Log is taken by Orophin, the events take place at the same time as the dialog in the guard talan between Erinstar and Glendor

Glynnis ducks under a tree branch, and heads into the Conference Area.
Glynnis has left.

Orophin nods and follows

Conference Area
This is a small area a little removed from the mayhem of the Main Guard Talan. It is surprisinlgy quiet and tranquil, not to mention well furnished with comfortable chairs and a few tables.

Orophin stands tall, "Yes protector."

Glynnis walks to the end of the table and stands, facing you. "Tell me, Captain, to which branch of the Gweth do you belong?"

Orophin says, "The Gilith of course."

Glynnis says, "And what is your rank in the Gweth Gilith?"

Orophin says, "Captain"

Glynnis says, "Indeed."

Glynnis says, "And which ranks are above the rank of Gweth Gilith?"

Glynnis taps a finger against the table as she watches you.

Glynnis says, "Captain."

Orophin levels his hand, "Protector, with all due respect I understand where you are getting with this train of though. Be assured that I said what I said only after much thought and know what I am doing.

Glynnis says, "Captain, you cannot begin to conceive of what you are doing."

Orophin says, "No I understand well the law of this Wood. Furthermore, in my eyes you have done more to breach this law than myself and Erinstar combined."

Glynnis ignores you. "Firstly, you are publicly going against chain of command. Not only do you presume to do such a thing, you presume to do it in the presence of non-Order members."

Glynnis says, "And further you presume to do it in front of non-Order members during a time of declared crisis."

Glynnis says, "Do you realize what this means, Knight-Captain?"

Orophin clears his throat, "I believe there is a higher law in this Wood that declares that any of the edhel drawing blade or bow upon a fellow galadhrim is due reason for trial by tribunal as well. In my eyes, when you struck Erinstar as you did, you breached this most fundamental of laws. Do /you/ realize what this means Protector?

Glynnis says, "I drew no weapon on the man and you know it. And I have within my rights as Protector the right to discipline my guards as I see fit."

Orophin shakes his head, "Nay, you did not draw a weapon. But crushing his jaw hardly requires a weapon and is just as damaging.

Glynnis says, "Hardly indeed. That is nothing compared to what would have happened to those children had the orchs, smarting from a recent defeat and able to move about in greater numbers after sunset, returned for revenge."

Glynnis says, "Have you possibly thought of that?"

Glynnis says, "The punishment in my mind did not begin to fit the crime of endangering the children of this city. We are few enough left as it is without jeopardizing those few young ones we have left."

Orophin says, "I am not saying that Erinstar is not in the wrong, but I am saying that your punishment crossed the line. And now to forbid him the aid that is needed? I cannot accept it. That is why I spoke as I did."

Glynnis says, "I do not forbid one whit of the aid he is needed. The healer is perfectly free to treat him to the best of his abilities here. They are building a healer's hovel now in anticipation of the invasion we are expecting from the north."

Glynnis says, "And there are many things you will discover that you cannot accept that you must as you move up in rank, Orophin."

Glynnis says, "I cannot accept the fact that I may send men to their deaths, knowingly, every time I order them to stand watch."

Glynnis walks around the table towards you as she speaks. "I cannot accept that my actions may mean the difference between the continued existence and the extermination of my people."

Glynnis stands directly in front of you. "And I cannot accept that one of MY men, a man I have tried repeatedly to train to simply complete his assigned tasks, might have been the cause of the deaths of a half-dozen children because he decided to disobey orders!

Orophin regards you cooly, "I understand that, but that does not justify your treatment of him. The fact remains that he is now bleeding and chewing bone and a skilled healer is telling you that he needs further attention than what he can deliver here on the borders. Can you not see that?"

Glynnis narrows her eyes. "And can you not see that by disagreeing with me in front of that healer you have furthered the cause of the Enemy?"

Orophin actually laughs, "Furthered the cause of the Enemy?!? Since when was free speech amongst the first born a cause of the enemy?!"

Glynnis says, "Allow me to educate you."

Glynnis says, "The guard is not respected and obeyed enough as it is."

Glynnis says, "People constantly disobey missives we send to the city for their own protection, to the point where even the CHILDREN run roughshod over Knights!"

Glynnis says, "And why is this? Because they see fraction within the ranks. As do those of lesser rank. When an officer disagrees with me in front of unruly men, he undermines both my authority and his."

Glynnis says, "If I do not have authority, my decisions and orders will be constantly argued with or ignored."

Glynnis says, "When this happens in battle, confusion and insubordination result."

Glynnis says, "And so do battles lost, lives lost, and trees burned."

Orophin listens intently, hoping to hear the justification for all of this.

Glynnis says, "I am willing to hear disagreements with my orders and my line of thinking."

Glynnis says, "But you WILL NOT disagree with me in front of my men or civilians again."

The sun rises over the trees, flashing on the golden leaves of the Mallyrn.

Glynnis says, "Just as I will not reprimand you in front of your subordinates or civilians."

Orophin nods, "Very well then. I agree and appologize for doing so earlier. It's just that everyone seemed so enthusiastic about arguing in there that I felt it prudent to speak my mind before things went to far."

Glynnis says, "When you next feel the need to speak your mind, Captain, you may ask me to step aside and do so in private."

Orophin nods, "Of course. And the next words out of my mouth were going to be just that, but you beat me to it."

Glynnis says, "That is why I am the protector."

Glynnis says, "Now, what is this about Erinstar's jaw being broken."

Orophin says, "Glendor has discovered that the jaw is most likely broken, and from my limited medical background, I'd have to agree."

Glynnis nods. "Would that it knocked some sense into him. And you feel that this injury needs advanced medical attention?"

Orophin nods, "Aye, I do. At first, I thought it a mere surface wound and actually gave Erinstar a hankerchief to clean it up with, but as Glendor was inspecting it, I realized it was much more severe. I know not whether it merits the move to the infirmary, but that is simply because I know so little about the healer's art. I do trust Glendor's judgement though.

Glynnis snorts. "Another thing you learn, unwillingly, when you rise in rank: politics. Althea has apparently chosen Erinstar as her champion and lover. Glendor is her close friend. Of course he would have him moved to the infirmary; he will be closer to Althea that way and within her sphere of influence."

Glynnis says, "Here, he will not have the benefit of her tender mercies. Which may be more of a boon, now that I think of it."

Orophin sighs, "Again, this severe division between our people that you are so apt to drive a wedge in. Can we not just trust the healer and let be whatever may be? If Althea wants to dote on Erinstar, then so be it as far as I'm concerned."

Glynnis says, "Do you not see? Althea is the cause of much of the insubordination among our ranks. These diplomats treat us as so many guard dogs, to be moved and ordered about whenever they feel the need to prance about the countryside, and despised and ignored when they do not."

Glynnis says, "They constantly ignore warnings to keep away from the borders to woo their sweethearts, they outright disrespect our rank and purpose, and cause the people, the very children now, to do the same!"

Glynnis says, "Then they expect us to jump when they snap their fingers. I have had enough!"

Orophin says, "I'm afraid we just view things too differently, Protector. I understand your concern for the protection of the wood, and I genuinely share that concern. However, I think we must also practice a certain amount of tolerance...much as a parent raising a child. Some things must just be accepted as reality and dealt with, not beaten into a mould of strict design."

Glynnis says, "You are free to disagree with my philosophies for as long as you have breath, Orophin."

Glynnis says, "However you will not disregard my orders nor will you waste that breath arguing when you should be training men or leading patrols or otherwise defending this forest. If its breath you wish to waste, join the diplomats."

Orophin nods, "Very well then, we shall agree to disagree. Let us now return to the original question. Shall Erin be permitted back to the Infirmary?"

Glynnis says, "If he is permitted back to the infirmary, he will not be able to be under guard, as all fit guards are to be training upon the borders. No doubt Glendor knows this, as does Althea."

Glynnis says, "He may be escorted to the Infirmary and escorted back here after his treatment is done. His injury is not life-threatening, I take it."

Orophin nods, "Very well, when Glendor deems his treatment is finished he shall be returned to quarters above. While he's there, I shall set up a watch using the city wardens if you deem it necessary.

Glynnis nods. "I do so deem it necessary. Upon that agreement, shall we?" She motions to the door.

Orophin nods and makes for the door, standing aside as he reaches it to let you through first.

Glynnis has left.

Main Guard Talan

Glynnis heads down the rope ladder.
Glynnis has left.

You climb down the rope ladder.

Elven Path
Daedagnir Patrol
Wooden Sign