sound....sobbing."

Sil-Galen grins, and takes another sip of his wine.

Pooter eyes seem taken aback slightly as he waits to hear who is sobbing

Sil-Galen raises an eyebrow, quite curious as to the outcome of the tale.

Bilbo says, "And that sobbing came, of course, from the Champion, who doffed his great black helm and revealed that he was the princess. She cried to hear love for her so sublimely expressed, and none could doubt from the look that she gave the challenger that she was, most assuredly, in love."

Glendor turns to look at Bilbo and other listeners, and appears to listen with deeper interest.

Bilbo says, "She took his head in her hands and gave him the most perfectly tender kiss and said simply, "You win." And so they were wed."

Pooter smiles slightly at the story and nods to Master Bilbo in acknowledgement fort a story well told

Sil-Galen laughs delightedly "A wonderful tale, young Bilbo..."

Pooter says, "Very Nice Master bilbo."

Bilbo smiles back to Pooter and bows his head to Sil-Galen, "I thank you, sir. Kind words."

Sil-Galen smiles "And well deserved."

Pooter watches Master Bilbo seeing a little more liveliness in him now

Glendor also smiles, "Well told indeed, Master Bilbo"

Pooter watches Master Bilbo quietly and still with keen interest

The smile does not leaves Pooter's face as he watches

Bilbo sighs. "If you will all excuse me...I fear I have worn myself out with this telling of tales. I think I shall have my nap by the fire."

Pooter nods to Bilbo, "Twas a pleasure Master Bilbo. I shall hold your story dear."

Sil-Galen smiles slightly "Of course... Have a pleasant repose..."

Pooter watches Bilbo closely before he gets ready to leave

Glendor seems surprised, or confused, for a moment, then quickly nods, "Aye, yes, of course... you need rest" He makes few steps away.

Bilbo smiles, "Thank you for your kind ears, sirs." HE bows to all present after he lowers himself from the couch and leaves....forgetting his big red book, of course.

Bilbo walks through the large door to the south.

Bilbo has left.

Pooter smiles as he turns to head out of the room that is to unlet for him

Sil-Galen sighs, and rises, taking the book from it's place beside the hobbit's chair and sets it on a table by a side wall, before returning to his seat.

Pooter walks towards the door with a slight smile on his face as thoughts race through his mind

Pooter walks through the large door to the south.

Pooter has left.

Glendor watches the hobbit leave, then quietly shakes his head, "His passion for stories is almost like that of Quendi. If he did not need to sleep and kept telling them for a hundred years or so, he would grow into a great storryteller"

Sil-Galen smiles "Indeed... He is good even as he is, especially for a hobbit... He is, I have found, the most remarkable of his people..."

"Though they can all surprise you, I admit" he adds

Glendor chuckles, "I could say the same... He's the first one I've met, although I walked their lands long before they came there"

Sil-Galen laughs "Indeed... Though I must say that the land thrives under their care..."

Glendor walks closer to the fire, one slow step after another. He unclasps his cloak, and looks at the fire, "Do you envy them? Little people, caring for their little piece of land, unaware and undistorbed, one more island standing far from the rising tides of darkness..."

Sil-Galen thinks for a long moment, before turning to face Glendor "No... I would rather stand as a small, windblown candle against the darkness, than simply remain in the light of others, dependant upon them for survival..."

The swiftly deepening gloom shows that the sun has set behind the clouds.

Sil-Galen raises his eyes to meet those of the other elf "They are completely unaware how many others work tirelessly that they may be safe in their little land, yet I am happy it is so... it brought joy to my heart to see them so content in 'their' little land..."

Glendor nods, "As would I." He suggenly laughs, "I wonder how the land looks now. When I saw it, it was mostly a frozen wilderland in winter, wild grassy swamps in summer."

Sil-Galen grins "It is verdant... many areas are well-tilled, and the whole area seems... wholesome... It is wooded in areas as well... Their borders are from the Baranduin in the East, to just shy of the Tower Hills in the west...

Sil-Galen chuckles "Oh, and they DO love their inns. If ever you choose to visit their land, be sure to visit one... it is an,... experience."

Glendor frowns, "Inns... of little people... I doubt I would find it even amusing"

Sil-Galen says, "As you will; Myself and Cyndrial were delighted at the little ones... Much more pleasant than an Inn of men..." Sil-Galen shrugs slightly "But no land seems as pleasant than our own when travelling in other lands...""

Glendor nods, "Aye, that's true. And, the abodes of man are horrible indeed. If this Bilbo is any indication, the short ones seem more ... tolerable... if only because they are more amusing"

Sil-Galen shrugs again "I have had opportunity to visit the towns of men... I find them unpleasant, and men suspicious and unkind... The 'Shire', for so the little folk call their land, is completely different... they are strange, certainly, and they do not know what to think of us; Many think us a myth. But on the whole, I found passing through their realm pleasant, and should like to do so again.

Sil-Galen says, "Speaking of journeys, when does that for Lorien depart?"

Glendor sighs, and his look becomes wistful, "I do not know yet... We must talk to Hir Elrond before we depart, and the Imladhrim which go with us are preparing for the trip"

Sil-Galen nods "Indeed... If the plans Cyndrial and myself have laid come to fruition, it may be some time ere we return to the valley, and preparations must be made..." Sil-Galen smiles "I will be pleased that she will have more time to spend with her parents..."

Glendor slightly rises his brow, "I did not know she decided to go with us. I only knew for sure that Imal will join us"

Sil-Galen blinks "I was told that all members of your party were told of our desire to accompany you... I myself had spoken to the Lady Petra of it, and to Arehir..."

Glendor shrugs, "Well, they neglected to mention it to me. Who else is going?"

Sil-Galen shrugs "I knew of the Lady Imal, and ourselves... I have heard a few others mention desire to journey to Lorien, but no definite plans, so I am aware of no others..."

Glendor looks up, "I was hoping for a few guards to join us. You will need them when you return"

Sil-Galen thinks to himself "I believe that Herion Elladan was asked for guards, but Cyndrial has looked after that aspect of travel; being a Thandis in the Guard, she has more access to such... But that is what I was speaking of; Cyndrial has voiced her desire to tarry in Lorien until the next party travels from Lorien back to Imladris, whether it be a visiting group from Imladris or Mithlond, or another party from Lorien travelling west... But I do not suppose she has made up her mind yet."

Glendor nods, "She may have such desire, to stay with her father not the least. But what about the others?"

Sil-Galen sighs "The Lady Imal? Of her plans I know nothing, and even of herself I know little... She may wish to tarry there, or to return. As for Cyndrial, yes, she is quite anxious to see her father again... I must admit, I look forward to meeting her parents as well..."

Sil-Galen looks down slightly, a small smile on his face

Glendor smiles slightly, sticking forward his lower lip, "I see... well, you will find the time in Lorien filled with richness, and yet almost standing still. One year or many, you could not ask for a better place to wait"

Sil-Galen +whispers to himself, "... ... ... companion ... ... ..."

Sil-Galen looks up "Indeed... I do look forward to seeing the mellyrn..."

Glendor nods, and sighs suddenly, the smile washed off his face, "So do I. Now, if you will excuse me, I'll try to find our diplomat. She may know when we leave, if she had had done all what was entrusted to her here"

Sil-Galen inclines his head "Namarie, then, Herbmaster..."

Glendor echoes, "Namarie..." as he turns around and quickly vanishes in the dim light of the hallway.