June 3, 1997

Middle-earth time is:
Daytime on Highday, Day 3 of September, 3011
Real time is: 18:48:21 MST on Tue Jun 03 1997

Entrance Hall, West
The Entry Hall is quite broad, and broadens out further to the east into a great open space. A stairway going up can be seen in that direction. The great doors lie propped against the inner walls here, and there are many carvings and decorations on both these and the walls themselves. Lanterns glowing with a steady light hang near the ceiling, but they don't seem to produce any smoke. There are many other things hanging on the walls, including tapestries depicting ancient heroes and ancient but functional weapons. Two large doorways lead into great halls here. One to the north and one to the south.

Pooter watches Laurarien closely

Laurarien nods, "I've no doubt. But he is often busy and may be difficult to speak with because of that."

Pooter nods, "Well I only saw him briefly when I was here with Bifur, so I do hope he will meet with me. I know many of your people are leerie of me until they know me better."

Laurarien spreads her hands. "It's not that we are wary of you, but that many of my folk have no wish to entangle themselves with humans, and thier brief lives."

Pooter nods with a smile and a nod, "Brief you say?"

Laurarien gestures at herself. "How old am I, Pooter?"

Glendor quietly passes along the wall of the hall. He quickly nods to Laurarien, and continues on his way, but her last words make him slow down. He turns his head to look at the two

Pooter looks at Laurarien carefully, "I have no idea mellon."
Pooter glances to Glendor and smiles briefly then looks back to Laurarien

Cyndrial comes out of the large doorway to the north.
Cyndrial has arrived.

Laurarien says, "How old would you say, if I werea human woman, Pooter?"

Petra comes from the eastern end of the Entrance Hall.
Petra has arrived.
Petra walks in from the east, smiling. The glow around her tells you that she has just spent many an hour in the sun.
Petra curtsies to the assembled elves. "<Sindarin> Mae Govannen, mellyn."
Petra nods to the Dale-Lander.

Pooter nods to Petra and then looks back to Laurarien to hear what her reply is

Laurarien says, "How old would you say, if I were a human woman, Pooter?"

Pooter shrugs with a sheepish grin, "Maybe 23."

Pooter seems very worried to answer wrongly

Petra walks up beside Glendor, smiling at Laurarien.

Glendor is standing near one of the doorways, looks like he halted his walk when he was just about to leave the hall. Hearing Petra's voice he quickly tuns to face her, and replies enthusuastically, "Mae govannen"

Laurarien smiles. "I'm over six thousand five hundred years, Pooter. To my people ours are short lived."

Petra says softly, "<Sindarin> How fares my love?"

Pooter looks at Laurarien with eyes of wander, "You call that short?"

Glendor watches Pooter intently, observing his reaction

Laurarien smiles still. "You misunderstand...I mean in comparison to our span, that of your folk is short."

Pooter shakes his head, "I had heard only stories. I do not really know. Is it only the people of this valley that live that long mellon?"

Laurarien says, "All elves, Pooter. We do not die of old age or illness. Only by violence do we leave this world.""

Petra looks at Pooter for a little while, then at Laurarien, then finally back at Glendor. She pouts a little when she looks at him.

Glendor turns to Petra, and whispers with a grin, "Perhaps, you can still understand the problems which trouble this Edain, but only you of all us here can"

Pooter eyes stare blankly, "I did not realize mellon. It is a subject that has never came up. It makes many things that the elves do make more sense."

Petra shoots a slightly wounded look at Glendor. "<Sindarin> Perhaps..."

Laurarien smiles gently at Pooter, "Good, for that is why I told you, in hopes you might understand us a bit better."

Pooter smiles at her and chuckles, "well thank you mellon, I do appreciate your help. I have enjoyed every moment I have ever spent with a elf. Whether it had been good or bad. I think ye all be a magnificient people."

Petra almost manages to suppress a grin.

Laurarien laughs, "And who says the Edain do not have the gift of gracious speech!?"

Glendor watches the exchange with a slight smile.

Pooter smiles and shakes his head

Petra tugs at Glendor's hand and motions with her eyes to the Hall of Fire.

Pooter says, "Well I shall not bother ye anymore. We can idlely talk if ye wish. I always enjoy that."

Glendor leans forward to glance through the dim hallway, then, seeing two Elves in the Hall, shoots Petra a questioning look.

Laurarien gsturse to the Hall of Fire. "Perhaps we shoudl go in and share a tale or two?"

Petra nods. "<Sindarin> Unless you have ... other things in mind?"

Pooter nods with a smile, "I would like that."

Laurarien walks through the doorway to the north.
Laurarien has left.

Pooter walks through the doorway to the north.
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Glendor nods, and takes Petra's hand

You walk through the large door to the north and find yourself in the Hall of Fire.
Hall of Fire
This large hall has no furnishings other than many comfortable chairs. At the northern end is the major source of light, a great hearth that is always burning. On either side of the hearth stands a single carved pillar. The room is decorated gaily with garlands of flowers and greens, both carven and real, adorning the walls and scenting the air.
An especially large and comfortable chair seems to be reserved for Elrond.

Service Cart

Petra comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Petra has arrived.

Cyndrial plucks the harp softly you notice that as the song goes on the music becomes more horrific and yet more pleasant as the song ends the melody is full of joy, Cyndrial's voice fits itself to the words sang, always soft and a little softer than usuall even

There was a flower
Who bloomed alone
In time of darkness, near the thorne
It blossomed with power, through darkest hour

Cyndrial closes her eyes as she sings
The evil was strong
It crushed all the bliss
All that is good, had gone but amiss
Still the flower bloomed so long, kept defying all the wrong

Laurarien goes to a chair near the fire and curls up in it. From the way she settles into it, it's an easy guess that it's her favorite seat.

Pooter walks in to the hall of fire following Laurarien and glances at the two elves, One seems extremely familair but he is not sure so does not say anything yet.

Evil, greed, malice, betrayal, manifested everywhere
Scorched the good and healed the bad
Corrupted nature, land turned dead
Yet the flower had some air, and kept blooming, oh so fair!

Elms and boughs were ate by fire
All were touched by evil death
All that's good has lost it's health
Yet a flower bloomed, despite the fire, kept on growing, higher higher

Sweet was soured, darkened white
Good collapsed as evil won
And not again was seen the dawn
Yet the flower bloomed with might, always willing evil fight

Glendor and Petra walk into the hall, hand in hand..

A little good remained but weary, everything was still so dreary
Evil felt it soon will win
Thus, fierce attack was getting dim
All but the flower, fell to power, yet the flower kept merry, t'wouldn't budge but tarry

Finally, when all were injured with no healing
Evil, death, black and dark
Claimed rulling as they left their mark
A thorne decided flower killing, tis then the flower showed it's feelings

Pooter keeps following his eyes galncong back and forth from Arkab and Laurarien, He sets as well beside her

The flower reached the top of bloom, t'was so much fairer than the moon
Around it's center petals eight
Each holds, of vast importance weight
To bring the good and peace so soon, as it was told by ancient runes

Love, wisdom, life and soul, to fight the foul fate
Kindness, order, nature - song
All do long to fight the wrong
All those virtues makes the weight upon the flower's petals eight

The thorne was melted by the glee
The flower's petals used their hand
Projected feelings on the land
Evil, wounded by the flower; turned away as some were freed, and right away began to flee

Slowly slowly evil waned
The flower's petals glowed with might
Their light brought to the land delight
Good had risen once again, to defend remains of land

The evil never was destroyed
It fleed in it's bleak dark land
With shame it covered in the sand
It simply choose the good avoide

Balance once again exsist
Good and evil lived with peace
Small brawls did indeed exsist, yet none his strength trys to increase
The flower then wilted, and was covered by mist

The mist has faded by a swift and sudden breeze
And where the wilted flower was; a bed of roses now breathed
The butterflies and bees flew there; with glee the flowers lived
All lived with peace that moment on; while good and evil merely tease

Petra greets the elves with a radiant smile, and pulls Glendor toward the cart.

And that's the end of story long of flower, evil, good and wrong
T'was told many a time before by Caelestis in Lorien
My dearly loved mother who loved me to pain
I wish to tell this tale for long only I'll use form of song

Cyndrial stills the strings of the harp as the melody fades away and silence fills the air

Glendor follows Petra, then, as they approach the cart, frees his hand, and picks up a wine botle, "Would you like some, dear?"

Cyndrial opens her eyes as she finishes her song, at first she's overwhelmed by the amount of people in the room, which somehow increased itself since before she sang but then a soft smile returns to her face

Laurarien listens to the tale end of Cyndrial's song, the part she catches as she settles into her seat. "Is that new, Cyndrial?" She nods in greeting to both Arkab and Cyndrial as she speaks.

Arkab is looking down at the floor, then he looks up at Cyndrial "Darkness...and light...the ancient fight...but...a sweet voice...and an amazing poetry

Pooter smiles at the Quendi after the song finishes

Cyndrial bows her head to Arkab "Thank you Ernil"

"Aye, I would." Petra turns then to Cyndrial. "I see you have been hard at work, Cyndrial. That was a beautiful song, and sad."

Arkab notices all of the people who eneterd the hall, and looks around to them

Pooter glances over to Laurarien and says softly

Cyndrial says, "Mae govannen mellyn, Aye Laurarien, tis my newest song""

Pooter +whispers to Laurarien, " "WHo is the Ernil?""

Cyndrial smiles at Petra "Aye, another recreation of one of my mother's tales"

Laurarien leans over to Pooter to reply as softly as he asked. "... ... ... ... ... ... ... an ... ... ... ... lineage."

Arkab looks at the human "Hmmm...somehow I think that we already met...didn't we, sir?"

Pooter stands as he hears Lauraien and Arkab and he steps over to Arkab, "Mellon, Tis I Pooter. It has been some time since we last met."

Glendor also smiles to Cyndrial, "Good song indeed. He waits for Petra to reply, the bottle of wine still in his hand.

Petra says, "You have mastered it, and made it yours, Cyndrial."

Cyndrial smiles warmly to Petra "Mayhaps, tis still quite diffrent from the original tale is I changed it into form of song, and couldn't quite remember every detail, thank you for your compliment mellen!"

Arkab hands to Cyndrial the galss wine he had prepared for her, still looking at Pooter "In Esgaroth, right?"

Pooter nods with a smile, "Yes. Indeed it is well to see you again in such fine health."

Cyndrial puts down her harp in it's former position accepting the wine from Arkab's hand "Thanks Ernil"

Cyndrial takes a few sips right as she takes the glass in her hand

Glendor fills a glass and hands it to Petra, then fills another one for himself

Arkab smiles and offers his hand to Pooter "Yes, Pooter, we were in a difficult situation there, and I remember that you were trying to help. I am glad to meet you again!"

Pooter smiles at Arkab, "Indeed. It seems are much better between our peoples these days." Pooter takes Arkabs hand and shakes firmly.

Petra smiles. "Thank you, Glendor. Shall we be seated?"

Pooter says, "Our towns have reopened trade and you have a new ambassador there."

Cyndrial turns to Petra "Tis my hardest work so far, I shall say it does surpass most of my former work, perhaps even all of it"

Arkab sighs "So I hope, though my town now is the last homely house, Imladris..."

Pooter nods with a smile, "Well me thinks you could not be in a better place mellon."

Glendor watches the warm exchange between Pooter and Arkab with undetermined expression on his face, not quite a frown, but surely not an approval. Petra's question snaps him out of it, "Aye, yes, my dear... " He walks toward the soft couch, but seems to be very distracted. He almost bumps into the couch.

Cyndrial takes a few more sips, some signs of weariness on her face

Petra nods at Cyndrial. "I must agree! 'Tis quite an accomplishment, melisse!"
Petra guides Glendor onto the couch, and sits close beside him.

Cyndrial smiles as she sees Petra and Glendor together

Arkab smiles as he hears Pooters speaking his language, then he notices a strange gaze in Glendor's eyes and turns to him "Sir...my name is Arkab"

Pooter turns to sit back down beside Laurarien and sits so as to face almost eveyone.

Glendor sinks into the soft seat. He appears to be watching Arkab all the time because he notices his gesture and raises back at once, "I am Glendor"

Petra takes a sip of wine, and watches the exchange between the Elf and the Man with a distant interest. She turns her attention, and a large smile, upon Arkab as he addresses Glendor.

Petra bows from her sitting position. "Well met again, Ernil."

Cyndrial emptys her glass of wine and puts on a trsy(tray) of one of the passing servants

Pooter glances at Laurarien with a smile

Laurarien turns to Cyndrial. "Will you give us another song?"

Arkab sits back on his chair, too, still looking at Glendor

Petra says, "Aye! Another song!"

Cyndrial looks a little weary as she smiles at the request, she takes the harp in her hands again "Perhaps a short one"

Arkab turns to Cyndrial "Yes, please!"

Glendor also returns to his seat, and nods to Cyndrial, then smiles, "You did set the plank very high for yourself with the song you just gave us!"

Petra laughs softly.

Cyndrial grins at Glendor's comment

Pooter glances at Laurarien

Cyndrial says, "I can do better but that song is dark, I do not wish to perform dark songs now I am too tired for that""

Laurarien makes a gesture of sympathy. "If you're weary then there is no need to sing."

Cyndrial smiles "But I have a light one in mind"

Petra affirms, "A happy song would be lovely, if you are not too tired."

Cyndrial says, "Nonsense! of course I can play another song or two""

Petra laughs. "Well then!" She sits back, and takes a sip of wine, looking at Cyndrial with merry eyes.

Cyndrial's face expression doesn't fit well with her words but she keeps on her own

Arkab smiles and leans back on his chair, with his glass of wine in his hand

Pooter eyes seem distant as he thinks of the things that have happened of late.

Cyndrial plucks the harp gently with quick plucks her hand swings back on forth upon the strings , Cyndrial's voice rise up high and full of joy

Oh hail the valley
the valley full of peace
oh hail the valley
I speak of Imladris
the cliffs stand tall to watch
the river flowing fast - remembering the past
the oak tree best of friends to me
the hall of song the place to be

Oh hail the valley
the valley full of peace
the gardens are so tranquil
the sound of birds is bliss
the hall of fire cozy
and nice to talk in there
the chairs are comfy
fire warm
and wine flows everywhere

Oh hail he valley
the valley full of peace
praise the might of the Tirith
the joy of singers guild
Oh cheer the crafters
and all who help increase
increase the peace in Imladris
the valley full of bliss

Cyndrial stills the strings of the harp as the melody fades away and silence fills the air

Glendor sips slowly of his wine, and his eyes glance at the listeners, one after another.

Arkab puts down his glass on the cart and quietly claps

Pooter sits calmly not drinking anything and his eyes rest on noone as his head is up and he listens with s balnk stare

Cyndrial motions a servant and he brings her a glass of white wine which she sips happily from, while resting her harp aside for a short moment

Petra applauds. "Well sung!" She raises her glass. "A toast? To peace!"

Pooter smiles, "Very beautiful indeed Cyndrial."

Laurarien applauds as well. "Have you sung that for Master Elrond yet Cyndrial?"

Cyndrial raises her glass "indeed, to peace!"
Cyndrial smiles at Laurarien "Nay, not yet"

Pooter snatches a glass of wine quickly from a servant so as to enjoy the toast as well.

Cyndrial takes a few more sips and as she empties the glass she puts it back on the tray as the servant walks away to serve others

Arkab +whispers to Laurarien, "... is this ... ... ... ... hostility ... ..."

Cyndrial holds the harp again in her hands "A final one and I shall rest

Petra takes a dainty sip of her wine and looks around. She makes a point of looking away when Arkab whispers.

Laurarien leans close to Arkab. "... ... from Lorien as ... Petra. ... ... idea ... he ... ..."

Arkab nods at Laurarien

Glendor returns to quietly seeping his wine. He glances around the room from time to time.

Turning her attention back from the fire to Cyndrial, Petra smiles. "One more? Are you sure, melisse?"

Petra says, "You look weary."

Cyndrial plucks the harp with sharp short strikes with rising tempo which gives the melody a strange quality of mystery, Cyndrial's voice is very strangely low but remains clear as there's some hidden joy in it

The road goes on, long from here
full of sorrow, full of fear

Pooter glances at Arkab and Laurarien briefly as he hears the light whispers between then and then looks back to Cyndrial

The clouds are painted deep with grey
the road is winding far away

The night is in it's darkest hue
I sure do want to be with you

I miss your touch upon my skin
but now the night is growing dim

I'm all alone there's not a soul
and still I try and reach my goal

Should I keep low; or should I scream
this whole scene feels; like foul dream

Upon my brow I feel I sweat
and from the rain i'm getting wet

The moon shines bright and full of light
I see this road is but a fight

A fight between my soul and goal
I feel like i'm about to fall

Suddenly so slow my pace
this is the ending of the race

I laugh and giggle, feel but glee
a dream it was, and now i'm free?

Cyndrial stills the strings of the harp as the melody fades away and silence fills the air

Laurarien's expressoin grows distant as Cyndrial sings. She gazes off into the fire, lost in her own thoughts, as the flames lick golden hilights back from her hair and eyes.

Pooter stands up as the song stops and he looks at Cyndrial with a smile, "That was wonderful Cyndrial, makes me think of my wife."

Cyndrial puts the harp to rest on her chair's leg , she smiles as there's a deep expression of weariness on her face yet she is full of satisfaction

Pooter nods to Cyndrial in thanks and sits back down. His face beams after hearing the song

Petra looks pensively at Cyndrial for a minute. "That was... very moving, mellon. It will be in my thoughts."

Cyndrial nods to Pooter "Thank you"

Curucam comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Curucam has arrived.

Cyndrial nods to Petra as well "Aye, tis full of emotions"

Petra is sitting on a couch near the fire by Glendor.

Curucam smiles wide as he sees all the company in the hall.

Arkab stands up "It's time for me to go back to my quarters, mellyn. I'll see all of you later, if you'll be around" he turns to Cyndrial "Thanks for your voice, your melody, and your poetry, my lady" then he turns around to the others "Have a good day, mellyn", and to Pooter "We'll meet again, I hope"...finally to Glendor "Good day, sir"

Cyndrial says, "Namarie Ernil, I am much pleased t'was to your likings""

Pooter smiles at Arkab, "Safe Steps Mellon."

Glendor watches the human again, his brow raises slightly for a moment, then he quickly turns his head to Petra, "In your thoughts?" He half-raises and responds to Arkab, "Namarie, mellon"

Petra smiles. "Namarie, Ernil Arkab."

Curucam nods to the departing...

Cyndrial is sitting in the center of the rroom, smiling and has deep weariness on her face

elf with a smile.

Arkab walks through the large door to the south.
Arkab has left.

Cyndrial says, "Mae govannen Curucam""

Petra turns to Glendor. "Aye. I do have thoughts, you know." She giggles.

Glendor smiles at Petra, then, belately, puts a surprised expression on his face.

Pooter turns to Laurarien, "Care to tell me any other stories mellon?"

Cyndrial says, "Thank you for lending your ears as well mellyn""

Curucam strolls over to Cyndrial, and sits on the floor. He stretches out his legs, and leans back on his hand. A much needed sigh is let out.

Cyndrial says with satisfaction
Cyndrial says, "Art thou well Curucam?"
Cyndrial asks almost in a reflex

Petra pokes Glendor, and then turns to greet Curucam. "Mae Govannen, Curucam!"

Curucam bands his neack bacl, and smiles to Cyn, "Indeed I am well... just a little, well... over worked." he chuckles softly, and gives Petra a glowing smile in response to he hail.

Cyndrial grins to herself "Ahh.."

Petra returns the smile in generous measure. "You have come to the right place, then, mellon."

Glendor ouches, perhaps a bit too loudly, than also turns to Curucam, "Mae govannen... I don't think we met. I'm Glendor"

Laurarien stands, and shakes her head in answer to Pooter. "Nay...some other time." She sounds a little subdued. "Namarie, friends" she murmurs to the company as she strolls out.
Laurarien walks through the large door to the south.
Laurarien has left.

Cyndrial says, "Namarie Laurarien""

Pooter nods to Laurarien as she leaves
Pooter looks over to Cyndrial, Glendor, Petra, and Curucam.

Petra waves to the Noldo as she leaves.

Curucam limply turns his head to Glendor, "Excuse if I do not stand mellon, but I am Curucam."

Pooter looks to Glendor, "Glendor, are ye from Imladris?"

Glendor's eyes narrow slightly, "Nay, I am not. In truth, this is the first time I walk in this fair valley"

Cyndrial looks now at Potter more closely

Petra looks over at Curucam. "May I ask what you have been working on?"

Pooter nods with a smile, "May I ask where ye are from?"
Pooter face seems expressionless as the speak but his eyes are still full of kindness and happiness

Curucam looks to Cyn for a moment, then moves to all fours, and crawls over to Petra's feet. Once he arrives, he gives her a charming smile, "Why, thi vineyards of course, mellon."

Glendor begins his answer slowly and warily, like walking on a strung rope, "I was born in the land to the Northwest, which is called Lindon"

Cyndrial shifts a little in her chair to make herself more comfortable

Petra watches Curucam approach with an increasingly amused smile, one eyebrow arching higher and higher. She crosses her legs and leans forward to look down at the vintner. "Are you working on a new wine? A miruvor perhaps?" She pays no heed to Glendor and Pooter for the moment.

Pooter nod to Glendor, "LIndon. I do not know where that is."

Curucam resumes his stretched leg position, head bent back to face Petra, "It seems I have not had time for a new recipe in quite some time now... much too much to do of late, with the coming of fall, my new apprentices, and my travel to Bree in a short time."

Pooter eyes watche Glendor as they speek

Cyndrial listens to Curucam and feels even more tired
Cyndrial looks at Pooter and suddenly as if just now recalling his other remark asks "How is your wife?"

Petra smiles. "Ah, so you are preparing for harvest, and training all at once?"

Cyndrial whispers quietly "That'll get you weary Curucam..."

Pooter glances at Cyndrial as he waits for Glendor to reply, "She was well when I left. It has been some time since I have seen her though."

Cyndrial says, "Do you miss her much?""

Curucam says, "Indeed I am. But all is going well, and in time, I will have less work to do, as the apprentices improve their skills.""

Glendor smiles slightly, "It used to be a great realm. The lands where the ... hmm... hobbits?.. live now, and many other lands were under the influence of its lords"

Pooter looks at Cyndrial with a saddened smile, "I miss her very much indeed."

Curucam and Petra continue conversing by the fire...

Cyndrial smiles warmly at Pooter and simply nods

Pooter galnces at Glendor and nods with an interested expression, "Very well. Where do you reside now?"

Pooter looks back at Cyndrial with a smile and then looks back at Glendor

Petra smiles. "Indeed, I imagine so. And you will have time to regal your fellows with ever new and better wines -- though I can scarce imagine how they could be better."

Curucam chuckles lightly, "Well, perhaps it is time for you try Lothluinen."

Cyndrial sings quietly to herself

Maybe it's his inner fire
Enriching my heart's deep desire

Cyndrial stops suddenly

Glendor does not smile anymore, and his reply to Pooter sounds somewhat coldly, "There are still few places where Elves hide from the onslaught of the darkness. The eyes of mortal man would not see us there, only perhaps as fleeting shadows"

Petra looks pointedly at Curucam, and smiles. "Perhaps it is." She looks over at Cyndrial then, a question in her eyes.

Curucam pauses at Cyn's quiet song, then subtly motions to the wine steward.

Pooter nods to Glendor, "Aye, I understand your point only as well as I can. I do wish you good travels then. I will pry no more."

Petra finishes her glass of wine, and looks at the steward.

Cyndrial stands up and takes her harp in both hands, she seems like she can hardly carry it

The wine stewart carefully opens a bottle, and pours two glasses of the honey-blond wine, and brings them to the two elves.

Curucam accepts the glass, "ARe you sure you are ready for this wine?" his tone is somewhat more serious.

Petra looks worriedly at Cyndrial. Turning to Glendor, she whispers, "<Sindarin> Melindo, would you help the lady with her harp?"

Cyndrial smiles as the wearinesst takes over her "Namarie mellyn, I shall speak to you later after I have some rest"

Petra turns to Curucam. "Indeed I am."

Pooter stands as he sees Cyndrial, "Would ye like an y help mellon?"

Curucam raises a worried brow at Cyn, and is glad to hear she goes for rest.

Petra nods. "Namarie, and thank you so much for the songs!"

Cyndrial says, "Aye, thank you mellon, would you support me please?""

Glendor raises his brow at Petra's remark, but bites his tongue and stand up. He extends his hand to Cyndrial, "I would be happy to escort you indeed"

Cyndrial says, "Nay!, thank you!"
Cyndrial says to Petra suposedly

Pooter nods with a smile as he slides over beside her and holds her up with one hand and raeches to help her support her harp with another

Petra smiles at Cyndrial, then her smile wanes a little as the Man moves to escort the elfmaid.

Cyndrial says, "Thanks "

Pooter says, "Where would ye like to go Cyndrial?"

Cyndrial says, "Nay, stay with Petra herbmaster, thank you though"
Cyndrial leans to Pooter and whispers

Pooter nods to Cyndrial with a heart warmed smile and says nothing

Cyndrial says, "namarie"

Pooter helps her towards the door to help her leave the hall

Glendor watches coldly as the human escorts the Elf away.

Cyndrial walks through the large door to the south.
Cyndrial has left.

Petra sighs. "<Sindarin> Namarie, melisse!"

Pooter nods again to her his eyes filled with kindness
Pooter walks through the large door to the south.
Pooter has left.

Petra looks at the doorway. "Those humans. Ever rushing, ever hurrying." She smirks. "Cyndrial is well-mannered indeed, to accept such company without so much as hesitating."
Petra looks over at Curucam. "I think I will appreciate a glass of wine now, if ever." She smiles.

Curucam's worried look softens a bit as Cyn is helped along her way, and he turns his attention back to the glass in his hand.

Glendor returns to the couch, and sits down with a frown, "Well-mannered?"

Pooter comes into the Hall from the hallway.
Pooter has arrived.
Pooter walks back into the room and moves back to the chair he was sitting in.
Pooter does not sit though

Curucam quickly looses himself at the smell of the wine, his eyes slowly close.

Petra is sitting where she was, looking at Curucam and patiently holding one hand out.

Pooter looks at the elves and says softly, "JUst wanted to let you know Cyndrial is saefly back in her quarters. I am off to get some sleep as well."

The steward takes Petra's glass, and trades it with the Lothluinen.

Petra looks at Pooter for the first time, managing a smile. In accented Westron, she replies. "My thanks to you, mortal. Sleep well.""

Lost in memory, Curucam doesn't hear Pooter.

Pooter bows slightly to Petra, "Is a pleasure to meet you all. I do hope your travels go well."

Looking directly at Petra, Glendor continues, "I am not sure if it is good manners, or just lack of discretion and perhaps experie..." His stops hearing Pooter's words.

Petra takes the glass, and swishes the wine in it, and inhales deeply. She too closes her eyes, and her face relaxes.

Pooter turns as his cloak flips behind him and he heads for the door

Petra sighs happily. "Glendor, smell this wine! Tis entrancing!" She holds the glass toward Glendor.

Pooter stops as he reaches the door and looks at the Quendi in the room, "Tis definiately good manners mellyn."

Curucam opens an eye, and looks to Petra, and smiles.

Petra nods to the departing human.

Pooter then turns back to the door and heads for it again

Petra repeats, "Sleep well."

Pooter smiles and nods with his back turned as he heads out and his hand raises in a wave

The sweet fine scent of a well-aged wine wafts through the air. Glendor inhales deeply and slowly. "Ahhhhh..."

Pooter walks through the large door to the south.
Pooter has left.

Petra rolls her eyes. "And for an encore, the human will lecture us on manners!"

Curucam drops Curucam's Wines.

Bringing the goblet to your nose, the soft, smooth, and subtle smell of lavender raises your spirits. A hint of rosemary and oak surrounds the lavender, blending into a pleasent aroma.

Petra looks at the wine, the memory of the smell chasing away her indignation.

Curucam raises the glass to his lips, and drinks from it, the liquid flowing thru his body.

Curucam slowly moves his hand from his mouth, the glass resting on the floor. A smile overtakes his lips, and you can see his body relax totally, almost melting into the floor.

Glendor still looks into the shadows of the hallway, where Pooter led the elf-maid, and then vanished himself, "Hrm..."

<OOC> Here I have an interruption IRL so Glendor is silent for a while. Petra relaxes completely, sinking into the couch and very nearly dropping the wine glass. A gorgeous, joyful smile graces her face, and her skin turns rose. Her lips part, but she finds herself unable to speak.

Curucam shifts his position to face Petra, watching her reaction to the wine.

Were it not for the one slender hand that still holds the glass, it would appear that Petra has swooned.

Curucam's smile grows, and he speaks softly, teasing just a bit, "Did you like it?"

The lady stirs, and lets out a low moan. Her eyes flutter open and she takes a minute to get her bearings. Her eyes focus on Curucam. "Aye, it is ... good. Very good."

As you flutter your eyes open, you catch a hint of a blush on Curucam's face, he almost stutters, taken aback by your reaction, "Well... I .. I thank you... it is a wine worthy of your beauty."

Curucam looks to the floor.

Petra smiles warmly at Curucam, and her voice remains just above a whisper. "Nay, but it is worthy of your skill, and a fitting tribute to your father." She slowly gathers herself back up.

The last rays of the sun through the gorge are lost as the night begins.

Curucam nods, for the first time not seeming in control of himself in your presence, "I thank you lady, you honour my name."

Petra shakes her head slowly. Fixing you with her eyes, which betray her still-transported state, she says. "Nay, I thank you, for you honor me with this sample of your work. Your name you have earned."

Petra's voice is still somewhere between a whisper and a purr, although it is gathering strength.

Curucam rests his gaze on you, look long into your eyes, he does not speak, but you sense he is saying something...

Petra smiles lazily, and her eyes look back at yours. They are warm, and alight, but they do not allow you too far in. "I shall remember this evening, mellon. I shall remember this work of your hands."

Curucam moves only his eyes towards the floor, "As will I Petra..." his voice rolls off, unsure of whqat to say.

Petra holds the glass up before her and looks at the light through the wine. The refracted light plays golden upon her her face. "May I be so bold as to ask you for a carafe to bring back?"

Petra's words bring Curucam back to reality, "Indeed you may. I fact fair lady, I will send you off with a bottle, if you can reassure of but one simple favour."

Petra looks back at Curucam and smiles. "Certainly, mellon."

Glendor watches the dialogue from under half-closed eyelids.

Curucam leans a little closer to Petra, speaking low, "... not let ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... to ... ... ... ... hears, ... ... ... ..."

Petra nods, and whispers back, "... ... make sure ... ... ... ... mellon."

Petra smiles, and leans back, turning to face Glendor. "Shall we adjourn, melindo?"

Curucam leans back, "Thank you." he thequietly stands...

Petra nods up to Curucam. "Thank _you_."

Curucam chuckles, "I must get back to my work, if you will excuse me." he bows his head to the elves, "I hope we may sit with some wine once again before you part our valley."

Glendor's expression quickly changes to a warm smile, "Aye, dear. If you have tasted your wine enough..."

Petra raises her glass. "As do I! Namarie!"
Petra looks at Glendor, smiling. "Aye, *I* am finished."

Curucam raises a brow at Glendor, then glides out of the door with a gentle, "Namarie."

Petra says, "Namarie, Curucam."

Glendor smiles back, a shadow of caution (or is it anticipation?) passes over his face, "I see..." He half-turns to Curucam, "Namarie"

Curucam walks through the large door to the south.
Curucam has left.

As soon as the vintner leaves, Petra has one arm around Glendor, and she's looking into her eyes from much nearer. "I think we could make much use of this wine, actually. In my quarters."

Glendor looks back into Petra's eyes, "Can you still get there on your own?"
Glendor grins, "Or should I carry you?"

Petra fingers a button on your tunic. "I would prefer to be carried." She gives you a HOT smile.

Glendor quickly raises and leans forward, then stands on the couch on his knee. He wraps his arms around you, and lifts you in the air, then stands up himself.

Petra throws her head back and laughs. The glass dangles precariously from one hand.

Glendor carries Petra out of the hall, maneuvring carefully to fit into the hallway, which suddenly seems a whole lot narrower.

Petra giggles. "'Twould be funny, would it not, if I banged my head?" She laughs. "That would hurt, wouldn't it?"

Glendor shakes Petra in his hold, almost tossing her up, "Don't try it"

You walk through the large door to the south and enter the hallway.
Entrance Hall, West
The Entry Hall is quite broad, and broadens out further to the east into a great open space. A stairway going up can be seen in that direction. The great doors lie propped against the inner walls here, and there are many carvings and decorations on both these and the walls themselves. Lanterns glowing with a steady light hang near the ceiling, but they don't seem to produce any smoke. There are many other things hanging on the walls, including tapestries depicting ancient heroes and ancient but functional weapons. Two large doorways lead into great halls here. One to the north and one to the south.

Petra comes out of the large doorway to the north.
Petra has arrived.

Glendor quickly carries Petra across the hall.

Petra giggles. "I was only joking, Glendor." She suddenly turns more serious.

You head east down the hall.
Entrance Hall, East
This hall runs the width of the house, north to south, and is about 30 feet wide. The ceiling is some fifteen feet overhead. A grand staircase runs up to a landing on the east side of the hall, then divides into two lesser stairs running up north and south to the second floor. A large and elaborate oil painting of a city on a hill in the midst of a green plain ringed with mountains covers most of the north wall. A picture window occupies most of the south wall, showing part of the gardens and the opposite side of the valley some distance away over the wall. Open doorways leading further into the house are under the stairs to the northeast and southeast.

IC Corkboard with 12 note(s).

Thelinen glances at Glendor.

Petra comes down the hall from the west.
Petra has arrived.
Thelinen glances at Petra.

Petra looks at Thelinen upside-down, smiling.

Glendor nods back to Thelinen, but does not stop even for a moment.

<OOC> Few more room descs cut out until we get to...

Galadhrim Quarters
Sunlight pours into the room through large windows ont he northern wall, and the first thing you notice on entering is the fresh, summer scent of flowers. A warm fire burns in the hearth, above which is a large tapestry featuring crossed arrows on a background of a mallorn leaf, the symbol of the Galadhrim Diplomatic Corps. Hanging on the walls are paintings depicting life among the mellyrn, with the pride being a reproduction of Caras Galadon itself.
The room itself offers comfortable chairs placed around the hearth, offering a chance to relax and discuss the day's events in privacy. Doors lead off from the room into the sleeping quarters, with separate rooms provided for the ambassador to Imladris and the ambassador's aide.

Petra has arrived.
Petra sighs. "You are always so serious, Glendor."
Petra giggles, and lolls her head.

Glendor walks straight to the sofa nested in the far corner. He holds Petra above it, and slightly sways her up and down in his arms, as if considering droping her.

Petra mutters, "Mind the wine glass."
Petra holds the glass up, for emphasis.

Glendor lowers you down to the sofa... almost, then releases one hand to quickly get hold of the glass. Without support, you fall down and dive into the soft cushions, which almost swallow you for a moment.

Petra lets out a cry as she falls, and lands with a WHOOMPH in the couch. She lies there, looking up at you wide-eyed and giggling so hard that her whole body shakes.

Glendor carefully sets the glass onto the bedside table. "See? Not a drop!"

Petra grins from ear to ear. "You amaze me Glendor. Truly, you are amazing! 'Tis no wonder I married you -- " She bursts out laughing. "Oh my!" She finds herself unable to continue speaking, for all her laughter.

Petra looks up at the ceiling. "I declare, I only drank a little of that wine, and I have never been this drunk!" She looks at Glendor. "'Tis fun!"

Glendor sits on the bed near you, and lays his hand on your shoulder, "Aye, this is the virtue of elixirs of this valley, to..." He grins suddenly, "catch young elf-maids unaware"