Feb. 26, 1997

Middle-earth time is:
Daytime on Highday, Day 21 of November, 3010
Real time is: 20:04:37 MST on Wed Feb 26 1997

Long Lawn You stand amidst a long lawn of shining grass. It ripples in the gentle river breezes like tresses of golden hair, sprinkled too with hundreds of golden elanor flowers which radiate with the light of the sun. The eastern edge of the lawn fades into a white-stone beach, lapped upon by the deep and dark waters of the broad Anduin river which flows from the north, continuing southwards forever onto the sea. Joining the Anduin directly to the south is the Celebrant river, which hurries towards you from between the groves of Mallorns to the northwest. Northwards, the lawn is bordered by a high green wall of dense forest growth. With your sharp elven eyes, you spy a small recess in the wall, perhaps a passageway which leads through it.

A river boat has been pulled ashore at one end of the beach. The elven steersmen beckons you aboard.

River Boat

Elenwen seems unsure of where to stand, so she decides to stand near the hedge, out of the way.

Joryth walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!

Joryth has left.

Airiavas steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Airiavas has arrived.

Glendor slowly paces the lawn along the river, his expression calm as usual, if a bit more concentrated. He nods distractedly to the Elves as he walks by them, but does not speak up first.

Elenwen stands calmly and patiently by the hedge, watching the boat rise and fall.

Airiavas strides onto the lawn, his eyes scanning the scene. A sleek collie dog follows at his heels, and he turns with a frown to mutter something to it. The dog lets out a little yip, jumping at Airiavas' hand, then dashes off down the path.

Telion steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Telion has arrived.

Lendalas steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Lendalas has arrived.

Arehir steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Arehir has arrived.

Althea steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Althea has arrived.

Elenwen nods to the new arrivals, though they might not notice her.

Althea slips in and looks around

Alenaldar steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Alenaldar has arrived.

Telion enters the lawn. He smoothes the front of his clothing, and quietly scans the crowd. He moves over to his brother's side.

Glendor continues his pacing along the river. He seems to be mostly looking at the whaters, where his silouette is reflecting.

Wolfe has arrived.

Alandil steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Alandil has arrived.

Aylandi steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Aylandi has arrived.

Erda steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Erda has arrived.

Orophin steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Orophin has arrived.

Althea stands next to Glendor watching people come in

Taelyn steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Taelyn has arrived.

Arehir steps lightly onto the lawn. He looks about and begins walking toward a group of guards.

The spry collie dog halts near Lendalas and barks at him, wagging his tail happily. She dances around his feet. Airiavas strolls over to Lendalas, smiling. "Sorry about that, good Herald, but Lassi seems to like you quite a bit."

Orophin descends from the high green wall and pauses to cast a look over all gathered here on the lawn.

Alandil enters amidst a small knot of elves recognisabled instantly as the few members of the House Arduril: the bard Taelyn and the Lady Erda, his ancient Aunt.

Aylandi strides in quickly, a little anxious looking. There is a stain on her cloak, which she tries to conceal with one hand as the other shields her eyes while she scans the crowd.

Paleran takes his seat as acting Indiri of House Aderthad.

A grey-coloured river boat slowly comes toward you through the water. As it nears you can see that it has 1 aboard. It moves with stealth, guided by a skilled hand.

Taelyn looks around at the elves gathered her for the occasion and smiles as she recognizes many of them.

Elenwen stands by herself, not affiliating herself with any of the Houses of Lorien.

Wolfe steps onto the lawn and quickly gazes over the gathering, obviousily searching for somebody in particular. He nods slightly as he walks by.

Haldir steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Haldir has arrived.

Glendor glances at the approaching boat, shielding his eyes from the sun with his slender long hand.

Althea takes her head as Indur of House Raavindonserke

Alandil pauses upon the edge of the crowd, and adjusts the crown of leaves, ever-fresh, that he wears upon his radiant brow. Basking in the soft-filtered light of the stars, he glances to Erda. "My Lady.. the hour has come for my judgement, I think."

Middle-earth time is:
Daytime on Highday, Day 21 of November, 3010
Real time is: 20:13:17 MST on Wed Feb 26 1997

Haldir pushes his way through the green wall to the north, and slowly makes his way toward the gathering crowd. His gait is stiff, and his expression dark. He nods to one or two as he passes, curtly.

Telion leans close to his brother, and says something into the younger elf's ear, "... see if ... ... ... ... sit ... me?"

Erda turns to Alandil, a look of worry on her face, "It has, son ..." She appears to want to say more, but follows Alandil to the seat of House Arduril.

Celeborn steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Celeborn has arrived.

Alandil lowers his voice, soft words now moving to part fey lips for Erda's ears alone. " ... thou ... ... ... in ... ... ... ... am ... ... ... ... ... ..." He appears pained.

Paleran gazes up to see Aylandi walk amongst the crowd. He calls out softly, yet audible enough for her to her, "Aylandi, my love!"

Taelyn follows after the members of her House.

A grey-coloured river boat slowly comes toward you through the water. As it nears you can see that it has 4 aboard. It moves with stealth, guided by a skilled hand.

Emitting a light whistle a bit like a bird call, Airiavas sends the collie dog away, then turns to Telion with a startled smile. "Hello, good Brother! I will speak with Cousin Glendor." He spins on his heel and makes his way through the crowd to the Herbmaster.

Erinstar climbs out of the elven boat.
Erinstar has arrived.

Aylandi walks up to where some members of the House of Celebithil are sitting and takes her seat as Indiri. She is quiet and watches everyone, engaging in no casual conversation with anyone. She smiles briefly at Paleran, but dismissively. Her eyes are troubled.

Saren climbs out of the elven boat.
Saren has arrived.

Glynnis climbs out of the elven boat.
Glynnis has arrived. Glynnis enters silently, the gems upon her brow glowing slightly.

Celeborn strides into the room, moving quickly through the crowd to the edge of the Riverbank. He serious expression belies a few quiet nods of greeting to some gathererd.

The elven steersman nods to you with a smile and then steers the boat away, eventually out of your sight.

Erinstar is marched off the boat flanked by Saren and Glynnis. He is wearing his cloak and cowl to hide his features.

Althea nods to Aylandi but keeps silent

Saren bows to Lord Celeborn, "My Liege"

Glynnis enters the room, Erinstar between she and Saren. Her head is high and her expression impassive.

Paleran glances worridly at Aylandi, but soon his thought is upon Celeborn. He stands from his seat and bows respectfully, "M'Lord."

Telion scans the faces of the arrivals, and seems satisfied. He walks over to his seat as Head of House Dinlom, and slowly takes his seat.

Alandil noticeably refuses to take the seat o the Indir Arduril, instead offering it to his ancient Aunt in his stead with a simple, singular motion of his hand. He stands accused; he cannot sit in judgement.

Orophin approaches Haldir as he appears through the passageway, he starts to say something to him, but stops as Celeborn arrives. He casts Celeborn a respectful nod then waits quietly near Haldir.

Elenwen's eyes follow Glynnis, with a faint hint of pity.

Aylandi stands seeing Celeborn, and indicates for others to do so.

Erda gives a short not to Alandil, though she holds a pained look as well.

Glynnis bows deeply to Celeborn, motions to Saren and murmurs a few words, then goes to her seat as house head of Cultasare.

Althea stands as Aylandi does bowing the direction of Celeborn

Glendor senses a slight commotion behind his back and turns around, just in time to see Celeborn crossing the lawn. He bows slightly, although the Lord probably cannot see him.

Saren nods to Glynnis, respectfully.

Erda notices Celeborn as well, and bows deeply, as she takes her seat as house head of Arduril.

Celeborn turns to acknowledge Glynnis' salute, then turns to all gathered. "Mae Govvanen, Galadhrim. My thanks for your attendance at this elven councel."

Taelyn bows to the Lord of the Wood.

Erinstar bows slightly, his cloak waving about him. His eyes burn brightly beneath the hood.

Alandil's eyes catch Glynnis, and his lips tighten in a disapproving forwn. Remaining silent for this time by sheer force of will, he drops a courtly bow to the Lord of the Wood, and stands erect. His silken raiment flows about his lithely-muscled form.

Paleran nods to Glynnis as well as she approaches him to take her seat amongst the Indiri.

Althea turns her gaze on Erinstar giving him a faint smile

Wolfe makes way for the Lord, bowing respectfully as he passes by. He continues to seek out somebody, his gaze darting from face to face. Finally, seeing Glynnis, he casts a hopeful smile at her, then steps back into the crowd.

Saren motions to erinstar to stand with the accused, and walks to stand behind him.

Haldir approaches the crowd from the north, taking up an impassive stance to the rear of a group of elves. He crosses his arms before him, slowly sweeping his gaze across the expanse of the lawn. His head dips slightly in acknowledgement to Glynnis as his gaze falls on her. He then turns and stands stiffly to the side as Celeborn passes.

Aylandi follows everyone's eyes from the Lord to Glynnis, but she says nothing through either her voice or expression.

Arehir catches sight of the cloaked figure with Glynnis and Saren. He he sighs, shaking his head.

Erinstar moves to stand by the other accused Galadhrim.

Glynnis takes her seat quietly, without undue pomp and circumstance. Only a flicker of eyes shows she has seen and acknowledged those who have signalled her.

Glendor's pacing takes him to end of the Lawn, almost to the hedge, then turns and quiely walks along it.

Airiavas passes briskly through the gathering of elves and approaches Glendor. Tugging lightly on his sleeve, he nods his head in greeting, then murmurs to him, "Well met, good cousin! Telion has requested that you sit with him."

Celeborn motions the Indiri to the seats placed alkong the row of hedges. "Great leadre so fthe houess of the Galadhrim, if you will take your seats, Knight-Protector Glynnis can soon begin."

Folding his hands before him, his face carrying a look of sublime peace, Alandil stands now before and to the left of Erda. He does not sit or kneel, but only stands, head held rigid and noble in the air. His dark eyes glitter with an inner light.

Telion leans closer to Glynnis, "I' ... it ... ... ... ... ... Protector."

Saren stands behind the defendants, parade rest, his face impassive as always.

Alandil traces two steps to now stand behind Erda's chair.

Erda seats herself, folding her hands before her.

Paleran gracefully lowers himself onto the seat of House Aderthad.

Glynnis merely glances at Telion, then turns her attention to Celeborn.

Glendor pauses his stride seing Airiavas approaching, then nods sliglty to his words as he begins to speak, but slightly arches his brow toward the end, "Me, sit near him? I'm not sure it is appropriate"

Althea slowly sits down leaning back in her chair, casting her eye cooly on glyniss

Elenwen walks away from the Indiri seats and stands pointedly alone to watch the preceedings.

Glendor adds quietly, "It is the Ruling council, after all"

Erda sits quietly in the seat of House Arduril, eyeing Glynnis; She motions for Alandil to bend closer to her.

Erinstar stands stiffly, his fiery eyes travelling around the crowd slowly.

Aylandi moves over to the seat of her house and sits, folding her hands in her lap.

Saren says, "Please take your seat, Mellon Erinstar. This may take a while."

Alandil inclines his head slightly, leaning forward from the waist so as to present the ancient Lady Arduril, his mother's sister, with a listening ear.

Airiavas nods to Glendor once and replies, "But you are House Steward, cousin. Please, sit in my stead. I will remain out here." He smiles encouragingly.

Arehir stands far off to the side, but his eyes are rivetted to the hooded elf standing accused.

Erinstar gives Saren a curt nod and a quiet "No thankyou, sir."

Erda +whispers to Alandil, "... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... in ... ... ... ..."

Glendor smiles slightly to Airiavas, and nods, "Aye, that I am. But I see, you would not want your four-legged friend to be unable to jump around you?" He makes a short step toward the seats of the council, his indecision evident in his posture.

Celeborn motions Glynnis to stand aside the House Head seats along the hedge row. Whenhe speaks his voice carries over the collective noise: "Peoples of Lorien...I have chosen this peaceful spot along the River with good reason..."

Saren stares quietly at Erinstar for a moment, "Very well. But you need not make things difficult for yourself at this moment."

Saren quiets as Celeborn speaks.

Althea catches Glendors movement and waves him to the house seat

Glynnis arches an eyebrow, but does as directed, standing in front of the hedge.

Erda looks to Celeborn as she finishes speaking to Alandil and listens quietly.

Alandil nods again, a subtle motion of his chin. His eyes close for a moment and he makes a regretful sigh, then answers. " ... None ... ... ... ... ... my ... rhetoric ... ... ... with this in ..."

Paleran watches Glynnis walk aside him, then resumes his attention upon his Lord.

Althea turns her attetion to Lord Celeborn, glancing once at Erinstar as he speaks

Celeborn's clear voice continues effortlessly, mingling into harmony wiht the waves of the Celebrant. "There has been diaccord in the Woods of the Lady. And as the river flows from here and beyond, so too should our troubles pass this evening."

Erinstar's eyes flicker to Althea briefly before looking back at the Lord.

As the Lord Celeborn begins to speak, Airiavas turns his attention to the proceedings, clasping his hands behind his back. He casts Glendor a wink and steps back among the crowd, becoming inconspicuous.

Orophin stands silent amongst the onlookers. His hands are clasped behind his back as he listens intently to Celeborn.

Paleran takes a deep breath in, slowly letting it out to calm himself amidst the storm.

Glendor noiselessly walks across the lawn and quietly slips into the seat of Daernoss Dinlom, at Telion's side.

Celeborn says, "I pray you shall all join me in wtinessing and encouraging the purging of our disharmonies this night. And so to business. Protector Glynnis has called for the tribunal, as it is her right. Without further delay, Glynnis, please begin."

Telion gently rests a hand upon Glendor's shoulder, and greets him with a faint smile.

Arehir turns his attention fully toward Celeborn.

Aylandi poses her eyes intently on Celeborn and Glynnis.

Alandil straightens to stand erect once more, his keen, dark eyes like a hawk's as they observe the Lord, and hearken to his words. He expressly avoids glancing at Glynnis, and his face and emotions are unreadable.

Lendalas shifts in his seat and gazes towards Glynnis.

Paleran afixes his gaze upon Glynnis.

Glendor covers Telion's hand with his, for a brief moment, not taking his eyes away from the Lorn.

Celeborn moves to sit about a chair at the endge of the hedge row, a chair of silver wood aside a smilar golden one, conspicosuly empty.

Althea focuses her eyes on Glynnis waiting for her to speak

Orophin's silent attention turns now upon Glynnis as he shifts his weight from one leg to the other.

Glynnis nods, standing in front of those assembled, hand on sword hilt in a habitual posture as she gestures with the other. "I must ask first, Lord Celeborn, to what purpose Alandil stands here as if accused."

Erda turns her attention to Glynnis, head resting onher chin.

Alandil glances to Celeborn, eyes lighting as if he would answer for himself, but awaiting the word and permission of the Lord to do so.

Celeborn looks to Alandil. "I presume that you stand in councel of citizen Kestrae?"

Telion lifts only his eyebrow at the Protector.

Erda watches this exchange with great interest, though she looks proudly towards Alandil to answer.

Erinstar stands rigidly at attention, quiet and composed.

Alandil nods slowly, and his voice is like a whispering bell afar-off. "I stand for Kestrae, and aye, even for myself--for I have been unjustly jailed by this.. `Knight'.. and would have her answer for it."

Glendor turns his head slightly and looks at Glynnis with a long unblinking stare of his gray deep eyes, then looks down.

Elenwen watches everyone, an unconcerned expression masking any possible feelings within her. She looks to Lord Celeborn as he speaks.

Althea glances at glynnis and for brief instant someting passes inher eyes and is gone

Celeborn consider's Alandil's response with noted concern. His attention turns to Glynnis although he speaks not of any contentment with the response.

Erda nods to Alandil's words and looks to Glynnis for her response.

Hidden in the crowd, Wolfe shakes his head at Alandil's comment, mumbling to himself.

Alandil surreptitiously lies a hand on his Aunt's shoulder; a silent drawing of support.

Arehir purses his lips at Alandil's reply, and turns back toward Glynnis

Glynnis briefly raises both eyebrows, then nods. "If he feels so inclined. Such is the way." She shrugs. "I take it I am to state my reasons for fulfilling my duties. Very well. I am no wordsmith; I shall speak plainly, and forgive me if my words fall ungently upon certain ears."

Erda does not look to her nephew as he makes the gesture, but her eyes show the support he looks for as she watches Glynnis.

Glendor glances quickly at Telion, before turning to watch Glynnis again. He releases his staff from his hand, resting it agains the chair, and wraps his white cloak aroud himself a bit tighter.

Glynnis says, "I shall address them in order of occurance, if it so please those assembled, and the Lord and Lady?"

Celeborn raises a hand. "This is your tribunal calling, Glynnis. You may begin either answerting charges or by addressing your own."

Glynnis looks to Celeborn for confirmation before continuing.

Althea listens silently to glynnis her hands folded in her lap

Telion regards the Knight-Protector calmly as she speaks.

Celeborn lowers his hand, nodding to Glynnis' request.

Haldir unclasps his hands and turns silently to the left, then works his way through the crowd towards Orophin. He casts a brief tight smile towards his brother, then resumes his stiff stance, watching the proceedings again with full attention.

Glynnis says, "The only charge I bring is that of gross dereliction of duty, on one Erinstar, currently Knight of Lorien. The reasons for that shall become clear in my recitation of events."

Alandil--and, yes, his gently-upturned ears--turn their attention to the elf-woman who speaks so. He remains respectfully silent, but there is a great sadness in his eyes when he gazes upon her, as if ashamed that he must speak as he soon will, of another.

Aylandi shifts uncomfortably in her seat, but her eyes, like everyone else's, are fastened on Glynnis.

Orophin catches the motion out of the corner of his eye and turns to nod and return Haldir's smile. He then turn's his attention back to Glynnis.

Paleran seems also to shift uncomfortably, coincidentally at the same time as Aylandi. He shifts his eyes from Erinstar, then back unto Glynnis.

Glendor' hearing Glynnis speak, slowly turns his head, scanning the present officers with his attentive gaze. His eyes hold on Orophin for a moment.

Erda appears unmoveable as stone, her gray eyes fastened on Glynnis.

Glynnis says, "As for both Alandil and Kestrae, the former paid for his hot-headed decision and I have no more quarrel with him. The latter, I understand, has been spoken to by the Lady herself, and found to be lacking any malicious intent in her actions at the mine. As it was her first offense, and the Lady herself proved she was not quilty of theft, if not of ill-judgment, I have nothing more to say against her, either."

Althea lowers her eyes to hide her feelings, but her hands tighten on the armrest of her chair for a moment before she once again raises her eyes and fastens the on glynnis

Arehir shifts uneasily, hearing the charge laid before his brother. He looks toward him, as if trying to impart hope and courage.

Lendalas watches and listens to Glynnis with an air of impartial detachment.

Alandil smiles softly, and whispers, "Ah, but we have our own words to say..."

Glynnis shakes her head slightly. "But, I put the cart before the horse. The incidents in question." She clears her throat.

Telion lowers his face briefly. He covers his mouth, and makes a cough. He slowly lifts his head, and lets his hand fall to rest in his lap.

Celeborn nods to Glynnis' words, turning his attention to Alandil. "I accpet the Protector's words of annulment. Unless you have issue before this tribunal, you and your bethrohed are no longer held by the justice of this tribunal."

Saren's eyes shoot over to alandil....

Glendor shoots a quick worried glance at Telion, but remains silent.

Telion looks over a Alandil, expectantly.

Althea turns her attetion to Alandil waiting for him to speak

Erda looks to Celeborn as he speaks, then up to Alandil standing by her seat.

Erinstar gives Arehir a brief, reassuring glance before locking them on Glynnis again.

Alandil nods slowly to Celeborn, and says in a clear and clarion-like voice that rings in the trees, "I speak not in our defense, but in that of all Lorien--and will still. For I will not sit idly while injustices such as were done to us may yet be borne."

Celeborn motions for Erinstar to stand before the gathering as Glynnis prepares to address his charges of insubordination.

Aylandi studies her hands a moment before lifting her eyes to Alandil's face.

Taelyn stands a slight distance behind Erda, the Hesd of House Arduril. You can see, in her eyes, that she is ready to back the members of her House. Her gaze shifts from Glynnis back to Alandil, then to Celeborn. Her face remains impassive.

Celeborn looks to Alandil. "Then upon Glynnis' conclusion, you will have initiative."

Erda looks to Celeborn as Alandil speaks, a small smile parting her lips as she awaits the Lord's response.

Telion takes a deep breath, and returns his gaze to Glynnis.

Saren clears a path to the front of the council for Erinstar, and looks to see if alandil will accompany him.

Glynnis looks almost amused, shaking her head. "If I may continue?"

Celeborn nods to the Protector, turning his gaze upon the Knight Erinstar.

Althea sighs and turns back to glynnis and erinstar

Erinstar marches forward silently to the front as ordered.

Alandil nods his thanks to Celeborn, a smile to Erda, who sits for him as House Head, as is her right--a pitying look for Glynnis--and steps back quietly once more. He folds his dark cloak about himself.

Saren says, "Alandil, will you stand with Erinstar, or with your house?"

Erda regains her stoney appearance as the proceedings turn to Erinstar.

Glendor wollows Erinstar with his eyes, his calm expression gone now, and his worry evident.

Arehir grimly moves forward in the crowd, coming to the edge of those assembled and speaking.

Lendalas tracks Erinstar's movements with gaze, but he then returns back to Glynnis.

Alandil glances to Sraen, and answers in a softer variation of his ringing tone of before. "I stand not accued; thus I shall await my chance to speak until the defendant is done, or I am asked by the Lord."

Saren nods, "So be it."

Celeborn expresses his agreement to Alandil's words.

Erda gives a short nod to Alandil's words, then looks to Glynnis.

Althea glances at Alandil as he speaks then back to Celeborn

Saren takes his place in the empty seat of Daernoss Thangail.

Paleran turns his gaze to Aylandi for a moment, trying to read her face. He smiles disconcertedly for a brief moment.

Erinstar still remains hidden by his heavy cloak and hood, his eyes the only visible feature about him, those locked resolutely on Glynnis.

Glynnis says, "Knight-Captain Orophin and I were returning from patrol when I heard a most unusual sound emanating from across the river, from the Naith. To my shock, I found it was the laughter of children that met my ears. What children were doing in a place routinely subjected to assaults by orcs is one of the many questions I had in mind upon crossing river."

Aylandi senses Paleran's glance and returns it briefly, but goes back to watching the proceedings.

Glendor tries to stiffle a smile, but does not succed entirely, and a wry grin curves his lips.

Glynnis says, "When we reached the other side, I saw that not only were children indeed present, they were running wild, and Erinstar and Althea, both soaking wet, were standing watching them, backs to the river. Neither saw me enter."

Paleran sighs softly, but returns his attention to Glynnis as she speaks.

Althea's lips twitch for a moment as if she were surpseing a smile

A young silvan elf, whose otherwise-unremarkable raiment bears a brooch in the tripartite flower of House Arduril--the Nimrodel--appears with a chair for Alandil. The Indir nods, and takes a seat at last beside Erda.

Althea blinks and looks if she were about to speak, glancing at the Lord for permission

Erda listens quietly to Glynnis.

Haldir turns to the side and taps Orophin on the shoulder. With a silent nod of his head, he gestures toward the platform near where Glynnis stands speaking, and then he slowly starts moving his way through the crowd in that direction.

Elenwen watches Althea with great interest from a distance.

Orophin nods to Haldir and follows, moving silently and gracefully through the crowd.

Taelyn continuing to stand behind her House members, she watches, with interest, the reactions to this information.

Althea says softly "my Lord Celeborn may I speak for one second

Glendor's smile grows wider as Glynnis recounts the incident, but a shadow passes over his face again when his gaze falls on Erinstar.

Paleran peruses the crowd for a moment, watching the brothers approach.

Arehir finally comes to a halt, much closer to the accused. He glances breifly but with import to Althea, then turns his silver-maned head toward Glynnis.

Saren's eyebrows raise as he notices the movement of his fellow officers, and makes a move to raise also...

Telion sees the look on Glendor's face and pats his arm, silently.

Aylandi plucks something off her dress and lets it fall to the ground. She is still watching Glynnis, but with the distracted air of someone who has heard this all before. She glances out over the crowd.

Glendor qurns his head quickly, looking at Althea in silent surprise. He nods slightly, the motion is clearly addressed to Telion.

Glynnis says, "Not Althea, forgive me. Lairelin. Gil-Girith was there also, I believe. Althea did not appear until later."

Saren gracefully cuts through the crowd, making his way to the Protector.

Althea nods "I was about to say that

Telion looks at Glendor, and keeps his voice soft and low, "Show no discomfort. Instead, find some inner rock to shore up your emotions, and your rational self."

Erda listens to the correction with a nod, then she looks to Glynnis to continue.

Paleran glances at Saren as he also makes his way towards the Protector. He considers rising himself also, but decides to remain in his seat.

Gallia steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Gallia has arrived.

Glynnis says, "There was quite a bit of confusion. After collecting the children and sending them on their way with escort, I endeavored to discover the cause of all this chaos. I found it in Erinstar."

Alandil listens to this story with a detached look of interest--neither here nor there, really. Idly catching his sharp chin between thumb and curled forefinger, he strikes a thoughtful pose.

Gallia silently finds a place at the rear of the gatherin.

Saren falls into neat formation with his fellow captains, behind Glynnis.

Taelyn nods to Gallia as she arrives and then turns back as Glynnis speaks again.

Glendor nods slightly to Telion, but at the last words of Glynnis he inhales sharply, suppressing a gasp.

Erda appears to make note of the officers who have fallen in behind Glynnis with an arched eyebrow.

Haldir makes his way clear of the bulk of the crowd, and slips silently around to a point near behind Glynnis, keeping out of the way yet close at hand. He nods formally towards Saren as the latter approaches from the opposite direction, then turns and waits for Orophin to catch up.

Elenwen frowns at Glynnis' words.

Arehir quirks an eyebrow briefly at the three Captains' gathering, but returns his hawkish stare to the Protector, and Erinstar.

Glynnis says, "It appears that, without consulting any of his superior officers, he decided it would be a boost of morale for the cihldren to come to the naith to visit the soldiers on duty there."

Standing in the crowd, Wolfe watches the gathering of the officers curiously before gazing back at the speaker.

Althea leans her chin on her hand as she listens to glynnis only a faint wrinkle onher brow disturbing her calm face

Aylandi lifts an eyebrow at the sudden profusion of officers on display.

After an instant, Orophin too emerges from the bulk of the crowd to take a place near Haldir. He casts a nod to Saren as he straightens his cloak.

Erda's gaze is sharp and calculating in response to Glynnis' account.

Telion squeezes Glendor's arm, and offers him a reassuringly warm smile.

Alandil seems to dismiss the gathering of the militants with a lazy-lidded blink on seeing them all together; giving his Aunt a tired, curious raise of an eyebrow, he shrugs indifferently, and glances back to Erinstar.

Althea watchs this show of support for glynnis with a calm gaze. She glances atErinstar and gives him a small smile

Glendor continues to look intenlty at Erinstar, then quickly glances at the officers who now assembled behind Glynnis, his glance slides from Saren to Haldir then to Orophin, on whom he holds his eyes for a moment once again.

With chin still resting on her hand, Erda leans over to whisper to Alandil, as she watches the officers and Glynnis.

Telion turns his gaze to Alandil, just in time to mark his shrug of indifference. Telion lifts his chin, and an eyebrow before returning to the proceedings.

Alandil leans nearer Erda to catch the whispered words.

Celeborn watches the proceedings quitely and thoughfully.

Glynnis merely notes the presence of her men with a flicker of eyes as they assemble behind her. She continues. "I was, understandably, furious at this show of gross disregard for those of our number least able to protect themselves in an area most dangerous to even skilled warriors. This was also not the first time one of Erinstar's indiscretions had come to light, nor the first time he had been punished for such."

Elenwen smiles...almost satisfied, as the officers stand behind Glynnis.

Erda murmurs to Alandil next to her, "... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... diplomacy, nephew." She makes a small, barely noticeable gesture from the officers to Althea.

Glendor tugs on the folds of his white cloak, shining in the bright sunlight, wrapping himself tighter in it again, but his eyes are scanning the faces of senior officers.

Glynnis says, "In addition, the laxity of general discipline had reached a crest at this time among the order. This was, as they say, the last straw."

Althea oversees the gester and raises an eyebrow at Erda and question in her eyes

Orophin stands again silent as he watches the proceedings. He once again clasps his hands behind his back as a matter of habit.

Glynnis says, "I took Erinstar across the river to discipline him in private. I am not accustomed to doing so to an audience, and Althea and Glendor both were present. I believe Lairelin and Gil had joined in the escort of the children to safety."

Alandil nods at the words of Erda, his eyes suddenly sharpening once more, and flickering from the officers to the diplomats. "..." he replies, "They ... ... ... ... show of solidarity ... ... ... ... but."

Celeborn looks to Althea and Glendor, scanning their faces for confirmation.

Paleran remains focused and unassuming. His back is stiff and his hands are folded neatly upon his lap. The only motion you can see is the rising and falling of his chest, and the slight movement of his eyes as he glances from Glynnis, then Erinstar.

Althea nods once under Celeborns eyes

Glynnis says, "Orophin joined me. When Erinstar attempted to argue his point, and showed disrespect, I lost my temper and struck him. Thrice. I then ordered Orophin to escort him to barracks until it would be decided what to do with him."

Glendor catches Celeborn's glance, and makes a slight, reserved, nod.

Telion nods to his cousin, seated next to him.

Across the seats, Erda appears to give Althea a reassuring nod and smile of congeniality.

Alandil nods as Glynnis speaks of striking Erinstar; he seems anything but surprised at the admission that she would lose her temper.

Erda looks up sharpy upon Glynnis' last remark, her face hardening.

Paleran narrows his eyes as Glynnis speaks the last, apparently still trying to decide something in his mind.

Althea 's lips tighten as she remebers the result of this blow

Celeborn's eyes move quickl to Glynnis whe he hears of the agression. He remains silent as Glynnis continues the litany of charges against Erinstar.

Wolfe opens his mouth in disbelief after Glynnis' confession of striking Erinstar.

Taelyn had been watching the proceedings closely, but at these last words, fixes Glynnis with a sharp, penetrating glance.

Arehir silently grinds his teeth, though his face remains unreadable.

Haldir casts a brief sharp glance to Orophin, then resumes his forward gaze. His expression quickly smoothes out again, becoming impassive once more, though the faintest hint of a frown lingers upon his lips.

Glendor noticeably frowns at Glynnis's last words, and slightly leans forward, before restraining himself. He sits back, and just casts a long glance at the Lord.

Elenwen looks down, only briefly, then looks at Glynnis, her expression one of a mind decided.

Alandil steeples his fingers patiently before him, watching the goings-on with hooded eyes and a sad, lingering smile. The smile, you can easily sense, is one of irony, not of any form of joy or pleasure.

Althea casts a cold look at glynnis but covers it quickly, her face becoming impassive

Glynnis states it quite matter-of-factly, unperturbed. "After having words with Althea and then with Glendor, it was decided that Erinstar should accompany the healer to the city and remain there to recover while under the eye of the healers themselves, and the city guards when they could be spared. After he was released, he was kept confined until the trial today.

Aylandi finally frowns. Her gaze falls to the ground.

Erda lays one hand on the arm of the Arduril Seat, holding it a bit firmly.

Paleran takes another deep breath as the story unfolds truly. He seems content, yet disturbed, his mind racing with confusion.

Erinstar's cheek twitches slightly in rememberance of the pain.

Glendor noticeably shakes his head at the last words of Glynnis, his dissatisfaction evident.

Althea glances at glendor and gives him a quick smile

Glynnis looks at Celeborn. "Shall I continue about the events concerning Kestrae and Alandil, or shall we decide this matter first?"

Celeborn seeks clarification. "I am to understand that Erinstar required medical attention after being discipline by yourself, Knight Protector?"

Glynnis says, "He did."

Telion rests his hand on Glendor's and then squeezes, "Peace, cousin."

Erda keeps her gaze on Glynnis as she speaks tothe Lord.

Glendor looks intently at the Lord.

Taelyn sighs at the revelation and looks down at her feet, shaking her head. When she looks back up, her eyes are filled with grim determination. Her mind is decided.

Alandil gives Erinstar a sad look of sympathy, and in a way, of shared indignity; his dark-hazel eyes track slowly back to rest sternly upon Glynnis. Arehir looks down with a brief shake of his head, before looking back up toward Celeborn.

Celeborn nods, expressing no emotion. "Was this the conclusion of your charges that the Indir should debate, or have you others to supporet your accusation?"

Erinstar's hood casts dark shadows on his face as he watches.

Althea gazes at Celeborn then at Erinstar, her eyes serching his face

Amongst the crowd, Wolfe's head drops, unable to look at Erinstar or Glynnis.

Glendor glances at Telion, and silently shakes his head.

Telion pats Glendor's hand gently, and offers a comforting smile.

Elenwen's gaze of cool pity falls upon Glynnis, awaiting her answer.

Erinstar's jaw clenches tightly even though it pains him to do so.

Glynnis glances behind her questioningly.

Glendor keeps looking at the Lord, he evidently wants to speak up, but restrains himself.

Althea looks at Celeborn "may I ask a question

Paleran shifts forward in his seat, a thought comes to him to express his feelings in the matter, but waits for the proper moment to speak.

Glynnis says, "Orophin?"

Celeborn remains awaiting Glynnis' response, and pays no mind to the other solicitations for his attention.

Orophin clears his throat and steps forward, "Yes Protector?"

Telion +whispers to you, "I assure you cousin, e'en as the night hath many stars, you shall get your chance to speak your peace. For now take comfort."

Glynnis says, "I believe you were present the last time Erinstar was disciplined."

Saren reaches under his cloak and pulls out a thin sheaf of parchment.

Glendor taps his fingers on the armrest of his chair, as his attention turns to Orophin. He takes a brief moment to acknowledge Telion's words witha slight smile, though.

Alandil sits patiently in his seat, watching Orophin with a neutral look upon his face. He runs a hand idly through his hair, slender fingers parting soft waves of walnut-silk.

Celeborn looks to Orophin to continue.

Althea turns her attetion to Orophin and waits for him to speak

Erda watches the exchange between Orophin and Glynnis, expectant.

Arehir also turns his head slightly, eyes baring on his Captain.

Orophin nods, "Indeed I was." He then turns to address the rest of the council as he moves to the forefront. "Glynnis's tale of that afternoon is indeed as she recounted it. There are a few things I would like to point out however."

Paleran relaxes back against his seat, looking upon Orophin as he is prompted to speak.

Aylandi looks quietly at Orophin.

Celeborn's expression fades only slightly more serene as he listens to his Knight Captain's words.

Glendor nods slightly to Orophin's words.

Orophin says, "First, I must agree that in this case, Erinstar was out of line in his allowance of the children and civilians at the Naith. However, there are ways of handling such occurances...and there are ways of NOT handling them." He moves to Erinstar's side..."

Celeborn's watches Orophin's presentation with noted interest, almost surprise.

Alandil raises an eyebrow, finding Orophin's words a bit startling, and certainly interesting! He leans forward, suppressing the smile that would otherwise have leapt unbidden to his lips, until he hears the full tale....

Taelyn smiles at Orophin and to Alandil who stil stands impassive. She has found new respect for some of the elves gathered here.

Glendor nods slightly to Orophin's words, and seemingly calms down again.

Telion calls out, "Objection!"

Orophin stops and turns, his attention quickly diverted to Telion...

Celeborn turns his attention sharply to Telion. "Grounds?"

Althea looks at Telion in suprise

Aylandi glances at Telion and raises an eyebrow.

Telion says, "This is not time for evidence giving, or time for opinion, this is for the reading of charges."

Alandil's eyes slide slowly, with marked patience, to regard Telion with the barest hint of annoyance at the forcible interjection.

Paleran turns sharply to Telion and gives him a gaze of disdain for interrupting the proceedings.

A hush runs throughout the crowd.

Glendor raises his brow at Telion's interjection, ant turns to him, with a noticeable interest.

Arehir's head whips around to take in Telion.

Saren speaks, "Seconded."

Erda looks to Telion, an eyebrow arched.

Celeborn nods. "Agreed. The matter at hand is Erinstar's performance while on duty, not in opinions of his dsicipline. Objection granted. Pray continue, Orophin."

Telion nods to his lordship, and falls silent again.

Althea looks again at Orophin

Orophin nods slowly and looks to the Lord Celeborn. He then pauses for a moment to recollect his thoughts...

Aylandi glances around, before trying to interject. "My Lord..."

Celeborn looks to Aylandi. "Minister?"

Alandil purses his lips, and quietly mouths one word to Erda as he turns her way after diverting his gaze from Telion: "Technicalities." He sniffs at that.

Paleran blinks once or twice at Telion's remark, pondering it. He then gaze at Aylandi, half expecting a counterpoint.

Telion flings his words quietly to the Indir for Daernoss Arduril, "... ... ... ... ... a place for ... ..."

Althea looks at Aylandi wondering what she has to say

Arehir looks down and pulls a hand through his long hair. He sighs, and returns his gaze toward those speaking, and his brother.

Orophin looks to Aylandi before continuing

Glendor watches Aylandi, a bit distractedly, his mind seemingly still on Telion's words.

Erda nods to Alandil, and then looks sharply at Telion.

Aylandi says, "Your ruling would be true if there had been no incident, but to ignore the fact that Erinstar has already suffered punishment for his act in any decision the Council makes might be unwise."

Alandil does not reply to Telion's statement, only giving him the satisfaction of a slight inclination of the head. A fey light dances in the unreadable depths of his elven eyes.

Telion looks at His Lordship quietly.

Althea nods slowly at Aylandi's words and waits for Celeborn to speak

Celeborn shakes his head. "I fear I must disagree. Captain Oropin was called as a material witness to Erinstar's performance record. He has not been called to give tesimony in regards to the means of discipline." He turns to make especial emphaisis to Orophin:

Celeborn says, "At this time."

Aylandi nods to the Lord, saying quietly, "As you wish it."

Althea ,seeing that the matter is settled turns back to Orophin and waits for him to finish

Paleran lets out a brief contented sigh, and smiles ruefully to Aylandi.

Celeborn says, "If you have concluded your material testimony, Captain, you may solicit such likewise from your peers. Perhaps Haldir or Saren or another officer wishes to speak."

Glendor puts a calm mask on his face, hiding all his emotions.

Saren takes a step forward.

Elenwen picks her way slowly to the front of the observing crowd quietly.

Orophin nods again to Celeborn and finally continues, "Very well then. I shall say only that in this case, Erinstar was indeed in sever dereliction of duty. I shall hold the rest for a more appropriate time." He then looks to Saren, "Captain...if you will."

Celeborn nods to Captain Saren. "You may proceed, Saren."

Saren nods to Orophin serenly, "Captain. My Lord and mellon. I will report on the performance record of Knight Erinstar."

Saren says, "Yes my Lord.."

Orophin moves back to his place by Haldir and again turns his attention to the proceedings.

Saren holds the sheaf up to scan while he speaks.

Althea looks at Saren, her eyes on the paper he holds in his hand

Glendor listens attentively to Saren's words.

Celeborn turns to watch Saren, as the words "severe dereliction" remain foremost in his mind.

Saren says, "Knight Erinstar has many citations for negligence of duty. In a particular case, he was reprimanded by a month long rotation in the northern patrol."

Celeborn looks to Erinstar's expression seeking confirmation.

Glendor frowns and shakes his head slightly.

Saren continues, tucking the sheaf under his cloak, "He has achieved his rank by time in grade, and has not recieved further recommendation for promotion, due to the aforementioned irresponsible behavior."

Paleran feels an importance to speak, but waits for Saren to indicate completion of his testimony.

Erinstar jaw clenches and he nods slightly to Celeborn.

Saren nods to the assembly, "That concludes my evaluation of Knight Erinstar's performance record. If my peers wish to speak on his record, they may do so now."

Saren resumes his place behind Glynnis.

Paleran raises his hand and glances toward Celeborn, "M'lord, if I may?"

Althea eye's flicker as she listens to this list

Alandil turns to his ancient Aunt once more with a look of mixed sadness and disdain upon his face. "... ... ... like ... the entire ... ... ... ... is ... ... ... play ... ... so ... ... ... ... lack ..."

Glendor glances at other officers.

Celeborn nods to Saren. "Noted for the record, Captain. The chair recognizes Knight-Banneret Paleran."

Haldir nods slightly and steps forward, "If I may add to that..."

Erda nods as Saren finishes, her eyes reflecting deep consideration.

Celeborn corrects. "Knight Lieutenant, I mispeak."

Paleran looks to Haldir as he speaks, "I defer to Captain Haldir, if he wishes to speak first."

Celeborn looks to both Paleran and nods gracisouly, turning to Haldir. "Captain?"

Airiavas disappears into the trees.

Haldir glances between Celeborn and Paleran, then steps forward, "Your pardon. I have no doubt that my own words will largely echo the sentiments of my fellow officers here.". His gaze drops to Erinstar, and softens slightly, belying his words, "I too have the same tales of irresponsibility to offer, and Captain Saren's statement holds true. Yet I also would note on Erinstar's behalf that his actions have been more ones of foolishness than willful disobedience, for the most part. Yet it still is true, that he has been reprimanded repeatedly, and also endangered both himself and others on many an occasion. He has spent as much time in our healer's care as our officers."

Erinstar winces.

Celeborn nods. "Thoughtful testimony, Captain."

Paleran waits for Celeborn to prompt him to speak.

Glendor shakes his head at Haldir's words, and grins sadly.

Althea listens to this repermand silently

Erda considers Haldir's words, looking at Erinstar for a moment.

Orophin nods at Haldir's words and looks to Erinstar.

Arehir closes his eyes briefly, then opens them again to look on Erinstar. He grimaces almost imperceptably at his brother's reaction.

Glynnis stands silently, watching the Knights come forward.

Haldir turns to face Paleran, "I think the basic case is made there, as each of us attests, yet let me defer now to Paleran that he may add his measure."

Althea looks at Erinstar for a moment then back at Paleran

Celeborn quietly acknowledged Haldir's conclusion, looking now to Knight *Lieutenant* Paleran."

Erinstar's eyes drop for the first time to the spot where his boots would be were they not hidden by his cloak.

Standing silently in the crowd, Wolfe's face shows no emotion as his gaze darts from speaker to speaker.

Paleran stands from his place and looks to Erinstar. He thinks for a brief moment before speaking, "I also confirm Erinstar's undisciplined actions and wish only to offer the following in support of Protector Glynnis: I was present at the incident upon which Erinstar's deference entrapped him in the northern border for a month's time. This was a similar engagement to that which we have heard; Erinstar was adamant and deferent to his superiors words and contridicted them out of disrespect. Protector Glynnis managed to repress her anger, and solely reprimanded him for the incident." He pauses and glances to Glynnis, almost wanted to offer his opinion, but holds. He shifts his gaze to Celeborn and nods, "That is all I wish to say, M'lord." He resumes his seat. Celeborn stands, raising a hand.

A faint murmur runs through the crowd.

Telion sits forward as the lord rises.

Althea turns to look at Celeborn

Glendor watches Celeborn closely, sitting straight in his chair.

Alandil sighs, and motions for a page. The same silvan elfling who brought his chair hurries forth, and leaves; soon after the lad returns with a stylus and paper. The Indir scratches out a quick note.

Celeborn says, "I declare testimony against Knight Erinstar to be closed. Let us let the airs of greif we have shown to drift along the waterways, and be gone from our lands." He looks to Erinstar. "You may begin your statements now, Knight, in the fresh air of respect."

Erda watches the page arrive and go, then looks to Celeborn's statement.

Erinstar slowly removes his hood to reveal a long, jagged scar across his right cheek and several bruises near that are still healing. His stormy gaze rests on Glynnis a moment before looking up at the Lord.

Alandil gives the elfling the note, sanded and folded, and whispers a few words after Celeborn has spoken. The lad rushes off, leaving the clearing.

Celeborn returns to his seat, watching and listening quite closely to the Knigth who stands accused.

The sun sinks in the sky and falls below the horizon. Nighttime takes over.

Bright lanterns are lit along the bank as darkness falls.

Erda's gaze falls on Erinstar, there is a sterness and sympathy mingled there.

Althea closes her eyes in pain as Erinstars injurys are reveled

Telion leans closer to Glendor, and raises a hand to shield his mouth, "If I need go will you fill in as protector of Glynnis' rights, ireespective of how you feel?"

A collective gasp issues from the collected onlookers as some see for the first time Erinstar's injuries.

Erinstar says, "The accounts given by my superiors are correct m'lord. I allowed the children to the border in an attempt to boost morale after the battle. I would have asked permission from one of the officers but I could find none."

As Erinstar removes his cowl, Arehir draws in a quick breath. He looks in disbelief at the scars, then closes his eyes again for a long moment.

Glendor nods to Telion, then whispers, "I will protect the justice. If given a chance. Just now, I could not speak up about Erinstar's heroic deed in battle, to which I was the only witness."

Taelyn lowers her head in shame. The scars are unbelievable.

Telion Watches Erinstar, calmly unperturbed.

Alandil listens carefully, his demeanor as the wounds are revealed betraying none of his thoughts. None, that is, except for the smallest twinkle of satisfaction in his eyes as, perhaps, a point is proven--though a glint of indignity as well.

Erda stands quietly, attempting not to be noticed, though a short nod is given to the Lord as Erinstar speaks. She slightly gestures to Alandil to the take the Seat of House Arduril as she steps behind it.

Telion grins and flashes his eyes to another Indir, while he speaks to Glendor, "Me thinks the Indir for Arduril takes some unnatural satisfaction in another's injuries."

Althea waits for Erinstar to speak

Celeborn continues to listen to Erinstar.

Alandil nods, taking Erda's hand briefly and murmuring a farewell over it; he rises and sketches a bow from the waist. Then, dropping her hand, he assumes her seat--his own.

Elenwen shakes her head in disbelief and her eyes betray her disappointment in the one called "Protector".

Erinstar says, "I have had many misgivings I know and I am nowhere near perfect and I suppose I often listen to my heart rather than my mind which has gotten me into countless troubles."

Glendor frowns slightly, then shakes his head whd whispers to Telion, "He may be dissatisfied with Glynnis, and not pleased by the injuries"

Althea settles back in her chair. A faint smile passes over her face at Erinstars last words

Telion nods thoughtfully to Glendor. "Still an unhealthy response ..."

Glynnis looks at Erinstar steadily, then at Glendor, almost thoughtfully.

Arehir smiles briefly at the unquestionable truth to his brother's words.

Haldir nods slowly as Erinstar speaks, though a thoughtful frown remains on his face. He places his hand to his chin, rubbing it slowly, seemingly considering something. His gaze shifts to Glynnis, then to Orophin, the latter showing a trace of mute appeal.

Alandil's disdain for any elf that should strike another--did his people learn nothing from their suffering at the hands of Feanor's Sons?--shows through in the curl of his lip and the scowl he unconsciously assumes while pondering the injuries.

Celeborn interjects. "You seem to be speaking in agreement to the accusations brought against you, Knight Erinstar. If you have evidence or testimony to refute them now would be the time to make those public."

Glendor shifts in his seat nervously again.

Telion nods at the words of Lord Celeborn. He leans forward, and steeples his fingers to watch.

Erinstar says, "Yet I have shed many tears and much blood for the wood, maybe foolishly at times. I do not deny any of the charges placed against me and I suppose I am not fit to be in the guard as my commanders have just pointed out, but that is your place to decide. I am finished. Any that wish to may speak now, for or against me."

Haldir holds up his hand now, glancing to Celeborn with unspoken question.

Althea watches Erinstar quietly

Celeborn frowns, then nods his approval of the conclusion. "Very well." He looks to Haldir. "Captain?"

Orophin nods to himself as Haldir moves to speak...as though he knew it was coming.

Glendor holds his hand up, for a moment, but long enough to be registered.

Haldir frowns slightly, then sighs, before speaking, "Perhaps there is a question here to be asked of Erinstar. By his own admission, his actions have often been unwise. Otherwises testify of disrepect and disobedience, though I cannot attest to those so much as I can of the rash actions. So I put this question forward, to Erinstar: Do you wish to remain a guard? Is your loyalty still to serve the wood? Or do you wish relief from that burden?"

Celeborn motions to Erinstar that he may withdraw from the forefront as others voice opinions in his stead.

Althea glances at Glendor noding herself as he raises his hand to speak

Celeborn looks from Haldir to Erinstar, watching the Knight with great interest for his next words.

Telion taps his steepled fingers sgainst his pursed lips as Haldir makes an offer to Erinstar .

Erinstar looks to Haldir and says without hesitation, "I would serve the wood as long as my life would permit me to every last drop of blood in my body, sir."

Arehir frowns slightly, but nods at Haldir's words.

Saren steps forward and clears his throat.

Althea leans forward, to better hear Erinstars words

Glendor nods with evident satisfaction at Erinstar's words.

Alandil settles back in his seat, arms folded across his chest. Then, as if to remind himself, he touches a crown of leaves that rests upon his brow; almost instantly he straightens, and seems full of solemn purpose again.

A rustling comes from the crowd at Erinstar's decision.

Folding his arms over his chest, Wolfe waits impatiently for Erinstar's response and then cracks a brief smile at his words.

A smile spreads across Orophin's lips at Erinstar's vow.

Saren starts, "My Lord....

Althea nods to herself and flashes erinstar a quick smile

Paleran twitches his mouth slightly at Erinstar's reply, obviously thinking of his contradictory actions to his words.

Arehir's face remains stone hard, but his eyes moisten at his brother's oath.

Celeborn raises a hand to Saren's request, motioning instead to Glendor. "You wished to contribute, Glendor?"

Saren nods and steps back.

Glendor nods to the Lordm and raises from his chair, "Yes, my Lord, I do"

Erinstar stands tall and resolute in the flickering lamplight.

Celeborn nods to Glendor. "Pray, continue."

Althea looks at her friend as he speaks

Haldir regards Erinstar intently as the latter speaks, his gimlet gaze fixing directly on Erinstar's face. "Then all is perhaps not lost. I have other questions, in due time, though not now for you. In your case, we have a tough decision. Heart and courage are needed for a good guard, but also is wisdom. One does not protect if one is dead. But I will leave that decision for the collective to make, it is not mine alone to judge in this."

Celeborn nods in thanks to Haldir's line of questioning. "Well said, Captain."

Althea eye's flicker to Haldir as he speaks then turns again to glendor

Alandil watches Glendor, still silent. The starlight filters softly down through the treetops upon the brows of the elves below, and not least upon his own, where it gathers and dances in an eldritch weaving of light.

Glendor looks over the Council, then bows slightly to the Lord, "I wish to tell the Lord, the Council, and the Elves here about the event to which I was the only witness. It took place during the mission in the foothils of the Misties, the search for Arehir lead by knight Galenaldar..."

Haldir nods slightly to Celeborn, then steps back a few paces, resuming a silent stance with hands clasped behind his back.

Telion says, "My lord? What does this have to do with th event in question?" Telion watches Celeborn intently.

Orophin looks around at mention of the name, and frowns slightly as he notices the absence of the Knight-Banneret.

Celeborn nods quietly, a flicker of regret passing his countenance as he recalls Galenaldar's recent thoughts of the West.

Glendor continues, "At one moment we became involved in a battle waged between the armies of humans who inhabit the woods and the fell vermin of yrch... "He turns to Telion, "Just as much as the officers account of Erinstar's past performnace"

Celeborn looks to Telion. "Objection must be negated, Telion. It goes towards character and performace of duty."

Alandil's lips part in a small smile as Glendor is allowed to go on.

Telion nods, "Of course."

Glynnis stands silently, arms folded across her chest.

Celeborn looks to Glendor, awaiting his continuance.

Paleran slumps slightly in his seat, and places a thoughtful hand upon his chin.

Glendor turns to face the Lord again, "Thank you, my Lord. During the battle, I attempted to save the lives of the wounded, those who fought against the Orcs. Concentrating on my work, I let my attention slip off the battle, and did not notice an approaching Orch. Erinstar had thrown himself in the path of the strikling blade, to save me. He was wounded gravely himself"

Glendor breathes out, and takes a slight step back, showing that he had finished.

Celeborn's gaze fails to conceal his appreciation. He looks brightly to Erinstar, then back to Glendor as he continues.

Nods and a low murmur come from the gathered.

Althea smiles her appretation of Glendor's story

Celeborn nods satisfied, turning to Saren. "Captain? You wished to conclude the testimony on Erionstar's behalf?"

Saren nods to his liege and again steps forward.

Saren says, "Thank you My Lord. Firstly, I applaud Erinstars devotion and commitment to the wood. I would be dismayed if any in the Order felt otherwise."

Telion watches Saren calmly.

Celeborn discretely survey's the reactions in the gathred assembledge.

Saren says, "However, I would like to remind those here that his presence in the ranks, regardless of Erinstar's devotion or feelings, is not his to decide."

Glendor sits back in his chair.

Althea leans back in her seat listening to Saren

Telion kisses hiss teepled fingers, while nodding slightly.

Glynnis watches Saren thoughtfully.

Paleran narrows his eyebrows in slight deference himself, but remains silent.

Saren continues, "That is for the Gillith to pass judgement."

Alandil watches and listens to all that passes, quiet and tolerant now.

Saren says, "Secondly, while the brave story of the young Knight is certainly heroic..."

Celeborn stands quickly, looking to Saren. "In fact, that will be decided presently, as I call concluded this line of testimony."

Elenwen seems quite disturbed by Saren's first statement and shifts her weight, but says nothing yet.

Celeborn raises a hand to Saren, indicating his continuance is no longer necesary.

Alandil does weaken a moment, raising an eyebrow and casting a long-suffering glance at Taelyn--which is cut off at the Lord's gracious ending of the testimony. Alandil offers a slight but audible sigh of relief.

Saren continues, his face impassive, but voice firm, "Any in the order, from the protector herself down to the lowliest squire is expected to perform such acts of sacrifice without thinking twice about it...

Saren halts in midsentence, and says, "Yes, My Lord."

Glendor nods slightly, and sits back in his chair, relaxing visiby as Celeborn calls the testimony concluded.

Paleran sighs contentedly as the Lord speaks. He wished for his opinion to be heard, but feels it better that this shall move on.

Celeborn motions to the gatered Indiri to follow him. "We must adjourn for a moment to reach a decision on this matter." He moves briskly towards the PASSAGEway, nodding to Glynnis to maintain the court while they are absent.

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Celeborn walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Celeborn has left.

Paleran rises from his seat and moves to follow Celeborn.
Paleran walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Paleran has left.

Haldir glances in Alandil's direction, quiet disapproval showing on his face as Alandil sighs, but he turns his attention to Celeborn, watching as his lord and the house elders shuffle away.

Telion rises from his chair.

Althea stands softly and follow her Lord
Althea walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Althea has left.

Alandil rises with a stately grace to follow the Lord.
Alandil walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
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Telion walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Telion has left.

Saren walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Saren has left.

Erinstar grimaces and lowers his gaze.

Stepping aside for the council to leave, Wolfe then gazes toward Erinstar and Glynnis.

Arehir sighs heavily as the Lord and Indyr recess. He looks about the crowd with unseeing eyes, and finally turns back to rest his gaze upon Erinstar.

Glendor watches as Telion leaves with other Indor, then glances at the officers again.

Gallia, who has barely moved since she arrived, flashes a tenative attempt at a reassuring smile toward Erinstar.

Glynnis steps back and watches over the assembly.

After quickly scanning the crowd, Airiavas turns on his feet, his hands still clasped behind his back, and marches towards the passageway, a puzzled look on his face.

Airiavas walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Airiavas has left.

Elenwen murmurs something to herself and straightens her silver circlet upon her brow, looking about the crowd and nods to Wolfe as she sees him.

Paleran steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Paleran has arrived.

Haldir leans over to Orophin now as commotion begins to break out in the crowd. He speaks softly, only a few words evident here and there, "Nonetheless ... ... but ... discipline?

Paleran quietly comes in and quickly moves to Haldir. He bends over and whispers into his ear, "Lord ... wishes ... ... ... ... House ... ..."

Glendor fixes his gaze on Paleran, the first of the Indor to return, a silent question in his look.

Orophin leans in to Haldir to hear his words, but frowns as he misses the meaning of the address, "What?"

Erinstar finally sits down in the chair Saren offered him at the beginning of the trial and lowers his head in his hands.

A din of noisy chatter spreads through the crowd as the Lord and HouseHeads depart. Words such as "Duty...." and "Punishment..." can be heard now and then.

Returning Elenwen's nod, Wolfe stands impatiently, constantly looking back for the council's return.

Haldir glances around to Paleran and nods, "Aye. COming!". He nods to Orophin, "Pardon! I am called."

Elenwen turns her gaze to Erinstar, her eyes displaying her regret he must endure this.

Paleran nods to Haldir and turns about to move back to the gathering place of the Indiri.
Paleran walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Paleran has left.

Haldir turns sharply on one heel and without further word quickly strides toward the high green wall.
Haldir walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Haldir has left.

Orophin nods to Haldir as he watches him leave to join the indyr.

Erinstar remains seated with his head in hands, oblivious to his surroundings,

Glendor stands from his chair, and stretches slightly. He walks slowly toward the remaining officers.

Orophin turns his attention now to the flowing water of the Anduin. His thoughts seem to carry him away as swiftly as the river.

Glynnis watches Glendor's approach, solemn, face a mask.

Glendor nods slightly to Glynnis, showing no obvious emotions. Seeing the officers still standign as a group, he pauses for a moment, then resumes his slow walk.

Middle-earth time is:
Nighttime on Highday, Day 21 of November, 3010
Real time is: 22:20:11 MST on Wed Feb 26 1997

Airiavas steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Airiavas has arrived.
Airiavas stides back onto the lawn, a thoughtful frown on his face, and takes his place along the edge of the gathering.

Alandil steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Alandil has arrived.

Glendor watches intently as Airiavas arrives, then, a bit faster, approaches him.

Glynnis glances behind her as the first Indir emerges, then clears her throat.

Alandil passes back along the passageway, the sound of rustling silks and the glimmer of starlight on shining threads the harbingers of his coming. He walks erect and with a tight smile on his face, as if satisfied by something.

Taelyn looks, with interest, at Alandil, and waits for the decision. She smiles at him and approches him

Airiavas looks up to Glendor approaching and lifts his brows, the frown still playing on his lips. "Hello, cousin," he says glumly.

Taelyn +whispers to Alandil, "... ... ... proceddings ... ... ... ... that ... smile plays ... ... ... ... ... ..."

Glendor tries to catch the look of Airiavas's eyes, his question evident in his looks.

Saren steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Saren has arrived.

Telion steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Telion has arrived.

Althea steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Althea has arrived.

Alandil draws near Taelyn, and walks with her, one of his house-bards, to his chair as he speaks in undertones like waves on a sandy shore. "... ... was ... ... ... ... ... from ... I ... ... ... ..."

Paleran steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Paleran has arrived.

Erinstar is sitting in the chair offered him by Saren at the beginnning of the assembly, head lowered in his hands.

Paleran quietly and somberly returns to his seat.

Telion returns to his seat next to Glendor, "forgive me my objection. I did not know you were a character witness." He smiles at his cousin.

Orophin's attention is still held by the flowing waters as the Indir begin to arrive. He is so enrapt in his thoughts that he fails to notice them.

Althea walks to her seat and sits. her eyes on the ground

Airiavas shrugs at Glendor dismissively and says blandly, "Do not ask me, dear cousin. I was simply stared at as though my say was not wanted there, although I am Indir as much as Telion is." He notes the return of the council, and gestures with a nod of his head to the house seats. "But they return. REsume your seat, Cousin." He smiles faintly.

Haldir steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Haldir has arrived.

Arehir peers anxiously as the council returns, finally rebending his gaze on Erinstar.

Celeborn steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Celeborn has arrived.

Daedagnir Patrol steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Daedagnir Patrol has arrived.

The crowd slowly settles as the Indiri and the Lord of Lothlorien return to the lawn. Only a few scattered whispers ripple through the group.

Alandil fixes his gaze on Taelyn's eyes now, and lays a hand on her shoulder. "If you leave," he asks, not so soft now, "Would you go to Kestrae, and tell her I will speak? I think this would please her..." He smiles softly, lost for a moment in his thoughts.

Althea raises her eyes and fixes them on Celeborn

Celeborn strides purposefully to the head of the Hedge Row, motioning Erinstar to stand forward.

Seing all the Indor return to their places, Glendor again takes his seat near Telion, and smiles slightly to him, "I was not offended, no need to ask forgiveness"

Glynnis clears her throat again, this time for silence, as she watches the lord.

Orophin looks up from the waters quickly as if he's come out of a dream. Looking about, his gaze falls on his brother. A question in his eyes, but not on his tongue.

Elenwen turns to Celeborn as he enters, awaiting the judgement with a marked frown.

Haldir steps away from the wall, walking now with a heavy step, shoulders hunched slightly. He moves to a spot beside Orophin, shaking his head slightly.

Huddled with other onlookers, Wolfe closely watches the council as they return.

Erinstar stands slowly and moves forward once again, sighing.

Telion smiles at his cousin, putting an arm around him briefly. He then looks at Lord Celeborn with anticipiation.

Glendor frowns slightly, watching the grim-faced Indor return.

Celeborn looks out upon the waters. "Time flows slowly as it passes our currents, and laong with those bess flows indeed the sorrows of judgments past, and judgment present."

Alandil turns, standing with the rest of the Indiri as the judgement is given.

Celeborn turns his attention to Erinstar.

Erinstar swallows hard.

Celeborn says, "Your loyalty to the Woods and Lady is beyond question. Herosim indeed demonstrated."

Erinstar braces himself, awaiting the verdict.

Celeborn says, "Contrarily, your actions and own admited guilt as towards the charges of deriliction have created an aura of uncertainty that rightfully needs to be addressed. It is the decision of the Tribunal, that you have been found..."

THe crowd is tense. THe air is charged.

Glendor smiles for the shortest of the moments, then looks intently at the Lord again, awaiting the verdict.

Paleran holds his breath as the verdict is spoken.

Althea keeps her eyes on Erinstar

Celeborn says, "Guily of the charghes leveled against you from the Knight Protector. For the assesment of your guilt, I hereby confine you for a period of an entire year from the ranks of the Order of Lorien. n that time instead...you will serve directly the Lady."
Celeborn says, "as her personal Guard. For bravery such demonstrated is not to be foresaken nor undervalued."

Paleran smiles slightly at the punishment, duly and rightfully apointed.

The loremaster only lifts a brow in response to the judgement.

Alandil allows himself a small, satisfied smile and glances at Erinstar.

Gasps and murmurs of approval and otherwise run throughout the crowd.

Althea nods herself at the fairness of the judgement

Glynnis arches an eyebrow, but says nothing.

The gathered elves murmur quietly, then calm.

Erinstar blinks a minute in disbelief, then a grateful smile flickers on his lips.

Taelyn glances at Alandil and Glynnis, and the rest of the gathered elves, judging the reactions with a smile.

Wolfe stands perfectly still, shocked by the council's decision.

Orophin casts a glance at Haldir, then to Erinstar and a small smile graces his lips for the shortest of moments.

Haldir glances up, surprise evident on his face. Yet a small smile steals across his face as well.

Arehir's brows furrow, and he raises his hand to his mouth, concealing any expression. His eyes gleam, though.

Saren keeps his gaze forward, expression betraying nothing.

Celeborn looks carefully to Erinstar. "What sayest you, Erinstar? Does your fealty to the Lady persist?"

Alandil takes the opportunity to step back, and whisper to Taelyn behind an upraised hand that hides his lips. "... ... are ... yet done.. ... I ... matters to ..."

Erinstar says, "More than ever, m'lord."

Celeborn nods, satisified. "Let ther word go forth then, through the forest and ranks. And pray that we have ind3eed taken a step forward.

Taelyn +whispers to Alandil, "... ... ... ... ... ... verdict, ... ... ... ... ... ... friend?"

Althea looks at glynnis for her reaction

Alandil answers Taelyn not with words, but a telling flicker of his eyes.

Glynnis looks neither pleased nor disappointed as she watches Celeborn. One would think she were just a spectator, and an indifferent one at that.

The crowd of onlookers parts for a moment as a silent figure, once among them, strides away, disappearing shortly.

Celeborn turns to Alandil. "Alas, it seems our evening begs conclusion. Indiri Alandil wishes to speak."

Alandil nods, making no other motion until all has settled down.

Taelyn's half-smile pulls at the corners of her mouth and threatens to escape. By sheer force of will she manages to keep her expression impassive.

Glendor smiles broadly at the verdict, then turns his attention to Alandil, waiting for him to speak.

Glynnis folds her arms and moves her gaze from Celeborn to Alandil.

As the crowd quiets, Alandil glides effortlessly to the center of the circle. Beginning in a soft, neutral voice, he says slowly, "Assembled folk of the Quendi. My Lord. Citizens. I address an issue which has been brought to light this evening..."

Althea waits for Alandil to speak

Celeborn returns to his seat, listening to Alandil.

Taelyn's eyes sparkle with their usual inner fire as she waits for Alandil to speak.

Elenwen stands at the front of the onlookers, watching Alandil hopefully.

Paleran glances at Alandil harshly, thinking the meeting adjourned, but remains respectful of his speech.

Arehir wheels from the front of the assemblage. colorless cloak flapping, and makes his way to the edge of those watching.

Alandil clasps his hands behind his back as he turns to face Celeborn, and continues. "That issue is the fitness of our Knight-Protector." he indicates Glynnis with a gesture. "We have seen that she has once used physical force upon our own...

Airiavas circles his way around the gathering, nods once to Telion, and turns, making his way for the passage in the hedge.
Airiavas walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Airiavas has left.

Glendor listens to Alandil with a visible interest, but his expression belies a mixture of feelings.

Alandil allows the crowd to recall Erinstar's wounds as he pauses. Taking a breath, he speaks again. "I submit that this is not the only instance in which she has acted in a manner ill-befitting one who holds a position of such responsibility."

Celeborn leans forward in his chair, watching Alandil carefully.

Althea listens to Alandil quietly, seemingly relaxed

Glynnis arches an eyebrow at the lordling.

Alandil's voice is calm, collected; he speaks from an unassailable position of honesty. "I have seen her threaten my love with a bared, naked blade--naked steel, my friends--!"

Elenwen's eyes flicker to Glynnis, then return to Alandil.

Althea nods to herself as she had heard this before

Telion says dryly, "The charges of the UNbiased."

THe crowd begins to murmur loudly.

Celeborn stands. "A formal accusation is being drawn against you, Protector Glynnis. YOu stand opposed to Alandil here in Tribunal." He looks to the Protector. "You stand in your own defense, or have you councel?"

Haldir crosses his arms, scowling fiercely and regarding Alandil with somber gaze. He turns away to face Orophin, and motions for his brother to approach.

Taelyn hopes to transfer some of her clamness to her fellow House member.

Glendor taps his fingers nervously on the armrest of his chair, then shakes his head slightly, in tact to his inner thoughts.

Telion looks pointedly at Glynnis.

Voice rising now, yet still with impeccable control, Alandil speaks, "And when I placed my own body between Kestrae and this weapon, was myself so threatened. I stand in my own defense, Lord." he ducks his head respectfully.

Paleran closes his eyes in disgust at the outcry of Alandil. He shakes his head somberly.

The crowd settles after a few moments, awaiting Glynnis' response to the Lord.

Alandil awaits Celeborn's word to continue.

Althea glances at Paleran then turns back to Alandil

Celeborn raises a hand to Alandil, and adresses Glynnis. "Protector? What sayest you as to councel?"

Glynnis glances from Celeborn to Telion, then shrugs. "It would appear the Bard stands in my defense, Lord." She looks up to Celeborn somberly.

Althea raises a hand to speak

Saren steps forward yet again, "Not alone, My Lord

Glendor turns to look at Telion, and nods slightly, whispering to him, "May the Valar guide you on the path of justice now"

Alandil glances from Telion to Celeborn. "Let him, I submit..." He smiles sardonically, and bows his head to the Lord. "Milord, I have not finished.. ere these gross interruptions continue, may I go on?"

An exicted, low whisper passes through the onlookers at this exciting turn of events.

Telion smiles at Saren, and returns his gaze to the Lord.

Celeborn nods, looking to Telion. "And so the tribuanl begins again. Alandil may proceed with his starement against the Protector." He sits sits, his demeanor obvisouly more troulbed than when Erinstar was where Glynnis now stanbds."

Orophin looks to Haldir questioningly in response to his motion.

Althea lowers her hand as she sees that she will not speak

Alandil nods, and turns to look directly at Glynnis with his dark, piercing gaze.

Glynnis holds a hand up to Saren, nodding to him, then folds her arms again, facing Alandil as he begins his tirade.

Alandil shakes his head sadly, sandy locks brushing his dark eyebrows as he slowly paces before the assemblage. He speaks: "Ah.. all things are so simple to you." He smiles sadly at Glynnis. "The eye sees the enemy and the hand holds the sword."

Alandil goes on in a calm voice: "The arm makes the motion of attacking, and the sword slays the enemy. You therefore conclude that if the eye sees clearly, the hand is steady, and the sword is sharp, all will be well."

Shaking his head, the Indir of Arduril continues: "You never see the subtlety of the myriad little events in that train of action. What of the brain that directs the eye and aim? What of the nerves that steady the hand?"

"What of the very decision to strike?" Alandil pauses, turning to stare directly at Glynnis as he says carefully, "Ah, you call all of this sophistry! But I tell you: There are vulnerabilities to which you are blind."

Alandil pauses, allowing his words to sink in before continuing.

Telion says, "Objection! badgering and argumentative!"

Saren resumes his place, and says nothing.

Haldir speaks in low rapid tones to Orophin, momentarily ignoring the proceedings around him. Only a few words are evident, "I ... arrogant! Yet ... indir ... protector... ?"

Celeborn looks to Telion, then considers Alandil's words. "Indir Alandil, you will refrain from the taunting. You adress the Knight Proetctor of the Lady Galadriel herslef, bear that respect in mind."

Telion folds his arms and stares at Alandil.

Ignoring Telion's strident objection, Alandil looks to Celeborn and says, "I do not taunt--I make a point--for listen! All is not the black and white of Rules our Protector would defend so harshly..."

Glendor nods to Telion again, and covers his hand with his fora moment, giving him a gentle squeeze.

Althea watches Alandil with a faint frown on her face

Telion twirls his finger, "Surely, my fellow Indir is going somewhere with this?"

Alandil's smile is sad and quiet as his voice drops to the merest whisper. "The world, milord, is not black and white, but grey as the trunk of the mallorn. Does Kestrae break a rule? Perhaps..."

Orophin nods slowly with a frown. His own quiet speech rapidly flowing off his tongue, "... ... ... ... ... not ... all, ... ... ... ring ... ... ... ..."

Alandil adds quickly, "Yet does that rule-breaking justify a sword-threat? I say no..." He folds his arms across his chest, and goes on.

Celeborn grips tightly upon the arms of his chair, his brow furrowed as he listens to Alandil's energetic accusation."

Alandil points out clearly, "Our laws are designed to protect us against Evil. That is why the Knight-Protectr holds the position that she does..."

Saren clears his throat...

Elenwen looks at Celeborn, more interested in his reactions than anyone else's. The onlookers behind her press forward to hear Alandil as clearly as possible.

Haldir turns away from Orophin, returning his attention to the crowd. Expressions chase themselves across his face. He glances once at Glynnis then to Alandil, but meets neither's gaze.

Althea nods to herself at Alandil's point

Celeborn is prepared to dismiss these statements as gloriously arugmentative, but he continues to listen.

Saren says quietly,"Objection, My Lord"

Alandil sighs, frowning, and cloak fluttering behind him whirls back to Celeborn. "I do not question the right or wrong of Kestrae's act, or my own--or even Erinstar's! Here, I question the method of _reaction_... for where is the evil in taking aore from mines

Telion sighs and nods at Saren.

Saren nods to Celeborn at his wordless answer, and remains quiet.

Celeborn looks to Saren. "Indir Saren, you have comment?"

Saren says, "Yes, My Lord."

Alandil pauses, waiting for these objections to quiet down.

Celeborn nods to the Captain. "Speak then."

Alandil says under his breath, "If I might be allowed to finish amidst the countles sobjections, the route of my speech might become more clear, more quickly..."

Glendor turns his attention from Alandil to Saren, again a shadow of worry passes over his face.

Saren says, "The Protector has proven her devotion, and obedience to My Lord and Lady. Her timeless sacrifices and service to the Order is why she holds the position she does. Any soldier fights evil, but only few are ever given such exhaulted rank."

Telion raises his hand.

Alandil smiles and softly says on his own, "Objection. That is irrelevant."

Celeborn stands. "Enough."

Glendor leans to Telion, and whispers somethign in his ear.

Haldir nods quickly as Saren speaks and interjects afterwards, "Nor did such trust come quickly. Perhaps an error in judgement has been made. But it stands against much past service and wisdom."

Celeborn motions Saren back to his seat along the hedge row.

Althea looks startled at Celeborns sudden word

Saren sits down obediently.

Telion lowers his hand.

A silence descends upon the gathered crowd as the Lord stands.

Celeborn flashes a look of anger at Haldir as he speaks over him.

You whisper, "Whatever is the merit of his accusations, he treates the council with no respect." to Telion.

Haldir blushes faintly, and cuts off his speech. He steps back, chagrined.

Telion nods to Glendor, not taking his eyes off the Lord.

Alandil stands his ground, imaging perhaps his Aunt's presence in his mind, as he glances to the vacant seat for strength, and finds it. He speaks against general feeling, but he is sincere in his convictions.

Glendor sits straight again, looking at Celeborn, watching his reaction closely.

Althea waits for Celeborn to speak

Celeborn holds upo a hand to mainatin the balance of the silence, then turns to Alandil: "Pray, Indir, continue. But mention not again the trivitly of you betrothes actions. Speak only of the Knight Protector, whom I advise you to more respectfully adress."

Paleran remains pointedly quiet, almost amused at the goings-on, but does not show any sign of emotion, not even a smirk.

Alandil sighs, and only says, "Thank you. I will now attempt to demonstrate where my line of thinking was proceeding, ere I was interrupted."

Telion leans closer to Glendor, "I was just going to move that learned Indir be confined to statements of fact, not emotion."

Celeborn says, "Your comments as to the relatively harmlessnessof Kestrae's actions are noted as irrelvant. Now, "returning to his seat, "as you were.""

Glynnis remains as she has been: quiet, impassive, arms folded. She returns her gaze to Alandil as Celeborn reseats himself.

Glendor nods to Telion again, but his eyes are still fixed on the Lord.

Some members of the crowd nod to each other, some remain motionless.

Alandil says, "The entire point, my Lord, is that the Knight-Protector is acting in a manner harmful to the Wood in seeing things as she does--refusing to see all occurences relative to one another. As a result, regardless of the action, she reacts predictably--"

Alandil says quietly, a hushed whisper, "With violence or threat of said. As I had been attempting to illustrate. Now... I would note..."

Celeborn listens, a strained patience on his brow converying his difficulty with the insulting tone.

The corners of Saren's mouth turn down ever so slightly.

Alandil says, "Violence between and amongst the Quendi, upon each other, is not without its own sorrowful precedents. Yet how comes it to Lorien? Why?" He turns to Glynnis, his tone not once 'insulting' but still carefully modulated. "Why?"

Alandil turns back to Celeborn. "That question, *I* cannot answer. I can only submit my opinion..."

Glendor turns away from the Lord, to study the expression on Telion's face for a moment. He himself is darkly calm, but a trace of disdain evident on his face.

Telion merely watches the accuser with polite regard.

Elenwen lifts her brow as a hush falls over the spectators.

Althea looks between Alandil and Glynnis

Alandil says, "In which I return to the opening statement. The hroa--the action--the honour is admirable. The fea that guides it acts in a way most un-Elven, however. And I shall object to the end of days any elf who would threaten another."

Elenwen nods in agreement, if the accusations would be true.

Celeborn nods quietly. "I ask that this conclude your oepning staemehnt, and the Protector be given chance to speak."

Alandil bows his head humbly, and then raising it, says, "In closing, I know many of you do not agree with me. You will let your own feelings cloud your judgements of me, as you believe mine cloud my own statement. Very well. I only ask for justice.

Glendor suddenly nods, as if the words resonate with some of his own thoughts, then quickly turns to look at Glynnis.

Telion looks at Celeborn, "Permission to cross."

Glynnis looks like she can't decide whether to be amused or annoyed.

The group of onlookers collectively turns its eyes to Glynnis.

Alandil, head held high, returns to his seat with his dignity intact. He looks neither right nor left, but only watches Glynnis and her 'counsel', hands folded patiently upon his lap.

Althea raises a hand to ask permission to speak

Celeborn dismisses all distractions wiht a shake of his head. "Protector, you may adress the tribunal."

Glynnis nods to Celeborn in acknowledgement.

Althea lowers her hand and waits for glynnis to speak

Glendor watches Glynnis with an obvious interest, although it looks like he's searching for something, some sign, in her movements and words, and is not just interested in the words themselves.

Glynnis says, "If I may further a few questions before rebutting?"

Celeborn nods to Glynnis. "Indeed."

Glynnis turns to Alandil. "Exactly how long, Indir, have you been with us among the mallorn?"

Alandil answers calmly, looking to Celeborn. "I find this irrelevant, milord."

Glynnis says, "As you seem to do with most things that would undermine your arguement."

Glendor raises his brow slightly, but continues looking at Glynnis intently. This is the gaze of a healer, learned to read from even the slightest signs given by voice and body.

Alandil simply sits in his chair, calm and collected. "My time of residence in the Wood has nothing whatsoever to do with the Protector's threats and actual uses of violence upon other citizens."

Celeborn looks to Glynnis, then to Alandil. "Goes to relevance of your accusations. Given the weight of your claim, I will allow some liberty in the Protector's questions."

Glynnis nods. "I thank you, my Lord."

Elenwen studies Glynnis as a Lady of a Noble House of the Noldo...a people who know the punishment of crimes against their own kin.

Alandil frowns, knowing these were liberties he was, of course, not given.. still, he accepts Celeborn's answer stoically, and smiles even. "Less than a turning of the seasons."

A rustle passes through the crowd quietly.

Glynnis arches an eyebrow. "Is that all?" She looks surprised, but nods. "And how many turnings of the seasons have you seen, in total, Indir?"

Alandil answers calmly. "I have lived for twenty-seven centuries beneath the Sun and Moon, and yes, the vast majority of those beneath the hand of Elrond Halfelven. I am a newcomer to this land, and freely admit it."

Celeborn nods to this, watching Glynnis proceed.

Glynnis nods again. "Imladris." She rests one hand on the hilt of her sword. "And exactly how much blood have you lost in the Lady's name?"

Arehir slowly makes his way toward the passageway in the forest growth, and passes northward unnoticed amid the heated debate.

Glendor calmly watches the exchange.

Alandil sighs, and glances again to Celeborn. Knowing he will see no understanding there, he looks back to Glynnis, saying evenly, "None."

In the pause Althea stands up and quickly bows to the Lord, sliping to the passageway and vanishes

Althea walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Althea has left.

Arehir walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Arehir has left.

Glynnis nods again. "Perhaps your skill in such kept you from being wounded." She looks curiously at Alandil. "Exactly how many battles did you say you have fought, Alandil, for the honor of the Lady and the protection of the Wood?"

Celeborn says, "Pray, contninue Protector. This question has been answered."

Erinstar glances towards the passage and slips after the two.
Erinstar walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Erinstar has left.

Alandil looks back to Celeborn, and this time he speaks. "Milord, I refuse to answer these questions. Battles, wounds, and age in my experience have _no_ relevancy to the fitness of the Protector. Mine, perhaps, were I a knight--but not hers."

Saren clenches his teeth audibly, "My Lord....

Celeborn looks to Alandil. "You conceed the Poroetctor's point?"

Erinstar steps through a passageway in the green wall to join you.
Erinstar has arrived.

Glynnis turns and gives Saren a look.

Saren notices the look, and visibly relaxes, including his tongue

Erinstar steps back through the passage after a moment and resumes his seat.

Alandil shrugs his shoulders. "If there is a point--and I do not see one. If she seeks to establish I have lived here little, aye. That she is an experienced fighter, aye. But what right does that give her to strike another elf?" He frowns, visibly frustrated.

Glynnis turns back to Alandil and Celeborn. "I merely seek the extent of the Indir's knowoledge regarding such matters as violence and bloodshed."

Haldir crosses his arms before him, turning away from the proceedings. He steps toward the back of the lawn, and settles himself there now, watching the actions glumly.

Elenwen looks as if she would really speak at this point, but refrains herself and stands stoically with the crowd.

Celeborn returns his attention to Glynnis. "You may proceed with your statement, Protector, though I feel your interogation of Alandil should satisfactorily be concluded now."

Glynnis nods. "Very well."

Glendor takes a moment to look around, observing the reactions of the Elves.

Alandil waves a hand in disgust at Glynnis. "I know enough of it that I rightly abhor it! Where were you when Fornost fell--" He breaks off, glancing down at his clenched fists, and swallows. He collects himself again.

Celeborn stands, adressing Alandil. "That is the last outburts I iwll tolerate before dimissing these proceesding, Indir, am I lcera?"

Paleran is sitting forward in his seat, an ever wanting desire to burst out and speak his thought, but his respect keeps him contained.

Glendor shoots a quick glance at Alandil at the mention of Fornost, and shifts slightly, a wave of emotions passing over his face. but quickly regains his composure.

Glynnis turns to Alandil, and the gems upon her brow glow faintly in the dark. "If I am to be castigated for violence against fellow elves, then by all means, round up the healer Glendor, the Knights Wolfe and Haldir, even the Ambassador Althea, for surely we are all guilty of that crime, for we all raise weapons against fellow elves regularly."

Celeborn levels a gaze of clear anger upon Alandil at his outburts, awaiting a response.

Alandil glares upwards at the Lord, but keeps his voice calm and modulated. "My Lord," he says between gritted teeth, "*I* am not on trial. This is hardly a hearing of my past or actions..." he shakes his head, and hangs it low.

Glendor turns to look straight at Glynnis, evidently surprised by her words.

Celeborn adresses Alandil. "The Protector remained patient and polite through your heavy accusations. I expect even more courtesy from you, a newcomer to trhe care of the Lady, when being addressed by this tribunal." He returnts to hisa seat, looking to Glynnis.

Glynnis nods again to Celeborn.

Alandil sighs, for he had received little enough courtesy when making his own case. Running a hand through his hair, he purses his lips in a frown and falls silent.

Celeborn says, "Protector...you may contninue. Perhaps explaining yuour last comment of ubiquitous violence is the best place to start."

Glynnis nods.

Orophin stands silently, a noticable frown upon his face. He regards Glynnis patiently, though he is obviously troubled by his own thoughts.

Glynnis says, "I say such in all truth, and in all good conscience. For Althea teaches those who wish to learn the secrets of bloody, violent conflict with the dagger. Glendor seeks to bruise knuckles to enforce lessons in the use of the staff. Wolfe and Haldir both teach with the horrifying weapons of destruction, the longbow with which we are renowned, and the longsword."

Glendor shakes his head slightly, and quietly mutters to Telion, "I was also known to wield scalpels on occasion... but both were done for the benefit of the one suffering"

Telion retorts, "And her 'violence' is used to train squires, for their benfit, and the Wood's."

Glynnis turns her head slightly and nods to Glendor. "Indeed. And thus are such violent tactics taught to our own, for the benefit of those who live safely in the Woods, thanks to our protection."

Elenwen, being one who trains herself, nearly shouts an objection, but notes the Lord and refrains.

Glynnis turns back to Alandil. "Tell me, would you be so quick to denounce me had, instead of one bloodied face, there had been five bloodied bodies of elven children to show to those gathered here? Five mourning families whose children's voices would never raise again in song? Five children, all the more important to those of us left who dwindle still in Middle-Earth? How would my action, or lack of such, be treated then?"

Erinstar's clenched fist slams down on the arms of his chair, smashing it quite effectively.

Alandil frowns and remains completely unmoved. "Neither myself nor Kestrae is accounted as one, let alone five elven children."

Celeborn turnes sharpyl to Erinstar's reaction.

Celeborn raises a hand to interupt Glyniss' assesment.

Glynnis says, "No, you are not. Presumably you are adults and can keep your own counsel, when you are not sneaking off to take that which is not yours or rushing in blind passion to defend one whose crimes are not even known to you."

Celeborn says, "These questions stray from the specific to the vague, as do their causes. I would ask that you conclude your opening statement, Glynnis, and allow Alandil to call his witnesses."

Glynnis stops, looking at Celeborn and nodding to acknowledge him.

Celeborn says, "These questions stray from the specific to the vague, as do their causes. I would ask that you conclude your opening statement, Glynnis, and allow Alandil to call his witnesses."

Glynnis says, "Very well."

Alandil frowns, refusing to give Glynnis' accusations--baseless as he sees them--any weight by means of a reply. He only keeps his lips pursed and his countenance guarded.

Alandil looks to Celeborn and says calmly, still, "I call no witnesses." He looks slowly around the circle, meeting every pair of eyes before adding, "I am through with this."

Celeborn turns to Alandil. "The time for questions is yours Alandil. Or, perhaps, if you wish a recess that we might all gather our tempers and pateince, you could reqeust that."

Glynnis turns back to Alandil. "My point is, simply, that these are violent times in which we live, and violence is called for to combat violence. Perhaps we have protected the city too well when its visitors, or members, begin to question the need and actions of those sworn to defend it. For I guarantee you, I am hard on my men. I give them no quarter, and none is asked. For they know and I know, even if you do not, that those who are our enemies will show no mercy nor spare any blow." She pauses, and looks directly at Alandil. "And I might remind you that pride had pushed the Noldo to the brink before the first blow was struck, and it is what I see pushing here. Wounded pride."

Elenwen murmurs something about two wrongs not equalling a right, perhaps a bit too loudly.

Taelyn smiles sympathetically in Alandil's direction and fixes Glynnis with a look full of sadness and anger... She bows to the Lord of the Wood and takes her leave.

Glendor casts a quick aprroving look at Elenwen, then returns his attention to the Lord.

Celeborn consider's Alandil's response. "Perhaps you would be better prepared to fortify your accusations with evidnce and testimony were you to have time to collect your facts?"

Celeborn nods to Taleyn in departure.

Alandil sighs, shaking his head, and looks up to Celeborn. "I only wanted to see that innocents would no longer be threatened. My only witnesses are her guards, and I myself bear no scars. What// evidence.. is there?"

Taelyn walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Taelyn has left.

Celeborn seems concerned. "If you have no evidnece to present, then you either have work left to do, or these is none to fine. Which is it?"

Middle-earth time is:
Nighttime on Highday, Day 21 of November, 3010
Real time is: 23:42:22 MST on Wed Feb 26 1997

Alandil says, "I have given my own word. Only Arehir can attest to its validity. If you wish to bring him before this, and he acquiesces--I will not object. But I am done with it--all of it."

Telion looks at Celeborn, "Move to dismiss due to insufficient evidence."

Alandil rises, hands clenched at his sides, and a look of indignant suffering upon his face. "I will go... do not look for my voice to be raised in joyous song among the mellyn again."

Celeborn shakes his head. "I'm not asking for your persmision to call a wtiness on your behalf. That is your perogative. You have levelled these charges against the Protector, it is your responsbility to follow them up, or dismiss them outright."

Glendor again shifts in his chair, shaking his head, but remains silent.

Glynnis watches Alandil, hands on hips, the gems upon her brow glowing with a faint but steady light.

Elenwen looks at Glendor, then to Celeborn, and sighs.

Alandil does not answer for a long while. At length he turns up his head, and says simply, "I have given my word. If my word is not enough, against hers--then that is how you weigh it, here. Dismiss it then."

Glendor returns Elenwen's glance, still shaking his head, a dissatisfied expression evident on his face.

Elenwen nods to Glendor with disappointment.

Celeborn nods, standing. He turns to adress all. "The accusations of excessive violence agianst the Protector have been negated."

Paleran sighs contendly.

Orophin calls out, "M'lord...one moment please"

Celeborn turns to ackjknoweldge Orophin. "Captain?"

Alandil, already standing, turns away, head down and his soft, walnut bangs covering his eyes--which are closed. Clenching his fists at his sides, he looks to rail against all injustice, if he could--but cannot, and instead moves off into the forest.

Telion looks calmly at paleran, sitting back in his seat to do so.

Elenwen watches Alandil go a bit worried.

Alandil walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Alandil has left.

Orophin frowns to himself, "I'm afraid I am in an awkward position here, as are many of us. I do not agree with many of the protector's methods of discipline and I certainly think they should be reviewed. However, I as much as anyone would wish the Protector at my side should battle arise."

Elenwen says softly, "Does our safety mean we are to receive wounding beatings if we fall out of line...?"

Glendor nods in agreement with Orophin, then scribbles something on a piece of parchment, and gives it to a guard of the patrol, who passes it to Celeborn.

Glynnis glances at Elenwen. "You may search Alandil for signs of ill-treatment if you wish. He most assuredly got out of line when he was detained."

Celeborn has disconnected.

Elenwen shakes her head, "It is a sign of darkness upon the fea to imprision your own unless for a grievance ill...such as murder...but even Gondolin fell to the Doom of Mandos...you will be no different unless you seek help, Protector."

Telion says dryly to Elenwen, "And what kin has GLynnis slain?"

Glynnis says, "He was imprisoned for his own safety. His passions almost led him to assault my armed men. He could have hurt himself pushing against their blades."

Glendor shakes his head again at Glynnis's words.

Elenwen shrugs, "As of yet...none. But the kinslaying began with only a drawn sword. If you cannot read the intentions of another elf, then I certianly would question if you had the judgement to not threaten the Lady herself."

Saren stands swiftly, agahst, "HOW dare you question the Protector's devotion to the Lady of the Golden wood?!"

Telion looks at Saren, "Peace, Saren."

Glynnis's eyes blaze as the gems upon her brow shine brightly. "Have a care to your words, Elenwen. I have put up with much foolishness this night as a matter of course. I do not have to continue to do so."

Orophin raises his hands, "Please, a shouting match will get us nowhere"

Elenwen laughs, "And Turgon's own nephew betrayed him..." She looks to Glynnis, "And if I do not? Will you hit me? drive a sword through me? Or just leave, as you should...?"

Glendor quietly notes to Saren, "The devotion is not in question, mellon"

Telion says dryly, "Why should someone who has been here for ages, leave?"

Orophin scowls at Elenwen, "No, because I will personally escort you away from here if you do not observe the order and respect of this court."

Elenwen says, "If one does not act in such a way to be deserving of it, they shall get no respect. Beating others...for whatever reason...is wrong...and threatening me...is wrong. Are we not allowed to speak our minds? Is this not a free land? Or has darkness truely penetrated to the Heart of the Wood?"

Telion smiles, "Lady Elenwen, it has not been proven that Glynnis was remiss in her duties."

Glynnis says, "This is a free land thanks to those you would insult without cause. Who is it that does or does not command respect?"

Saren says, "STOP!!!!!!!!" Saren says, "This is going to get REALLY out of hand.."

Paleran agrees with Saren.

Elenwen says, "I do not insult. You hit an elf causing him injury. That is disrespectful to any office...especially the Lady's. for whatever...whatever reason save attacking the Lady herself."

Saren says, "OKOKOKOKOK!!" Saren says, "This is getting nuts." Saren says, "I say we adjurn for now. We dont have a quorum to vote anyway, and Celeborn already dismissed the acusations.."

A squirrel drops a nut on Saren's head.

Glendor looks like he is quietly waiting for a chance to interject, but does not see any. Eventually, he sits back, and half-closes his eyes, concentrating on his own thoughts.

Saren says, "Everybody agree? we quit for tonight?"

Elenwen simply turns and walks out, not wishing to incite another injury by the hand of Glynnis.
Elenwen walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Elenwen has left.

Orophin turns quickly on his heels and heads north towards the trees. He can be heard saying as he goes, "Aye, and I have better things to do than argue in circles..."
Orophin walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Orophin has left.

Saren says, "Ok, that all didnt count."

Glynnis tosses her head violently. "I have no reason to sit and listen to the flapping tongues of house women with no other amusement than to insult those things she has no knowledge of for sport."

Saren shudders.

Glendor motions to Telion to step aside, and waves toward the edge of the lawn.

Saren says, "See, its getting ugly....why couldnt she just keep her mouth shut, Glyn?"

Telion says, "Becase."

You paged Telion with 'In the same room, just pose it. We'll whisper a bit.'.

Glynnis says, "Because she is soft and weak, as are many in the city. Too long have we been vigilant when those we protect begin to fault us for the very acts required of protecting them."

Telion nods to Glendor, and walks over to another egde of the room, where he attends his cousin.

Saren smiles and sighs, walking over to his superior officer and respected friend.

Glynnis says, "Perhaps they should see just how peaceful and non-combatant we can be."

Glendor stands close to Telion, and they converse in whispers for some time.

Glynnis says, "I am sure it would be appreciated more than that which we give our sweat and blood and lives for now if the yrch were allowed to merely walk up to the city walls and begin their slaughter."

Saren frowns, "Protector, do not let the thoughts and words of one such as her rob the wood of the greatest asset it has ever known.."

Glynnis snorts. "Do not seek to soothe me with flattery, Captain. It would work better on the princeling."

You whisper, "Cousin, I am ... concerned about the state of Glynnis's fea. She is carrying to much anger, and rage in herself, from the old times to recent, I fear." to Telion.

Erinstar stands slowly from the chair with the missing armrest and begins heading towards the passage at a slow, thoughtful pace.

Telion nods, "I know it, more so than anyone, and this tonight did not help it any."

Glynnis paces angrily, the gems upon her brow still glowing brightly with her anger.

Saren places a hand on Glynnis' shoulder. "I do not seek to flatter, Protector. I seek to speak the truth to a friend."

Glendor whispers to Telion some more. You whisper, "No, it did not. But the peace of the fea is not a matter for a trial. The healers are the only ones qualified." to Telion.

Telion extends his hand and grabs his staff firmly. He beats it against the ground, "I would truck with Glynnis, alone."

Glynnis stops, ostensibly to reply to Saren, then looks mildly surprised when Telion speaks.

Erinstar moves over to Orophin to ask him a question quietly.

Glendor nods, "But of course, mellon. we can continue this later"

Telion offers Glendor an imperciptible nod.

Saren glances at Telion, as he removes his hand from Glynnis, then looks to the Protector, "Protector..."

Telion strides over to the Protector, and looks *up* at her.

Glynnis looks (more like glares) at Saren impatiently.

Saren nods, "Very well. Namarie, Protector. Telion."

Telion turns to Saren, "I thank you, for all your help, mellon." The loremaster offers the guard a smile.

Glendor walks away from Telion, approaching Erinstar.

Erinstar walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
Erinstar has left.

Saren walks up to the green wall, and slips into it...gone!
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Glynnis nods curtly to Saren, then looks at Telion. "What."

Glendor follows after Erinstar up the passageway.

You slip into the passageway, and find yourself in a well cared for tunnel. The tunnel ends, bringing you up some steps...

High Green Wall
You stand now atop a large Green Wall, a natural fence of dense forest greens, which defines the southern cusp of the Egladil of Lorien, or the "Tongue" of Lorien as it has been called by Men. Just beneath the wall, to the south, a large green lawn stretches out for a hundred yards until it meets up with the union of two great rivers. One of them, the Celebrant, is brisk and eager, and flows down through the Mallorn thickets to your right. The other, the Anduin, is closer than you thought it would be, defining the edge of Lorien as it dominates the eastern horizon for as far as you can see.

Looking down across the lawn, you realize the tactical advanatge any bowman would have from this hightened post, both as lookout and archer. A small stairway leading to a tunnel-like passage appears to be the egress to reach the lawn itself.


Orophin looks to Erin with a smile and rests a hand on his shoulder, "Aye, I'll ... your ... ... ... ..."

Glendor follows closely behind Erinstar along the passageway.

Saren heads of along the northern path...
Saren has left.

Erinstar +whispers to Orophin, "... ... ... ... was ... ... that perhaps a ... ... ... ... the best ... ... ... ... ... close ... ... ... ... sir? ... ... ... ... not ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... yards ..."

Glendor stands a bit aside, observing the quiet conversation of the guards.

Erinstar +whispers to Orophin, "... I ... ... ... ... ... ... ... you ..."

Orophin smiles to Erinstar, "'Tis no trouble. I would recommend, as you said, discussing it with Celeborn."

Erinstar nods, "Again, thank you sir."

Glendor takes a step closer, "You found your new assignment fitting for your temper and character, Erinstar?"

Orophin nods, "You are welcome. I am sorry the offense made to you has not been fully addressed, but perhaps the issue of Glynnis's treatment shall be investigated _despite_ Alandil's foolish arguments."

Erinstar smiles faintly and nods to Glendor, "Aye, I just hope the Lady can stand me."

Glendor nods, "I would very much like that, Orophin. But pushing it today was pointless, after what he had done"

Erinstar says, "Sir, I have been through more pain than this many times over suffering the wounds of battle."

Orophin nods to Glendor, "Indeed. And I don't think that a tribunal is the proper setting to address the problem."

Erinstar says, "The Protector has a good mind for combat and well disciplined, but it seems she has no heart at times."

You say, "Yes, I agree with you, Orophin. The problem as I see it is not of a malicious intent on her part. I believe that Lendalas and myself should be consulted in confirming the problem, and not a council, no matter how esteemed"

Orophin nods, "It seems a quiet conversation is much more suited to the situation than a potentially combative setting as that.." He motions towards the lawn below.

Erinstar says, "I was suprised and dismayed to find the lady did not attend the council."

Orophin nods to Erinstar, "Aye, as was I. Especially after the long conversation we had on the topic."

Glendor nods again, "I asked for just such. But perhaps the formalities had to be observed, or there were too much expectations placed on the trial. There are only so many things a tribunal can solve, and this one is best left to the experts."

Erinstar says, "I agree...I had best be getting to the city to take my new post."

Orophin looks back to Glendor, "Aye, well the tribunal was originally planned exclusively for Erinstar. After pressing by Kestrae and Alandil, Galadriel extended it to cover their concerns when in fact it has been shown that was perhaps an ill decision."

Erinstar says, "Namarie, mellyn. And thank you."
Erinstar heads of along the northern path...
Erinstar has left.

Orophin nods to Erin, "Namarie mellon."

Glendor waves to Erinstar as he leaves, "Namarie"