The children are puppets, Lilinel and group of Elven children belong to Glendor, Tathren - to Silrosse.
The events logged here sometimes take place in few rooms at once. They are either observed through puppets, or compiled in from logs taken by Orophin. When two actions are logged together, the one at location different from mine is shown in italic.
Jan. 11, 1997

Naith of Lorien
You stand riverside, in Dwimordene, amidst the grey bowls of the mallyrn and the conceiling underbrush on the eastern banks of the river Celebrant. It is here in these golden woods where the rolling foothills of the Misties come to an end and in the Elven realm of Lothlorien, often called Dwimordene or Dreamland by men, begins. It's summertime, and the mallyrn's leaves and branches form a light canopy of green to match the scattered undergrowth below. Presently, the mid afternoon sun casts lengthening shadows across the Wood as it begins its descent.


group of Elven children has arrived

Erinstar looks at group of Elven children

Tathren runs away from the group of Elven children
Tathren has arrived.

Erinstar acks as the huge stampede of children come hurtling towards him.

Lilinel runs away from the group of Elven children
Lilinel has arrived.

Erinstar looks at Lilinel

Tathren runs up to Erinstar and blinks at him.

Erinstar says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are all you doing out here?"

Lilinel runs toward Erinstar, hopping up avery few steps anf giggling, "Unkle Ewinsta-ah, Unkle Ewinsta-ah!"

Erinstar blinks.

Tathren grins mischievously and holds out her hand to Erinstar.

Erinstar laughs, "Oh, I know what you want."

Tathren nods her head up and down, her eyes huge.

Erinstar hands Tathren a piece of chocolate and places a finger to his lips, "Don't the others"

Lilinel tugs on Erinstar's leg, "Unkle Ewinsta-ah, tell them you won't send us awa-ay?"

Tathren beams and hides the piece of chocolate behind her back.

Erinstar looks down at Lilinel and bites his lip, unable to disagree with the innocent little face.

Erinstar says, "Uh..."

Tathren darts around behind Lilinel and conceals herself behind the elf girl's hair, sneaking a bite of her chocolate.

Lilinel turns to the other kids, and sticks her tongue at them, "I towd you, I towd you he won't!"

Tathren ducks lower so Lilinel won't see her hiding behind.

Lairelin smiles happily at the rush of children. She calls over them, "Where did they come from, Erinstar?"

Erinstar shrugs to Lairelin as he looks completely baffled.

Erinstar says, "They even know my name...Beats me."

Lilinel turns again (as if she ever ceased to spin and hop), and looks again at Erinstar, trying to make her best "nice kid" face, "Unkle Ewinsta-ah, ma-ay I have a chocowate too?"

Erinstar points out Tathren, "That one is Siniathweg's I think."

Tathren shakes her head at Erinstar from behind Lilinel as if to say, "Don't do it!"

Erinstar chuckles and tosses Lairelin a piece too.

Lairelin nods, an amused grin on her face, "you could be right.""

Lairelin grabs the candy deftly out of the air.

Tathren dances over to Lairelin. "Hello! Siniathweg's my uncle. Who are you?" She blinks with a chocolate-smeared smile.

Lilinel follows with her eyes the piece of the clocolate which flies through the air and is catched by Lairelin. Her blue lakes-eyes look as if they are about to spill out in tears.

Erinstar uh-ohs and gives Lilinel a piece too.

Erinstar says, "Oh great, now I've done it."

Lairelin laughs, "I am Lairelin. I'm pleased to meet you.

Erinstar grins to Lairelin, "Be careful, she might be after your chocolate." he says and winks.

Tathren wipes a chocolatey hand on her apron, then holds it out to Lairelin. After a moment's hesitation she then pulls her hand away and curtseys politely, still grinning.

Lairelin grins, and pulls her candy close. "Not mine," she retorts.

Lilinel giggles merrily, and turns to the other kids raising her hand in a triumphant gesture. The kids, however, are too busy running arund. Lilinel glances at Erinstar, the last trace of her tears gone.

Erinstar looks around at the little elf kids running all over the place, "Where did they all come from?"

Lairelin protests, "Don't ask me! They know your name...not mine."

Tathren bounds over to Erinstar with a wide chocolate grin. "We came to visit the guards!"

Erinstar says, "Uncle...hmm, I hope that's an affectionate title, cause neither Rillian nor Galindrion were married."

Erinstar chuckles at Tathren and ruffles her hair gently, "Well, I'm the one here actually."

Lilinel runs straight through the Naith, until she bumps into Lairelin. She was running straight for her, but perhaps was too busy looking around, "Ouch! Aunt Laiwe-i-in! I'm sowwy!"

Erinstar laughs!

Lairelin oofs as she is bumped, "Now I'm an auntie? You kids are desparate."

Lairelin helps Lilinel stand upright, "You okay?...Good."

Tathren raises a brow. "You're the only guard? Who will protect us? Hmmmmmm??"

Tathren blinks expectantly at Erinstar.

Erinstar looks flabbergasted, "What? I'm not good enough?"

Lairelin blinks expectantly at Erinstar too.

Lairelin says, "Of course you are."

Lilinel flaps her lashes at Lairelin, not sure if her last words meant good or not. "Des... Despewate?" He looks at herself, then runs back toward other kids, "I'm despewate!"

Erinstar says, "All the other guards are up sleeping in the talan. They were being worked too hard so I lt them take a rest while I watched."

Tathren ponders a moment, biting her lip. "Hmmm..."

Tathren purses her lips. "Wellll.....okay! But I wanna see the big guards with the swords!"

Erinstar goes over and plops down on the riverbank to scowl.

Lilinel makes few full circles around the adult Elves before returning to Lairelin, "Aunt Laiwe-i-in, what is despewate?"

Lairelin ponders for a moment, "Desparate is when you can only see one way to accomplish something and maybe it isn't a safe or smart way....Does that make sense?"

Tathren runs over to Erinstar and taps on his shoulder.

Erinstar glances back at Tathren and raises an eyebrow.

Tathren holds her hands behind her back and smiles winsomely at Erinstar. "What's wrong???"

Erinstar says, "I'm not good enough because I don't have a higher rank and a sword."

Tathren frowns a moment. "What's a rank?" Tathren nods, "Ohhhh! I understand now. You don't have a sword because you need another rank?"

Lilinel listens to the answer with her head titled slightly to one side. Then, unaccustomed to standing still for more than few seconds, she takes off and runs back to Erinstar, waving to the other kids, "I'm despewate!" She reaches to tug on Erinstar's cloak, "But you WILL have a swohd?"

Erinstar says, "Something that decides whether you'll be cleaning floors or relaxing while watching others washing floors..."
Erinstar says, "Oh, nevermind."

Tathren grins widely as though she understands completely and plops down on the ground next to Erinstar.

Erinstar says, "Yeah, I'll get a sword...eventually."

Lilinel keeps tugging on Erinstar's cloak, "Will you show it to me then?"

Tathren asks in her clear, intelligent voice, "Do you ever have to wash the floors of the guard tala...talay...telain?"

Erinstar grins, "Well, not too often. I manage to stay away from Glynnis most of the time."

Erinstar says, "Yes, I'll show you my sword when I get it."

Lairelin smothers a chuckle behind her hand.

Tathren laughs brightly and jumps up again, then runs to join the other elven children.

Lilinel stands still for a moment, and looks as if she's about to cry again, "Gwynnis? Is she ba-ad?"

Tathren has left.
Tathren mingles with the group of Elven children and they all keep running around.

Erinstar says, "Um...well, no, but she's not very nice."

Lilinel whispers, very qietly, and looks really scared, "Is she a Ba-alfoh?"

Erinstar says, "A what?"

Erinstar says, "Oh, nonono. Don't let her hear you say that."

Lairelin leans in, trying to understand the child.

Lilinel stares at Erinstar with her large blue eyes, "Then, why is she not na-aice?"

Erinstar says, "Welll...she um..."

Lilinel pats Erinstar on his leg, "She makes you mop flo-ohs! You are na-aice! She is ba-ad!" She bited her lower lip.

Erinstar smiles.

Lilinel tries to hide in the folds of Erinstar's cloak, and glances at Lairelin from the safety, "Aunt Laiwe-i-in! Do you have wank? Or Gwynnis makes you mop flo-ohs too?"

Lairelin chuckles, "No. Glynnis doesn't give me orders....Although, I'm sure she would if she thought it would work."

Erinstar laughs gently.

Gil-Girith emerges from the dense forest.
Gil-Girith has arrived.

Lilinel scans Lairelin with her eyes, "Then, if you have wank... where is your swohd?"

Gil-Girith steps in from the trees, and smiles as he sees the all of you here, "Mae govannen, mellyn! How are you?"

Erinstar waves to Gil as he is surrounded by elven kiddles.

Lairelin smiles gently at Lilinel, "My sword is in my word, child." She tilts her staff forward a bit, "Of course, this has come in handy a couple of times."

Gil-Girith sits dow n on the grss next the the kiddies, Erin and Lair.

group of Elven children all run toward Gil-Girith, shouting, "Mae govannen! Mae govannen! Who are you?" in a moment, Gil-Girith is surrounded by the kids.

Gil-Girith grins and laughs cheerfully, "Mae govannen! I'm Gil-Girith..and who are you?"

group of Elven children shout their names, all together, so you cannot understand a single one of them, then run away.

Erinstar chuckles.

Gil-Girith sighs, chuckles, and then waves as the kiddies run away, "Have a good day!"

Lilinel hops toward Gil-Girith, "I am Lilinel! And you are Giw-Giwith! You want to play?"

Lairelin grins at Gi-Girith, "Did you catch all that?"

Gil-Girith smiles, "Of course, didn't you?", he turns to Lilinel, "uh...sure." he responds uncertainly with a glance to Lairelin and Erin.

Erinstar grins to Gil-Girith with an expression that seems to say "good luck"

Lilinel runs away, shouting, "Wun! Giw-Giwith, catch me!"

Erinstar chuckles.

Gil-Girith sighs, and gets his butt off of the grass, running, well, jogging slowly, after Lilinel.

Gil-Girith looks at Lilinel

Lilinel stops, then runs straight toward Gil-Girith, dashing aside at the last moment, "Does not count! You did not catch me!" And she rans away again.

Erinstar grins mischievously.

Gil-Girith looks at Erin, rolls his eyes, and then smiles at Lilinel and chases her around the green, just behind her but never getting within 2 feet.

Erinstar gets up and begins chasing after Gil-Girith.

The sun sinks in the sky and falls below the horizon. Nighttime takes over.

Lairelin sits down, watching the guys chase the children.

Lilinel runs across the Naith, and hides behind Lairelin, peeking at Gil-Girith. "Uh, Unkle Ewinsta-ah, it is not fa-air! You are a guahd, you catch people fast! I am playing with Giw-Giwith in this game!"

Erinstar grins as he gains quickly on the diplomat, "Better run squirrel. I'm gettin' closer."

Erinstar says, "aw, you won't mind if I borrow Gil-Girith real quick do ya? It won't take me *that* long to catch him.""

Lilinel jumps up and down, holding on to Lairelin's shoulder, "Catch him! Catch him!"

Lairelin sits up tall to hide the child, "Watch could be a trick!"

Gil-Girith turns about and laughs in Erin's face, "Ha Ha! You catch me? I think not!" and he runs even faster, doing loops around Lilinel.

Erinstar starts speeding up, keeping up with Gil-Girith easily. he's not even breathing hard.

Erinstar says, "Really? heheheheh"

Lairelin looks back at Lilinel, "Do you think Erin will catch him? them go!"

Gil-Girith sppeeds out, begginning to breath a little harder now..a little, but not much.

Erinstar begins to pour on the steam...

Lilinel spins on her heels, trying to watch both Gil-Girith and Erinstar, then looks at Lairelin and shakes her head, as if surprised that Lairelin asks such an obviouse question, "Of course he will! He is the guahd! He will soon have swohd!"

Gil-Girith turns in his run and runs along side the river, slowing down slightly..

Erinstar finally takes a mighty leap into the air, diving on top of Gil-Girith and slams him into the dirt. Erinstar says, "Whaaaa-Oof!"

And with a mightly flip Gil-Girith tosses Erinstar off his back and into the River!

Lairelin emerges from the dense forest. Lairelin has arrived.

Erinstar reaches out and drags Gil-Girith in with him.


Gil-Girith says, "auggghhh!!! you got me!!"

group of Elven children all run toward the river, and crowd at the waterside, pointing at the Elves in the water and shouting

Gil-Girith climbs, sopping wet, out of the river, and flops onto the grass.

Lairelin stands up, and walks to the shore, "How's the water, gentlemen? Warm?"

Erinstar grins Erinstar splashes Lairelin. Erinstar says, "I dunno. You tell me."

Gil-Girith +whispers to Erinstar, "... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..." and winks."

Erinstar grins widely at Gil_Girith

Lairelin jumps back, "Um....yes....I guess it is warm enough.

Erinstar climbs out of the river and shakes off.

Lairelin steps back even further, "Hey! Keep that in the river."

Erinstar grins

Lilinel runs to the water, then in, up to her knees, and splashes at the kids and adults alike.

Gil-Girith grins too, and slowly approaches Lairelin..

Erinstar pouts, "You never stick around when I'm here...

Gil-Girith +whispers to Erinstar, "3"

Erinstar nods.

Lairelin watches Gil-Girith approach. "Don't get any ideas, Gil-Girith."

Gil-Girith +whispers to Erinstar, "..."

Gil-Girith +whispers to Erinstar, "..."

Erinstar tenses.

Gil-Girith +whispers to Erinstar, "..."

Gil-Girith lunges at Lai along with Erinstar and together they grab her by the arms and... ...FLING HER INTO the river with a large SPLASH


Lairelin cries out, "Whoaoaoa!" as she is tossed into the river.

The ambassador disappears for a few anxious moments, but finally reappears, swimming smoothly towards the bank.

Erinstar grins and points at Gil-Girith, "It was his idea."

Gil-Girith claps, grinning misheviously.

Gil-Girith says, "Hey!"

Erinstar grins at Gil-Girith.

Lairelin eyes G-G and Erin as she climbs up the shore. She's holding up her skirts and ringing them out as she goes.

Erinstar covers GG's eyes as Laire lifts up her skirts.

Lairelin glares at Erinstar, "Of course it was _His_ idea."

Erinstar smiles innocently, "Well it was!"

Erinstar winks, "You don't believe I could have thught up somehing like that do you?"

Lilinel walks cautiously toward Lairelin, and tugs on her skirt, "Aunt Laiwe-i-in, You won't punish Giw-Giwith? He was just playing!"

Gil-Girith pointedly steps away from Erinstar, leaving Erin's flank open to attack by Lai..

Lairelin looks at everyone in the Naith, one at a time with a very serious expression. As she mvoes around the crowd, her face begins to change, and all of a sudden she is laughing. Lairelin says, "It was fun actually. The water is very nice....although I usually don't swim in my dress."

Erinstar says, "Nor me my cloak." Erinstar begins laughing too as he looks around at GG and Laire and how hilarious the three of them all look, sopping wet.

Lilinel runs between the tree adults, laughing and pointing fingers at each of you in turn.

Gil-Girith joins in, laughing Gil-Girith laughs so hard he falls down onto the grass, still laughing.

Lairelin pushes her sopping hair away from her face, wringing out the long parts.

Erinstar says, "hehehe, great role-models aren't we?"

Lilinel falls on her back, and wiggles her feet in the air, laughing.

Gil-Girith grins, and turns to Lilinel, "Now you would never push anyone into t..any rivers, right?" smiling.

Lilinel shakes her head, "No, I will not! I am too smaww! When I gwow big - like you - I will push!"

Lairelin chuckles, "Oh! Now you've done it. Teaching these poor children bad things."

Erinstar says, "Oops" Erinstar grins

Gil-Girith says, "Well, what can I say?"

Gil-Girith smiles, "except that there will be a lot of elves getting pushed into rivers when this young one grows up!" Gil-Girith grins

Lilinel nodsnods, "Yes-Yes-yes-yes!"

Erinstar chuckles.

Lairelin says, "I'm going back to the city. Wanna come with me kids?"

Erinstar says, "You had better go along with Lairelin before Glynnis shows up."

Lairelin peers upstream along the northwest riverbank.

group of Elven children just keep running around, few of them shout, "Noo!" and return to their games

Lilinel looks at Erinstar in fear, "Gwynnis?"

Lairelin turns towards the eastern path and disappears between the trees.
Lairelin has left.

Gil-Girith says, "come on, dont want to make Glynnis mad.."

Glynnis emerges from the dense forest.
Glynnis has arrived.
Glynnis enters silently, the gems upon her brow glowing slightly.

Orophin emerges from the dense forest.
Orophin has arrived.

Erinstar is standing on the riverbank with Gil-Girith and Lairelin and they are all sopping wet as several children run about happily. Seeing his commander walk into the room, he lurches to attention, his face paling slightly.

Glynnis stalks out of the trees, seemingly out of nowhere, eyes blazing and gems upon her forehead luminous. One hand rests upon the pommel of her sword as she surveys the scene with an icy glare.

Close on the heals of Glynnis, Orophin steps from the trees and looks around the area, focusing especially on the children gathered.

group of Elven children all run toward the newcommer, shouting their names all at once, so you cannot make out a single one of them, "Mae govannen! Mae govannen! Who are you?"

Erinstar's eyes look up at the sky and groans silently.

Gil-Girith sighs, stifling a luagh..laugh he knows shouldnt be let out here or now..

Glynnis raises her voice, in Quenya, sharply. She barks one word: "Silence!"

Glynnis looks at group of Elven children

Lairelin works her way towards you from the downstream riverbank...
Lairelin has arrived.

A drip of sweat trickles down Erin's forehead and mixes with the water covering him.

Gil-Girith starts at the shout and gets very stiff, startled.

Althea emerges from the eastward path.
Althea has arrived.

Gil-Girith suddenly gets very very scared as he sees Althea walk in..

Erinstar is standing stiffly at attention, soaked through and slightly pale.

Althea walks in and breaks into a large smiles as she sees erin, but senceing tention in the air her smiles dies and looks around uncertanly

Gil-Girith bows to his boss, sopping wet, "Mae govannen, meinister."

Lairelin looks from Glynnis to Althea, a determined look on her face.

Althea slips over to stand next to Gil-Girith and looks him over, looking puzzled

Orophin briefly turns as Althea approaches from behind. He turns back to the situation at hand, regarding the children, then Erinstar.

Althea +whispers to Gil-Girith, "... ... ... ..."

Lairelin also sopping wet, tries to wring out her dress unobtrusively.

Lilinel runs toward Glynnis and start hoping around her, tugginh on her cloak, "You ARE Gwynnis? Are you?"

Erinstar, Lairelin, and Gil-Girith are standing around the Naith sopping wet. A group of elven kiddies run around playing.

Erinstar's eyes widen in horrror at Lilinel

Althea looks around and notices that all of them are wet

Gil-Girith can'tcontrol himself and cracks up laughing at Lilinel's antics.

Althea looks at group of Elven children

Erinstar looks like he's waiting for his death blow.

Erinstar just thinks to himself: can't get any worse than this...can't get any worse...

Orophin casts a glare at Gil-Girith, but says nothing as he waits for the inevitable outburst from Glynnis.

Gil-Girith is laughing so hard he's unable to respond to Althea as hard as he tries to stifle it..

Glynnis looks at Lilinel as if she's a new form of giant spider. "I am. And you are whom, and what are you doing here?" She glares at Erinstar and Gil. "Especially at night, after an attack by a group of orchs was just reported not twelve hours ago?"

Gil-Girith finally stops laughing, swallos..s..takes a deep breath, swallows, and turns to his boss. "You see, minister..we sort of...fell in."

Gil-Girith whispered that to Althea

Althea notices the expretion on Erinstars face and gets a large frown on her face. Her expestion goes hard as she sees Glynnis glaring at Erinstar

Erinstar winces. It's worse.

Gil-Girith looks very embarrassed , and he gets more and more worried as Alth's gaze hardens..

Glynnis looks at Gil-Girith. It is not an amused countenance that meets his eyes.

Althea nods abcently at the Gil-Girith but keeps her eyes on erinstar and glynnis

Gil-Girith slowly backs away from Althea and nudges up to Lairelin.

Lilinel stands in front of Glynnis, her large blue eyes veiled with tears, "I am Lilinel! You won't punish Unkle Ewinsta-ah and make him mop flo-oh? He is so na-aice!"

Orophin looks at Lilinel

Lairelin stands quietly, trying to maintain a straight face in spite of everything.

Erinstar looks to the sky, as if praying that he could just disappear suddenly.

Gil-Girith hides behind Lairelin and covers his mouth with both hands.

Glynnis looks down at the child, an edge of a smile curling her lips. "Oh no. I would never dream of doing that to your uncle. I've got something much more...appropriate." She shoot Erinstar another look, then says to the child, "You do realize that you should NOT be here, do you not?"

Althea whips around and strides over to Gil-Girith and Lairelin and hisses "... ... ... ... here!

Erinstar bites his lip so hard that a drop of blood is visible.

group of Elven children now all crowd around Lilinel and Glynnis, someone sticks his tongue at Lilinel, "I told you so!"

Lilinel wipes her tears with her sleaves, "We wanted to see the guahds! Real guahds, with big swohds!"

Lairelin says, "Um....Welll, it's kind of hard to explain."

Gil-Girith nods in agreement to Lairelin.

Glynnis raises her voice slightly, that it may carry to Althea, as she responds to the 'I-told-you-so'er. "You should listen to him. He has more sense than most elves twice his age." She looks at Lilinel. "There are guards right by the Lady's telain that you can see any time you wish."

Erinstar braces himself as if waiting for the blow.

Glendor emerges from the eastward path.

Glynnis says, "This place is no place for children. The woods are filled with those who might wish to harm you, evil yrch that would like nothing better than to fill their bellies with elven children." Her voice takes on a somber, eerie tone. "The night is beautiful, yes, but dangerous as well. See those trees? The yrch did that, to trees, just because they could not find any children to harm."

Althea growls softly "I will see you two in my office right after I speak with Erinstar once glynnis is done..speaking.. to him. I will NOT have my diplomats making fools of them selves in front of the guards.

Gil-Girith gulps, and nods.

Lairelin looks at Althea, standing her ground. "I did not make a fool of myself."

Glendor walks along the path, and enters the Naith, bumping into the crowd of running children. "Whoa! What is going on here?" He senses the tension in the air, and scans the adult Elves with his eyes, "Is something amiss?"

Erinstar gives Glendor a look that says, "No $#!*!"

group of Elven children all look at the trees, and begin to whisper among themselves. They begin to look more and more scared.

Glynnis looks at Glendor. "If you have to question whether or not something is amiss when you have children and ambassadors at the border at night, then you are more foolish than you appear."

Gil-Girith elbows Lairelin, warning her that that might not be such a good idea..

Althea Pauses brielfly and visibly calms herself "still please come to my office after this is done

Orophin stands tall and silent, watching over the scene. His head turns repeatedly as he keeps track of both arguments developing at once.

Glendor looks around and hmms, then turns to Glynnis, "You are not saying that all these kids came here all by themselves, with no supervision?"

Althea turns to face the guards and waits with her arms crossed across her chest

Gil-Girith glances once at Lairelin, and then nods to Althea.

Lairelin says softly to Althea, "Of course, minister."

Althea looks over her shoulder intime to catch GG's nod "thank you

Glynnis looks down at the children. "You should NEVER come here without permission from a guard, do you understand? It is very dangerous, especially for young elves. You should not even leave the city without being accompanied by an adult. Now, go to the ministers." She nods towards Althea. "They will take you back to the city. Show them that you can behave like adults."

Althea waves the childern over manging to flash them a faint smile

Glynnis shakes her head, muttering, "With the role models they have in the city, is it any wonder they will not listen to any authority?"

Lilinel looks at all the adult Elves around, as if gauging their strength for possible protection, then, even as all childred flock around Althea, she tries to hide in the folds of Glynnis's cloak, "I don't want to go! I am afraid! You will protect me, won't you?"

Orophin cannot help but frown at Glynnis's last comment. Never the less, he keeps his mouth shut for a more appropriate time and lets the scene unfold.

Lairelin walks over to where Althea is standing with the childrem.

Glynnis looks down at the child. "I protect you by staying here and making sure nothing crosses the river. It is very hard to protect someone when they are under foot and tangled in my cloak, however. If I had to draw my sword I'd cut your head off."

Althea flicks a glance at Glynnis something flashing across her face but it is gone to fast for you to read it, she smiles down at Lilinel "of course I will" she croons

Gil-Girith goes over to help herd the children towards Althea.

Erinstar considers changing his mind about Lilinel's earlier question about Glynnis being a balrog...

Althea scowls at Glynnis before bending down to speak qith the children for a moment

Lilinel looks at Glynnis in horror, her eyes are filling with tears again, she takes few steps backward, her eyes are still glued at Glynnis. She bumps her back into Orophin, and shudders before seing that it is just and Elf and not some dangerous creature of the night.

Glynnis gazes westward across the river towards Nimrodel...
Glynnis peers upstream along the northwest riverbank.
Glynnis looks intently across the river...

Althea calls softly "come over here Lilinel

Orophin smiles down at Lilinel and pats her on the head as he steers her over to Althea

Glynnis glances across the river, drawing her sword. "What was that?"

Erinstar grips his bow tightly.

Lairelin looks intently across the river...

Althea looks across the river, her hand tighting on her staff

Lilinel takes few steps toward Althea, but does not let go of Orophin's cloak.

Erinstar shoots a glance across the river quickly.

Gil-Girith looks intently across the river...

Glynnis looks at the children, eyes wide. "Go, now, towards the city! Run! Run, if you value your lives!"

Orophin kneels down to Lilinel's height and gently pulls the cloak as he speaks quietly to her, "Go now, Althea shall guide you safely."

Lilinel decides that Orophin must be the senior Elf here, because of his calm demeanor, and nods to him. She takes another look at Glynnis's sword, and then runs across the Naith, toward Althea.

Lilinel mingles with the group of Elven children and they all keep running around.

Lairelin starts to walk toward the pathway.

Althea hastly gathers the children in a group "go with Lairelin and Gil-girith, they wil take you to the city

Orophin gives Lilinel a pat on the back as she goes, then stands again to regard Erin and Glynnis

Glynnis turns to Erinstar. "You may redeem yourself by coming with me to check that noise out across the river. Move, quickly!"

Erinstar stands silently, like a doomed man awaiting his death blow. He returns Glynnis' gaze silently.

Glynnis motions across the river with her sword.

Lairelin motions the children to follow.
Lairelin turns towards the eastern path and disappears between the trees.
Lairelin has left.

group of Elven children follow Lairelin closely, whispering quietly all the time.

Althea pauses as she sees Erinstar cross the river then heands to the pash calling softly to Erinstar "Keep you safe!"

group of Elven children turns towards the eastern path and disappears between the trees.
group of Elven children has left.

Althea turns towards the eastern path and disappears between the trees.
Althea has left.

Orophin follows, approaching the riverbank purposefully...
Orophin heads down to the riverbank and starts wading across.
Orophin has left.

Althea emerges from the eastward path.
Althea has arrived.

Glynnis heads down to the riverbank and starts wading across.
Glynnis has left.

Althea strides in a half worried half angery look on her face

From across the Celebrant you hear an elf say "Very well."

Glendor is still standing in the middle of the Naith, his face express some amusement, or bewilderment. He turns sharply at the sound, "Ah, Althea! Mae govannen again! How are the kids?"

Althea nods curtly "They got to city safely, I doubt that they will be leaving the city any time soon. Glynnis has scared them rather badly.

Glendor chuckles, "Do not overestimate it, new memories will become the most vivid ones soon. We will see them again. But, what about the more ..." he grins " grown-up kids?"

Althea looks intently across the river... Althea says, "What is going on over there?"

Glendor shrugs, "Glynnis and Erinstar are investigating some noises"

Althea smiles faintly "Gil-Girith and Lairelin you mean? I will be meeting them soon to speak to them

Glendor nods, and smiles too, "I noticed on more then one occasion that when different ages mix, the behaviour of the youngest ones is what everyone will immitate, eventually"

Althea sighs "Yes I'm afraid that is true."

Glendor continues to smile, "I don't suppose you came here early enough to see how they reached the state I found them in? Did the kids say anything?"

Althea shakes her head "Just what did happen here?

Glendor shrugs, "I don't know, I came in the last. I saw all of you already standing in the Naith, surrounded by the kids."

Althea looks intently across the river...

Across Celebrant> <<< Here I missed part of the log because of lag - I was slow to send the puppet over the river. Anyway, what happened there was Glynnis striking Erin thrice with her fist. >>>

Across Celebrant> Glynnis says, "You have managed quite a few blunders in your time, Knight, but endangering CHILDREN by allowing them to come to the very BORDERS of our land, at NIGHT, when the foul yrch are most likely to retaliate in force, just after a RAID by their number, is the most FOOLISH thing I have ever heard of an elf doing in all my many years!"

From across the Celebrant you hear an elf say "... have... quite a... time,... CHILDREN... to... the... of... land,... yrch are most... retaliate... by their number, is... most... an... doing... all... many..."

Across Celebrant> Glynnis says, "And what were you doing to ensure their safety? What brave deed were you attempting to accomplish while they ran free and made enough noise to bring all of Moria down upon our heads?"

From across the Celebrant you hear an elf say "... were you doing to... What... deed... accomplish... to bring... of... down... heads?"

Across Celebrant> Glynnis sneers. "You were SWIMMING with two ambassadorial AIDES!"

Across Celebrant> Erinstar looks intently across the river...
Across Celebrant> Erinstar stands quietly, his jaw bleeding freely.

Across Celebrant> Glynnis shakes her head. "This is the last time you endanger anyone under my leadership, Erinstar. I am asking for a tribunal to have you removed from active service of the guard."

Across Celebrant> Erinstar clenches his teeth.

Across Celebrant> You can hear a sharp intake of air as Orophin catches his breath, a slightly surprised look upon his face.

Across Celebrant> From across the river, you hear some voices speaking.

Across Celebrant> Erinstar's fist clenches his bow so tightly you hear a faint cracking.

Across Celebrant> Glynnis says, "And I will strongly recommend the most severe punishment for those aides who assisted you in your little escapade. I am done with this insubordination and lack of the ability to follow orders among my own people. You engender disrespect in the guard with your actions, and the company you keep does nothing but further these problems."

From across the Celebrant you hear an elf say "... I... most... for... aides who... you... little escapade.... done... this... and lack... the... to... my own people. You engender... actions, and the company... keep does nothing... further..."

Across Celebrant> Erinstar's eyes blaze, flashes of silver flickering in them.

Across Celebrant> Glynnis says, "Have you ANYTHING to say to defend your reprehensible actions, I would save it for the tribunal."

From across the Celebrant you hear an elf say "Have... to say to... actions,... save... tribunal."

Across Celebrant> Glynnis says, "Until then you are confined to barracks. And be grateful that I do not throw you into the cell for treason."

Across Celebrant> Orophin stands motionless and emotionless. Not a trace of judgment on his face.

Across Celebrant> Glynnis says, "Orophin, confiscate this man's weapon."

From across the Celebrant you hear an elf say "..."

Across Celebrant> Glynnis arches an eyebrow. "Most evocative of your attitude."

Across Celebrant> Orophin gently picks up the weapon and slings it across his shoulder along side his own bow.

Althea starts to pace "What do you think is going on over there"

Across Celebrant> Orophin picks up a Longbow.

Across Celebrant> Erinstar's fiery gaze could melt steel.

Across Celebrant> Glynnis points across the river. "I will have the guards escort you to the telain. I would not suggest arguing the point."

Glendor frowns, "I do not like it... There are no enemies around. I don't know..."

Althea peers across the river a worried look on her face.

Althea shakes her head and resumes her pacing.

Across Celebrant> Erinstar barely holds himself in check, his giant steel-clad fist clenched tight.

Glendor sighs, "Glynnis must be really mad..."

Across Celebrant> Glynnis says, "Knight-Captain Orophin, escort this...person, across the river, and see to it that he has an escort back to the appropriate guard talan."

From across the Celebrant you hear an elf say "Knight-Captain... escort this...person,... the... an... back..."

Across Celebrant> Orophin nods solemnly, "Aye Protector." He then turns to Erin as he motions towards the river, "Mellon..."

Across Celebrant> Erinstar marches past Glynnis towards the river, visibly straining to hold his temper.

Across Celebrant> Glynnis just shakes her head.

Across Celebrant> Erinstar is assisted across the Celebrant by some Galadhrim Guards who quickly string up a makeshift bridge for him.
Erinstar arrives from across the Celebrant.
Erinstar has arrived.
The Elf Guard says, "Mae Govannen, brother."

Across Celebrant> Orophin is assisted across the Celebrant by some Galadhrim Guards who quickly string up a makeshift bridge for him.
Orophin arrives from across the Celebrant.
Orophin has arrived.
The Elf Guard says, "Mae Govannen, brother."

Across Celebrant> Glynnis is assisted across the Celebrant by some Galadhrim Guards who quickly string up a makeshift bridge for her.
Glynnis arrives from across the Celebrant.
Glynnis has arrived.
Glynnis enters silently, the gems upon her brow glowing slightly.
The Elf Guard says, "Mae Govannen, Knight-Commander."

Orophin follows close behind Erinstar as they make their way towards the trees.

Erinstar is "escorted" along the bank.

Glynnis speaks to the guard quietly, motioning towards Erinstar.

Orophin carries two bows now as he walks

Glendor arches his brow at the strange procession.

Althea watches from the sidelines biting her lip, keeping in check the urge to run to Erinstar.

Erinstar stares straight ahead, his fists and teeth clenched, his jaw bleedly freely.

Orophin completely disregards the others as he leads Erinstar into the trees.

Erinstar disappears into the trees!
Erinstar has left.

Orophin disappears into the trees!
Orophin has left.

The dialog between Orophin and Erinstar in the Guard Talan is logged by Orophin. This exchange occurs at the same time as the events below, until Orophin arrives again.

Glendor takes a step to Erinstar, "Mellon! You are hurt!" His hands reach for the pouches on his belt.

Glynnis says, "Do not touch him."

Althea tangles her hands in her cloak and glares daggers at Glynnis.

Glynnis glares right back at Althea. "Why are you still here?"

Althea says though gritted teeth "I feared for Erinstar's safty"

Glynnis says, "You would do better to fear for the lives of the children your aides endangered."

Glendor glares back at Glynnis, "In your duties, I do not instruct you. And I shall not be instructed by a Guard commander in performance of mine!"

Althea says very slowly and clearly "I saw no yrch, no enemy, why does he bleed"

Glynnis says, "You are not being instructed in your duties, you are being instructed not to carry them out."

Glynnis says, "He bleeds because he is a fool and keeps the company of fools. And I do not suffer fools gladly. With that, I ask you again: why are you still here?"

Glendor's eyes light with a pale gleam, "I will make my own determination as to when a healer is to help those in need!"

With that, Glendor spins on his heels and starts walk toward the trees, after Erinstar and Orophin"

Althea snaps at Glynnis her voice rising "My aide will be punished in a manner I see fiting. Yo will not not inctuct me in my duties"

Glynnis says, "And how will you punish yourself, Althea?"

Glynnis says, "For clearly it is your example that your aides follow. Every time I turn around you are here meddling in affairs that do not concern you, treating the border as if it were a garden in the midst of the city walls and the enemy not sniffing about just across the river."

Althea takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly keeping a rain on her temper "Like I said I feared for Erinstar's saftly and would not wait in the city to find out if he was hurt, you may call me a fool if you wish and perhaps you have the right too, but I love him and would be by his side to support him."

Glynnis rolls her eyes. "Indeed, you are well-suited to each other. If you wish to be at his side, you will have to wait until the tribunal, for he is under restriction to his barracks until such time as the Lord and Lady deem it feasible to judge his conduct."

<<<=== The parallel scene Erinstar - Orophin ends here --->>>
Orophin emerges from the dense forest.

Orophin has arrived.
Orophin emerges from the trees, his face an emotionless mask as he approaches Glynnis.

Glendor is not far away when Althea speaks, and he turns around to look at her

Glynnis says, "Has he been comfortably interred, Captain?"

Glendor glances at Orophin, but does not say anything

Orophin nods, "Aye, he has. And his bow stowed in the armory."

Althea speaks calmly but her eyes flash with something close to hate "What is he being punished for?

Glynnis says, "Endangering the children of the city, dereliction of duty, ignoring a direct order from Selindor herself..." Glynnis says, "Shall I continue?" Glynnis looks at Althea with contempt.

Glendor quietly approaches Orophin and whispers to him something.
You have just whispered to Orophin: Is Erinstar hurt badly? Is he in need of help?
Everyone else heard: ... Erinstar ... ... ... ... ... ... help?

Althea looks at the stars and whispers something to herself beore returning her gaze to Glynnis "I assume that Erinstar is not permitted visitors while he is confined?

Orophin shakes his head to Glen, "Nay, he shall be fine"

Glendor speaks from his place, a bit louder than necessary, "If I do not choose to transfer him to the Infirmary"

Althea looks over at Glendor and faint smile passes over her face and gone in a second

Glynnis says, "Wrong. If I am not to instruct you on your duties, you will hardly presume to override my authority."

Glendor scowls, "Your authority ends where my duties begin"

Glynnis says, "Wrong again. My duties explicity state that I am the protector of the wood. As the Protector, it would hardly be in the best interest of the Wood to allow a man who endangers the lives of children to run about freely."

Orophin looks to Glynnis, "Protector, if I may?"

Althea cuts in "If he was confined the Infirmary, he would hardly be running about."

Glynnis nods to Orophin.

Glendor speaks in an even voice, "Protector you are, and it is your autority to prevent him from roaming the Woods. But if I say that he belongs in the Infirmary, he will be confined there. You may post your guards outside. Just keep them out of my way"

Glynnis says, "You may treat him where he is, and keep out of my guards way."

Orophin says, "I see no harm in letting Glendor examine Erinstar. Furthermore, if he deems Erinstar's wounds to be life threatening, which I seriously doubt, what difference will it make where Erinstar is restrained? House arrest is still house arrest whether here or in the infirmary."

Althea slips over to Glendor and whispers something to him
Althea +whispers to you, "I'd take her offer, its the best your going to get"

Glynnis says, "I see no harm in allowing him to examine him either, and just said as much. However, he stays where he is."

Glendor replies, his composure calm as ever, "I will chose myself where the wounded are to be treated, as their condition and my medical knowledge dictate"

Althea +whispers to you, "Speaking as a diplomat that is"

Orophin sighs, "Before we begin arguing if he should be moved, perhaps we should be sure it's actually necessary?"

Glynnis nods. "By all means. Captain, if you could escort the esteemed healer?"

Orophin nods and looks to Glendor, "Mellon, shall we?"

Glendor nods, "I am the only one here qualified to make that judgement. Lead the way, Orophin!"

Glynnis snorts.

Glynnis says, "Althea, as I've said for the third time now, your presence is not only not needed here, it is in direct violation of the orders made public by Lady Selindor."

Orophin makes his way to the trees...
Orophin disappears into the trees!
Orophin has left.

You head into the trees...
Elven Path
This path winds through the trees, tracing the path of the Main Path. Peeking through the trees, you can see the main path but you get the feeling those on the main path can't spy you...As you look around, you notice that there is a single Mallyrn tree here which somehow looks different from the other trees around it.
Daedagnir Patrol
Wooden Sign

Orophin stands near the Mallyrn with the small hole in its trunk.

At the Naith> Althea watcht them leave and nods "I shall remove myself from your presece then and return to the city, dont bother the escort me. Perhaps you'll get lucky and I'll be eaten by a orch.

Main Guard Talan
This Talan is right in the middle of the main thoroughfare for the Order of Lorien military network. Dozens of elves move silently about, stern looks in their eyes as they hurry to deliver reports or stand their watch. They are all dressed in Elven grey cloaks, but wear an assortment of differently colored cowls - all grey, black, and, on a rare few, shining white. A small cabinet is affixed to one wall here, containing various Guard related information.
Orophin climbs up from below, followed by Glendor

At the Naith> Althea turns on her heal and walks quickly down the path

At the Naith> Glynnis says, "I do what I do expressly so that may not happen. You and your people simply insist on making it harder for me."

Erinstar is repeatedly slamming his fist into the wall of the talan, where several dents begin to form.

Orophin clears his throat, "<ahem>...Erinstar, Glendor has come to look at your wounds"

At the Naith> Althea stops at the edge of the path and turns around with a faint sigh "Belive it or not Glynnis we don't do it on purpse."

Glendor approaches Erinstar, "Sit still for a moment" He leans closer to examine his jaw...

At the Naith> Glynnis says, "Explain your deliberate contradiction of the orders you and all in the city have recieved, time and time again."

Erinstar stops after a few moments, standing quietly with his head bowed. His breathing is heavy.

You have just whispered to Erinstar: I will try to transfer you to the Infirmary. Althea can come see you there.
Everyone else heard: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Althea ... ... ... ... ...

The wall looks like it's been hit by a small battering ram.

Glendor gently touches Erinstar's jaw with his fingers.

Erinstar doesn't even flinch as Glendor's fingers contact his bloody and smashed jaw.

Orophin watches silently as he stands a short distance away.

Glendor leans closer, "Try to open your mouth" His fingers are still touching Erinstar.

Erinstar's teeth are clenched tight.

At the Naith> Althea sighs again "For the most part we went to the Naith the find guard who could arange escort for us, as we had trouble catching them in the city and many of us have friends in the guards who, as they are at the bored all the time, we never get to see."

At the Naith> Glynnis says, "Such is the price for the freedom of movement you enjoy and safety in which you sleep."

At the Naith> Althea agrees quitly "Yes I suppose it is. Good evening, may your watch be safe and untroubled."

Glendor stands back, and turns to Orophin. He stares blankly at him, and speaks evenly, with no intonations, "I suspect that his jaw bones may be broken. I will make a more accurate determination at the Infirmary, where I am taking him now, by authority given to me as a healer. If Glynnis does not like it, she may complaint to the Herbmaster Silrosse or Director Lendalas. These are the only two who can overrule me in the matters of healing." He turns to Erinstar, "Follow me". Glance at Orophin, "Unless either of you intends to stop me by force"

At the Naith> Glynnis nods. "Namarie."

At the Naith> Althea bows and head down the path without a backward glance.
At the Naith> Althea turns towards the eastern path and disappears between the trees.
At the Naith> Althea has left.

At the Naith> Glynnis slips the bow from her shoulder and fits an arrow to the string faster than mortal eye can follow.
At the Naith> Glynnis disappears into the trees!
At the Naith> Glynnis has left.

Glynnis has arrived.
Glynnis enters silently, the gems upon her brow glowing slightly.
Glynnis stops on her way to the lookout talan. "I thought I ordered him confined to quarters."

Erinstar standing by a wall, full of dents, his jaw clenched tightly.

Glendor is standing near Erinstar, looking straight at Orophin. Apparently he just finished addressing him.

Orophin nods to Glendor, "I shall not quarel with you on this matter, healer..." He cuts short as he hears Glynnis, "I believe you specifically said the 'telain' which I interpretted as this entire area, quarters included."

Glynnis says, "Forgive my lack of detail. He is to be confined to the quarters of the Gweth Tarn."
Glynnis says, "That is the telain I meant."

Orophin nods, "Very well, but Glendor now believes that Erinstar's jaw needs the attention of the Infirmary, and after having a second look at it myself, I would have to agree."

Glendor taps his staff on the floor, "He is to be confined in the Infirmary. As a healer I have this autority. You may complaint to the Herbmaster, or the Director, as these are the only two who can overrule my judgement."
Glendor's voice is even and his composure is calm, he shows not a sign of emotion.

Glynnis says, "Is there not an infirmary upon the borders where he can be kept?"

Glendor intones, "I cannot heal him in the telain I cannot enter without a senior officer. Neither do I have my supplies here, as well as the scrolls with ages of healing wisdom, which I may have to consult"

Glynnis says, "Why is that, when you have a senior officer here? And to allow the guard within the city is to disregard an order given by Selindor herself."

Orophin sighs and says somewhat cryptically, "Well, that is yet to be decided."

Glynnis says, "What is to be decided?"

Erinstar says icily, his gaze locked on the wall, "I have been stripped of all duties and responsibilities of a guard for the time being, therefore relieving me of Selindor's command."

Orophin clears his throat, "The tribunal, protector. His being in the city may not in fact be a breach of orders after the tribunal hears the case."

Glendor stands tall and lights the fire in his eyes again, "In the matters of healing the healers are the authority. We respond to the Lady herself, and so will I, if you wish to challenge my decision."

Erinstar adds with a slight edge, "Your own orders."

Glynnis says, "That is after the tribunal is to hear his case. And YOU, Erinstar, will address me as Protector. Until such a time as this tribunal comes to pass, you are still in the guard and still under Selindor's, and MY direct command."

Glendor looks over his shoulder, "Don't try to talk, Erinstar, you will move the broken bone"

Glynnis glares at him.

Orophin says, "Still, the issue remains Protector, and if you will not order that Erinstar be moved to the infirmary, then I will. I wish not to breach your orders, but the well being of a guard under my command comes before any punishment inflicted upon him.""

Glendor turns back to Glynnis, "If I see that a warrior is not fit for duties for medical reasons, he becomes my responcibilty, and the decision is mine alone. "

Glynnis arches an eyebrow at Orophin. "A word with you, _Captain_." She moves towards the meeting room.
Glynnis ducks under a tree branch, and heads into the Conference Area.
Glynnis has left.

Orophin nods and follows.
Orophin ducks under a tree branch, and heads into the Conference Area.
Orophin has left.

Again the action branches here. The dialog between Orophin and Glynnis is logged by Orophin. This scene ends when Orophin and Glynnis meet with Glendor again under the Guard Talan.

Glendor turns to Erinstar, "Follow me. I will not be commanded by officers in the matters of healing."

Erinstar says slowly, "I can't do that. Not without permission..."

Glendor scowls, "When I relieve you of duity for medical reasons, this is the only permission you need"

Glendor speaks quieter, "Any officer of the guard may be called by healers if we have enough reasons to believe that he is unfit for duty." He ads after a pause, "Or she"

Erinstar says, "I understand your concern and I am thankful for it...yet I would only dig myself deeper into this hole I've made by leaving without permission..."

Glendor shakes his head, "This is the matter to be settled between Glirdain and the command of the Order. You would not be responcible"

Erinstar says, "Perhaps..."
Erinstar winces slightly as the pain finally starts to get to him.

Glendor lets out a small sigh of satisfaction, then glances worriedly at Erinstar, "You are still in shock, and you feel little of the pain. It would be good if I brouht you to the Infirmary before the shock wears off"

Erinstar continues to stare out the window quietly.

Glendor sighs again, and remains silent.

The sun rises over the trees, flashing on the golden leaves of the Mallyrn.

<<<=== Here I take Erinstar's body as he collapses (disconnects :) ===>>>

You climb down the rope ladder.

Elven Path
This path winds through the trees, tracing the path of the Main Path. Peeking through the trees, you can see the main path but you get the feeling those on the main path can't spy you... As you look around, you notice that there is a single Mallyrn tree here which somehow looks different from the other trees around it
Daedagnir Patrol
Wooden Sign

<<<=== Here Glendor waits for some time, while the exchange between Glynnis and Orophin takes place. Their arrival is the end of that scene. ===>>>

Glynnis has arrived.
Glynnis enters silently, the gems upon her brow glowing slightly.

Orophin has arrived

Glynnis says, "How long will this treatment take?"

Glynnis looks at Glendor, eyes narrowed.

Orophin follows Glynnis and now stands behind her again.

Glendor is standing under the tree, with Erinstar's body on his shoulders, "I must first get him out of shock. Then we'll see. The jaw bones heal slowly, it may take a week before he can eat normal food, at which moment he'll be released"

Glynnis says, "He can sip gruel through a straw here as well as he can in the infirmary."

Glendor snorts, "If I don't make sure his jaw heals properly, he will have to sip gruel for the rest of his life. Unless you plan on taking that away from him at a later time"

Glynnis says, "And you cannot make sure of such a thing here. Surely your healing skills are more advanced than that?"

Glynnis says, "I would hate to think the life of my men depends on how quickly we can carry them to the infirmary in the midst of the city. Especially during a battle."

Glendor says, "Sure of what? That his bones have to be aligned with care? That I am sure of, I did not waste time here. But I cannot do it here. This is a rare injury, I will need to consult our hospital library. And, we do set up a field hospital in case of a battle. However, nobody informed be that it should also be set up when you arrive. Next time we will be more prepared."

Glynnis says, "You have been warned that such a thing is needed in short order, have you not?"

Glendor shakes his head, as well as he can under the weight of Erinstar's body, "No. After a typical skirmish we carry the wounded bak to the city. The critically wounded are helped on the spot, by the power of Yavanna which dwells in us. The wounds which require long care we treat in the city. No warning about an urgent need for a field hospital came to us"

Glynnis says, "Well, may I deliver it now? You may confirm such an order with Selindor or your own Lendalas."

Glynnis says, "You may take the wretch back for treatment at the city and set his jaw. Then you will return him here."

Glynnis says, "He will be under city guard while he is under your care."

Glynnis cocks her head as a whistle sounds above.

Orophin looks to the trees above at the sound

Glynnis says, "Be off with you, healer. Evil is afoot."
Glynnis says, "Captain, come with me."

Orophin immediately goes into motion as he follows Glyn

Glendor nods, "The hospital will be set up by the order of Lendalas, or the Lady herself should she give it. If you see the need for it before that, I will instruct for the preparations to begin. Post your guards outside the Informary doors, then."

Glynnis and Orophin dissapear into the trees.