June 5, 1997

Entrance Hall, East
This hall runs the width of the house, north to south, and is about 30 feet wide. The ceiling is some fifteen feet overhead. A grand staircase runs up to a landing on the east side of the hall, then divides into two lesser stairs running up north and south to the second floor. A large and elaborate oil painting of a city on a hill in the midst of a green plain ringed with mountains covers most of the north wall. A picture window occupies most of the south wall, showing part of the gardens and the opposite side of the valley some distance away over the wall. Open doorways leading further into the house are under the stairs to the northeast and southeast.

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Sil-Galen walks along into the hall from the South. Upon observing Glendor, Sil-Galen stops, and smiles "Mae Govannen, Mellon

Glendor stands near the window, peering through the painted glass at the raisign slopes of the mountains far to the Southeast. Hearing your greeting, he turns around, "Mae govannen, mellon. Are you ready to leave the valley and go with us?"

Sil-Galen smiles "Indeed... I am actually quite excited, and looking forward to it... I have not been out of the valley in too long, I suppose..."

Glendor raises his brow slightly, waiting for you to continue.

Sil-Galen looks in the direction of the window "And I especially wish to see the mellyrn, walk beneath their bows with --" Sil-Galen cuts himself short "I have never seen Lorien..."

Ainessandil comes down the staircase.
Ainessandil has arrived.

Thelinen glances at Ainessandil.

Sil-Galen glances toward the stairs as he sees movement, and grins when he sees Ainessandil "Mellon! Mae Govannen..."

Ainessandil heads down the stairs, his mind elsewhere, as usual. He holds some scraps of paper and his lyre hangs at his side.

Glendor is standing near the window, but looks away from it, at Sil-Galen. He regards him with a smile, perhaps a bit playful smile, even, but just as he's about to say something, Ainessandil comes in. Glendor greets him with a quiet "Mae govannen"

Sil-Galen glances over to Glendor, and gives him a slight smile, before turning back to Ainessandil "How art thou this fine day?"

Ainessandil smiles to Sil-Galen, then noticing Glendor, attempts a bit more formality, and bowing says, "Mae govannen, mellyn".

Glendor also bows slightly, accepting the formal style suggested by Ainessandil, "I believe we met already, but only briefly, and in a large croud in the Library. I am Glendor of Lorien, and you were introduced to me as Ainessandil, the scribe, if Im not mistaken"

Ainessandil glances at the noteboard on the wall, and coming closer to the two other elves, pats Sil-Galen on the back and address Glendor, "Yes, I am Ainessandil, and we are honored to still have you in our fair Valley. Have you by chance read Hiril Lethenindriel's note here? It turns out I have become involved in some small part of the purpose of your mission."

Sil-Galen smiles slightly as Ainessandil draws near, and whispers in the other's ear:
Sil-Galen +whispers to Ainessandil, "... ... ... ... the ..."
Sil-Galen chuckles silently, winking at Ainessandil

Ainessandil fails for a moment in his attempt at formality, and grinning to Sil-Galen, says lowly, but not quite whispered, "I am trying, mellon, I am trying."

Glendor tilts his head slightly as he replies to Ainessandil, "Being in the savety of your valley is a bliss, which, sadly, we will enjoy not much longer. In a few days, the party is setting out for Lorien, and the dark paths lay ahead of us." He nods before he goes on, separating the replies, "The Lady was most helpful to us, and I have high hopes for the student of her she sends with us"

Sil-Galen laughs softly "I can see that, mellon... You are doing quite well..." Sil-Galen regards Ainessandil curiously "has the Lady Mirwen been helping you?"
Sil-Galen turns towards Glendor as the latter speaks, before turning to regard Ainessandil once more "Indeed... I will be leaving quite soon, mellon, and I am not sure when I shall be able to return..."

Ainessandil, regaining his composure, again addresses Glendor, "Have you then seen the drawing of the mark upon the tablet that Imal had prepared? We have been working to decipher its significance; alas, thus far we have many ideas, but little concrete to show for our efforts." and hearing Sil-Galen's remark, Ainessandil grins again, "No, friend, that has not been the topic of our conversations," and he winks back.

Sil-Galen looks up at the ceiling, and, to no one in particular, says "Conversations? How could you speak when you two are always...", before he looks back at Ainessandil with laughter.

Glendor does not attempt to hide his surprise at Sil-Galen's words, "Why do you say so? The path is beset with peril, but we do have hope of reaching Lorien!" He shakes his head, slightly, and adds in a whisper, "At least, some of us, perhaps even most..." He looks up and, making a gesture as if chasing an unwanted thought, replies to Ainessandil, "So far, Imal only took drawing from me, but have nod given me anything back. But you say she did have some success with them!"

Ainessandil tries to ignore Sil-Galen's playful remarks and await Glendor's reply, but a smile keeps crossing his face as Sil-Galen baits him.

Sil-Galen blinks "I did not mean it in that way, Herbmaster... I only meant that I am not sure when we will choose to return from Lorien... Cyndrial expressed her desire to remain there for some time, and only return when another fair sized party chooses to make the journey."

Ainessandil, sensing potential interest on Glendor's part, becomes enthusiastic, "Then, please, Sir, come view it now. Perhaps you will be able to add to our understanding. And Sil-galen, I don't think you have seen it, have you? Please come." and Ainessandil gestures toward the stairway.

Sil-Galen shrugs "It cannot hurt, though I do not know that I am the one to examine it... my knowledge is restricted to what I have read, and the little I have gleaned from others over the years... There are many more wise than I here, though they be younger..."

Glendor lets out a slight sigh, quickly nods to Sil-Galen, then crosses the hall, ready to follow Ainessandil, "Aye, let us see it!"

Ainessandil head up the stairs eagerly, headed for the library.

Sil-Galen turns to follow Glendor and Ainessandil

Ainessandil climbs up the stairs and pauses on the landing.
Ainessandil has left.

Sil-Galen climbs up the stairs and pauses on the landing.
Sil-Galen has left.

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Second Floor West Hall
The inner wall of this wide hallway is dominated by a dark wooden stairway leading to the third floor. The entrance to this stairway is at the northeast corner of the hall, while there are a pair of stout wooden brass-fitted doors at the southern end. The stone floor is covered by several thick rugs; these rugs are mostly sapphire in hue, traced occasionally with threads of silver that gleam when struck by light.


Sil-Galen comes into the hall from the north.
Sil-Galen has arrived.

Ainessandil opens the door to the Library and nods his head for the others to enter first.

Sil-Galen smiles "Thank you mellon"
Sil-Galen walks into the library.
Sil-Galen has left.

Glendor drops a quick "Thank you" to Ainessandil before entering.

You go into the library

The Imladris Library
This spacious room seems to occupy most of this wing of the floor and is filled with carmel-coloured wooden racks, shelves, and pigeon-holes holding variously-bound tomes, piled sheaves of parchment, and rolled-up scrolls.
The hardwood floor is almost completely covered by several thick, woven rugs, which appear to depict a battle in some now-lost land. Close to the door are several low tables, made of some dark wood, delicately carved, and surrounded by comfortable-looking high-backed chairs. It might become evident, after gazing around this room for a moment, that near a back wall rests a small desk, behind which sits a quiet female figure who looks at you as if she might be able to assist you.
High on the paneled wall over the door an inscription is chiseled into closely-set stones.
mark drawing

Ainessandil comes into the library from the hallway.
Ainessandil has arrived.

Ainessandil points to a table in the corner of the Library, "My desk, as I think of it is over there." You see a talbe covered with books and notepaper, as Ainessandil walks to it.

Glendor looks over the many shelves and tables, "Where is it?.. Ah, I see" He brickly crosses the hall, maneuvring between the shelves, and appreaches the desk, following Ainessandil.

Sil-Galen walks slowly toward the table "A cosy nook, I'm sure..."

Ainessandil picks up one sheet of paper from the table for Glendor and Sil-Galen to see. "This is the drawing, which Imal had prepared, based, as I understand it, on her placing several of the drawings you brought from Lorien, Glendor, on top of each other and peering through them, as it were."

Sil-Galen peers curiously at the drawing "And no one has discovered the significance of this as yet?"

Glendor leans to look closer at the drawing, "Hmm... the circles... Yes, the circles were repeated on many of the drawings and I saw them myself... like waves running from a rock thrown into the water... "

                             *  *                              

                     *       *  *       *                      
                      *                *                       
               *                              *                
                   *                      *                    
             *   *                          *   *              
            *   *                            *   *             
            *   *                            *   *             
             *   *                          *   *              
                   *                      *                    
               *                              *                
                      *                *                       
                     *       *  *       *                      
                             *  *                              
This is the drawing of the mark on the tablet from Lorien, based on the many drawings of the whole tablet brought to Imladris from Lorien. The mark is centered, at the bottom of the tablet. At first you can see only the two circles, but you can tell that something is barely visible pictured inside them. If you try hard enough, you may be able to make out what is pictured inside the circles.

As they look at the drawing, Ainessandil mentions, "Your colleague, Petra, has worked with us as well....And Sil-Galen, we have determined a couple of things, but not the essence as of yet. Can you both see the central part of the drawing? It is faint, for apparently it was hard to make out from the superimposed drawings. And, Glendor, yes, the circles, we may have discovered something of their significance..."

Glendor shakes his head, "I cannot make out anything inside"

Sil-Galen shrugs "Almost I think that there is something there, but I cannot see what..."

Ainessandil notes the look of recognition is Sil-Galen's eyes, and smiles.

The last rays of the sun through the gorge are lost as the night begins.

  /     D .oo.  ,O,                                            
         )    )/  _\                                           
        /     |  (_)                 ,oPPo,                    
       /      |              _..._  /      b.                  
      /                     P     ~/      _O                   
     /                            / ~-..-~                     
    /                            /                             
   /                            O                              
                               (          O O                  
                               (         d_  )                 
                                O          *O                  
                                 O_       _O                   
Sil-Galen squints and peers closely at the drawing "I believe I can make out some strange markings, but their significance eludes me."

Ainessandil smiles again.

Glendor nods, and leans closer to the drawing, "Hmmmm... They weave like Elven letters... But not like those we use today... More like the writings of the Elder days..."

"The inner marks are apparently the letters ando and lambe, D and L, and we have been trying to determine their import. But they are strange, written somewhat differently than we are used to: the first has a bow going straight down instead of of curved, the second is drawn with a single stroke, as it were, instead of the normal two; and both have that curl or circle at the end..." and Ainessandil nods to Glendor's comment.

Sil-Galen nods slowly "I can see it, but I might not have unless you had mentioned it... They are not like any letters I have seen before, though... It almost seems to me as if something similar... But no, I don't suppose it is."

Glendor almost draws his nose along the paper, trying to seek out every detail, then stands straight again, "Much of the Gondolin lore is written in this manner..."

Ainessandil waxes even more enthusiastic as his words pour forth, "Hir Hriveril, who wandered much in Beleriand in the First Age remembered that two circles, such as we have here, were a symbol of the hidden city of Gondolin. And our HIrdan Galdacil said that old artisans' marks were not likely to have the initials of the artisan, but at least some reference to his or her location or place of birth. But how D and L can relate to Gondolin, we do not know. Dor-lomien has been suggested, but we can tie nothing else in the mark to that location."

Ainessandil looks to Glendor with surprise but excitement, "You recognize this particular type of script? It is known to have been used in Gondolin? What ancient artifact do you possess in Lorien if this is so!"

Glendor still does not take his eyes off the mark, "Imal has a sharp eye..." He shakes his head, "The more I look at it the more familiar it seems... I have seen much of Gondolin lore, what remains of it. My father was one of the few to escape its downfall"

Sil-Galen sighs "Would that my mother were here... She could have told you much about Beleriand... Perhaps even read this script... As for myself, I think that if it came from Gondolin, then we ponder what inside that realm itself could be summarized with D and L..."

Sil-Galen says, "I do not think it is Dor-Lomin..."

Ainessandil looks at Glendor in awe, "So you have heard of Gondolin first hand from your father's lips? I pray that we will have time for you to share some small bit of your knowledge with me; if not before you leave, then by letter perhaps. I wish to learn all I may of the ancient days and the tongues of the Eldar in those times."

Sil-Galen looks at Ainessandil "Have drawings been taken to Mithlond, to Cirdan?"

Ainessandil smiles to Sil-Galen, "I would not know, mellon. Such things are the decisions of those much higher than me. but even if it were sent, I doubt the drawing could get there and information be returned for some long time."

Glendor nods to Ainessandil without looking at him, "Aye, my father did teach me the lore of Gondolin, and its script, ere he sailed to the West. I am afraid I was not the best student, I mostly asked him about the forging of swords, and using them too. But the more I look at it, the more it seems to be connected with Gondolin, although I am not sure why... other than they did write L in one stroke. I do it myself when writing Quenya, as my father taught me millenia ago"

Sil-Galen smiles "It would not be wise to discount the wisdom of Cirdan in this matter, as he ruled the Falas there in Beleriand... And though it may not get there overnight, what are a few weeks, or months, when these markings are more ancient than you or I?"

Ainessandil bows to Glendor, "How fortuitous, then, that we happened upon each other downstairs, for your insight is important. I will share it with the others trying to solve this enigma, and tell Hiril Lethelindriel of it as well, if I should get to speak to her."

Glendor shakes his head, "Nothing will happen to these markings, rest assured... But whatever power they guard... Sending the drawings to the West is perilous. The time may already work against us. Who can say which eyes may now try to pierce the guise of similar pictures?"

And turning to Sil-Galen, "Mellon, I am not the one to make suggestions to our Hir, or to Hiril Lethelidriel. Perhaps Glendor," and he nods to you, "will choose to suggest this to one of our lords or ladies."

Sil-Galen smiles "I bow to your superior knowledge in this, Herbmaster... My mother was not of Gondolin, but the folk of Doriath, and I am afraid I can be of little help interpreting these markings..."

A shudder, both of dread and of excitement, can be seen to run through Ainessandil at Glendor's words of other eyes.

And Ainessandil responds to Sil-Galen, "Perhaps so, perhaps not, my friend, but is it not exciting even just to gaze upon a replica of an artifact that may somehow tie to the hidden city!"

Sil-Galen smiles "Indeed... And whatever is meant by the 'D' and 'L' may prove to be even more interesting..."

...the city of Turgon and Idril, and..." and Ainessandil's tone becomes more somber, "of Maeglin, as has been pointed out when Tirielwen and Mithuial and Petra discussed the mark with me. Indeed, it was even suggested the tablet could be a map that Maeglin created to betray the city...to one I prefer not even to name."

Glendor shakes his head, and looks like he has just awoken from a day-dream, "Aye, it is. But it is also a responsibility. Most simple things of Gondolin perished with its walls. To be carried away, this has to be of great value!

Ainessandil responds to Glendor soberly, "Aye, I discount that idea myself. For how could something meant for that Evil One have survived Gondolin, then somehow reach the rivers that flow down to Lorien? After all, the mark being of Gondolin, as your insight seems to confirm, does not mean that the tablet itself is from there."

Sil-Galen sighs "Perhaps some heirloom of King Turgon's... or perhaps it is not from there at all, as you say mellon... only with more study can we discover the truth."

Sensing a restlessness in Glendor, Ainessandil bows to him again, "Once more, thank you for your assistance in sharing your insight. I hope we shall have the opportunity to speak further of Gondolin, if not in person, then by correspondence. For myself, I should remain here now and study further these book you see here, to try and understand the meaning of the strange letters."

Glendor nods, and his shoulders lower slightly. As Ainessandil's enthusiasm cools down, so does his, "That is also true. Even I could have left a similar mark if I were to inscribe the letters of the Ancient tongue. Of course, I have not such power to hide my writings from the eyes of others. Perhaps, with the new insights, the smiths of your valley will remember something which D L could mean? I will also search my memory for anything my father might have told me"

Ainessandil says, "Thank you, Herbmaster. Indeed it was the fearfulness of the tablet as we have been told of that led to thoughts of Maeglin, as I recollect. Please do share with us any more thoughts that may come to you concerning this mark.""

Sil-Galen smiles at the other two "I thank you for the opportunity to see this, mellon, and to hear your insights Herbmaster..."

Glendor nods, "Aye, I will. And you, please, tell me if there is a new word from the smiths"

Ainessandil nods enthusiastically, "Aye, I shall, Sir, when we learn anything further. Namarie, and my your journey, that of both of you, be safe."

Glendor smiles, "Namerie, mellon. And, we will try!"

Sil-Galen nods to Glendor "Namarie, mellon... I will see thee soon, then"

As they prepare to leave, Ainessandil calls to Sil-Galen with a grin, "And be careful to whom you disclose the name of your love, mellon!"

Glendor, on his way to the door, glances over his shoulder, and grins slightly. He pushes the door open, and steps out of the library.