This is the log of the last (at least for now) RP with Silrosse, and also the story of her, perhaps temporary, departure. Prior to my arrival, Silrosse healed Maethoril, with Kestrae's help. They have summoned the power of Yavanna and were both drained, Silrosse gave too much of herself.
After all the events logged here, Silrosse isn't going to die, but just half-fade somehow, and may or may not come back at some point.

Feb. 08, 1997

Middle-earth time is:
Nighttime on Sunday, Day 27 of September, 3010
Real time is: 22:04:09 MST on Sat Feb 08 1997

These hushed rooms are quiet places of healing for those Galadhrim injured in battle. White robed Quendi briskly walk about, tending to patients, changing linen, and various other small jobs. Sunlight streams though the leaves of the Mallorns,casting dancing shadows on the wooden floor. The air has a fresh, clean feeling. You feel better just resting here for a moment.


Silrosse lies limply on a bed, where Althea and an Attendant are standing over her.

Erinstar pouts.
Erinstar pulls aside the curtain and heads into Infirmary Room #1.
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Althea spots Glendor, "Oh thank Eru you're hear Glendor. I don't know what to do!! She'd fainted"

Glendor enters the hospital hall, and glances around. He immediately notices Silrosse, and strides to the bed. He nods to Althea, "What happened here?"

The attendant lays a hand on Silrosse's forehead, then turns to Glendor, nodding in welcome. "The Herbmaster is unconscious, sir, but still breathing."

Althea says quickly "She and Kestrae were healing Maethoril." She points to the sleeping figure on another bed, "And after it was done they both fainted. Alandil took Kestrae somewhere.

Althea looks uncommenly flustered and alarmed

Erinstar steps out from behind the curtain to Room #1.
Erinstar has arrived.

Glendor frowns slightly, "I would like to see both of them, may be I can guess what's wrong. But let me see her..."

Erinstar steps out of the infirmary at all the noise and glances around.

Althea says, "Should we move her to the other room?"

Althea looks even more flustered as she sees Erinstar "how are you, love?"

Erinstar mutters a response and moves to Silrosse's side. Althea moves to stand nevt to Erinstar sliping her hand into his as she watch Glendor minister to Silrosse

Erinstar says, "What happened?"

Glendor gently touches Silrosse on the forehead, and his face darkens. "I want to see the injuries of the Elf she healed" He shakes his head to Erinstar

Erinstar says, "Anything I can do to help?"

Althea points to Maeth "she and Kes we're healing him of the injurys thast he received at the hands of.." She goes pale " of the BAne of Moria. They called on Yavanna to heal him and it worked. But afterwards they fainted"

Glendor looks around the room, then his eyes stop on Maethoril. He walks toward him, but half-way stops, and approaches cautiously. He raises his hand in a warning gesture, "Don't follow me, Erinstar"

Erinstar's raises his eyebrow.

Althea looks at Glendor, puzzled

Maethoril lies upon the bed sleeping peacefully. Anyone who had seen him an hour ago would know that he seems to be in much better condition now than before.

Erinstar says, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Althea whispers "He, Maethoril, had burns and whip marks on his chest. The reached almost to the bone. He said that they came from the fiery whip of the beast"

Erinstar nods slowly, still frowning at Glendor's comment.

Althea touchs Erinstar's hand in a attempt to sooth him

Althea +whispers to Erinstar, "... sure ... ... ... by ..."

Glendor stands near Maethoril, and runs one hand along his body, "There are dark powers at work here. More passes on then meets the eye, Erinstar."

Althea chokes back a cry "Did the healing power of Yavanna fail?"

Erinstar still has no idea what Glendor meant.

Glendor turns around and approaches Silrosse's bed. He takes her hand in his, then looks at Althea and Erinstar, "No, not entirely." He swallows hard. "Erinstar, open your eyes to the light which fills this room. You may be able to understand what has transpired here, then." He turns back to Silrosse.

Silrosse lies very still, her skin taking on a unnaturally pale hue. You can very faintly hear her breath as it gets softer and softer.

Maethoril stirs in his sleep, coughs lightly then drifts back into slumber.

Althea looks helpless as her eyes dart from Silrosse, to Glendor to Erinstar and back to Silrosse.

Erinstar looks more confused than ever, "Could you stop talking in riddles and tell me what you're talking about please?"

You can almost see Silrosse's veins through her skin as light slowly fills her body.

Althea +whispers to Erinstar, "... ... that ... ... ... ... ... herself ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... of Maethoril"

Glendor sits on the bed next to Silrosse, his hand on her forehead. "There are no riddles, Erinstar, but you cannot yet see beyond the shapes of the bodies and things. I do not yet know what caused his wounds <nod to Maethoril> but these were not ordinary weapons." He stands up, a determined look on his face.

Erinstar frowns. Erinstar says, "I see..."

Althea says quietly "I know what caused his wounds."

Glendor shoots a worried glance, "Yes?"

Althea says in a shakey voice "it was the fiery whip of the Bane of Moria"

Erinstar's face darkens at the mention of the evil beast.

Glendor steps back, as if striken by something, "Even more dangerous will be what I must do now."

Erinstar says, "This is nuts...You sure there isn't anything I can do to help?"

Wolfe arrives from the Main Hallway.
Wolfe has arrived.

Erinstar stands by Silrosse as he awaits Glendor's response.

Glendor shakes his head, "Little, and that is dangerous. Summoning the power of Yavanna does not come easily to us. Whoever does it, gives a portion of his own life away. She gave too much. I sense that someone else was here to help her. This may be what saved her for so long"

Wolfe steps quietly ainto the room and smiles slightly as he sees the small gathering.

Erinstar frowns.

Glendor is standing near Silrosse. She lies on a low bed, her skin is pale and her body starts to glow with faint white light.

Erinstar salutes Wolfe as he notices him enter, a troubled look on his hood-shadowed face.

Kestrae arrives from the Main Hallway.
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Alandil arrives from the Main Hallway.
Alandil has arrived.

Maethoril breathes softly as he sleeps. Yet, though his wounds have been tended to, he still seems restless.

Glendor is standing near Silrosse. She lies on a low bed, her skin is pale and her body starts to glow with faint white light. Erinstar says, " there any way someone else can give part of their life to that person."

Glendor nods to Wolfe, "Come in, mellon. In dark hour were you brought here by the fate."

Alandil enters, carrying Kestrae cradled in his arms. His face bears a soft, angelic smile as his entire facial countenance seems to be imbued with a faint, silvery aura.

Kestrae is carried in by Alandil, her small body weak and her complextion intensely pale. "How is she," she calls over as they near.

Suddenly seeing Silrosse on the cot, Wolfe freezes for several moments, before hearing Glendor's words and stepping cautiousily forward.

Glendor turns to Erinstar, "That is what I must do now. And, if I fail, I will go with her."

Erinstar says, "No. I mean me."

Erinstar says, "I have the most time left, being the youngest. Anyway, if you go under, there'll be no one left to do anything."

Wolfe's eyes dart around the room, obviousily puzzled.

Glendor shakes his head, "Alone? No. With the help of a healer, like myself, you can. But I deem she used someone's help" He glances at Kestrae, "I can even guess who it was. Without it, she would not be with us now."

Erinstar says, "Will you help me then?"

Kestrae tugs on Alandil's arm. "Set me down please?"

Alandil seems to slowly understand the gravity of the situation, and looks down at Kestrae. He nods, but not before asking, "... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..."

Erinstar's face is the most serious you have ever seen...

Glendor looks around, "Too dangerous, Erinstar. If I fail in my attempt, I have a chance to pull back. You would not know, and I may not be able to stop you in time. I will do it alone." He stands, and lays both hands on Silrosse's forehead, "Wish me well"

Erinstar says, "No."

Leaning over slightly towards the cot where Silrosse is, Wolfe gazes at her for several seconds and then lifts his head, looking to Glendor for answers.

Kestrae blinks, watching Glendor. "Let me help?"
Kestrae tugs Alandil's arm. "Let me down!" She starts to wiggle in his grasp.

Alandil frowns, laying a hand on Kestrae's shoulder as his question goes unanswered--but he has seen the truth himself. "Mellon, you are too weak."

As if lit within by some strange light, Silrosse's body continues to glow, her skin translucent and deathly pale.
Then slowly, the light within begins to dim.

Erinstar says, "I can't let you do it alone, mellon."

Kestrae frowns, her face falling as she struggles to get forward. "PLease! Let me help! Its my fault!"

Wolfe stands perfectly still watching Silrosse. After a moment, he closes his eyes and his hands form into a tight ball.

Alandil lies a hand on her other shoulder now, and pulls her back against his chest. "It is no-one's 'fault'. She made the same choice you did... and she gave the utmost of herself. Do not be sad for her, dear one.." He looks away, hating to hold her back.

Glendor answers to Kestrae without turning, "You did enough, she is opnly here because of you" He glances around the room, "Alandil, do not let Kestrae expend herself any more. Erinstar, stand next to me, so be it." He glances at Alandil again, with a look which seem to see beyond the physical shapes, "Alandil, the light of Doriath would be of some help to me now"

Erinstar moves to stand by Glendor.

Alandil nods to himself at Glendor's words, and turns and half-kneels, looking Kestrae in the eyes. "I must give of _myself_ now, where you have already given all you can. Will you let me?" He gazes at her with a selfless adoration.

Kestrae trembles, her face paling even more as tears begin to flood her emerald eyes. "No! I need to help!" She struggles as hard as she can, though in her weakened state, it isn't nearly enough to get free of Alandil's arms.

Bowing his head, Wolfe, with his eyes still closes, mumbles something inaudible.

Alandil holds her, calm and solemn, a sad understanding in his dark eyes.

Glendor takes Erinstar's hand, and lays it on Silrosse's head, covering with his own, "We have little time left" With this he closes his eyes, and when he opens them again, the bright light shines on his face. He turns his head around, his face motionless as if carved in stone. The stare of his bright eyes seems at once blind and seeing all - blind to the form, the bodies, the things, but percieving the life as it flows around him.

Kestrae turns away, not watching what is happening and pushing Alandil. "Go, if I cannot..." she whispers.

Glendor turns to Erinstar, "We go now..."

Alandil sighs sorrowfully, stepping away from Kestrae and going to stand behind Glendor. He slowly begins to sing; a soft plainsong chant, almost whispered, the words are timeless. A gift from earliest memory, his mother's talent--strangely archaic Sindarin...

Wolfe slowly opens his eyes, but keeps his head bowed as he senses an energy around him.

Erinstar nods.

As the words of Alandil's song fill the air, the atmosphere itself seems to shimmer and coalesce, flickering and warping and bending before your eyes between the here and now, and something... other. He shudders, having difficulty standing.

Kestrae slowly walks toward a stool near Mae's bed, tears flowing from her eyes as she keeps her back to the scene unfolding.

Maethoril's eyes flicker open. He looks up at Kestrae with sleep filled eyes, his gaze questioning.

The pale white light fills Glendor's body, he is now a shining figure of light. The glow shines on Erinstar and Silrosse, and they respond, but differently. Erinstar is starting to shine, similarly to Glendor, but Silrosse is still pale, and a dark shadow seem to envelop her body, a gray mist, impregnable to the light around.

Kestrae leans over, trying to see if the wound on Mae's chest was at al healed by the healing.. her tears flowing as she is again reminded of the scene behind her.

The strange and ancient phenonmenon that occurs along the margins of reality at Alandil's song, his secondary shaping done to lend Glendor the aid of all others, fades of a sudden as he totters on his feet, the song weakening, his folding slipping.

Alandil staggers, his weight shifting precariously as he almost drunkenly thrusts an arm out, finding no purchase. The song weakens as part of his attention is given to remaining physically upright...

Kestrae whirls as she feels Alandil's song slipping and somehow she manages to make it to him before he falters completely, supporting him, holding him with what little strength she has left to give, the tears making it impossible for her to see what is happening with Silrosse.

Erinstar sways slightly for a second, then stops and stands strong once again.

Glendor leans forward, falling over Silrosse's body. At the last moment, he pushes Erinstar away, and falls forward. He raises himself once more, laying his hands on Silrosse head again. The light flickers in him, and the shadows lay deeper in the room around.

The wound on Maethoril's chest is dry and free of blood. A shimmer of new skin has already begin to form. He eases himself up on the bed and looks to Silrosse, a knowing look upon his face.

Alandil's hand finds Kestrae's and suddenly she is there beside him, he stands! The song returns, strong as ever, and the ripples and flickering anomalies seem to swirl around with Glendor at their centre. The sight is breathtaking.

Erinstar gets shoved backwards and collapses to his knees as he is yanked from the aura, part of his life having been drained from him.

Maethoril mouths Alandil's words silently as he sings. A silver tear glides down his cheek as he closes his eyes from the darkness around him.

Wolfe keeps his head down, his eyes closed fduring the entire song and activities around him. Only a slight whisper could be heard from him.

The gray mist around Silrosse is suddenly blown away by the power of Alandil's voice, and the last deperate effort of Glendor. The light flickering in Glendor enters her body, and for a moment they seem like one, joined by the life they now share. Then all goes dark. Glendor slumps heavily onto the floor, and Silrosse lays there, on the bed, no longer deathly pale, and breathing evenly. She seems to be in a very deep sleep.

Kestrae leans against Alandil, her small body quivering with a mixture of exhaustion and emotions. "Please, don't leave us," she whispers, sinking to her knees beside Alandil, her arms around his legs now.

Seemingly awoken by the sound of Glendor's fall, Wolfe quickly makes his way to the healer's side.

Erinstar leans against the wall on his knees, barely conscious and unnoticed among all the comotion.

Alandil stands by Kestrae's will alone, or so it seems, given wholly unto the song. As his effort bears fruit and Glendor's deed seems to be done, the song slowly fades again, but as if it spirals, softer and softer, into that other place you do not understand.

Glendor lays on his back near the bed, his eyes closed. He moves his hand, searching for something, then raises it in the air, touches the bed. His fingers search along hte eedge of teh bed, until he finds Silrosse's hand, and touches it.

Kestrae kneels there on the floor, sobbing, her small body looking more frail than ever before. "Is.. is everyone ok," she says softly, beginning to slowly crawling toward Glendor.

Erinstar is perfectly still, making you wonder if he even lives still.

Wolfe kneeling down beside the fallen healer, Wolfe lpoprops Glendor up slighty, and then looks across the room to Erinstar.

Alandil, sapped of his own strength, collapses to his knees. His eyes are open and he gazes westwards, as if he sees something that is not there to your vision. An angelic, contented smile passes his lips, and he raises a hand in salute. "Aiya, Tar-Melian."

Alandil's whisper is scarcely breathed ere he shudders, and softly crumples on the floor. HIs eyes are closed, and his lips bear a serene smile.

Kestrae makes her way toward Glendor, pausing to kneel beside Erinstar, making sure he's still alive.

Maethoril eases his frail body from his bed and reaches out towards his staff. He limps slowly toward Glendor and Silrosse slowly. He lays his hand upon the brow of the sleeping figure, whispers something under his breath and turns again toward his bed.

Glendor opens his eyes, and not raising his head from the floor looks around the room, then whispers, "Not altogether for nothing"

Kestrae looks at Wolfe, then a far table. "Can you get me the vial over there woth the red lable?" Her voice is soft with fatigue.

Wolfe still kneeling besides Glendor, he smiles warmly and asks, "Can you get up?"
Wolfe rises, pauses to make sure Glendor is okay, before striding towards the far table. He grabs something and then extends it towards Kestrae, "Is this what you seek?"

Glendor nods, then his head falls back on the floor, "I ... will"
Glendor is still holding Silrosse's hand in his own.

Kestrae nods, holding out one shaking hand. "Aye, that is it!"

Wolfe steps quickly towards kestrae, holding out the vial. His gaze then catches Glendor and Silrosse's joined hands and he turns away, fighting back tears.

Kestrae takes the vial as Wolfe hands it over, opening it and holding it beneathe Erinstar's nose. "Join us again, mellon. All is well," she whispers, her voice clear and soothing.

Erinstar groans softly and the first words he speak are, "How's Sil?"
Erinstar says, "Ooh, I have one whopper of a headache.."

Alandil remains lying on the floor, smiling though his eyes are closed, and his breathing soft and even. He almost seems to mirror that state that the Secondborn term 'sleep', in his unconsciousness.

Kestrae looks over toward the bed, somehow managing to speak without strugglign for words. "She will live, mellon. THank you. Just lie still, and you will recover in a few moments." She then shakily stands, moving toward Glendor. "And you... are you alright, mellon?"

Glendor opens his eyes again, and, releasing Silrosse's hand, pushes up adains the floor with both hands, and sits up, swaying back and forth. He looks at Silrosse, and smiles faintly, to some hidden knowledge he now posesses.

Kestrae leans down, stroking Glendor's cheek lightly with her hand. "Are you well, Glendor? Can I do anything for you?"

Wolfe watches Erinstar carefully, smiling faintly at his words. He then moves closer towards the cot Silrosse is in and leans slightly over, looking into her face. After a moment, he cracks a small smile. It disappears quickly, however, as he walks away from the cot.

Erinstar gets to his feet woozily and stumbles towards Glendor and Silrosse.

Glendor slides on the floor toward Alandil, and touches his hand, then sighs and slowly gets on his knees.

Alandil murmurs something unitelligible as Glendor touches his hand, his face still caught in that same, serene smile.

Wolfe taps Glendor slightly on the shoulder as he passes him. BHe then moves toward Erinstar and says softly, "Is there something you need?"

Erinstar grins dazedly at Wolfe, "A promotion?"

Kestrae looks toward Silrosse, hesitating wildly before nearing the side of the bed. She knees beside her, taking one hand in hers as she murmurs, "Oh, Silrosse. It is my fault! If I had more training I would have been able to help you more..." She begins to silently sob, pressing Sil's against her right cheek. "I promise you, I shall learn, and grow strong! I will never let anotehr fall while I still stand!" This said she lays her head down on the bed and weeps.

Glendor glances over his shoulder, "No, Kestrae, everybody here have done all they could. The result is not what I hoped for, but also not what I feared of"

Wolfe quickly grins, his spirits obviousily lifted. He pats Erinstar's shoulder, "You deserve much more for your efforts, mellon. I'm sure Silrosse would say so ..." He then looks over the room again, and says softly, "Escuse me, I must walk ..." He dips his head and walks out quietly.

Erinstar salutes and totters violently.

Wolfe quietly heads out of the infirmary.
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A shadow seems to pass over Alandil's sleeping face, and his eyelids flutter open. Rolling slowly to a seated position, he looks to Glendor, and nods solemnly--then sees Kestrae weeping, and sighs quietly. He stands and goes to her.
Alandil lies a hand on Kestrae's shoulder, saying nothing.

Glendor stumbles up on his feet as well, then looks over Silrosse's body, "I must go now and make arrangements... She must not be disturbed."

Kestrae turns her tear moistened face up to Alandil, one small hand moving up to take his. "Alandil.. will you witness this vow? And will you understand why I give it?" Her emerald eyes still glisten with tears as she silently pleades with him.

Erinstar stumbles over to Silrosse's bedside and collapsing to his knees he takes her hand. There he falls into a deep sleep.

Alandil nods solemnly, tightening his hand around her smaller one, and says in a charged whisper, "I witness it for thee, my Lady. Ne'er shall I forget it, all my days."

Kestrae sighs softly, looking around as many more healers come in to take over, they move around, moving those who cannot move themselves and waving those who can to leave. Slowly she rises to her feet, still clinging to Alandil. "Shall we go?"

Glendor quetly moves to the back of the room, witnessing the pair. He quietly notes, "Let Erinstar sleep. He is in no danger"

Alandil favours Kestrae with a warm smile, though he as well as she has been drained by the events of the evening. "Aye, let us remove ourselves." In a lower voice, he adds, "I am so very proud of you, dear one," as he leads her toward the door.

Glendor follows Alandil with a solemn smile, "What we shared today will always bind us. But you know it"

A pair of attendants enters the room and looks to Glendor. One of them says in a low voice, "How may we be of assistance?" The other glances worriedly at Silrosse's bed.

Kestrae nods to Glendor, taking one last look at Silrosse before turning away. Before they are our of earshot, her soft voice lifts up and she can be heard to say, "I am glad she shall live.. I love her, in a way." With that, they are gone.

Kestrae quietly heads out of the infirmary.
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Alandil pauses on the threshold, turning with Kestrae as they both must say their farewells. He nods to Glendor with a serene smile, yet, and whispers, "The Aril has touched us. Did you feel it? Namarie.." and he, too, passes away.

Alandil quietly heads out of the infirmary.
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Glendor waves to the attendants, "Help Erinstar to lay on the other bed, he is free to leave when he awakes. I will see to the arrangements for Silrosse now. She may yet be back one day.

The attendants nod and hurry to move Erinstar. They gently drape him over their shoulders, hefting him up and into his room.

Glendor quietly walks away from the infirmary, a faint smile playing on his lips.