Hello! This page is dedicated to the best Tolkien MUSH there is - Elendor! There, you can find me as Gothmog, a Nazgul in Mordor (formerly Haldir, Glendor, and Tuonoorwen, all Elves in Lothlorien).

I used to have the second character, an Ent named Slightbough, then I gave him up and moved to Harad, where I play a sorcerer called Al'thusad.


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These maps cover only a small portion of Middle-Earth - the vicinities of Lorien.

I keep here some of my own logs:

Gothmog logs
1671207/26/04Curse of the Tower Lords
2095307/22/04Cometh the inquisitor
2550501/10/04Messengers from the East
3080010/01/03Fall of Talia
5120209/30/03River of blood
1906509/19/03Face to face with the enemy
1111209/16/03A close call
974809/15/03Fear Dawn
1846008/20/03Shield and Skull
2146303/04/03Dark Curse
1428802/04/03Death of Dhar'mon
2007702/02/03At the orc camp
1113602/01/03Encounter in Ithilien
Haldir logs
23571001/30/02Outpost TP - the last battle
22774601/16/02Outpost TP - the first battle
2265907/09/00Death of Vindolandia
2265905/05/00Sortie to find Haldir
2952905/03/00Haldir battles Bzjokze and Ghlurshrekh
1640604/27/00Messenger of darkness
Slightbough logs
3309904/04/00Slightbough with Numandil and Naerdil in Fangorn
Tuonoorwen logs
1706223/02/00The bear hunt
1468826/01/00In the Halls of Healing (Imladris)
3239126/01/00Breakfast on the Porch (Imladris)
 06-07/99The Dream TP
Glendor logs
1558909/01/97When the river dries up...
3810406/08/97Farewell to Imladris
778906/08/97Elrond and Glendor - Farewell
2150906/05/97Mark of Gondolin
4184206/03/97In the Hall of Fire
2461706/02/97Meetings in Imladris
4754705/16/97Glendor, Imal, and Lethendriel
868905/16/97Meeting with Elrond
1955105/15/97Arriving in Imladris
2889305/14/97Sudden Ambush
2981705/13/97Narrow Escape
1495505/09/97Talorc and Glendor
1283905/08/97Meetings with Beornings
4458504/24/97Orcs at the Northern Border
2291704/05/97Water Play
8203903/28/97Glynnis' Escape
2853803/11/97A crowd in Halfwat House
11733802/26/97The Trial
1052502/10/97Alandil's Cloak
2457702/08/97Farewell to Silrosse
3296702/08/97Healing Day
7218901/22/97Children at the Naith, or Glynnis in Wrath
2278201/16/97Glendor and Bregedhel
4088111/14/96Haldir and others on the lawn


Yahoo! Here they are, the pictures from Elendor party, 01/18/97, New York.

Another party!

Pictures from the largest up to date ELendor party, 07/04/97, Indianapolis.

Another party!

Pictures from the scariest ELendor party, 11/01/97, New York.


Yahoo! Here they are, the pictures from the West Coast Extreme Elendor party, August 1998, San Francisco.

Another West Coast Party!

The pictures from the Oregon-200 Elendor party, March 2000, Florence, Oregon.